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3rd Feb 18 11:24:56Characters.Dragon Gate
23rd Nov 17 01:11:39The Jersey Devil
7th Oct 17 11:48:28Recap.OKKO Lets Be Heroes S 1 E 28 No More Pow Cards
2nd Oct 17 10:26:57Wrestling.Chris Hero
29th Sep 17 09:32:46Characters.Dragon Gate
15th Sep 17 12:02:38YMMV.Kaijumax
24th Aug 17 01:08:39Web Video.Southpaw Regional Wrestling
20th Aug 17 11:10:37Characters.Dragon Gate
19th Aug 17 11:21:29Top Heavy Guy
18th Aug 17 10:21:51Web Video.Southpaw Regional Wrestling
15th Aug 17 10:28:10Composite Character.Comic Books
7th Aug 17 09:48:17Wrestling.Erick Rowan
7th Aug 17 09:41:07Room Full Of Crazy
6th Aug 17 01:34:43Color Blind Confusion
29th Jul 17 05:05:00Wrestling.The Wrestling Observer Newsletter
29th Jul 17 10:25:59Mix And Match Critters
27th Jul 17 11:28:34Video Game.Saturday Night Slam Masters
24th Jul 17 12:21:39Compensating For Something
23rd Jul 17 12:54:31Everythings Better With Spinning
23rd Jul 17 12:46:57Anti Mutiny
22nd Jul 17 11:16:44No One Could Survive That
21st Jul 17 04:36:08Remember The New Guy
20th Jul 17 09:18:03Verbal Tic.Comic Books
13th Jul 17 12:29:49Remember The New Guy
12th Jul 17 03:19:18Line Of Sight Name
11th Jul 17 09:28:09One Steve Limit
29th Jun 17 11:40:07Wrestling.Chris Hero
25th Jun 17 11:08:23Anime.Tiger Mask W
22nd Jun 17 12:54:11Husky Russkie
22nd Jun 17 12:43:27Wrestling.Chris Hero
19th Jun 17 12:54:15Blood Upgrade
16th Jun 17 01:06:40Husky Russkie
16th Jun 17 12:52:47The Perry Mason Method
16th Jun 17 10:50:31Face Palm Of Doom
14th Jun 17 01:06:44Cutesy Name Town
12th Jun 17 09:13:15Characters.Dragon Gate
11th Jun 17 08:48:22Wrestling.Chris Hero
10th Jun 17 12:12:38Wrestling.Chris Hero
9th Jun 17 09:18:25Wrestling.Drew Mc Intyre
9th Jun 17 09:08:19Wrestling.Chris Hero
9th Jun 17 08:45:32Wrestling.Kevin Steen
8th Jun 17 11:19:17Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Professional Wrestling
8th Jun 17 11:16:08Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Professional Wrestling
5th Jun 17 09:48:10Anchors Away
1st Jun 17 12:31:27Characters.Dragon Gate
30th May 17 10:30:17Preppy Name
29th May 17 07:27:35Characters.Dragon Gate
28th May 17 12:25:56Recap.Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 10 E 05 The Blood Waters Of Dr Z
19th May 17 10:05:38Names The Same.Professional Wrestling
9th May 17 08:07:02Anime.Tiger Mask W
7th May 17 12:45:03Anchors Away
7th May 17 12:42:08Video Game.Shovel Knight
5th May 17 12:31:15Characters.Dragon Gate
4th May 17 10:17:45Never Live It Down.Professional Wrestling
4th May 17 10:13:40Creators Pet.Comic Books
4th May 17 01:18:59Characters.Shovel Knight
2nd May 17 08:35:13White Void Room
1st May 17 10:17:27Characters.Chargeman Ken
30th Apr 17 08:09:20Mighty Glacier.Video Games
30th Apr 17 07:56:05Face Palm Of Doom
30th Apr 17 07:49:00Blood Upgrade
29th Apr 17 03:35:55Characters.Gintama Others
