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15th May 12 11:02:48WMG.Pokemon Black 2 And White 2
15th May 12 04:20:23Video Game.Star Ocean Till The End Of Time
12th May 12 09:07:16A Round Of Drinks For The House
9th May 12 12:51:09Headscratchers.Star Ocean
8th May 12 10:50:17Tabletop Game.Pathfinder
6th May 12 05:02:12Characters.Star Ocean Till The End Of Time
6th May 12 02:59:23Tabletop Game.Pathfinder
6th May 12 02:48:11Katanas Are Just Better
6th May 12 01:54:03Rescued From The Scrappy Heap
6th May 12 12:29:17Tabletop Game.Pathfinder
6th May 12 11:52:41Tabletop Game.Pathfinder
4th May 12 10:26:20Video Game.Neverwinter Nights 2
2nd May 12 03:19:19Video Game.Devil Survivor 2
1st May 12 06:16:38Video Game.Pokemon Trading Card Game
30th Apr 12 07:16:06Video Game.Star Ocean Till The End Of Time
30th Apr 12 07:12:04Video Game.Star Ocean Till The End Of Time
29th Apr 12 07:58:31Video Game.Star Ocean
25th Apr 12 03:43:59Shin Megami Tensei
20th Apr 12 06:45:34Accidental Aesop
18th Apr 12 02:48:07Video Game.Fire Emblem Awakening
18th Apr 12 02:44:36Video Game.Fire Emblem Awakening
18th Apr 12 09:42:24Video Game.Fire Emblem Awakening
18th Apr 12 09:15:07Video Game.Fire Emblem Awakening
17th Apr 12 03:01:21Video Game.Fire Emblem Awakening
17th Apr 12 02:57:48Video Game.Fire Emblem Awakening
17th Apr 12 10:31:33Butt Monkey.Tabletop Games
17th Apr 12 10:26:29Tabletop Game.Dungeons And Dragons
17th Apr 12 10:19:22Tabletop Game.Dungeons And Dragons
13th Apr 12 06:11:49Quotes.Quotes Looking For An Article
13th Apr 12 06:11:38Quotes.Quotes Looking For An Article
13th Apr 12 10:46:38Cheap Gold Coins
12th Apr 12 04:44:34Informed Ability
9th Apr 12 10:02:23WMG.The Legend Of Korra
8th Apr 12 09:06:47WMG.Dark Souls
6th Apr 12 11:40:02Summon Night
6th Apr 12 10:35:45YMMV.That Mitchell And Webb Look
5th Apr 12 06:12:52Summon Night
5th Apr 12 04:50:29YMMV.Pathfinder
2nd Apr 12 05:57:06Summon Night
2nd Apr 12 04:53:33Summon Night
2nd Apr 12 04:51:28Summon Night
2nd Apr 12 04:28:00Summon Night
2nd Apr 12 04:12:28Summon Night
1st Apr 12 09:13:56Came Back Strong
1st Apr 12 09:11:00Came Back Strong
1st Apr 12 01:19:29Summon Night
30th Mar 12 07:24:51Summon Night
29th Mar 12 08:14:28Video Game.Fire Emblem Awakening
28th Mar 12 04:23:22Summon Night
28th Mar 12 02:32:55Tabletop Game.Dungeons And Dragons
27th Mar 12 06:32:40Chickification
27th Mar 12 10:23:28WMG.Pokemon Anime
27th Mar 12 10:01:13Anime.Pokemon
26th Mar 12 08:53:50Tabletop Game.Pathfinder
26th Mar 12 10:35:39Summon Night
26th Mar 12 10:34:27Borrowed Catchphrase
25th Mar 12 09:56:58WMG.The Legend Of Korra
24th Mar 12 09:52:57Cut Lex Luthor A Check
21st Mar 12 07:00:21Beeping Computers
21st Mar 12 04:13:55Characters.Riki Oh
21st Mar 12 04:05:10Characters.Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha
