18th Apr 14 10:45:56Kid Appeal Character
13th Apr 14 12:43:16Recycled In Space.Live Action Film
13th Apr 14 12:33:58Toyless Toyline Character
12th Apr 14 05:53:01Recycled In Space.Comic Books
12th Apr 14 05:51:47Recycled In Space.Comic Books
12th Apr 14 05:43:52Recycled In Space.Anime And Manga
12th Apr 14 05:40:07Recycled In Space.Animated Film
10th Apr 14 10:46:47Trading Bars For Stripes
10th Apr 14 10:39:58Trading Bars For Stripes
10th Apr 14 10:09:13Julius Beethoven Da Vinci
10th Apr 14 10:06:34The Fog Of Ages
9th Apr 14 10:28:45Dream Team
5th Apr 14 11:07:41Trading Bars For Stripes
5th Apr 14 06:29:22Twin Telepathy
5th Apr 14 03:25:37Animal Themed Superbeing
5th Apr 14 10:34:19Cybernetics Eat Your Soul
5th Apr 14 10:09:55Weird West
3rd Apr 14 09:52:48Sizeshifter
3rd Apr 14 09:51:10Comic Book.Infinity Inc
3rd Apr 14 09:49:31Attack Of The 50 Foot Whatever
1st Apr 14 11:49:55Re Tool
1st Apr 14 01:54:01Robo Family
31st Mar 14 12:29:08But For Me It Was Tuesday.Comics
29th Mar 14 12:44:04Re Tool
29th Mar 14 12:11:55For Want Of A Nail.Comic Books
25th Mar 14 09:28:24The Engineer
25th Mar 14 09:24:17The Engineer
25th Mar 14 09:23:16The Engineer
24th Mar 14 10:46:24Characters.Smite
20th Mar 14 08:49:47Running Gag.Riff Trax
20th Mar 14 08:39:20Running Gag.Riff Trax
20th Mar 14 01:36:36Running Gag.Riff Trax
20th Mar 14 01:25:06Ironic Nickname
20th Mar 14 12:31:36Dub Induced Plot Hole
19th Mar 14 09:54:35Team Up Series
17th Mar 14 11:49:21Video Game.Bravoman
16th Mar 14 02:48:23Academy Of Evil
16th Mar 14 09:28:10Computer Voice
14th Mar 14 08:52:58Tabletop Game.Blood Bowl
13th Mar 14 10:38:55Arsenal Attire
12th Mar 14 09:32:44Awesome But Impractical.Tabletop Games
12th Mar 14 09:10:32Walking Tank
12th Mar 14 09:06:58Proud Merchant Race
12th Mar 14 09:06:18Proud Merchant Race
9th Mar 14 08:00:09Elites Are More Glamorous
9th Mar 14 07:40:44BFG
8th Mar 14 07:36:45Elites Are More Glamorous
8th Mar 14 11:47:21Hand Cannon
7th Mar 14 12:13:23BFG
6th Mar 14 05:12:27Guns Are Worthless
6th Mar 14 04:59:50All Swords Are The Same
5th Mar 14 12:01:21Running Gag.Riff Trax
5th Mar 14 10:18:12Characters.Borderlands 2 Enemies
5th Mar 14 10:14:40Characters.Borderlands 2 Vault Hunters
4th Mar 14 10:15:06The Engineer
3rd Mar 14 10:27:14Kid Detective
2nd Mar 14 09:50:32Shout Out.Retro City Rampage
2nd Mar 14 09:37:51Shout Out.Retro City Rampage
2nd Mar 14 09:36:09Shout Out.Retro City Rampage
2nd Mar 14 08:49:07Shout Out.Retro City Rampage
1st Mar 14 11:25:46Combat Medic
1st Mar 14 11:05:21The Engineer
27th Feb 14 10:12:37The Engineer
27th Feb 14 09:53:15Husky Russkie
26th Feb 14 01:12:28Podcast.Riff Trax
23rd Feb 14 10:43:40Wacky Parent Serious Child
22nd Feb 14 07:18:48Running Gag.Riff Trax
22nd Feb 14 10:22:28Standardized Leader
19th Feb 14 09:45:55Comic Book.Metal Men
19th Feb 14 09:43:33Standardized Leader