29th Apr 17 10:04:54Awesome But Impractical.Turn Based Strategy Games
29th Apr 17 09:46:56That One Level.Turn Based Strategy
28th Apr 17 10:21:38That One Level.Turn Based Strategy
28th Apr 17 08:25:37Funny.Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid
26th Apr 17 11:08:13Scrappy Weapon
22nd Apr 17 09:17:25Scrappy Weapon
22nd Apr 17 09:09:09Scrappy Weapon
13th Apr 17 09:17:45Scrappy Weapon
13th Apr 17 08:56:06Weather Of War
9th Apr 17 12:46:38Anime.Tiger Mask W
24th Mar 17 11:20:56Pintsized Powerhouse
18th Mar 17 11:27:38Elvis Impersonator
17th Mar 17 01:07:12Elvis Impersonator
15th Mar 17 10:46:58Belly Flop Crushing
5th Mar 17 10:45:42Face Palm Of Doom
4th Mar 17 12:53:51Anime.Tiger Mask W
20th Feb 17 12:13:34Anime.Tiger Mask W
19th Feb 17 02:11:20The Artifact.Professional Wrestling
19th Feb 17 12:48:44Anime.Tiger Mask W
19th Feb 17 12:43:21Anime.Tiger Mask W
5th Feb 17 07:56:32Anime.Tiger Mask W
31st Jan 17 09:36:42Expy.Pro Wrestling
29th Jan 17 10:14:09Curb Stomp Battle.Professional Wrestling
25th Jan 17 09:29:16Stone Wall
23rd Jan 17 11:27:38Stone Wall
22nd Jan 17 12:50:14Anime.Tiger Mask W
22nd Jan 17 12:40:07Anime.Tiger Mask W
22nd Jan 17 12:35:56Anime.Tiger Mask W
22nd Jan 17 12:23:56One Steve Limit
18th Jan 17 09:30:23Pintsized Powerhouse
15th Jan 17 12:27:23Wrestling.Erick Rowan
13th Jan 17 10:44:19Room Full Of Crazy
13th Jan 17 10:39:13Room Full Of Crazy
13th Jan 17 04:03:55Room Full Of Crazy
13th Jan 17 03:55:12Room Full Of Crazy
7th Jan 17 09:50:17Anime.Tiger Mask W
4th Jan 17 12:56:11Fake American
2nd Jan 17 12:22:55One Steve Limit
25th Dec 16 11:30:33One Steve Limit
17th Dec 16 10:55:24Wrestling.Kevin Steen
15th Dec 16 11:03:40Video Game.Calculords
13th Dec 16 11:25:36Video Game.Calculords
11th Dec 16 12:15:59Easily Distracted Referee
10th Dec 16 09:39:41Anime.Tiger Mask W
5th Dec 16 10:54:42Video Game.Calculords
5th Dec 16 10:38:04Video Game.Calculords
3rd Dec 16 10:50:39Video Game.Calculords
1st Dec 16 09:02:01Wrestling Doesnt Pay
30th Nov 16 10:35:51The Friend Nobody Likes
30th Nov 16 09:46:22Remember The New Guy
29th Nov 16 10:55:58Pintsized Powerhouse
29th Nov 16 10:53:37Characters.Dragon Gate
29th Nov 16 10:36:38Color Coded Characters
29th Nov 16 10:32:55Color Coded Characters
28th Nov 16 12:03:31Everythings Better With Spinning
28th Nov 16 11:43:44Extremity Extremist
28th Nov 16 11:39:28Hurricane Kick
28th Nov 16 11:36:04Improbable Weapon User.Professional Wrestling
27th Nov 16 11:01:57Gang Of Hats
23rd Nov 16 09:59:10Wrestling.Big Boss Man
22nd Nov 16 09:18:11Video Game.Calculords
22nd Nov 16 08:57:29Video Game.Calculords
21st Nov 16 12:02:02Video Game.Calculords
21st Nov 16 11:23:38Action Bomb
21st Nov 16 11:05:59Flying Saucer
20th Nov 16 12:41:37Video Game.Calculords
20th Nov 16 11:02:42Mobile Shrubbery
20th Nov 16 10:56:43Video Game.Calculords
20th Nov 16 10:41:23Characters.Dragon Gate
