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15th Oct 15 01:22:52Headscratchers.Mash
29th Sep 14 06:33:21Film.The Adventuresof Priscilla Queenofthe Desert
5th Aug 14 07:28:33Friends.Tropes K To O
18th Apr 14 03:51:27WMG.Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
18th Apr 14 03:45:25Headscratchers.Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban
2nd Apr 14 06:41:19Nazi Grandpa
2nd Apr 14 06:39:42Jodi Picoult
31st Jul 13 08:32:57Referenced By.Firefly
1st Jul 13 07:16:57Film.World War Z
11th Jun 13 11:39:38Series.Friends
22nd May 13 08:59:37Tropers.Duckay
14th May 13 07:43:09Web Video.Strip Search
5th May 13 06:15:37Recap.Community S 2 E 14 Advanced Dungeons And Dragons
4th May 13 05:26:46Tomato Surprise
27th Apr 13 07:50:44Web Video.Strip Search
16th Apr 13 11:19:52Web Video.Strip Search
16th Apr 13 11:16:49Tear Jerker.Strip Search
16th Apr 13 11:15:21YMMV.Strip Search
2nd Apr 13 01:42:49Heartwarming.Strip Search
2nd Apr 13 01:36:33Web Video.Strip Search
29th Mar 13 05:10:22Poor Mans Porn
29th Mar 13 04:51:09Web Video.Strip Search
12th Mar 13 08:25:20Mistaken For Racist
12th Mar 13 08:22:36Im Not Here To Make Friends
12th Mar 13 08:21:06Loading Ready Run
12th Mar 13 08:19:57Webcomic.Penny Arcade
12th Mar 13 08:17:58Web Video.Strip Search
12th Mar 13 08:17:15Reality TV
12th Mar 13 08:15:58Webcomic.Penny Arcade
12th Mar 13 08:14:25Web Video
12th Mar 13 08:13:14Web Video
12th Mar 13 08:10:56Web Video.Strip Search
12th Mar 13 08:09:34Web Video.Strip Search
12th Mar 13 07:53:29Web Video.Strip Search
20th Feb 13 06:01:54But Not Too Black
14th Feb 13 06:44:55Web Original.Neils Puppet Dreams
14th Feb 13 06:42:17Actor Allusion.Web Media
14th Feb 13 06:38:51Nerdist
14th Feb 13 06:38:38Nerdist
12th Feb 13 08:38:14Web Original.Neils Puppet Dreams
11th Feb 13 02:43:17Neil Patrick Harris
11th Feb 13 02:42:33Web Original.Neils Puppet Dreams
11th Feb 13 02:41:43Web Video
11th Feb 13 02:39:19Web Original.Neils Puppet Dreams
11th Feb 13 02:38:42Web Original.Neils Puppet Dreams
11th Feb 13 02:38:12Web Original.Neils Puppet Dreams
3rd Feb 13 02:36:40Firan MUX
23rd Jan 13 11:07:02Cryptid Episode
23rd Jan 13 09:57:14Exact Eaves Dropping
4th Jan 13 06:30:41Series.Kenan And Kel
3rd Jan 13 08:47:48Public Service Announcement
3rd Jan 13 08:42:44Public Service Announcement
3rd Jan 13 08:37:21Public Service Announcement
25th Dec 12 07:10:33Bury Your Disabled
19th Dec 12 04:09:21Characters.Discworld City Watch
18th Dec 12 01:48:47Faux Yay
13th Dec 12 08:50:54WMG.The Prestige
12th Dec 12 11:44:04Characters.The Incredibles
10th Dec 12 10:26:59Coyote Ugly
10th Dec 12 10:21:33You Can Leave Your Hat On
9th Dec 12 11:28:31Jodi Picoult
9th Dec 12 11:08:16Jodi Picoult
7th Nov 12 04:53:42Literature.The Tomorrow Series
31st Oct 12 01:55:19Characters.The Baby Sitters Club
30th Oct 12 06:36:17Film.Thats My Boy
23rd Sep 12 04:51:52Bury Your Disabled
10th Sep 12 06:18:20Plot Mandated Friendship Failure