19th Feb 14 08:51:49Franchise.Wonder Momo
17th Feb 14 10:48:32Comic Book.Invincible
16th Feb 14 10:49:01Video Game.Bravoman
16th Feb 14 10:16:57Franchise.Wonder Momo
16th Feb 14 10:08:25Dude Not Funny
16th Feb 14 10:03:54The Jersey Devil
11th Feb 14 11:46:04Shout Out.Retro City Rampage
8th Feb 14 11:59:46The Old Convict
7th Feb 14 01:53:22The Profiler
7th Feb 14 01:45:37The Old Convict
7th Feb 14 01:33:29One Steve Limit.Comic Books
7th Feb 14 12:56:41Captain Ethnic
7th Feb 14 12:53:01Age Lift
7th Feb 14 12:42:05Running Gag.Riff Trax
6th Feb 14 02:39:46Running Gag.Riff Trax
5th Feb 14 10:57:27Gender Flip
5th Feb 14 10:56:02Legacy Character
5th Feb 14 10:55:42Legacy Character
5th Feb 14 10:39:39Comic Book.Earth 2
4th Feb 14 10:40:50Good Animals Evil Animals
3rd Feb 14 01:53:56Westerna NIMATION.Transformers Animated
3rd Feb 14 09:36:48Sharing A Body
3rd Feb 14 09:22:28Artifact Title.Sports
1st Feb 14 05:40:18Dude Not Funny
1st Feb 14 11:58:56Jury Duty
1st Feb 14 11:44:30Law Procedural
1st Feb 14 11:39:28A Fool For A Client
1st Feb 14 11:27:52The Perry Mason Method
1st Feb 14 11:26:26Make The Dog Testify
30th Jan 14 01:27:41The Alleged Car
30th Jan 14 12:24:27Americans Hate Tingle
30th Jan 14 12:02:05Good Animals Evil Animals
29th Jan 14 10:33:35Superpower Lottery
28th Jan 14 08:53:17Franchise.Wonder Momo
28th Jan 14 10:37:11Token White
26th Jan 14 11:22:23Schedule Slip.Comic Books
26th Jan 14 08:59:10Attention Deficit Creator Disorder
26th Jan 14 10:25:56Good Animals Evil Animals
26th Jan 14 09:50:54Good Animals Evil Animals
26th Jan 14 09:30:51Good Animals Evil Animals
26th Jan 14 08:26:31Combining Mecha
26th Jan 14 08:25:10Combining Mecha
25th Jan 14 04:02:59Good Animals Evil Animals
25th Jan 14 01:48:44Extremity Extremist
24th Jan 14 06:38:50Video Game.Mappy
24th Jan 14 10:04:27NGO Superpower
24th Jan 14 09:45:39Ironic Nickname
23rd Jan 14 02:35:43Creator Provincialism
23rd Jan 14 08:43:43Characters.The Wonderful 101
22nd Jan 14 06:41:35Too Soon
22nd Jan 14 03:42:30Funny.Rifftrax Feature Films
22nd Jan 14 08:28:04Team Up Series
21st Jan 14 10:39:36Team Up Series
21st Jan 14 10:32:20Rotating Protagonist
21st Jan 14 10:21:21Characters.Ace Attorney Prosecutors And Law Enforcement Officers
21st Jan 14 10:01:51Funny.Rifftrax Feature Films
20th Jan 14 10:03:38Emergency Transformation
20th Jan 14 09:56:26Older Sidekick
19th Jan 14 10:03:25Absurdly Youthful Mother
19th Jan 14 09:37:01Those Two Bad Guys.Comic Books
19th Jan 14 09:35:47Those Two Bad Guys.Comic Books
18th Jan 14 04:03:10YMMV.Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies
18th Jan 14 11:53:38Characters.Ace Attorney Prosecutors And Law Enforcement Officers
18th Jan 14 11:51:00Characters.Ace Attorney Witnesses And Other Characters Dual Destinies
18th Jan 14 11:43:53Characters.Ace Attorney Witnesses And Other Characters Dual Destinies
