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7th Apr 14 09:02:45Implausible Deniability
18th Mar 14 05:55:51Bizarrchitecture
28th Feb 14 11:40:34Hyperspace Arsenal
21st Feb 14 11:02:49Global Currency
10th Feb 14 03:09:47Everything Fades
4th Jan 14 11:31:13Dummied Out.Platform Games
3rd Jan 14 01:41:01Recurring Boss
3rd Jan 14 01:22:39Recurring Boss Template
3rd Jan 14 01:21:57Recurring Boss Template
26th Dec 13 02:24:44Bonus Boss
11th Dec 13 02:59:14Item Farming
11th Dec 13 12:49:28Level Grinding
5th Dec 13 03:21:48Goddamned Boss
10th Aug 13 02:18:00Official Fan Submitted Content
14th Apr 13 03:00:31Translation Convention
14th Feb 13 03:31:13Conflict Ball
13th Feb 13 02:28:51Headscratchers.Sonic Heroes
13th Feb 13 01:59:35Timey Wimey Ball
11th Feb 13 08:15:53Re Vision
11th Feb 13 08:14:16Re Vision
21st Jan 13 03:15:32Variable Terminal Velocity
5th Jan 13 05:48:49Stealth Based Mission
5th Jan 13 05:48:30Stealth Based Mission
21st Dec 12 09:19:35Subverted Trope
8th Dec 12 03:00:52Economy Cast
8th Dec 12 02:59:41Economy Cast
20th Nov 12 09:58:15Misaimed Fandom.Video Games
10th Oct 12 05:25:44The Man Behind The Man
10th Oct 12 05:15:31Lone Wolf Boss
10th Oct 12 04:24:20Final Boss Preview
10th Oct 12 11:39:11Boss Vulnerability
5th Oct 12 03:06:01Powerup Letdown
23rd Sep 12 02:20:54Mafia Wars
23rd Sep 12 01:37:43Breakable Weapons
16th Sep 12 08:27:26No Gear Level
12th Sep 12 12:41:47Gameplay Roulette
10th Sep 12 01:48:09In Universe Game Clock
10th Sep 12 12:40:01Flash Of Pain
7th Sep 12 01:45:06Zip Mode
5th Sep 12 08:00:00Video Game.LEGO Adaptation Game
5th Sep 12 07:59:13Video Game.LEGO Adaptation Game
1st Sep 12 02:00:48BLAM.Video Games
11th Aug 12 03:05:22Video Game.Sonic The Hedgehog
11th Aug 12 03:03:11Video Game.Sonic The Hedgehog
25th Jul 12 03:34:58Interquel
25th Jul 12 07:47:06Non Linear Sequel
15th Jul 12 02:04:47Early Installment Weirdness.Video Games
15th Jul 12 01:58:01Early Installment Weirdness.Video Games
8th Jul 12 01:56:48Hundred Percent Completion
27th Jun 12 06:28:02Insurmountable Waist Height Fence
24th Jun 12 02:38:23Hard Mode Filler
24th Jun 12 02:28:23Easier Than Easy
24th Jun 12 02:20:14Early Game Hell
23rd Jun 12 03:34:45Easy Levels Hard Bosses
5th Apr 12 06:11:20Too Awesome To Use
5th Apr 12 03:29:21Powered By A Forsaken Child
2nd Apr 12 01:57:53Sonic The Comic Online
2nd Apr 12 01:49:35Dork Age
20th Mar 12 10:28:01Sequel Number Snarl
12th Mar 12 10:18:52Single Use Shield
12th Mar 12 09:59:25Impossible Item Drop
12th Mar 12 04:42:08Marathon Boss
7th Mar 12 06:38:03Plot Sensitive Items
7th Mar 12 12:22:24Witch With A Capital B
29th Feb 12 09:53:21Musical Spoiler
13th Feb 12 12:25:28Dual World Gameplay
31st Jan 12 02:58:35Sprite Polygon Mix
24th Jan 12 01:15:10Game Breaker.Action
22nd Jan 12 01:52:45Early Game Hell
22nd Jan 12 01:31:16Time Keeps On Ticking
21st Dec 11 01:36:16The Dulcinea Effect
25th Nov 11 07:21:27On The Next
25th Nov 11 07:21:02On The Next
24th Nov 11 05:06:02WMG.Sonic The Hedgehog
10th Nov 11 06:31:34Moving The Goalposts
21st Oct 11 02:51:53Time Skip
16th Oct 11 12:56:33On The Next
18th Sep 11 01:53:16Ragnarok Proofing
15th Sep 11 12:37:28Weird Moon
15th Sep 11 12:35:40Weird Moon

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