19th Nov 16 10:12:27Fake American
18th Nov 16 11:49:19Video Game.Calculords
17th Nov 16 01:21:18Horrible.Professional Wrestling
17th Nov 16 08:32:10Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Professional Wrestling
16th Nov 16 12:05:03Stone Wall
16th Nov 16 09:07:29Mini Mecha
16th Nov 16 08:55:00The Greys
16th Nov 16 08:44:25Video Game.Calculords
16th Nov 16 08:41:56Flying Saucer
15th Nov 16 11:53:25Video Game.Calculords
15th Nov 16 11:15:26Hanging Judge
13th Nov 16 01:50:29Video Game.Calculords
13th Nov 16 01:44:30Video Game.Calculords
13th Nov 16 12:15:17Video Game.Calculords
13th Nov 16 12:07:14Video Game.Calculords
12th Nov 16 09:44:46Wrestling.Yuji Nagata
12th Nov 16 01:15:32Big Eater.Tabletop Games
12th Nov 16 01:05:25Video Game.Calculords
9th Nov 16 09:35:55Video Game.Calculords
9th Nov 16 09:01:20Video Game.Calculords
9th Nov 16 08:11:53Making A Splash
8th Nov 16 10:07:02Video Game.Calculords
8th Nov 16 09:28:30Making A Splash
8th Nov 16 09:12:10Pirate Parrot
6th Nov 16 11:29:33Video Game.Calculords
4th Nov 16 10:16:01Video Game.Calculords
4th Nov 16 10:09:33Video Game.Calculords
4th Nov 16 09:59:40Video Game.Calculords
3rd Nov 16 01:01:10The Igor
3rd Nov 16 11:34:46Pintsized Powerhouse
1st Nov 16 11:04:06Video Game.Calculords
31st Oct 16 10:19:51Wrestling.Scott Steiner
30th Oct 16 10:24:38Stone Wall
30th Oct 16 09:34:48Roundhouse Kick
29th Oct 16 04:39:19Anime.Tiger Mask W
29th Oct 16 01:43:47My Rules Are Not Your Rules
29th Oct 16 01:24:46Video Game.Calculords
28th Oct 16 12:01:53Zerg Rush.Video Games
25th Oct 16 08:32:16The Artifact.Professional Wrestling
17th Oct 16 01:02:59The Artifact.Professional Wrestling
17th Oct 16 12:34:37The Artifact.Video Games
15th Oct 16 11:53:59Glass Cannon.Video Games
15th Oct 16 11:39:40Taking You With Me.Video Games
12th Oct 16 01:12:51Warmup Boss
5th Oct 16 08:11:24It Will Never Catch On.Real Life
5th Oct 16 07:33:53Gratuitous English
5th Oct 16 07:17:40Hollywood Pudgy
30th Sep 16 10:37:20Hurricane Kick
30th Sep 16 10:27:04Hurricane Kick
30th Sep 16 10:19:44Wrestling.Kevin Steen
29th Sep 16 09:34:16Wrestling.Curtis Axel
29th Sep 16 08:55:28Dangerous Forbidden Technique
22nd Sep 16 04:00:48Color Coded Characters
25th Aug 16 10:36:55Color Coded Characters
24th Aug 16 09:00:44Color Coded Characters
22nd Aug 16 09:26:24Im Mr Future Pop Culture Reference
16th Jul 16 08:55:13Face Palm Of Doom
2nd Jul 16 11:43:47Characters.Dragon Gate
17th Jun 16 10:22:18Jack Of All Stats
12th Jun 16 02:10:11Funny Foreigner
11th Jun 16 09:55:04Memes.Sports
9th Jun 16 11:45:41Identical Twin ID Tag
28th May 16 10:07:53Anti Mutiny
22nd May 16 09:43:08Split Personality
21st May 16 10:37:03Characters.CHIKARA
18th May 16 10:56:44One Steve Limit
16th May 16 11:26:35Extremity Extremist
14th May 16 03:59:08Characters.Dragon Gate
8th May 16 01:34:30Characters.WCWNWA
4th May 16 09:52:34Race Lift.Changing The Majority
