26th Dec 14 02:47:56Unreliable Voice Over
26th Dec 14 02:43:17Personality Chip
26th Dec 14 01:16:30Early Installment Weirdness.Western Animation
25th Dec 14 10:07:18Single Minded Twins
25th Dec 14 12:12:50Artifact Mook
21st Dec 14 10:58:27Mighty Glacier
21st Dec 14 10:50:46Mighty Glacier
21st Dec 14 10:20:22Mighty Glacier
20th Dec 14 11:00:05Mighty Glacier
20th Dec 14 10:53:29Fragile Speedster
12th Dec 14 12:37:22Running Gag.Rifftrax
11th Dec 14 02:05:28Funny.Rifftrax Feature Films
11th Dec 14 01:01:05Funny.Rifftrax Feature Films
10th Dec 14 08:36:47Lovecraftian Superpower
10th Dec 14 08:33:27Lovecraftian Superpower
9th Dec 14 12:37:23Video Game.Calculords
9th Dec 14 12:21:07Video Game.Calculords
9th Dec 14 12:13:59Video Game.Calculords
9th Dec 14 11:27:23Uplifted Animal
6th Dec 14 02:36:42Video Game.Calculords
6th Dec 14 02:31:27Video Game.Calculords
5th Dec 14 03:28:32Calling Card
5th Dec 14 10:21:42Uplifted Animal
1st Dec 14 11:54:53Video Game.Calculords
1st Dec 14 11:10:04Spotlight Stealing Squad
29th Nov 14 10:18:15Video Game.Calculords
29th Nov 14 10:18:15Video Game.Calculords
29th Nov 14 10:14:52Video Game.Calculords
29th Nov 14 10:02:46Video Game.Calculords
26th Nov 14 11:24:28Video Game.Calculords
25th Nov 14 03:14:29Obfuscating Insanity
20th Nov 14 10:48:46Pirate Parrot
12th Nov 14 09:46:15Video Game.Calculords
11th Nov 14 10:17:21Video Game.Calculords
11th Nov 14 10:17:20Video Game.Calculords
10th Nov 14 09:49:39Stone Wall
5th Nov 14 10:51:59In Name Only
5th Nov 14 09:52:53No Holds Barred Beatdown.Comic Books
5th Nov 14 09:51:47Punch Punch Punch Uh Oh
5th Nov 14 09:40:57Adaptational Villainy.Comic Books
31st Oct 14 12:09:35Last Of His Kind
31st Oct 14 12:08:49Last Of His Kind
31st Oct 14 11:57:00Heavyworlder
30th Oct 14 11:37:11As Long As It Sounds Foreign
16th Oct 14 01:47:16Guns Are Worthless
16th Oct 14 01:39:48Fantastic Racism.Comic Books
16th Oct 14 01:31:22Robotic Reveal
15th Oct 14 11:26:34Mythology Gag.Batman The Brave And The Bold
13th Oct 14 11:12:30Comic Book.Metal Men
13th Oct 14 11:11:41Comic Book.Metal Men
13th Oct 14 11:09:09Nigh Invulnerability.Comic Books
11th Oct 14 11:06:07The Giant
11th Oct 14 11:06:01The Giant
8th Oct 14 11:16:53Wolverine Publicity
8th Oct 14 09:40:29Disability Superpower
7th Oct 14 01:33:13Then Let Me Be Evil
7th Oct 14 01:33:05Then Let Me Be Evil
7th Oct 14 01:33:00Then Let Me Be Evil
7th Oct 14 01:32:51Then Let Me Be Evil
7th Oct 14 12:04:32Weird Historical War
5th Oct 14 10:33:21Robot Hair
7th Sep 14 11:45:21Recycled In Space.Video Games
7th Sep 14 11:40:43Recycled In Space.Animated Film
7th Sep 14 11:39:43Recycled In Space.Animated Film
1st Sep 14 02:42:23Aluminum Christmas Trees
1st Sep 14 02:19:50Aluminum Christmas Trees
1st Sep 14 02:19:49Aluminum Christmas Trees
1st Sep 14 02:19:47Aluminum Christmas Trees