21st Mar 12 03:57:21Literature.Teito Monogatari
21st Mar 12 01:23:35WMG.Fire Emblem Awakening
21st Mar 12 11:20:47Characters.Pathfinder
21st Mar 12 11:15:09Tabletop Game.Pathfinder
20th Mar 12 02:39:14Summon Night
17th Mar 12 12:48:00Peninsula Of Power Leveling
17th Mar 12 12:20:35Suspect Is Hatless
17th Mar 12 11:35:31Classes.Dungeons And Dragons
16th Mar 12 11:12:34Classes.Dungeons And Dragons
16th Mar 12 06:00:26Idiot Ball.Comic Books
16th Mar 12 05:54:42Identity Crisis
15th Mar 12 09:40:30Professor Layton
15th Mar 12 09:39:56Professor Layton
14th Mar 12 05:25:47Family Eye Resemblance
14th Mar 12 10:40:48WMG.Fire Emblem Awakening
14th Mar 12 10:33:11Video Game.Fire Emblem Awakening
13th Mar 12 08:02:01Web Original.Atop The Fourth Wall
13th Mar 12 01:08:39Trivia.Tekken
13th Mar 12 12:51:20Item Crafting
13th Mar 12 09:09:50Crush Blush
13th Mar 12 08:31:04Prisoner Of Zenda Exit
12th Mar 12 07:17:47WMG.Shin Megami Tensei
12th Mar 12 07:12:35Web Original.Atop The Fourth Wall
11th Mar 12 01:33:23Summon Night
9th Mar 12 09:28:04Goddamned Bats
5th Mar 12 05:01:18WMG.Shin Megami Tensei
4th Mar 12 06:56:26Tabletop Game.Temple Of Elemental Evil
3rd Mar 12 09:20:24Beneath Suspicion
2nd Mar 12 10:49:09Tabletop Game.Pathfinder
2nd Mar 12 10:06:12Tabletop Game.Pathfinder
1st Mar 12 10:02:28Pokemon
29th Feb 12 09:51:43Headscratchers.Psych
29th Feb 12 09:38:44Activision
29th Feb 12 12:03:42Video Game.Dark Messiah
29th Feb 12 11:33:03Dump Stat
29th Feb 12 11:29:33Raidou Kuzunoha Vs King Abaddon
28th Feb 12 09:59:27Mike Pollock
28th Feb 12 09:45:56Tropaholics Anonymous
28th Feb 12 10:17:50WMG.Doctor Who
28th Feb 12 10:15:36WMG.Doctor Who
28th Feb 12 10:05:50WMG.Doctor Who
28th Feb 12 10:05:17WMG.Doctor Who
27th Feb 12 10:59:51WMG.Pokemon Black 2 And White 2
25th Feb 12 09:30:51Aristocrats Are Evil
25th Feb 12 09:19:28Tropers.Deuxhero
25th Feb 12 09:18:34Headscratchers.Fire Emblem
25th Feb 12 09:14:51Headscratchers.Fire Emblem
25th Feb 12 04:15:37WMG.Pokemon Black And White
24th Feb 12 08:18:07Characters.Defense Of The Ancients
22nd Feb 12 07:46:27Phantasy Star
21st Feb 12 12:29:09WMG.Nintendo 3 DS
21st Feb 12 11:41:27Shin Megami Tensei
20th Feb 12 06:21:23Way Of The Samurai
20th Feb 12 02:47:50Hollywood Silencer
20th Feb 12 02:45:31Hollywood Silencer
20th Feb 12 02:37:22The Sting
20th Feb 12 07:59:12Hat Damage
18th Feb 12 05:58:07Video Game.Radiant Historia
17th Feb 12 05:12:59Series.Batman
17th Feb 12 01:57:52Leaning On The Fourth Wall
17th Feb 12 09:54:42Practical Currency
16th Feb 12 06:55:36Stop Helping Me.Video Games
16th Feb 12 06:48:46The Nameless Mod
16th Feb 12 06:46:01Hacker Cave
14th Feb 12 08:48:19Breath Of Fire
14th Feb 12 02:34:18Hacker Cave
14th Feb 12 02:33:59Hacker Cave
14th Feb 12 10:11:16Psychic Assisted Suicide