26th Apr 16 11:09:30Disqualification Induced Victory
26th Apr 16 04:20:28Ditto Fighter
24th Apr 16 03:47:39Loophole Abuse.Live Action TV
24th Apr 16 03:19:48The Alleged Car
18th Apr 16 09:00:07The Giant
5th Feb 16 01:37:29Joke Character
5th Feb 16 12:07:13Characters.Kinnikuman Antagonists
3rd Feb 16 07:50:25Assist Character
3rd Jan 16 04:38:03Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Professional Wrestling
6th Nov 15 10:07:32Characters.Dragon Gate
14th Oct 15 12:24:03Jack Of All Stats
25th Sep 15 12:09:28We Can Rebuild Him
25th Sep 15 12:00:36Badass Biker
25th Sep 15 11:52:19Lego Genetics
4th Sep 15 12:56:36Face Palm Of Doom
4th Sep 15 12:48:03Characters.WWE Attitude
4th Sep 15 12:48:03Characters.WWE Attitude
20th Aug 15 02:03:14Fan Nickname.Professional Wrestling
20th Aug 15 11:03:56The Giant
11th Aug 15 10:50:48Ass Kicks You
27th Jul 15 11:12:50Fake American
20th Jul 15 12:44:24Stone Wall
17th Jul 15 11:33:26Combat Pragmatist.Video Games
17th Jul 15 11:21:14Characters.Dragon Gate
15th Jul 15 11:56:54Combat Pragmatist.Video Games
15th Jul 15 11:52:07Combat Pragmatist.Video Games
15th Jul 15 11:32:57Fake American
11th Jul 15 10:20:06Jack Of All Stats
8th Jul 15 10:53:01The Giant
6th Jul 15 01:19:32Video Game.Calculords
6th Jul 15 12:36:14Jack Of All Stats
6th Jul 15 12:33:01Jack Of All Stats
6th Jul 15 10:00:41The Giant
4th Jul 15 11:58:16Jack Of All Stats
29th Jun 15 11:20:34The Giant
23rd Jun 15 12:34:45Characters.Tekken 3
22nd Jun 15 11:41:39Stone Wall
22nd Jun 15 11:38:51Stone Wall
20th Jun 15 12:03:02Wild Child
19th Jun 15 01:22:12Glass Cannon.Video Games
19th Jun 15 01:01:49Glass Cannon.Video Games
18th Jun 15 05:01:20Rock Beats Laser
18th Jun 15 02:51:43Comic Book.Kaijumax
17th Jun 15 12:47:52Comic Book.Kaijumax
15th Jun 15 11:37:23Characters.Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015
15th Jun 15 11:26:34Characters.Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015
9th Jun 15 12:44:18Characters.Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015
9th Jun 15 12:23:47Characters.Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015
5th Jun 15 02:49:56Western Animation.Transformers Robots In Disguise
5th Jun 15 11:59:51Sssssnaketalk
5th Jun 15 11:31:11Good Animals Evil Animals
5th Jun 15 11:17:49Characters.Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015
5th Jun 15 10:07:25Characters.Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015
4th Jun 15 11:08:53Characters.Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015
4th Jun 15 10:37:22Characters.Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015
4th Jun 15 10:16:04Foreign Wrestling Heel
3rd Jun 15 11:45:09Characters.Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015
3rd Jun 15 11:28:48Characters.Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015