28th Aug 14 02:29:21Comicbook.The Punisher 2099
27th Aug 14 08:32:40Expy.Comic Books
27th Aug 14 04:03:36Characters.WWE Commentators
27th Aug 14 04:02:19Characters.WWENXT
25th Aug 14 02:08:31Fantastic Noir
25th Aug 14 11:55:18Masquerade
25th Aug 14 11:09:22Our Fairies Are Different
21st Aug 14 02:07:15Film.The Expendables
21st Aug 14 02:07:10Characters.The Expendables
21st Aug 14 01:41:06Trivia.The Expendables
21st Aug 14 01:35:49Film.The Expendables
21st Aug 14 02:06:01Wrestling.Kaiju Big Battel
19th Aug 14 02:27:56Comic Book.Guardians Of The Galaxy
19th Aug 14 02:09:54Comic Book.Tomahawk
19th Aug 14 01:56:23Power Dyes Your Hair
16th Aug 14 01:17:04Power Dyes Your Hair
15th Aug 14 10:27:32Breakup Breakout
14th Aug 14 01:54:50Comic Book.Guardians Of The Galaxy
13th Aug 14 12:43:40Poorly Disguised Pilot
11th Aug 14 12:40:29Captain Ethnic
10th Aug 14 01:05:59Silicon Based Life
10th Aug 14 12:55:52The Giant
10th Aug 14 12:51:45The Giant
10th Aug 14 12:44:49Poorly Disguised Pilot
8th Aug 14 12:48:43The Giant
7th Aug 14 03:21:19Poorly Disguised Pilot
6th Aug 14 12:54:06Comic Book.Guardians Of The Galaxy
6th Aug 14 12:14:48Characters.Guardians Of The Galaxy Comics
6th Aug 14 12:13:27Heavyworlder
6th Aug 14 12:08:38Silicon Based Life
6th Aug 14 12:02:18Comic Book.Guardians Of The Galaxy
6th Aug 14 11:56:08Poorly Disguised Pilot
6th Aug 14 11:44:20Covers Always Lie.Comicbooks
4th Aug 14 12:19:09Surveillance Station Slacker
4th Aug 14 12:12:37Mind Control Conspiracy
4th Aug 14 12:07:24Briefcase Full Of Money
4th Aug 14 12:04:16Miles Gloriosus.Video Games
3rd Aug 14 01:08:44Toyless Toyline Character
3rd Aug 14 12:48:00Franchise.Masters Of The Universe
3rd Aug 14 12:33:57Early Installment Weirdness.Western Animation
3rd Aug 14 12:29:01Barbarian Hero
3rd Aug 14 12:24:04Early Installment Weirdness.Western Animation
3rd Aug 14 12:16:55Early Installment Weirdness.Western Animation
3rd Aug 14 12:11:37Writing By The Seat Of Your Pants
3rd Aug 14 12:10:00By The Power Of Grayskull
3rd Aug 14 12:06:47By The Power Of Grayskull
2nd Aug 14 08:28:27Year Inside Hour Outside
31st Jul 14 03:47:21Comicbook.Tomahawk
31st Jul 14 01:09:16Let No Crisis Go To Waste
31st Jul 14 12:53:46Longer Than Life Sentence
31st Jul 14 12:46:10The Old Convict
29th Jul 14 04:03:24Writing By The Seat Of Your Pants
29th Jul 14 03:13:38Writing By The Seat Of Your Pants
27th Jul 14 02:41:14Characters.Masters Of The Universe
27th Jul 14 11:50:39Early Installment Weirdness.Western Animation
24th Jul 14 11:43:35Characters.Masters Of The Universe
24th Jul 14 11:11:48Arrow Catch
24th Jul 14 01:48:50Instant Costume Change
24th Jul 14 01:10:16Shout Out.Borderlands 2
24th Jul 14 12:42:31Characters.Borderlands 2 Vault Hunters
23rd Jul 14 10:27:41Breakup Breakout
23rd Jul 14 10:05:24Characters.Nintendowars
21st Jul 14 12:29:56Never Live It Down.Sports
