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4th Oct 14 07:03:58Mauve Shirt
20th Sep 14 08:13:16Suggestive Collision
8th Aug 14 04:40:05Revenge Before Reason
26th Jul 14 04:11:35Heroism Wont Pay The Bills
26th Jul 14 04:10:37Heroism Wont Pay The Bills
24th Jul 14 05:18:55Video Game.City Of Heroes
7th Jul 14 08:17:26Fridge.Epic Rap Battles OF History
4th Jul 14 08:45:22Dangerous Sixteenth Birthday
21st Jun 14 12:35:49Videogame.Fallout 3
10th Jun 14 02:07:29Shouldersup Nudity
2nd Jun 14 05:16:10Fridge.X Men Days Of Future Past
2nd Jun 14 05:10:34Set Right What Once Went Wrong
11th Apr 14 03:53:10Logical Weakness
9th Feb 14 11:46:05Fun With Homophones
4th Feb 14 03:40:00Experienced Protagonist
1st Jan 14 09:31:33Shameful Strip
21st Dec 13 06:08:24Nightmare Fuel.Haruhi Suzumiya
30th Nov 13 09:02:28Video Game.Thief
1st Nov 13 07:11:55Stealth Hi Bye
1st Nov 13 05:27:10Funny.Final Fantasy VII
1st Nov 13 05:18:20Heartwarming.Final Fantasy VII
13th Oct 13 01:44:20Video Game.Thief
10th Oct 13 05:45:08WMG.Agents Of SHIELD
29th Jul 13 05:24:29Video Game.Thief
22nd Jul 13 04:53:44Webcomic.Goblins
2nd Jul 13 03:14:38Encounter Bait
12th May 13 11:47:04Webcomic.Strong Female Protagonist
12th May 13 11:38:18Webcomic.Strong Female Protagonist
12th May 13 11:32:37Webcomic.Strong Female Protagonist
12th May 13 11:28:27Webcomic.Strong Female Protagonist
9th May 13 05:22:07Surprise Check Mate
5th Apr 13 07:15:38Video Game.City Of Heroes
5th Apr 13 07:08:19Video Game.City Of Heroes
5th Apr 13 07:06:31Video Game.City Of Heroes
1st Apr 13 07:39:38Cerebus Rollercoaster
23rd Mar 13 03:31:19Video Game.City Of Heroes
11th Mar 13 05:33:30Pressure Sensitive Interface
3rd Feb 13 02:54:18False Flag Operation
27th Jan 13 08:26:24Beam Spam
27th Jan 13 07:21:12Cessation Of Existence
11th Jan 13 03:16:57Friend Versus Lover
10th Jan 13 05:56:28Androcles Lion
5th Jan 13 03:54:38Disney.Wreck It Ralph
28th Dec 12 06:04:58Reunion Kiss
28th Dec 12 05:31:15Multi Directional Barrage
23rd Dec 12 02:03:06Funny.Star Trek The Next Generation
23rd Dec 12 01:53:51Funny.Star Trek The Next Generation
23rd Dec 12 10:15:22Funny.City Of Heroes
23rd Dec 12 10:06:03Funny.City Of Heroes
23rd Dec 12 10:04:46Funny.City Of Heroes
23rd Dec 12 10:01:54Video Game.City Of Heroes
23rd Dec 12 09:46:58Awesome.City Of Heroes
22nd Dec 12 09:03:59Lethal Harmless Powers
18th Dec 12 06:50:49Downer Ending.Western Animation
18th Dec 12 06:23:34Black Mesa Commute
12th Nov 12 05:01:44Fridge.Wreck It Ralph
2nd Oct 12 02:28:16Headscratchers.Star Trek First Contact
30th Sep 12 02:29:50Noisy Shut Up
21st Sep 12 02:56:20Bifurcated Weapon
29th Aug 12 03:20:31Mission From God
19th Aug 12 02:42:00Haruhi Suzumiya.Tropes F-I
17th Aug 12 07:53:45Genre Shift
17th Aug 12 05:24:56Decoy Protagonist
16th Aug 12 04:24:08Mad Libs Dialogue
22nd Jul 12 07:54:30Time Stands Still
22nd Jul 12 07:22:43No Sell
