Dr Starky's Recent Edits

3rd Oct 14 03:01:50Series.Cousin Skeeter
12th Sep 14 06:22:38Tropers.Dr Starky
17th Jul 14 05:17:50Weasel Words
21st Apr 14 02:52:31Press X To Die
28th Jan 14 06:47:17The Minion Master
21st Jan 14 04:12:48Tropers.Dr Starky
2nd Nov 13 12:15:23Film.Thank You For Smoking
9th Sep 13 09:16:22Oral Fixation
9th Sep 13 09:15:07Oral Fixation
9th Jul 13 05:37:59The Danza
24th May 13 08:01:03Downer Ending.Western Animation
12th May 13 10:12:02Brand Name Takeover
5th Mar 13 12:22:05The Neighbors
2nd Mar 13 10:36:26Angsty Surviving Twin
24th Dec 12 09:49:35Mister Strangenoun
8th Dec 12 03:20:01Super Hero Sobriquets
25th Nov 12 09:04:59Music.The Civil Wars
16th Oct 12 09:10:56YMMV.Todd In The Shadows
14th Sep 12 03:56:52Made Of Indestructium
26th Aug 12 12:21:38Music.The Doors
7th Jul 12 08:53:37Creator.Jack Kirby
31st May 12 10:01:31Tom Swifty
16th May 12 10:07:14Lets Play.Chuggaaconroy
10th May 12 03:19:06Down To The Last Play
10th May 12 01:00:21Dr Feelgood
3rd May 12 07:00:54Ken Akamatsu
3rd May 12 03:21:54Website.Newgrounds
27th Apr 12 01:43:55Hype Aversion
19th Apr 12 03:15:51YMMV.Wilco
19th Apr 12 03:15:25Music.Wilco
16th Apr 12 08:37:08YMMV.American Beauty
13th Apr 12 05:35:08Teacher Student Romance
12th Apr 12 04:48:01Characters.Fatal Fury
12th Apr 12 04:46:58Fatal Family Photo
12th Apr 12 04:45:50Characters.Farscape
12th Apr 12 04:44:01Characters.Farscape
12th Apr 12 04:42:57Awesome.Fantastic Four
12th Apr 12 04:41:32Western Animation.Fantastic Four
12th Apr 12 04:40:20Visual Novel.Fantasia Otome Game Series
12th Apr 12 04:39:07Sorting Algorithm Of Deadness.Fan Fiction
12th Apr 12 04:38:19Badass Boast.Fan Fic
12th Apr 12 04:37:03Curb Stomp Battle.Fan Fic
12th Apr 12 04:36:19Visual Novel.Family Project
12th Apr 12 04:35:06Western Animation.Family Guy
12th Apr 12 04:33:21Funny.Fallout New Vegas
12th Apr 12 04:32:35Fanfic.Fallout Equestria Project Horizons
12th Apr 12 04:31:25Characters.Fallout Equestria Project Horizons
12th Apr 12 04:30:20Characters.Fallout Equestria
12th Apr 12 04:29:03Faking Amnesia
12th Apr 12 04:28:20Fake Ultimate Hero
12th Apr 12 04:27:01Fake Ultimate Hero
12th Apr 12 04:24:21Fake Defector
12th Apr 12 04:22:25Deconstructed Trope
12th Apr 12 04:21:41Characters.Archie Comics Sonic The Hedgehog
12th Apr 12 02:02:09Suicide By Cop
12th Apr 12 08:39:43Music.ACDC
11th Apr 12 08:21:32Music.The Beatles
11th Apr 12 07:19:58Bawdy Song
11th Apr 12 07:14:59Music.Bruce Springsteen
4th Apr 12 08:29:58Tough Act To Follow
4th Apr 12 03:21:47Vocal Tag Team
3rd Apr 12 10:17:21Music.Electric Six
1st Apr 12 09:45:26Music.The Clash
29th Mar 12 07:58:07Robopon
29th Mar 12 11:05:00Music.Rush
28th Mar 12 09:17:01Sanity Slippage Song
27th Mar 12 02:17:19Incest Subtext
22nd Mar 12 10:24:09Periphery Demographic
22nd Mar 12 10:19:03YMMV.The B52s
22nd Mar 12 10:18:38Music.The B52s
22nd Mar 12 10:16:35Music.The B52s