18th Jan 14 11:41:36YMMV.Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies
18th Jan 14 11:31:09Chest Of Medals
18th Jan 14 11:16:40Recap.Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 09 E 01 The Projected Man
17th Jan 14 09:15:56Funny.Rifftrax Shorts And Live Shows
17th Jan 14 09:11:52Funny.Rifftrax Shorts And Live Shows
17th Jan 14 07:11:55Funny.Rifftrax Shorts And Live Shows
17th Jan 14 11:21:49YMMV.Borderlands 2
17th Jan 14 11:19:05YMMV.Borderlands 2
17th Jan 14 09:51:37Cold Iron
15th Jan 14 09:27:41Legacy Character
13th Jan 14 09:08:20Running Gag.Riff Trax
13th Jan 14 08:25:50Running Gag.Riff Trax
12th Jan 14 06:59:22Ironic Nickname
12th Jan 14 12:09:13Fake Twin Gambit
12th Jan 14 10:55:53Joker Jury
5th Jan 14 05:06:51Funny.Rifftrax Shorts And Live Shows
5th Jan 14 05:01:15Funny.Rifftrax Shorts And Live Shows
5th Jan 14 12:04:00Funny.Rifftrax Shorts And Live Shows
5th Jan 14 11:25:16Cosmic Retcon
4th Jan 14 10:48:09Shout Out.Borderlands 2
31st Dec 13 04:59:29Miniature Senior Citizens
31st Dec 13 01:27:33Apocalyptic Log
27th Dec 13 05:58:01Cruel Mercy
26th Dec 13 12:15:01Flying Brick
26th Dec 13 12:09:33No Pronunciation Guide
24th Dec 13 02:52:06Ghetto Name
23rd Dec 13 06:48:18Renamed Tropes.F To K
22nd Dec 13 11:18:26Turtle Power
19th Dec 13 01:58:15Slasher Movie
19th Dec 13 12:13:30Klingon Scientists Get No Respect
18th Dec 13 09:36:27Ghetto Name
17th Dec 13 10:41:07Borderlands2.Tropes O To Z
17th Dec 13 10:39:53Knights And Knaves
16th Dec 13 01:44:45Rage Helm
15th Dec 13 12:57:51Suicide Not Murder
14th Dec 13 01:57:07Funny.Rifftrax Shorts And Live Shows
14th Dec 13 11:21:15Non Human Sidekick
9th Dec 13 09:35:58Aluminum Christmas Trees
7th Dec 13 08:00:25Web Video.Bro Team Pill
7th Dec 13 07:21:04Web Video.Bro Team Pill
7th Dec 13 10:43:21Wizard Beard
7th Dec 13 10:39:26It Will Never Catch On
7th Dec 13 09:54:28Funny.Rifftrax Shorts And Live Shows
6th Dec 13 09:18:00Lost In Imitation
5th Dec 13 10:56:15Global Currency Exception
5th Dec 13 11:46:32Creators Pet.Comic Books
5th Dec 13 11:32:20Characters.Top Gear Us
5th Dec 13 11:26:23Series.Top Gear Us
4th Dec 13 09:23:41Standardized Leader
4th Dec 13 09:04:00Future Imperfect
3rd Dec 13 06:50:05Joker Jury
2nd Dec 13 08:46:08Van Helsing Hate Crimes
2nd Dec 13 08:34:55Video Game.Bravoman
1st Dec 13 02:29:01The Jersey Devil
1st Dec 13 12:10:36Tabletop Game.Splicers
30th Nov 13 02:54:25Horse Archer
30th Nov 13 10:29:16Aluminum Christmas Trees
29th Nov 13 09:31:42Repetitive Name
29th Nov 13 06:35:22No Arc In Archery
29th Nov 13 01:05:53Captain Ethnic
29th Nov 13 11:57:39Husky Russkie
29th Nov 13 11:15:15Aluminum Christmas Trees
29th Nov 13 10:56:25Single Minded Twins
29th Nov 13 10:53:42Repetitive Name
29th Nov 13 10:44:10Repetitive Name
28th Nov 13 10:41:22Shadow Of Impending Doom
28th Nov 13 10:39:17Anvil On Head