30th Jul 12 02:22:54Jodi Picoult
30th Jul 12 02:20:33Child By Rape
19th Jul 12 08:40:05Web Video
19th Jul 12 08:39:27Web Original
10th Jul 12 02:52:40Musical World Hypotheses
19th Jun 12 06:15:41Televisually Transmitted Disease
11th Jun 12 04:47:53My Name Is Not Durwood
27th May 12 07:54:06Josh Thomas
27th May 12 06:29:16The Blind Side
26th May 12 03:46:37Black Comedy Rape
24th May 12 02:42:15Sexy Backless Outfit
21st May 12 04:39:47Once More With Endnotes
20th May 12 02:47:37You Are Already Dead
17th May 12 03:46:18Stupid Sexy Flanders
7th May 12 07:34:44Headscratchers.Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
7th May 12 07:00:07Headscratchers.Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
1st May 12 05:41:40Juno
27th Apr 12 06:08:51YMMV.The King Of Queens
24th Apr 12 12:46:22Theatre.Legally Blonde
13th Apr 12 05:11:07Discworld.Monstrous Regiment
7th Apr 12 06:27:07Poor Mans Porn
31st Mar 12 08:23:30Coyote Ugly
27th Mar 12 03:24:48Anatomically Impossible Sex
14th Mar 12 07:24:43Retroactive Wish
14th Mar 12 07:00:38Discredited Meme
13th Mar 12 05:07:12Macho Disaster Expedition
9th Mar 12 05:51:54The Wire
6th Mar 12 04:55:32Discworld.Reaper Man
5th Mar 12 01:06:45Hesitation Equals Dishonesty
5th Mar 12 12:49:06Film.Hook
4th Mar 12 04:32:26Frasier
4th Mar 12 12:27:39Disney.The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
2nd Mar 12 12:39:39Famous Last Words.Live Action TV
1st Mar 12 10:28:41Commodore HUSTLE
1st Mar 12 05:14:47Peer Pressure Makes You Evil
1st Mar 12 04:49:09Two And A Half Men
26th Feb 12 11:39:32Summon Bigger Fish
26th Feb 12 11:34:59Animals Not To Scale
25th Feb 12 04:31:14Hands Off Parenting
24th Feb 12 11:49:42Series.Whose Line Is It Anyway
24th Feb 12 11:48:39Series.Whose Line Is It Anyway
23rd Feb 12 04:59:52Groundhog Day Loop
23rd Feb 12 04:57:13Fan Disliked Explanation
20th Feb 12 04:05:53Series.How I Met Your Mother
19th Feb 12 07:25:05I Am Sam
16th Feb 12 03:35:37Cast Full Of Gay
16th Feb 12 06:13:48Real Song Theme Tune
16th Feb 12 04:57:59The Wire
13th Feb 12 04:43:54Join The Army They Said
13th Feb 12 04:30:44Narrow Parody
13th Feb 12 04:23:51Shallow Parody
12th Feb 12 11:14:28Series.Friends
12th Feb 12 10:20:36Rescue Sex
12th Feb 12 06:13:21Poor Mans Porn
12th Feb 12 06:07:54Poor Mans Porn
7th Feb 12 12:44:20Prison Rape
7th Feb 12 05:13:48Never Got To Say Goodbye
7th Feb 12 04:59:41Insane Equals Violent
7th Feb 12 04:33:34Shoo Out The New Guy
6th Feb 12 04:04:41You Are Too Late
6th Feb 12 02:29:08Mary Poppins
6th Feb 12 12:53:20A Man Is Not A Virgin
5th Feb 12 02:09:34Disabled Snarker
5th Feb 12 01:57:57Did Not Do The Bloody Research
5th Feb 12 01:32:23Frasier
5th Feb 12 01:12:24Smoking Hot Sex
4th Feb 12 12:58:30Film.The Muppets
4th Feb 12 02:31:05No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
4th Feb 12 02:06:28Pass The Popcorn
4th Feb 12 01:36:55Flintstone Theming
4th Feb 12 01:30:03Film.S1m0ne