22nd Mar 12 10:13:14Music.The B52s
22nd Mar 12 09:57:55Useful Notes.Punk
22nd Mar 12 09:50:30Punk Rock
22nd Mar 12 09:47:39The Quincy Punk
22nd Mar 12 09:42:37The Quincy Punk
22nd Mar 12 08:41:04YMMV.Debbie Does Dallas
22nd Mar 12 08:40:39Debbie Does Dallas
21st Mar 12 11:46:27Dominions
20th Mar 12 01:05:51Aliens Are Bastards
20th Mar 12 01:00:59YMMV.Justin Bieber
20th Mar 12 12:57:11YMMV.Justin Bieber
20th Mar 12 11:47:58Everybody Remembers The Stripper
20th Mar 12 10:52:21All Gays Love Theater
18th Mar 12 09:02:34All Drummers Are Animals
18th Mar 12 08:41:52Update As A Sequel
16th Mar 12 04:01:20Extreme Doormat
16th Mar 12 03:39:52Cocoron
16th Mar 12 03:36:56Cocoron
16th Mar 12 03:33:58Build Like An Egyptian
16th Mar 12 03:28:46Doodle God
15th Mar 12 02:36:47Hippie Teacher
15th Mar 12 02:35:05Petal Power
15th Mar 12 02:34:47Petal Power
15th Mar 12 02:22:28Mon
14th Mar 12 09:48:34The Power Of Love
14th Mar 12 09:14:20Roguelike
14th Mar 12 09:12:10Roguelike
14th Mar 12 09:11:56Roguelike
6th Mar 12 10:26:49Drop The Hammer
6th Mar 12 10:11:51Guys Smash Girls Shoot
6th Mar 12 09:45:36Farmers Daughter
4th Mar 12 08:15:19Music.The Monkees
4th Mar 12 08:14:31Series.The Monkees
4th Mar 12 02:39:24Wax Museum Morgue
4th Mar 12 02:28:55Wax Museum Morgue
4th Mar 12 01:28:14Megalodon
4th Mar 12 01:28:14Megalodon
3rd Mar 12 10:28:37Tropers.Elmer 36919
2nd Mar 12 07:21:53Fashionable Asymmetry
1st Mar 12 05:51:26Music.XTC
1st Mar 12 05:38:41Hynden Walch
1st Mar 12 12:47:34YMMV.The White Stripes
29th Feb 12 08:11:43Diana Wynne Jones
17th Feb 12 10:34:57Young Adult
16th Feb 12 11:10:12Missing White Woman Syndrome
15th Feb 12 09:30:44Eighties Hair
15th Feb 12 09:29:53Music.Blondie
15th Feb 12 09:12:37Lyrical Dissonance.Christian
15th Feb 12 08:45:28Hollywood Homely
15th Feb 12 08:42:24Hollywood Homely
15th Feb 12 06:14:25Rhythm Game
9th Feb 12 07:06:19Token Minority
9th Feb 12 06:49:51Holier Than Thou
9th Feb 12 06:13:23Planet Of Hats
9th Feb 12 03:37:45Firemen Are Hot
9th Feb 12 03:34:16Firemen Are Hot
8th Feb 12 06:47:32Hard Rock
8th Feb 12 11:18:37Hotblooded Sideburns
8th Feb 12 11:04:53Porn Without Plot
8th Feb 12 09:44:27Occult Detective
5th Feb 12 04:39:15Characters.Parappa The Rapper
5th Feb 12 04:38:38Characters.Parappa The Rapper
5th Feb 12 04:35:33Characters.Parappa The Rapper
5th Feb 12 04:32:37Parappa The Rapper
5th Feb 12 03:47:31Tropes Are Not Subjective
4th Feb 12 06:33:01Tabletop Game.Legend Game System
3rd Feb 12 06:19:58YMMV.The Jonas Brothers
26th Jan 12 12:51:18Norbit
26th Jan 12 11:59:29Film.An American Werewolf In London
26th Jan 12 11:51:44All There In The Manual
26th Jan 12 11:50:51Film.All The Boys Love Mandy Lane
26th Jan 12 11:48:53Airport
26th Jan 12 11:47:25A Deadly Game Of Magic
26th Jan 12 11:42:32A Deadly Game Of Magic
26th Jan 12 11:37:00A Christmas Carol
25th Jan 12 10:42:59Due To The Dead
11th Jan 12 12:10:06Renamed Tropes