27th Nov 13 09:14:20Aluminum Christmas Trees
27th Nov 13 12:51:48Cacophony Cover Up
27th Nov 13 11:36:11Fantastic Racism.Comic Books
27th Nov 13 11:33:10Atlantis Is Boring
27th Nov 13 11:03:43Tabletop Game.Splicers
27th Nov 13 10:46:07Bait And Switch Comparison
26th Nov 13 12:16:21Jail Bake
26th Nov 13 11:59:57Superhero Trophy Shelf
26th Nov 13 11:49:39Power Up Food
26th Nov 13 11:48:08Super Serum
26th Nov 13 11:45:43Alas Poor Villain
26th Nov 13 11:39:43Alternate Universe
26th Nov 13 11:37:46Alternate Universe
26th Nov 13 11:33:13Comic Books Are Real
25th Nov 13 12:16:58Nuke Em
25th Nov 13 09:26:18The Engineer
25th Nov 13 09:19:47The Engineer
25th Nov 13 09:13:29The Engineer
24th Nov 13 03:21:32Monster Mash
24th Nov 13 03:15:17Single Minded Twins
24th Nov 13 02:03:05Chained Heat.Comic Books
24th Nov 13 01:43:18Longer Than Life Sentence
24th Nov 13 01:35:23The Old Convict
24th Nov 13 11:53:41Brawn Hilda
24th Nov 13 11:50:46Husky Russkie
24th Nov 13 09:55:09All Animals Are Dogs
22nd Nov 13 06:40:26My Beloved Smother
22nd Nov 13 05:35:58Lawyer Friendly Cameo
22nd Nov 13 02:27:17Flat Earth Atheist
22nd Nov 13 10:03:04Flat Earth Atheist
21st Nov 13 09:30:42As Himself
21st Nov 13 07:31:00Dear Negative Reader
21st Nov 13 09:17:17Series.Top Gear Us
20th Nov 13 08:55:38Stealthy Colossus
19th Nov 13 10:07:28Big Thin Short Trio
18th Nov 13 11:30:47Characters.Fallout New Vegas The Courier
18th Nov 13 11:24:12Even Evil Has Standards.Tabletop Games
18th Nov 13 10:13:43Video Game.Cthulhu Saves The World
18th Nov 13 09:15:49Characters.Cthulhu Saves The World
17th Nov 13 09:58:46Even Evil Has Standards.Tabletop Games
16th Nov 13 10:34:30Tabletop Game.Splicers
16th Nov 13 10:21:09Tabletop Game.Splicers
16th Nov 13 10:11:14Tabletop Game.Splicers
16th Nov 13 10:04:28Eat Dirt Cheap
16th Nov 13 10:01:33Tabletop Game.Splicers
16th Nov 13 09:51:37Beast Of Battle
16th Nov 13 09:47:08Automaton Horses
16th Nov 13 09:35:53Tabletop Game.Splicers
16th Nov 13 09:21:36Canon Immigrant
15th Nov 13 10:31:30Tabletop Game.Mazes And Minotaurs
15th Nov 13 10:26:57Tabletop Game.Mazes And Minotaurs
15th Nov 13 10:20:50Tabletop Game.Mazes And Minotaurs
15th Nov 13 10:12:21Tabletop Game.Mazes And Minotaurs
15th Nov 13 09:53:54Tabletop Game.Mazes And Minotaurs
14th Nov 13 12:11:07Series.Top Gear Us
14th Nov 13 10:21:12Tabletop Game.Splicers
14th Nov 13 10:15:42Automaton Horses
14th Nov 13 10:05:21Tabletop Game.Splicers
14th Nov 13 09:58:30Tabletop Game.Splicers
14th Nov 13 09:43:50Organic Technology
13th Nov 13 09:49:06Tabletop Game.Splicers
13th Nov 13 09:36:12Tabletop Game.Splicers
13th Nov 13 09:16:23Organic Technology
13th Nov 13 09:14:57Organic Technology
13th Nov 13 09:10:45Tabletop Game.Splicers
11th Nov 13 11:34:47Strange Syntax Speaker
11th Nov 13 11:29:29Characters.Cthulhu Saves The World
9th Nov 13 08:41:49Super Zeroes