4th Feb 12 01:27:10Character As Himself
1st Feb 12 05:05:10Security Cling
1st Feb 12 04:55:06A Man Is Not A Virgin
31st Jan 12 05:18:10Window Pain
31st Jan 12 02:46:05But I Cant Be Pregnant
30th Jan 12 03:45:45Adult Fear
30th Jan 12 04:24:12Anime Anatomy
30th Jan 12 03:31:12Characters.A Bugs Life
30th Jan 12 02:54:57If It Tastes Bad It Must Be Good For You
30th Jan 12 02:47:54Picky Eater
30th Jan 12 02:34:26All Witches Have Cats
30th Jan 12 01:52:10Bullet Sparks
30th Jan 12 01:47:52Hilarious In Hindsight.Others
30th Jan 12 01:41:59Hilarious In Hindsight.Live Action TV
30th Jan 12 01:23:33Hilarious In Hindsight.Film
30th Jan 12 01:12:14Funny Aneurysm Moment.Live Action TV
30th Jan 12 12:23:54Better Than It Sounds.Film S
29th Jan 12 04:25:41Erotic Eating
29th Jan 12 04:10:13Innocent Inaccurate
29th Jan 12 03:59:44Handle With Care
29th Jan 12 03:55:12Jodi Picoult
26th Jan 12 06:51:54Denied Food As Punishment
26th Jan 12 05:03:15Vomiting Cop
26th Jan 12 04:42:44Lite Creme
26th Jan 12 04:35:27Asbestos Free Cereal
26th Jan 12 04:06:01Razor Apples
25th Jan 12 07:00:04Suddenly Sexuality
25th Jan 12 04:40:48Trivia.How I Met Your Mother
25th Jan 12 04:31:54YMMV.How I Met Your Mother
25th Jan 12 04:31:43Series.How I Met Your Mother
25th Jan 12 04:14:30Childhood Friend Romance
25th Jan 12 03:58:31Outgrow The Trope
25th Jan 12 03:53:38All Witches Have Cats
25th Jan 12 03:50:49Not What It Looks Like
25th Jan 12 03:47:36Ceiling Banger
25th Jan 12 04:01:03Blunt Metaphors Trauma
24th Jan 12 08:30:12Very Special Episode
24th Jan 12 06:17:57Sitcom Arch Nemesis
23rd Jan 12 04:09:46Hot Men At Work
23rd Jan 12 03:35:10Right Through The Wall
22nd Jan 12 09:09:46Heartwarming.Friends
22nd Jan 12 09:05:08Fridge.The Wire
22nd Jan 12 09:04:40The Wire
22nd Jan 12 09:04:34The Wire
22nd Jan 12 08:53:54Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome
19th Jan 12 07:03:34Kenan And Kel
17th Jan 12 12:43:34Sein Language
17th Jan 12 12:32:39Avenue Q
17th Jan 12 12:29:51Characters.Avenue Q
15th Jan 12 11:20:59Parental Favoritism
15th Jan 12 04:30:39Stuffed Into A Trashcan
15th Jan 12 04:22:32Teacher Student Romance
12th Jan 12 04:45:05Two Weeks With The Queen
12th Jan 12 04:42:02The Tomorrow Series
12th Jan 12 04:39:53Film.Legally Blonde
12th Jan 12 04:31:45The Tomorrow Series
12th Jan 12 04:31:43YMMV.The Tomorrow Series
12th Jan 12 04:21:05Twin Threesome Fantasy
12th Jan 12 04:17:20Not So Imaginary Friend
12th Jan 12 03:45:44Cut A Slice Take The Rest
12th Jan 12 03:42:59Ill Take Two Beers Too
11th Jan 12 02:29:58Unexplained Accent
11th Jan 12 02:25:16Characters.Dragon Age II Post Release Characters
11th Jan 12 02:22:32Professional Killer
11th Jan 12 02:20:47Characters.Dragon Age Origins Playable Characters
11th Jan 12 02:14:57Professional Killer
10th Jan 12 12:23:32Victorias Secret Compartment
7th Jan 12 07:44:56Right Through The Wall
5th Jan 12 06:45:56Charmed
5th Jan 12 04:29:18The Nicknamer
4th Jan 12 11:45:17The Parent Trap
