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26th Nov 12 01:57:45Journey Quest
17th Nov 12 12:42:51Ultimate Evil
25th Oct 12 04:33:55YMMV.Ruby Sparks
14th Oct 12 07:01:13Gun Twirling
11th Oct 12 02:09:49Body Horror.Film
6th Sep 12 02:55:52Butt Monkey.Live Action TV
3rd Sep 12 11:12:38Film.Casino Royale
13th Jul 12 01:09:28Film.An American Werewolf In London
18th Apr 12 03:09:36Troubling Unchildlike Behavior
13th Apr 12 09:51:42The Beach
19th Feb 12 09:06:00Trivia.Psych
6th Feb 12 07:28:55Nice Jewish Boy
6th Feb 12 07:25:15Characters.Deadwood
6th Feb 12 07:22:59Deadwood
5th Jan 12 04:26:00Shaun Of The Dead
31st Dec 11 08:06:11Animated Credits Opening
21st Dec 11 02:11:50Died In Your Arms Tonight
1st Dec 11 01:29:57Garfunkel
30th Nov 11 03:13:11Cozy Voice For Catastrophes
15th Nov 11 04:37:07Ear Worm.Film
15th Nov 11 04:28:02Ear Worm.Film
31st Oct 11 04:48:17I Want Song
31st Oct 11 04:33:54Characters.Misfits
29th Oct 11 08:37:45Useful Notes.Land Of My Fathers And Their Sheep
4th Oct 11 02:21:31Artificial Human