9th Nov 13 09:32:32Characters.Cthulhu Saves The World
6th Nov 13 10:27:48The Only One Allowed To Defeat You
6th Nov 13 10:03:02Characters.DCAU-Batman Beyond
6th Nov 13 09:59:10Cut Lex Luthor A Check
6th Nov 13 09:36:27Team Up Series
5th Nov 13 11:31:04Characters.WWENXT
4th Nov 13 10:31:02Characters.WWENXT
4th Nov 13 11:11:54Video Game.Sniper Elite V 2
4th Nov 13 11:05:54Video Game.Sniper Elite V 2
2nd Nov 13 08:26:44Video Game.Sniper Elite V 2
1st Nov 13 09:52:43Worlds Smallest Violin
31st Oct 13 10:42:55Series.Top Gear Us
31st Oct 13 12:25:16It Will Never Catch On
31st Oct 13 11:00:49Shout Out.Borderlands 2
29th Oct 13 06:21:40Series.Top Gear Us
28th Oct 13 12:51:43Men Buy From Mars Women Buy From Venus
28th Oct 13 10:35:01Characters.Pokemon Generation VI Families
27th Oct 13 10:48:23Genius Cripple
27th Oct 13 11:49:09Tabletop Game.Blood Bowl
26th Oct 13 11:09:50Creator Provincialism
26th Oct 13 11:05:09We All Live In America
26th Oct 13 01:31:14We All Live In America
25th Oct 13 11:59:38Characters.Fallout New Vegas Lonesome Road
24th Oct 13 12:31:45Well Intentioned Extremist.Comic Books
24th Oct 13 12:29:57Well Intentioned Extremist.Comic Books
24th Oct 13 12:25:25Well Intentioned Extremist.Comic Books
24th Oct 13 12:23:57Superhero School
24th Oct 13 12:13:56Superhero School
24th Oct 13 11:45:24Super Hero Speciation
24th Oct 13 11:28:43Well Intentioned Extremist.Comic Books
24th Oct 13 11:22:28Well Intentioned Extremist.Comic Books
24th Oct 13 11:09:28The Adjectival Superhero
22nd Oct 13 09:01:04Attack Of The 50 Foot Whatever
19th Oct 13 11:44:25Bully Bulldog
19th Oct 13 11:35:13Muck Monster
18th Oct 13 02:12:33Ironic Nickname
18th Oct 13 01:48:36Borderlands2.Tropes O To Z
18th Oct 13 01:41:43News Travels Fast
18th Oct 13 01:33:43Web Animation.Teen Girl Squad
18th Oct 13 12:10:58News Travels Fast
17th Oct 13 11:29:04No Scope
17th Oct 13 11:26:19Borderlands2.Tropes D To N
16th Oct 13 11:21:51Cybernetics Eat Your Soul
16th Oct 13 09:46:16Team Up Series
15th Oct 13 12:05:18But For Me It Was Tuesday.Western Animation
15th Oct 13 10:35:44First Person Peripheral Narrator
13th Oct 13 12:17:18Packaged As Other Medium
13th Oct 13 11:51:26Magic Knight
11th Oct 13 10:54:13Western Animation.The Tick
11th Oct 13 08:54:36Dual Wielding
8th Oct 13 10:42:06Clark Kenting
8th Oct 13 10:21:46Great Escape
7th Oct 13 10:58:14The Fighting Narcissist
7th Oct 13 10:54:34The Fighting Narcissist
7th Oct 13 10:50:31The Fighting Narcissist
7th Oct 13 08:58:53Funny.Rifftrax Feature Films
6th Oct 13 11:33:15Great Escape
5th Oct 13 12:11:42Hard Coded Hostility
5th Oct 13 12:09:07Neighbourhood Friendly Gangsters
3rd Oct 13 08:53:31Ironic Nickname
3rd Oct 13 07:27:50Formerly Fat
2nd Oct 13 03:17:24Sniping Mission
2nd Oct 13 08:29:03Captain Ersatz.Comic Books
1st Oct 13 10:00:43Incredible Shrinking Man