3rd Jan 12 10:51:41Once Per Episode
3rd Jan 12 06:49:31Headscratchers.How I Met Your Mother
3rd Jan 12 05:04:40Disney.Mulan
3rd Jan 12 04:57:56What The Hell Is That Accent
3rd Jan 12 04:50:30Not Even Bothering With The Accent
3rd Jan 12 04:49:44Revenge Of The Sequel
3rd Jan 12 04:37:50Not Even Bothering With The Accent
2nd Jan 12 02:34:46YMMV.Hey Arnold
2nd Jan 12 02:34:04Western Animation.Hey Arnold
2nd Jan 12 02:27:35Did You Actually Believe
2nd Jan 12 01:21:03The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
1st Jan 12 09:12:35Fridge.Legally Blonde
1st Jan 12 04:27:22L Is For Dyslexia
1st Jan 12 04:21:15WMG.Dragon Age II
29th Dec 11 03:43:13Meaningful Rename
29th Dec 11 03:13:50Lady Looks Like A Dude
29th Dec 11 03:12:23Disney.Mulan
28th Dec 11 06:27:17Jurassic Park
26th Dec 11 06:23:48Disney.Mulan
21st Dec 11 02:59:12Public Domain Character
21st Dec 11 12:57:14Mistaken For Cheating
20th Dec 11 11:03:26Janitor Impersonation Infiltration
20th Dec 11 12:40:37Body To Jewel
20th Dec 11 12:39:43Paul Jennings
15th Dec 11 03:32:55Halloween Episode
14th Dec 11 06:57:41Only Known By Their Nickname
14th Dec 11 04:05:49YMMV.The Truman Show
14th Dec 11 04:05:27The Truman Show
14th Dec 11 03:19:27Nerds Are Virgins
14th Dec 11 03:07:02Trivia.Dragon Age II
14th Dec 11 03:00:05Video Game.Dragon Age II
14th Dec 11 01:18:51Where Are They Now Epilogue
13th Dec 11 11:45:20Need A Hand Or A Handjob
13th Dec 11 11:39:10Nerds Are Virgins
13th Dec 11 12:46:31The Ingenue
13th Dec 11 12:13:04No Celebrities Were Harmed
12th Dec 11 10:01:57Tactful Translation
12th Dec 11 10:00:08Elfeminate
12th Dec 11 09:50:03Tactful Translation
12th Dec 11 09:42:49Precision F Strike
12th Dec 11 09:38:07Toilet Seat Divorce
12th Dec 11 02:10:18Everyone Is Bi
9th Dec 11 01:09:57Elfeminate
6th Dec 11 03:02:51Commodore HUSTLE
5th Dec 11 11:35:34Informed Attractiveness
5th Dec 11 02:12:42Characters.Loading Ready Run
2nd Dec 11 12:33:50Sex Slave
22nd Nov 11 03:58:23Characters.Loading Ready Run
22nd Nov 11 03:44:04Between My Legs
17th Nov 11 06:44:45Two Weeks With The Queen
17th Nov 11 06:37:45Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes
15th Nov 11 09:10:02Video Game.Dragon Age II
14th Nov 11 03:17:43Formally Named Pet
14th Nov 11 02:40:13Bedsheet Ghost
9th Nov 11 02:18:45Commodore HUSTLE
9th Nov 11 02:14:21Commodore HUSTLE
9th Nov 11 02:13:06Feed Dump
9th Nov 11 02:10:44Product Placement
9th Nov 11 02:10:03Product Placement
9th Nov 11 01:59:16Commodore Hustle
9th Nov 11 01:56:39Hoyay.Web Original
9th Nov 11 01:55:25Feed Dump
9th Nov 11 01:52:13Hoyay.Web Original
9th Nov 11 01:41:22Catch Phrase.Web Original
9th Nov 11 01:40:47Catch Phrase.Web Original
9th Nov 11 01:34:40Nice Hat
9th Nov 11 01:26:01Characters.Baby Sitters Club
9th Nov 11 01:19:21Baby Sitters Club
9th Nov 11 01:17:02Meat Versus Veggies
9th Nov 11 01:10:29Babysitters Club
29th Oct 11 01:12:02Feed Dump
28th Oct 11 08:29:21Halloween Episode