19th Jul 14 08:52:22The Other Marty
19th Jul 14 08:51:57The Other Marty
19th Jul 14 01:40:08King Mook
19th Jul 14 11:47:34Video Game.Nintendo Wars
18th Jul 14 11:58:46Only One Female Mold
18th Jul 14 01:15:04Characters.Borderlands
18th Jul 14 01:00:21Description Cut
18th Jul 14 11:24:26It Is Pronounced Tro PAY
16th Jul 14 06:21:54Smurfette Breakout
16th Jul 14 06:07:58The Fighting Narcissist
16th Jul 14 06:01:11Breakup Breakout
15th Jul 14 08:03:18Wild Child
15th Jul 14 02:47:46Mythology Gag.Batman The Brave And The Bold
15th Jul 14 02:46:13Multinational Team.Western Animation
15th Jul 14 02:25:44Comic Book.Metal Men
14th Jul 14 01:28:29Comic Book.Metal Men
14th Jul 14 01:19:09Comic Book.Metal Men
14th Jul 14 12:31:20Non Human Sidekick
14th Jul 14 12:25:14Counterpart Comparison
13th Jul 14 11:56:09Fleeting Demographic Rule
13th Jul 14 11:37:58Harsher In Hindsight.Comic Books
12th Jul 14 02:47:32Characters.The Wonderful 101
10th Jul 14 10:01:20Paper Fan Of Doom
10th Jul 14 08:50:09Video Game.Nintendo Wars
9th Jul 14 02:05:13Thematic Rogues Gallery
9th Jul 14 11:05:39Not In The Face
8th Jul 14 04:28:28Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk
8th Jul 14 01:56:34Nazi Grandpa
7th Jul 14 02:07:32Fleeting Demographic Rule
5th Jul 14 11:31:22Characters.Transformers Film Series
4th Jul 14 12:07:27Characters.WWENXT
4th Jul 14 11:33:54Charlie Brown From Outta Town
4th Jul 14 11:21:00Charlie Brown From Outta Town
4th Jul 14 10:50:35Video Game.Cyberbots
4th Jul 14 10:45:59Video Game.Cyberbots
4th Jul 14 09:48:40Planet Of Copyhats
4th Jul 14 01:16:50Wrestling.WWE Tough Enough
4th Jul 14 01:11:19Wrestling.WWE Tough Enough
3rd Jul 14 05:09:43Fire Ice Lightning
3rd Jul 14 03:36:19Shoo Out The New Guy
3rd Jul 14 03:32:44Shoo Out The New Guy
3rd Jul 14 02:40:31The Other Darrin.Professional Wrestling
2nd Jul 14 03:26:28Role Ending Misdemeanor
2nd Jul 14 03:21:42Role Ending Misdemeanor
1st Jul 14 05:23:23Video Game.Saturday Night Slam Masters
1st Jul 14 04:05:25Characters.World Heroes
1st Jul 14 03:53:54Moveset Clone
1st Jul 14 03:46:55Vodka Drunkenski
30th Jun 14 01:07:48Video Game.Battle Circuit
30th Jun 14 12:36:14The Worm That Walks
29th Jun 14 11:03:12Mighty Glacier
28th Jun 14 01:30:41Post Game Retaliation
27th Jun 14 12:29:25Punch Punch Punch Uh Oh
26th Jun 14 10:23:09Even Evil Has Standards.PROFESSIONALWRESTLING
25th Jun 14 03:54:51Running Gag.Rifftrax
25th Jun 14 12:45:57Dressing As The Enemy
25th Jun 14 12:14:06Dressing As The Enemy
25th Jun 14 10:06:23Ascended Extra.Video Games
25th Jun 14 09:59:31Demoted To Extra.Western Animation
24th Jun 14 07:07:34Fragile Speedster
24th Jun 14 04:32:12Fragile Speedster
24th Jun 14 03:28:34Fragile Speedster
24th Jun 14 02:56:36Fragile Speedster
23rd Jun 14 01:40:20Fragile Speedster
22nd Jun 14 11:06:56Shotoclone