11th Jan 12 10:02:23Bowel Existence Failure
7th Jan 12 05:03:46Caught On The Hooks
4th Jan 12 12:39:14Badass And Baby
4th Jan 12 12:34:16Badass Israeli
4th Jan 12 11:30:28Western Animation.Bobs Burgers
4th Jan 12 11:27:40Ambiguously Jewish
23rd Dec 11 08:35:55Mascot Mook
23rd Dec 11 08:07:20Frying Pan Of Doom
23rd Dec 11 12:09:15Douglas Adams
22nd Dec 11 07:38:10Gay Aesop
22nd Dec 11 07:35:11Gay Aesop
22nd Dec 11 07:29:02Gay Aesop
22nd Dec 11 08:21:47American Pie
22nd Dec 11 08:17:09Creator Breakdown.Webcomics
22nd Dec 11 08:11:52Creator Breakdown.Video Games
22nd Dec 11 08:04:32Humongous Mecha
22nd Dec 11 07:26:34Humongous Mecha
22nd Dec 11 07:09:06Music.Ellie Goulding
22nd Dec 11 07:06:58Music.Ellie Goulding
22nd Dec 11 06:58:09One Hit Wonder
21st Dec 11 07:26:44All Your Base Are Belong To Us
14th Dec 11 12:05:15Guide Dang It.Adventure
14th Dec 11 10:11:21Gang Garrison 2
14th Dec 11 09:55:35Gang Garrison 2
14th Dec 11 09:54:25Gang Garrison 2
13th Dec 11 01:49:22Mameshiba
13th Dec 11 12:23:15Music.Lupe Fiasco
13th Dec 11 12:07:26Genre Motif.Hip Hop
13th Dec 11 10:59:19Useful Notes.The Oughts
12th Dec 11 12:15:21Disney Owns This Trope
12th Dec 11 09:59:01Quotes.The Usual Adversaries
12th Dec 11 09:57:20Wiki Sandbox
12th Dec 11 09:52:45Samurai Shodown
12th Dec 11 09:50:38Rock Beats Laser
12th Dec 11 09:49:29Tabletop Game.Rifts
12th Dec 11 09:47:43Rift
12th Dec 11 09:46:42Red Ones Go Faster
12th Dec 11 09:45:34Rashomon Style
12th Dec 11 09:44:06Fanfic.PRIMARCHS
12th Dec 11 09:42:13Pre Mortem One Liner
12th Dec 11 09:41:38Fanfic.Past Sins
12th Dec 11 09:40:49Machinima.Oxhorn Short Shorts
12th Dec 11 09:39:29Our Orcs Are Different
12th Dec 11 09:37:51Our Giants Are Bigger
12th Dec 11 09:37:04Tabletop Game.New World Of Darkness
12th Dec 11 09:34:45Fan Fic.My Life Is A Goddamn Mess
12th Dec 11 09:33:16Quotes.Mummy
12th Dec 11 09:32:16FR.Mechants
12th Dec 11 09:31:01Video Game.Mass Effect 3
12th Dec 11 09:29:14Characters.Looking For Group
12th Dec 11 09:27:58Darth Wiki.Letalium
12th Dec 11 09:24:57Characters.Legend Of Galactic Heroes
12th Dec 11 09:21:55League Of Legends
12th Dec 11 09:19:39World Building.Knights Of The Blade
12th Dec 11 09:17:30Characters.Kingdom Hearts Villains
12th Dec 11 09:16:50Characters.Kingdom Hearts Villains
12th Dec 11 09:15:09Characters.Kingdom Hearts Villains
12th Dec 11 09:12:30Fan Fic.Kingdom Hearts Link To Life
12th Dec 11 09:09:05Kingdom Hearts
12th Dec 11 09:05:37Tabletop Game.JAGS Wonderland
12th Dec 11 09:04:25Invader Zim
12th Dec 11 09:01:34Characters.Imperium Nova
12th Dec 11 08:58:13I Miss The Sunrise
12th Dec 11 08:55:57Awesome.Homeworld
12th Dec 11 08:53:02Characters.Harry Potter Factions
12th Dec 11 08:50:24Literature.Harry Potter
12th Dec 11 08:47:39Video Game.Half-Life 2
12th Dec 11 08:45:41Grey And Gray Morality
12th Dec 11 08:44:13Good All Along
12th Dec 11 08:41:15Goddamned Bats