20th Jul 12 06:35:17Takes One To Kill One
19th Jul 12 05:25:35Year Inside Hour Outside
19th Jul 12 05:18:20Year Outside Hour Inside
18th Jul 12 10:44:45Evil Versus Oblivion
11th Jul 12 07:24:14Public Secret Message
8th Jul 12 09:35:35Special Person Normal Name
8th Jul 12 09:34:40Special Person Normal Name
30th Jun 12 04:18:40Astonishingly Appropriate Interruption
30th Jun 12 04:10:32Briar Patching
17th Jun 12 01:13:04You Are In Command Now
17th Jun 12 12:49:38Defiant To The End
15th Jun 12 04:40:57Pyrrhic Villainy
12th Jun 12 07:07:01HP To One
8th Jun 12 07:35:40Age Progression Song
4th Jun 12 05:47:51Awesome.Batman Mask Of The Phantasm
28th May 12 06:49:50Only The Chosen May Wield
28th May 12 08:33:52Make Wrong What Once Went Right
21st May 12 02:51:54Film.The Avengers
18th May 12 07:49:53Dirty Old Man
16th May 12 05:32:46Headscratchers.The Avengers
4th May 12 01:08:54Attending Your Own Funeral
4th May 12 01:03:54Mid Development Genre Shift
2nd May 12 04:19:36Sickening Crunch
19th Apr 12 05:22:11Psychic Static
19th Apr 12 05:14:34Psychic Static
30th Mar 12 06:54:52Intrinsic Vow
27th Mar 12 05:24:01Headscratchers.Haruhi Suzumiya
24th Mar 12 07:53:14Headscratchers.Haruhi Suzumiya
24th Mar 12 02:20:53Video Game.Road Rash
22nd Mar 12 06:17:37Video Game.Road Rash
11th Mar 12 08:08:59Artificial Brilliance
25th Feb 12 12:02:10Rewriting Reality
18th Feb 12 03:41:03Tropers.Emperor Steele
16th Feb 12 09:00:27Psychic Block Defense
6th Feb 12 05:16:30Save The Villain
4th Feb 12 04:12:28Black Dude Dies First
4th Feb 12 04:10:53Black Dude Dies First
23rd Jan 12 06:04:43City Of Heroes
22nd Jan 12 02:42:54Understanding Comics
22nd Jan 12 02:39:54Understanding Comics
22nd Jan 12 02:25:48Understanding Comics
21st Jan 12 08:07:50Batman Gambit
19th Jan 12 07:49:59Time Master
25th Dec 11 11:30:46YMMV.Pearls Before Swine
14th Dec 11 08:00:36Heroic Willpower
13th Dec 11 04:46:33Youngsters
13th Dec 11 04:45:53Youngsters
11th Dec 11 07:24:27Songs In The Key Of Panic
11th Dec 11 04:51:07Suit Up Of Destiny
10th Dec 11 03:18:11Not Wearing Tights
10th Dec 11 10:54:27Star Trek First Contact
10th Dec 11 10:52:24Funny.Batman Mask Of The Phantasm
10th Dec 11 10:51:47Funny.Batman Mask Of The Phantasm
10th Dec 11 10:46:55The Law Of Conservation Of Detail
23rd Nov 11 06:48:37Our Worlds At War
23rd Nov 11 06:34:56Our Worlds At War
23rd Nov 11 06:33:51Our Worlds At War
23rd Nov 11 04:29:02Not Me This Time
23rd Nov 11 04:28:46Not Me This Time
22nd Nov 11 04:23:53Statuesque Stunner
16th Nov 11 06:19:47Freemium
7th Nov 11 06:14:51Trivia.Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
6th Nov 11 07:04:49Twenty Bear Asses
15th Oct 11 10:54:09Comic Book.Young Justice
10th Oct 11 04:55:03As The Good Book Says
2nd Oct 11 02:19:05Light Em Up
30th Sep 11 02:54:44My Defense Need Not Protect Me Forever
27th Sep 11 05:57:06City Of Heroes

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