11th Feb 12 09:48:41Characters.Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha
11th Feb 12 08:56:46WMG.Shin Megami Tensei
10th Feb 12 06:20:35Unwinnable By Insanity
10th Feb 12 05:53:49Unwinnable By Mistake.Other Video Games
9th Feb 12 09:09:15Visual Novel.Edelweiss
7th Feb 12 06:17:01Early Game Hell
6th Feb 12 04:31:56Web Original.Atop The Fourth Wall
6th Feb 12 11:15:27Characters.Castlevania
6th Feb 12 09:20:01Guns Are Worthless
6th Feb 12 09:11:40Guns Are Worthless
6th Feb 12 07:39:40Post Modern Magik
6th Feb 12 07:36:04Headscratchers.Jackie Chan Adventures
6th Feb 12 06:33:14WMG.Phantasy Star
5th Feb 12 09:53:35Video Game.Baten Kaitos
5th Feb 12 05:16:34Way Of The Samurai
4th Feb 12 05:34:34Series.Dog The Bounty Hunter
4th Feb 12 05:30:45Hellhound
1st Feb 12 06:46:11Headscratchers.Castlevania
1st Feb 12 04:31:54Headscratchers.Castlevania
1st Feb 12 04:23:19WMG.Castlevania
1st Feb 12 11:32:37Characters.Final Fantasy V
30th Jan 12 09:00:28Characters.Dark Souls
30th Jan 12 07:03:33Names The Same.Video Games
29th Jan 12 11:05:21True Neutral
29th Jan 12 11:02:46Neutral Evil
29th Jan 12 10:49:20WMG.Pirates Of The Caribbean
29th Jan 12 10:06:48WMG.Pirates Of The Caribbean
29th Jan 12 09:00:29Characters.Valkyria Chronicles
29th Jan 12 08:51:31WMG.Valkyria Chronicles
29th Jan 12 08:33:16WMG.Valkyria Chronicles
29th Jan 12 08:20:36Headscratchers.Valkyria Chronicles
28th Jan 12 06:02:44WMG.Castlevania
28th Jan 12 05:27:21Badass Family
28th Jan 12 05:24:12Badass Family
28th Jan 12 05:22:17Badass Family
27th Jan 12 08:21:35Characters.Dark Souls
26th Jan 12 10:08:15WMG.Phantasy Star
26th Jan 12 07:27:25Series.Dog The Bounty Hunter
25th Jan 12 09:41:08Politically Incorrect Villain
24th Jan 12 10:25:38Gamefaqs
24th Jan 12 01:05:05Way Of The Samurai
24th Jan 12 12:59:02Way Of The Samurai
24th Jan 12 07:36:28Video Game.Castlevania Harmony Of Despair
23rd Jan 12 09:07:53I Am Spartacus
23rd Jan 12 09:04:45Way Of The Samurai
21st Jan 12 09:44:40Video Game.Fire Emblem Awakening
20th Jan 12 05:53:48Golden Ending
20th Jan 12 04:34:06Trivia.Pirates Of The Caribbean
20th Jan 12 03:42:57Ambiguous Gender
20th Jan 12 02:50:31Way Of The Samurai
19th Jan 12 10:43:31Bad Bad Acting
19th Jan 12 10:38:57Way Of The Samurai
19th Jan 12 10:25:13Way Of The Samurai
16th Jan 12 05:48:31Tabletop Game.Dungeons And Dragons
16th Jan 12 01:03:21WMG.Valkyria Chronicles
16th Jan 12 12:26:00WMG.Valkyria Chronicles
15th Jan 12 10:49:58Western Animation.Captain Planet And The Planeteers
14th Jan 12 08:55:38Soul Series
14th Jan 12 04:21:28One Mario Limit
14th Jan 12 03:31:48One Steve Limit
14th Jan 12 03:12:42WMG.Alpha Protocol
14th Jan 12 03:08:12WMG.Burn Notice
13th Jan 12 08:25:48Commonplace Rare
13th Jan 12 07:04:35Jidai Geki
13th Jan 12 06:50:44Way Of The Samurai