28th Oct 11 01:17:06Cloud Cuckoolander.Video Games
26th Oct 11 03:17:04Unfortunate Names
26th Oct 11 02:32:55Nested Story
25th Oct 11 11:30:32Faux Yay
25th Oct 11 11:09:10Poor Mans Porn
25th Oct 11 04:26:38To Kill A Mockingbird
25th Oct 11 04:20:16Convenience Store Gift Shopping
25th Oct 11 04:00:08Characters.Loading Ready Run
25th Oct 11 03:54:59YMMV.Loading Ready Run
25th Oct 11 03:52:42Loading Ready Run
25th Oct 11 03:39:49Unfortunate Names
25th Oct 11 03:36:38Compliment Fishing
9th Oct 11 04:43:24Accidental Innuendo
9th Oct 11 04:28:17Unfortunate Names
8th Oct 11 02:17:43Teacher Student Romance
6th Oct 11 01:01:01You Didnt Ask
6th Oct 11 12:17:38Headscratchers.Dragon Age
6th Oct 11 12:02:28Dragon Age
5th Oct 11 11:50:30Immune To Drugs
5th Oct 11 11:48:06Character Name Alias
5th Oct 11 11:43:52One Degree Of Separation
5th Oct 11 10:19:46Jodi Picoult
5th Oct 11 02:57:03Kiss Of Life
4th Oct 11 07:43:28The Other Darrin
4th Oct 11 01:32:56All Lesbians Want Kids
4th Oct 11 12:48:31Unwanted Glasses Plot
4th Oct 11 12:42:10Relative Error
3rd Oct 11 07:58:03Dantes Cove
3rd Oct 11 07:32:56Have A Gay Old Time
3rd Oct 11 07:32:26Have A Gay Old Time
3rd Oct 11 07:22:24Asymmetric Dilemma
3rd Oct 11 06:49:38Precocious Crush
3rd Oct 11 06:29:58Not Even Bothering With The Accent
3rd Oct 11 06:28:20Minor Flaw Major Breakup
3rd Oct 11 06:25:52Minor Flaw Major Breakup
3rd Oct 11 06:21:06Minor Flaw Major Breakup
3rd Oct 11 03:58:12My Secret Pregnancy
3rd Oct 11 12:42:19Out Of Order
2nd Oct 11 11:54:30Facial Composite Failure
2nd Oct 11 11:45:33Literature.Twilight
29th Sep 11 01:33:31Not Even Bothering With The Accent
28th Sep 11 05:09:19Suddenly Sexuality
28th Sep 11 05:08:56Suddenly Sexuality
26th Sep 11 04:21:34Good News Week
26th Sep 11 04:19:31Good News Week
26th Sep 11 04:09:22Domestic Abuser
26th Sep 11 04:03:23Domestic Abuser
26th Sep 11 01:16:13The Tomorrow Series
26th Sep 11 01:12:35Drives Like Crazy
26th Sep 11 12:57:02The Zack Files
26th Sep 11 12:52:17Instructional Title
26th Sep 11 12:51:12The Zack Files
26th Sep 11 12:24:11Titanic
25th Sep 11 08:15:22Only Known By Their Nickname
25th Sep 11 08:11:17Dont Explain The Joke
25th Sep 11 07:36:41Only Known By Their Nickname
25th Sep 11 05:59:42
25th Sep 11 05:56:42
25th Sep 11 05:42:41
25th Sep 11 03:53:39Embarrassing Nickname
25th Sep 11 03:52:31The Nicknamer
25th Sep 11 03:12:54The Nicknamer
25th Sep 11 03:00:32Fetish
24th Sep 11 04:37:02Right Through The Wall
24th Sep 11 01:51:41Hey Its That Voice.A To H
24th Sep 11 01:38:05Characters.Loading Ready Run
24th Sep 11 01:28:30As Himself
23rd Sep 11 03:02:51Appeal To Novelty
21st Sep 11 09:55:14Undisclosed Funds
21st Sep 11 09:43:22Have I Mentioned I Am Gay
21st Sep 11 09:30:26Two And A Half Men
18th Sep 11 11:15:23Sex By Proxy
18th Sep 11 06:32:12Rugrats
18th Sep 11 12:47:36Commodore HUSTLE
16th Sep 11 11:18:59Right Through The Wall
15th Sep 11 03:09:08Right Through The Wall