30th Sep 13 11:25:04That One Level.Turn Based Strategy
30th Sep 13 11:19:59Packaged As Other Medium
30th Sep 13 11:14:23Western Animation.Sealab 2021
30th Sep 13 10:45:06Mage Marksman
30th Sep 13 10:16:27Instant Win Condition
30th Sep 13 10:11:52Invisible Bowstring
30th Sep 13 10:08:22Invisible Bowstring
29th Sep 13 09:39:48Mathematicians Answer
29th Sep 13 09:35:25Video Game.Bravoman
29th Sep 13 09:29:55Video Game.Bravoman
29th Sep 13 09:08:00Video Game.Bravoman
28th Sep 13 03:44:46Masquerade
28th Sep 13 03:37:21Fiction As Cover Up
28th Sep 13 02:52:02Da Chief
28th Sep 13 01:18:11Throw Down The Bomblet
28th Sep 13 01:02:27Bomb Throwing Anarchists
28th Sep 13 01:00:18Bomb Throwing Anarchists
28th Sep 13 12:50:24Wouldnt Hit A Girl
28th Sep 13 12:36:53Poorly Disguised Pilot
27th Sep 13 01:37:29Pop Up Trivia
27th Sep 13 01:19:52Waxing Lyrical
26th Sep 13 09:32:46Throw The Pin
25th Sep 13 12:03:07Mook Horror Show
25th Sep 13 11:59:01Mook Horror Show
25th Sep 13 08:23:13Incredibly Conspicuous Drag
24th Sep 13 01:07:56Bayonet Ya
24th Sep 13 12:57:49Shout Out.Borderlands 2
24th Sep 13 12:36:19Characters.Fallout New Vegas The Courier
24th Sep 13 12:31:12Standard FPS Guns
23rd Sep 13 01:19:54Elvis Impersonator
23rd Sep 13 01:04:45Characters.Fallout New Vegas Other Factions
22nd Sep 13 11:43:56Madwoman In The Attic
22nd Sep 13 11:11:19Bribe Backfire
21st Sep 13 08:14:42Development Hell.Live Action Film
19th Sep 13 02:41:37Black Vikings
18th Sep 13 02:28:38Characters.Fallout New Vegas Lonesome Road
18th Sep 13 05:13:05Healing Shiv
17th Sep 13 03:56:14Black Vikings
17th Sep 13 03:47:42Black Vikings
16th Sep 13 05:07:09Funny.Rifftrax Feature Films
16th Sep 13 12:39:09What The Hell Is That Accent
14th Sep 13 02:51:38Final Girl
13th Sep 13 02:44:29Characters.Fallout New Vegas Other Factions
13th Sep 13 02:25:13Characters.Fallout New Vegas Lonesome Road
13th Sep 13 02:15:04Saloon Owner
13th Sep 13 02:11:08Post Apunkalyptic Armor
13th Sep 13 02:08:32Post Apunkalyptic Armor
12th Sep 13 11:10:24Lightning Gun
12th Sep 13 01:08:41Ignored Expert
11th Sep 13 12:21:27You Killed My Father
11th Sep 13 12:20:56You Killed My Father
11th Sep 13 11:56:55The Psycho Rangers
11th Sep 13 11:23:16Depending On The Artist
10th Sep 13 12:47:26Dethroning Moment.Futurama
10th Sep 13 07:07:56Video Game.Final Fantasy Tactics A 2
9th Sep 13 07:19:04Might As Well Not Be In Prison At All
9th Sep 13 07:14:12My Brain Is Big
9th Sep 13 07:00:31Comic Book.New 52
9th Sep 13 05:02:26Academic Athlete
8th Sep 13 03:19:40Hair Today Gone Tomorrow
8th Sep 13 06:36:53Paper Thin Disguise.Western Animation
7th Sep 13 06:27:09Abnormal Ammo
7th Sep 13 01:58:21Level Scaling
6th Sep 13 01:56:43Acrofatic
5th Sep 13 02:20:51The Family For The Whole Family
4th Sep 13 02:39:27Characters.Borderlands 2 DLC Characters

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