13th Jan 12 06:49:25Way Of The Samurai
13th Jan 12 04:55:36WMG.Darths And Droids
12th Jan 12 08:22:53Soul Series
12th Jan 12 07:57:44Characters.Fire Emblem Tellius
12th Jan 12 07:57:21Characters.Fire Emblem Tellius
11th Jan 12 12:06:57Lift And Carry
9th Jan 12 08:14:22Dark Souls
5th Jan 12 08:44:17Video Game.Final Fantasy Tactics
5th Jan 12 12:31:59Quotes.Unexplained Recovery
4th Jan 12 10:02:40Alcohol Hic
4th Jan 12 07:21:59Dark Souls
3rd Jan 12 08:40:49Knight Errant
3rd Jan 12 08:32:36Ronin
3rd Jan 12 08:30:39Ronin
3rd Jan 12 08:10:12One Handed Zweihander
3rd Jan 12 07:48:53Dual Wielding
3rd Jan 12 07:26:12For Want Of A Nail
3rd Jan 12 02:06:38Headscratchers.Warehouse 13
3rd Jan 12 01:20:48Zeroth Law Rebellion
3rd Jan 12 12:08:08Its A Small Net After All
2nd Jan 12 06:43:32WMG.Persona 4
1st Jan 12 05:03:28By The Book Cop
31st Dec 11 02:53:55Guide Dang It.Game Guides
31st Dec 11 02:53:11Guide Dang It.Game Guides
29th Dec 11 10:41:53Dark Souls
29th Dec 11 09:10:50Dark Souls
29th Dec 11 08:42:17Infinite Stock For Sale
29th Dec 11 08:14:03Useless Useful Spell
29th Dec 11 08:06:15Useless Useful Non-Combat Abilities
27th Dec 11 01:41:21WMG.Soul Series
27th Dec 11 01:39:15WMG.Soul Series
27th Dec 11 01:37:27WMG.Soul Series
27th Dec 11 01:32:04WMG.Soul Series
27th Dec 11 04:34:25Fridge.The Legend Of Zelda
26th Dec 11 07:58:19Video Game.Fire Emblem
26th Dec 11 02:10:53Shout Out.Disgaea
26th Dec 11 01:17:17Cruel Mercy
26th Dec 11 01:11:16Disgaea 3 Absence Of Justice
25th Dec 11 01:14:41Inevitable Tournament
25th Dec 11 01:14:13Inevitable Tournament
25th Dec 11 12:54:00Jump Physics
25th Dec 11 12:53:00All Trolls Are Different
25th Dec 11 12:49:51Jump Physics
25th Dec 11 12:48:00Jump Physics
23rd Dec 11 12:18:23Mario Tennis
22nd Dec 11 11:10:04WMG.Justin Bieber
22nd Dec 11 10:37:31Jack Frost
22nd Dec 11 10:37:07Jack Frost
21st Dec 11 11:41:56WMG.Order Of The Stick
21st Dec 11 07:11:55WMG.The Legend Of Zelda Timeline
18th Dec 11 11:26:45Headscratchers.Law And Order Special Victims Unit
17th Dec 11 09:56:14X-Wing
17th Dec 11 09:51:45X-Wing
17th Dec 11 08:40:25Broken Aesop
13th Dec 11 03:24:56Characters.Super Mario Bros Wario And Company
13th Dec 11 03:16:38Satellite Character
13th Dec 11 03:16:13Satellite Character
13th Dec 11 03:13:16Mario Tennis
13th Dec 11 03:01:42WMG.Super Mario Galaxy 2
12th Dec 11 11:57:42Characters.Eternal Darkness
11th Dec 11 06:41:49Pokemon
11th Dec 11 05:54:28Characters.Pokemon Generation III Families
11th Dec 11 05:45:54Characters.Pokemon Generation III Families
11th Dec 11 05:45:08Characters.Pokemon Generation I Families
9th Dec 11 09:14:37WMG.Soul Series
9th Dec 11 12:23:53Broken Aesop
8th Dec 11 06:22:54Inspector Lestrade
8th Dec 11 05:19:15Psych
8th Dec 11 03:12:28Signed Up For The Dental
