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2nd Mar 14 08:24:31Quotes.Quotes Looking For An Article
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19th Feb 14 06:55:16Podcast.Welcome To Night Vale
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30th Jan 14 08:28:45Only Sane Man.Western Animation
30th Jan 14 12:10:13Shout Out.Leverage
29th Jan 14 10:14:11Quotes.Technician Versus Performer
21st Jan 14 09:47:50Technician Versus Performer
21st Jan 14 09:45:11Technician Versus Performer
21st Jan 14 09:44:20Technician Versus Performer
21st Dec 13 06:38:12After Show
11th Nov 13 01:26:18Composite Character
7th Nov 13 08:25:20Quotes.Lawful Good
28th Oct 13 03:16:16Idiosyncratic Episode Naming.Live Action TV
1st Oct 13 09:03:20Quotes.Lawful Neutral
1st Oct 13 09:02:33Quotes.Lawful Neutral
13th Sep 13 08:57:51Quotes.Genre Blindness
18th Aug 13 08:33:06Only The Knowledgable May Pass
20th May 13 08:41:38Fanon.Comic Books
15th Feb 13 09:22:40Literary Allusion Title
15th Feb 13 09:22:04Literary Allusion Title
17th Jul 12 11:47:12Cloudcuckoolander.Western Animation
14th Jul 12 12:45:25You Keep Using That Word.Less Pedantic
14th Jul 12 12:11:54Come For The X Stay For The Y
12th Jul 12 07:23:43Sliding Scale Of Idealism Versus Cynicism.Live Action TV
12th Jul 12 07:23:20Sliding Scale Of Idealism Versus Cynicism.Live Action TV
12th Jul 12 07:22:15Sliding Scale Of Idealism Versus Cynicism.Live Action TV
12th Jul 12 07:15:39Sliding Scale Of Idealism Versus Cynicism.Live Action TV
19th Jun 12 12:38:02Our Product Sucks
7th Jun 12 11:27:38Schrodingers Gun
5th Jun 12 12:02:48Rank Inflation
5th Jun 12 10:02:03Tabletop Game.Chess
5th Jun 12 10:01:12Tabletop Game.Chess
29th May 12 04:59:55Too Good For This Sinful Earth
22nd May 12 09:18:09Overly Narrow Superlative
22nd May 12 09:17:15Overly Narrow Superlative
21st May 12 11:27:44Beam Me Up Scotty
21st May 12 09:04:37Out Of Genre Experience
24th Apr 12 10:05:38Music.Simon And Garfunkel
13th Apr 12 07:47:45E Equals MC Hammer
16th Mar 12 04:05:52Wicked Cultured
16th Mar 12 11:38:47Behind The Black
13th Mar 12 10:14:28Warp That Aesop.Literature
13th Mar 12 10:23:27Warp That Aesop.Literature
28th Feb 12 01:16:22Literature.The Erl King
11th Feb 12 06:33:10Redundancy.Music
20th Jan 12 07:55:04Literary Allusion Title
20th Jan 12 07:54:05Literary Allusion Title
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19th Jan 12 07:43:03Literary Allusion Title
7th Jan 12 08:18:55Literary Allusion Title
23rd Oct 11 05:38:16Unstuck In Time
20th Oct 11 10:57:43All Of Them
20th Oct 11 10:53:33Harmless Villain
13th Oct 11 03:35:08All Of Them
12th Oct 11 01:57:29Inspector Spacetime
12th Oct 11 05:01:58Inspector Spacetime
9th Oct 11 10:57:38Inspector Spacetime
9th Oct 11 10:56:40Inspector Spacetime
6th Oct 11 08:12:37Tips Worksheet
6th Oct 11 07:54:27Zero Approval Gambit
2nd Oct 11 03:52:42Lampshaded Double Entendre
2nd Oct 11 03:50:13Lampshaded Double Entendre
24th Sep 11 09:25:23Chowder
21st Sep 11 11:35:38Ontological Mystery