22nd Jun 14 10:52:59Characters.Mega Man X Maverick Bosses
22nd Jun 14 10:52:49Characters.Mega Man X Maverick Bosses
20th Jun 14 02:15:20Split Personality
20th Jun 14 12:08:57Characters.Power Instinct
17th Jun 14 09:52:46Empty Shell
16th Jun 14 11:31:29I Know Madden Kombat
16th Jun 14 11:20:28Video Game.Battletoads
15th Jun 14 11:12:30Characters.World Heroes
15th Jun 14 11:00:37Moveset Clone
13th Jun 14 11:11:15Characters.Masters Of The Universe
13th Jun 14 10:57:02Franchise.Mastersofthe Universe
13th Jun 14 10:41:48The Right Hand Of Doom
10th Jun 14 11:11:39Power Fist
10th Jun 14 10:56:34Ascended Fanon
8th Jun 14 09:42:39Video Game.Fifty Cent Blood On The Sand
7th Jun 14 06:54:35Demotedto Dragon
7th Jun 14 06:49:24Arrow Catch
7th Jun 14 06:45:25Characters.Masters Of The Universe
7th Jun 14 06:24:12The Dragon.WESTERNANIMATION
7th Jun 14 06:10:07I Know What You Fear
7th Jun 14 06:06:58What Do They Fear Episode
7th Jun 14 06:04:55What Do They Fear Episode
7th Jun 14 05:48:23The Worm That Walks
7th Jun 14 05:42:10Characters.Masters Of The Universe
7th Jun 14 05:27:07What Do They Fear Episode
7th Jun 14 04:48:17Older Alter Ego
7th Jun 14 04:20:38Film.Masters Of The Universe
6th Jun 14 12:16:10Catchphrase.Comic Books
5th Jun 14 02:11:30By The Power Of Grayskull
5th Jun 14 02:04:48Teenage Mutant Samurai Wombats
5th Jun 14 01:59:47Bruce Lee Clone
5th Jun 14 01:42:06Teenage Mutant Samurai Wombats
5th Jun 14 01:36:25Affectionate Parody.Comics
5th Jun 14 01:19:36Alternate History
4th Jun 14 11:54:06Would Not Shoot A Civilian
4th Jun 14 11:19:59The Adjectival Superhero
4th Jun 14 11:17:57The Adjectival Superhero
3rd Jun 14 10:10:39Characters.Masters Of The Universe
3rd Jun 14 10:05:49Characters.Masters Of The Universe
3rd Jun 14 09:53:10Toyless Toyline Character
3rd Jun 14 12:57:11Characters.Masters Of The Universe
2nd Jun 14 11:43:52Toyless Toyline Character
25th May 14 10:01:32Hugh Mann
25th May 14 01:37:52Appeal To Obscurity
25th May 14 01:37:20Appeal To Obscurity
16th May 14 10:09:49Master Of Disguise
15th May 14 01:30:40Western Animation.Batman Beyond
14th May 14 10:49:02Summon Magic
11th May 14 12:26:12Glass Cannon.Video Games
9th May 14 10:15:43Glass Cannon.Video Games
7th May 14 09:03:29Prisons Are Gymnasiums
7th May 14 08:29:24Eyepatch Of Power
3rd May 14 11:07:47Franchise.Wonder Momo
3rd May 14 10:18:25Sex Bot
3rd May 14 09:54:16Ballistic Discount
3rd May 14 01:45:29Glass Cannon.Video Games
3rd May 14 12:26:47Stone Wall
3rd May 14 12:19:57Suicide Not Murder
2nd May 14 11:09:22Stone Wall
2nd May 14 11:09:20Stone Wall
30th Apr 14 09:36:14Characters.Legend Of The Five Rings
29th Apr 14 11:50:22Characters.Legend Of The Five Rings
28th Apr 14 12:12:55Characters.Legend Of The Five Rings
26th Apr 14 01:09:57Disqualification Induced Victory
26th Apr 14 12:59:47Wiper Start
25th Apr 14 03:27:10Parallel Parking