3rd Jun 15 11:08:46Characters.Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015
31st May 15 11:45:36One Steve Limit
28th May 15 10:52:44Ballistic Discount
26th May 15 11:02:09Video Game.Westerado
26th May 15 11:00:54Video Game.Westerado
24th May 15 12:03:24Villain Episode
24th May 15 11:47:35Sacrificial Lion
23rd May 15 03:20:02Fish People
21st May 15 11:22:59Becoming The Mask
21st May 15 11:15:04Loss Of Identity
21st May 15 11:04:49Loss Of Identity
20th May 15 10:30:39Penal Colony
20th May 15 09:41:24Video Game.Westerado
18th May 15 11:03:28I Know Madden Kombat
18th May 15 10:52:49I Know Madden Kombat
11th May 15 01:13:26Levitating Lotus Position
9th May 15 08:49:42Breakup Breakout
8th May 15 10:18:02Good Animals Evil Animals
7th May 15 12:41:56Good Animals Evil Animals
6th May 15 10:13:04Mighty Glacier
5th May 15 10:39:13Fragile Speedster
5th May 15 10:18:46Parody Names
4th May 15 11:11:45Parody Names
3rd May 15 11:37:58One Steve Limit
24th Apr 15 09:22:44Lethal Joke Character
24th Apr 15 09:07:13Name Of Power
24th Apr 15 09:03:07Name Of Power
17th Apr 15 10:22:13One Steve Limit
13th Apr 15 09:43:04Joke Character
13th Apr 15 09:38:33Parody Names
13th Apr 15 09:25:15Gretzky Has The Ball
12th Apr 15 11:52:50Killed Off For Real.Video Games
12th Apr 15 11:43:41Lethal Joke Character
6th Apr 15 01:46:07B Show
4th Apr 15 11:25:03The Giant
26th Mar 15 12:32:14Lethal Joke Character
26th Mar 15 12:22:38Joke Character
25th Mar 15 10:35:19Characters.Masters Of The Universe
24th Mar 15 01:00:48Gretzky Has The Ball
24th Mar 15 12:02:13Proud Merchant Race
24th Mar 15 11:57:51Hockey Fight
23rd Mar 15 11:12:07Palette Swap
23rd Mar 15 10:59:41This Is Going To Be Huge
22nd Mar 15 11:33:45Weird Historical War
20th Mar 15 12:46:55It Will Never Catch On
19th Mar 15 12:56:55Hunting The Most Dangerous Game
19th Mar 15 12:20:29Captain Ersatz.Comic Books
19th Mar 15 11:44:04Running Gag.Riff Trax
13th Mar 15 12:08:41Expy.Professional Wrestling
12th Mar 15 07:48:44Hockey Fight
11th Mar 15 11:57:48Composite Character.Comic Books
9th Mar 15 05:34:07Captain Ersatz.Comic Books
8th Mar 15 11:36:20Serious Business.Professional Wrestling
8th Mar 15 11:04:20Start My Own
8th Mar 15 10:51:27Start My Own
6th Mar 15 02:37:02Ghetto Name
3rd Mar 15 11:02:19Mayfly December Romance
21st Feb 15 05:16:31It Will Never Catch On
21st Feb 15 01:48:28Ghetto Name
21st Feb 15 11:54:03Hockey Fight
20th Feb 15 12:03:11Captain Ethnic
18th Feb 15 11:56:40Compelling Voice
14th Feb 15 04:22:03Ditto Fighter
14th Feb 15 04:05:52Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Professional Wrestling
14th Feb 15 03:55:26Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Professional Wrestling
14th Feb 15 01:12:41Parts Unknown
14th Feb 15 01:10:21Parts Unknown
12th Feb 15 12:15:39Parody Names
12th Feb 15 12:06:52Parody Names
11th Feb 15 11:40:27Lightning Bruiser.Video Games
11th Feb 15 11:18:43The Real Remington Steele