12th Dec 11 08:39:59Goddamned Bats
12th Dec 11 08:38:29Gaming Steve Universe
12th Dec 11 08:35:17Four Fingered Hands
12th Dec 11 08:34:39Characters.Firefly
12th Dec 11 08:33:25Fantasy Axis Of Evil
12th Dec 11 08:29:57Video Game.Fallout New Vegas
12th Dec 11 08:28:21Characters.Fallout 3
12th Dec 11 08:24:51Characters.Exalted
12th Dec 11 08:24:45Characters.Exalted
12th Dec 11 08:23:24Videogame.Ever Quest II
12th Dec 11 08:21:34Video Game.Ever Quest
12th Dec 11 08:18:50Machinima.Yogscast Minecraft Series
11th Dec 11 09:32:55Evil Is Not A Toy
11th Dec 11 09:31:16Sealed Evil In A Can
11th Dec 11 08:33:24Laconic.Goddamn Orks
11th Dec 11 08:32:44Laconic.Goddamn Orks
11th Dec 11 08:29:50Characters.Dawn Of War
11th Dec 11 08:28:47Cruelty Is The Only Option
11th Dec 11 08:25:13Anime.Claymore
11th Dec 11 08:23:27Chronicles Of Blood And Stone
11th Dec 11 08:21:49Characters As Device
11th Dec 11 08:19:29Bone
11th Dec 11 08:18:01YMMV.Blood Drive
11th Dec 11 08:15:13Manga.Berserk
11th Dec 11 08:12:40Battle For Wesnoth
11th Dec 11 08:09:06Quotes.Battle Cry
11th Dec 11 08:07:29Bastion
11th Dec 11 08:05:10A World Half Full
11th Dec 11 08:01:29Avatar Adventures
11th Dec 11 07:59:00Fan Fic.A Scotsman In Egypt
11th Dec 11 07:56:58Ascended Demon
11th Dec 11 07:55:50Aquanox
11th Dec 11 07:53:35Anti-Human Alliance
11th Dec 11 07:52:05A Million Is A Statistic
11th Dec 11 07:50:33Always Chaotic Evil
11th Dec 11 07:49:05Always Chaotic Evil
11th Dec 11 07:47:23Absurdly Sharp Blade
11th Dec 11 06:53:32Indecisive Parody
11th Dec 11 01:44:43Casting A Shadow
11th Dec 11 01:41:07Stock Superpowers
11th Dec 11 11:18:40Informed Species
11th Dec 11 11:06:17Seldom Seen Species
10th Dec 11 06:34:23Star Scraper
10th Dec 11 06:12:16Video Game.Bugdom
10th Dec 11 06:10:56Video Game.Bugdom
10th Dec 11 05:58:37Beehive Level
10th Dec 11 05:58:01Wiki Sandbox
10th Dec 11 05:56:46Hornet Hole
10th Dec 11 05:49:42Wind Level
10th Dec 11 05:48:17Windy Level
10th Dec 11 05:46:19Wiki Sandbox
10th Dec 11 05:40:56Ice Level
10th Dec 11 05:38:53Wiki Sandbox
10th Dec 11 12:48:20Hell Level
10th Dec 11 12:47:39Hell Level
10th Dec 11 12:45:13Wiki Sandbox
10th Dec 11 07:52:21The Usual Adversaries
10th Dec 11 07:46:31The Usual Adversaries
9th Dec 11 06:43:15Nazi Zombies
9th Dec 11 04:50:31Buddy Cop Show
1st Dec 11 09:30:35Random Number God
1st Dec 11 09:29:20Grappling With Grappling Rules
1st Dec 11 09:25:23Grappling With Grappling Rules
1st Dec 11 10:12:29Jesus Was Way Cool
1st Dec 11 10:05:02Hippie Jesus
30th Nov 11 05:03:31YMMV.Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein
30th Nov 11 11:17:23Complacent Gaming Syndrome
30th Nov 11 10:45:27Chrome Hounds
30th Nov 11 10:42:51Recap.Community S 3 E 04 Remedial Chaos Theory
30th Nov 11 10:40:20Fridge.Community
30th Nov 11 10:31:58Take That.Comic Books
30th Nov 11 10:25:28Circles Of Hell
30th Nov 11 10:18:54Chrome Hounds