25th Apr 14 03:26:18Video Game.Retro City Rampage
25th Apr 14 03:25:14Shout Out.Retro City Rampage
25th Apr 14 03:12:22Video Game.Retro City Rampage
24th Apr 14 09:28:30Old Shame.In Universe
24th Apr 14 10:38:43Color Coded Elements
24th Apr 14 10:30:29Casting A Shadow
24th Apr 14 10:20:53So Long And Thanks For All The Gear
24th Apr 14 10:09:45Crutch Character
22nd Apr 14 12:46:10Distant Finale
22nd Apr 14 12:38:42Crusading Lawyer
21st Apr 14 11:58:18Death By Falling Over
20th Apr 14 02:46:26Instant Costume Change
20th Apr 14 10:27:35Redundant Parody
20th Apr 14 10:24:09Parallel Porn Titles
19th Apr 14 02:23:04A Good Name For A Rock Band
19th Apr 14 01:19:51Crusading Lawyer
19th Apr 14 12:43:29Throwing The Fight
19th Apr 14 12:28:26Suspect Is Hatless
19th Apr 14 12:18:20Suspect Is Hatless
18th Apr 14 02:19:18Spanner In The Works
18th Apr 14 10:45:56Kid Appeal Character
13th Apr 14 12:43:16Recycled In Space.Live Action Film
13th Apr 14 12:33:58Toyless Toyline Character
12th Apr 14 05:53:01Recycled In Space.Comic Books
12th Apr 14 05:51:47Recycled In Space.Comic Books
12th Apr 14 05:43:52Recycled In Space.Anime And Manga
12th Apr 14 05:40:07Recycled In Space.Animated Film
10th Apr 14 10:46:47Trading Bars For Stripes
10th Apr 14 10:39:58Trading Bars For Stripes
10th Apr 14 10:09:13Julius Beethoven Da Vinci
10th Apr 14 10:06:34The Fog Of Ages
9th Apr 14 10:28:45Dream Team
5th Apr 14 11:07:41Trading Bars For Stripes
5th Apr 14 06:29:22Twin Telepathy
5th Apr 14 03:25:37Animal Themed Superbeing
5th Apr 14 10:34:19Cybernetics Eat Your Soul
5th Apr 14 10:09:55Weird West
3rd Apr 14 09:52:48Sizeshifter
3rd Apr 14 09:51:10Comic Book.Infinity Inc
3rd Apr 14 09:49:31Attack Of The 50 Foot Whatever
1st Apr 14 11:49:55Re Tool
1st Apr 14 01:54:01Robo Family
31st Mar 14 12:29:08But For Me It Was Tuesday.Comics
29th Mar 14 12:44:04Re Tool
29th Mar 14 12:11:55For Want Of A Nail.Comic Books
25th Mar 14 09:28:24The Engineer
25th Mar 14 09:24:17The Engineer
25th Mar 14 09:23:16The Engineer
24th Mar 14 10:46:24Characters.Smite
20th Mar 14 08:49:47Running Gag.Riff Trax
20th Mar 14 08:39:20Running Gag.Riff Trax
20th Mar 14 01:36:36Running Gag.Riff Trax
20th Mar 14 01:25:06Ironic Nickname
20th Mar 14 12:31:36Dub Induced Plot Hole
19th Mar 14 09:54:35Team Up Series
17th Mar 14 11:49:21Video Game.Bravoman
16th Mar 14 02:48:23Academy Of Evil
16th Mar 14 09:28:10Computer Voice
14th Mar 14 08:52:58Tabletop Game.Blood Bowl
13th Mar 14 10:38:55Arsenal Attire
12th Mar 14 09:32:44Awesome But Impractical.Tabletop Games
12th Mar 14 09:10:32Walking Tank
12th Mar 14 09:06:58Proud Merchant Race
12th Mar 14 09:06:18Proud Merchant Race
9th Mar 14 08:00:09Elites Are More Glamorous
9th Mar 14 07:40:44BFG
8th Mar 14 07:36:45Elites Are More Glamorous
8th Mar 14 11:47:21Hand Cannon
7th Mar 14 12:13:23BFG