11th Feb 15 11:11:45Unknown Rival
11th Feb 15 11:10:08Unknown Rival
10th Feb 15 10:55:18Palette Swap
10th Feb 15 10:37:34Palette Swap
9th Feb 15 11:14:34Sdrawkcab Name
6th Feb 15 12:17:37Fragile Speedster
6th Feb 15 12:08:14Egopolis
5th Feb 15 09:49:51The Artifact
4th Feb 15 04:26:01Mighty Glacier
4th Feb 15 12:22:18Mighty Glacier
3rd Feb 15 12:16:48Palette Swap
2nd Feb 15 02:26:24Expy.Professional Wrestling
1st Feb 15 11:58:15Glass Cannon.Video Games
31st Jan 15 10:32:43Anime.Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi
30th Jan 15 10:26:32Five Token Band
30th Jan 15 10:21:54Five Token Band
30th Jan 15 10:06:35Token White
30th Jan 15 09:39:56Lets You And Him Fight
30th Jan 15 09:21:22Our Vampires Are Different.Comic Books
30th Jan 15 09:18:09Our Vampires Are Different.Comic Books
29th Jan 15 01:31:56No One Could Survive That
29th Jan 15 11:27:51Captain Ersatz.Comic Books
28th Jan 15 12:22:10Captain Ersatz.Comic Books
28th Jan 15 12:01:13Captain Ersatz.Comic Books
28th Jan 15 11:53:57Composite Character
26th Jan 15 11:25:41Demoted To Extra
23rd Jan 15 11:21:03Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters
22nd Jan 15 11:46:11I Know Madden Kombat
21st Jan 15 12:40:01Breakup Breakout
20th Jan 15 10:43:11Easily Distracted Referee
20th Jan 15 10:33:02Garbage Wrestler
20th Jan 15 10:24:01Power Stable
14th Jan 15 01:42:42Combat Pragmatist.Video Games
12th Jan 15 01:31:30Stone Wall
10th Jan 15 01:59:40Not In The Face
9th Jan 15 01:45:33Big Fun
5th Jan 15 02:04:24Fake Muscles
5th Jan 15 02:01:51The Giant
4th Jan 15 05:04:00The Old Convict
4th Jan 15 02:31:30Lightning Bruiser.Video Games
1st Jan 15 11:46:44Fragile Speedster
1st Jan 15 11:40:07Gradual Grinder
1st Jan 15 11:32:16Fan Nickname.Sports
31st Dec 14 04:04:36Throwing The Fight
31st Dec 14 02:01:01As Long As It Sounds Foreign
31st Dec 14 01:45:50Interchangeable Asian Cultures
31st Dec 14 01:31:45As Long As It Sounds Foreign
31st Dec 14 12:37:11Gradual Grinder
30th Dec 14 10:30:50Ring Oldies
30th Dec 14 12:48:42Gradual Grinder
26th Dec 14 02:47:56Unreliable Voice Over
26th Dec 14 02:43:17Personality Chip
26th Dec 14 01:16:30Early Installment Weirdness.Western Animation
25th Dec 14 10:07:18Single Minded Twins
25th Dec 14 12:12:50Artifact Mook
21st Dec 14 10:58:27Mighty Glacier
21st Dec 14 10:50:46Mighty Glacier
21st Dec 14 10:20:22Mighty Glacier
20th Dec 14 11:00:05Mighty Glacier
20th Dec 14 10:53:29Fragile Speedster
12th Dec 14 12:37:22Running Gag.Rifftrax
11th Dec 14 02:05:28Funny.Rifftrax Feature Films
11th Dec 14 01:01:05Funny.Rifftrax Feature Films
10th Dec 14 08:36:47Lovecraftian Superpower
10th Dec 14 08:33:27Lovecraftian Superpower
9th Dec 14 12:37:23Video Game.Calculords
9th Dec 14 12:21:07Video Game.Calculords
9th Dec 14 12:13:59Video Game.Calculords
9th Dec 14 11:27:23Uplifted Animal
6th Dec 14 02:36:42Video Game.Calculords