30th Nov 11 10:13:09YMMV.Chrome Hounds
30th Nov 11 09:40:29Cavalier Competitor
30th Nov 11 09:32:52Video Game.Castlevania Rondo Of Blood
30th Nov 11 09:21:59Cast From Hit Points
30th Nov 11 09:07:15Cant Drop The Hero
30th Nov 11 08:58:34Cafe World
30th Nov 11 08:51:49Artistic License Statistics
30th Nov 11 08:40:38Artistic License Nuclear Physics
30th Nov 11 08:28:32Tropers.Dr Starky
29th Nov 11 11:55:55Detect Evil
29th Nov 11 10:29:52Parappa The Rapper
29th Nov 11 08:50:08Parappa The Rapper
28th Nov 11 06:00:12Sex Sells
28th Nov 11 09:54:01Ominous Pipe Organ
28th Nov 11 09:39:28Ominous Pipe Organ
28th Nov 11 09:30:14Music.Type O Negative
27th Nov 11 10:31:12Air Vent Passageway
27th Nov 11 05:02:10Break The Haughty
27th Nov 11 04:57:47Arrogant Kung Fu Guy
27th Nov 11 04:56:29YMMV.Brawl In The Family
27th Nov 11 04:55:07Webcomic.Brawl In The Family
27th Nov 11 04:34:25Beethoven Was An Alien Spy
27th Nov 11 04:31:34Beach Episode
27th Nov 11 04:27:51YMMV.Battlefield Series
27th Nov 11 04:22:16YMMV.Battlefield Heroes
27th Nov 11 03:24:34Bad Impressionists
27th Nov 11 03:11:44Awesome But Impractical
27th Nov 11 03:04:02Ascended Fanboy
27th Nov 11 01:53:15Antidote Effect
27th Nov 11 01:51:05Video Game.Armored Core
27th Nov 11 01:47:04Antidote Effect
27th Nov 11 01:40:03YMMV.Another Brother
27th Nov 11 01:38:44Anime News Nina
27th Nov 11 01:35:34Kick The Dog.Anime And Manga
27th Nov 11 01:33:24Misaimed Fandom.Anime And Manga
27th Nov 11 01:28:15Always Someone Better
27th Nov 11 01:25:30YMMV.Alter Ego
27th Nov 11 01:22:40Ace Of Spades
27th Nov 11 01:16:31Abridged Arena Array
26th Nov 11 12:59:19Made Of Win Archive Early 2009
26th Nov 11 12:54:48What Are The Contributors Real Names
23rd Nov 11 05:58:21Tropers.Dr Starky
23rd Nov 11 05:58:09Tropers.Dr Starky
23rd Nov 11 05:56:13Tropers.Dr Starky
17th Nov 11 12:08:45Video Game.Oracle Of Tao
17th Nov 11 12:08:16Video Game.Oracle Of Tao
14th Nov 11 10:54:38Laconic.Low Level Advantage
8th Nov 11 12:54:16The Devil Is A Loser
8th Nov 11 09:15:15Sinister Geometry
7th Nov 11 11:46:34Twinkle Smile
4th Nov 11 09:16:10My Little Panzer
3rd Nov 11 09:18:23Take Your Time
1st Nov 11 02:58:01Roof Hopping
1st Nov 11 02:56:31Roof Hopping
31st Oct 11 03:07:33Hollywood Voodoo
31st Oct 11 03:01:18Hollywood Voodoo
29th Oct 11 04:03:14YMMV.Malcolm In The Middle
29th Oct 11 03:56:27Malcolm In The Middle
29th Oct 11 08:10:02Legally Blonde
29th Oct 11 08:00:52Legally Blonde
26th Oct 11 07:48:37Flynning
26th Oct 11 07:45:24Flynning
26th Oct 11 11:11:32Inverse Law Of Complexity To Power
24th Oct 11 09:11:58True Art Is Angsty
21st Oct 11 08:03:43Neighbourhood Friendly Gangsters
16th Oct 11 04:50:11Honest John's Dealership
16th Oct 11 01:23:31Girl Next Door
15th Oct 11 02:00:30Friendly Fireproof
15th Oct 11 01:24:22Magicka
15th Oct 11 01:22:53Magicka
14th Oct 11 04:23:40YMMV.Escape From Monkey Island
5th Oct 11 08:21:48Musical Spoiler