6th Mar 14 05:12:27Guns Are Worthless
6th Mar 14 04:59:50All Swords Are The Same
5th Mar 14 12:01:21Running Gag.Riff Trax
5th Mar 14 10:18:12Characters.Borderlands 2 Enemies
5th Mar 14 10:14:40Characters.Borderlands 2 Vault Hunters
4th Mar 14 10:15:06The Engineer
3rd Mar 14 10:27:14Kid Detective
2nd Mar 14 09:50:32Shout Out.Retro City Rampage
2nd Mar 14 09:37:51Shout Out.Retro City Rampage
2nd Mar 14 09:36:09Shout Out.Retro City Rampage
2nd Mar 14 08:49:07Shout Out.Retro City Rampage
1st Mar 14 11:25:46Combat Medic
1st Mar 14 11:05:21The Engineer
27th Feb 14 10:12:37The Engineer
27th Feb 14 09:53:15Husky Russkie
26th Feb 14 01:12:28Podcast.Riff Trax
23rd Feb 14 10:43:40Wacky Parent Serious Child
22nd Feb 14 07:18:48Running Gag.Riff Trax
22nd Feb 14 10:22:28Standardized Leader
19th Feb 14 09:45:55Comic Book.Metal Men
19th Feb 14 09:43:33Standardized Leader
19th Feb 14 08:51:49Franchise.Wonder Momo
17th Feb 14 10:48:32Comic Book.Invincible
16th Feb 14 10:49:01Video Game.Bravoman
16th Feb 14 10:16:57Franchise.Wonder Momo
16th Feb 14 10:08:25Dude Not Funny
16th Feb 14 10:03:54The Jersey Devil
11th Feb 14 11:46:04Shout Out.Retro City Rampage
8th Feb 14 11:59:46The Old Convict
7th Feb 14 01:53:22The Profiler
7th Feb 14 01:45:37The Old Convict
7th Feb 14 01:33:29One Steve Limit.Comic Books
7th Feb 14 12:56:41Captain Ethnic
7th Feb 14 12:53:01Age Lift
7th Feb 14 12:42:05Running Gag.Riff Trax
6th Feb 14 02:39:46Running Gag.Riff Trax
5th Feb 14 10:57:27Gender Flip
5th Feb 14 10:56:02Legacy Character
5th Feb 14 10:55:42Legacy Character
5th Feb 14 10:39:39Comic Book.Earth 2
4th Feb 14 10:40:50Good Animals Evil Animals
3rd Feb 14 01:53:56Westerna NIMATION.Transformers Animated
3rd Feb 14 09:36:48Sharing A Body
3rd Feb 14 09:22:28Artifact Title.Sports
1st Feb 14 05:40:18Dude Not Funny
1st Feb 14 11:58:56Jury Duty
1st Feb 14 11:44:30Law Procedural
1st Feb 14 11:39:28A Fool For A Client
1st Feb 14 11:27:52The Perry Mason Method
1st Feb 14 11:26:26Make The Dog Testify
30th Jan 14 01:27:41The Alleged Car
30th Jan 14 12:24:27Americans Hate Tingle
30th Jan 14 12:02:05Good Animals Evil Animals
29th Jan 14 10:33:35Superpower Lottery
28th Jan 14 08:53:17Franchise.Wonder Momo
28th Jan 14 10:37:11Token White
26th Jan 14 11:22:23Schedule Slip.Comic Books
26th Jan 14 08:59:10Attention Deficit Creator Disorder
26th Jan 14 10:25:56Good Animals Evil Animals
26th Jan 14 09:50:54Good Animals Evil Animals
26th Jan 14 09:30:51Good Animals Evil Animals
26th Jan 14 08:26:31Combining Mecha
26th Jan 14 08:25:10Combining Mecha
25th Jan 14 04:02:59Good Animals Evil Animals
25th Jan 14 01:48:44Extremity Extremist
24th Jan 14 06:38:50Video Game.Mappy
24th Jan 14 10:04:27NGO Superpower
24th Jan 14 09:45:39Ironic Nickname
23rd Jan 14 02:35:43Creator Provincialism

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