8th Dec 11 02:03:51Fan Of The Past
7th Dec 11 06:41:38WMG.Soul Series
6th Dec 11 08:45:58Fallout Van Buren
3rd Dec 11 11:55:31Video Game.Eternal Darkness
3rd Dec 11 11:45:50Shin Megami Tensei
3rd Dec 11 09:28:25Katanas Are Just Better
2nd Dec 11 09:17:56WMG.Super Mario Bros
2nd Dec 11 05:15:31WMG.Burn Notice
1st Dec 11 11:26:53Supporting Protagonist
29th Nov 11 04:38:06Wmg.Supermario Bros
29th Nov 11 06:47:25WMG.Baten Kaitos
27th Nov 11 09:40:51WMG.Pokemon Colosseum
27th Nov 11 09:40:06WMG.Pokemon Colosseum
26th Nov 11 10:59:05WMG.Soul Series
26th Nov 11 10:34:41WMG.Street Fighter X Tekken
26th Nov 11 10:29:56WMG.Tekken
26th Nov 11 10:28:34WMG.Tekken
26th Nov 11 12:42:55WMG.Super Mario Bros
25th Nov 11 08:36:10Characters.Baten Kaitos
25th Nov 11 09:43:21WMG.Final Fantasy Tactics
25th Nov 11 08:50:47No Bikes In The Apocalypse
24th Nov 11 04:47:53WMG.Super Mario Bros
22nd Nov 11 04:52:01WMG.Soul Series
22nd Nov 11 04:51:33WMG.Soul Series
21st Nov 11 06:10:44Cannot Dream
20th Nov 11 09:11:04Characters.Burn Notice
20th Nov 11 09:07:05WMG.Burn Notice
19th Nov 11 07:39:34WMG.Mario Golf
19th Nov 11 07:36:34WMG.Mario Golf
17th Nov 11 02:00:56Ambiguously Jewish
16th Nov 11 07:51:27Murder Simulators
14th Nov 11 10:36:36Bullying A Dragon
14th Nov 11 09:28:27Wayofthesamurai
14th Nov 11 09:27:59Wayofthesamurai
14th Nov 11 09:27:43Wayofthesamurai
14th Nov 11 06:13:53WMG.Star Fox
14th Nov 11 06:13:20WMG.Star Fox
14th Nov 11 06:05:14WMG.Star Fox
13th Nov 11 06:01:38WMG.Mortal Kombat
12th Nov 11 11:18:06WMG.Street Fighter X Tekken
12th Nov 11 01:05:44WMG.Soul Series
12th Nov 11 12:51:15Headscratchers.Soul Series
12th Nov 11 12:49:29Characters.Soul Series
12th Nov 11 12:45:11Characters.Soul Series
11th Nov 11 11:36:40Video Game.Baten Kaitos
11th Nov 11 11:25:17Stuart Ashen
11th Nov 11 10:12:57Jingle All The Way
11th Nov 11 12:08:35Order Of The Stick Tropes M To Z
9th Nov 11 09:58:32Video Game.Baten Kaitos
8th Nov 11 12:05:44No Biological Sex
7th Nov 11 11:55:29WMG.Soul Series
3rd Nov 11 11:16:35Word Of Gay
3rd Nov 11 11:02:22Characters.Baten Kaitos
3rd Nov 11 10:56:02YMMV.Baten Kaitos
3rd Nov 11 10:34:18Shouldnt We Be In School Right Now
31st Oct 11 05:25:58Quotes.Humongous Mecha
31st Oct 11 05:25:37Quotes.Humongous Mecha
30th Oct 11 11:08:30Soul Series
28th Oct 11 02:27:29WMG.The World Ends With You
28th Oct 11 02:24:27WMG.The World Ends With You
28th Oct 11 03:49:26Headscratchers.Atop The Fourth Wall
28th Oct 11 03:47:46Headscratchers.Atop The Fourth Wall
28th Oct 11 03:46:25WMG.Atop The Fourth Wall
27th Oct 11 11:11:41Conviction By Counterfactual Clue
27th Oct 11 10:38:34Wii U
27th Oct 11 10:16:29WMG.Wii U
27th Oct 11 09:41:22Wii U
27th Oct 11 07:12:45WMG.Atop The Fourth Wall
26th Oct 11 04:25:29Eberron
26th Oct 11 04:20:49Fan Nickname.Tabletop Games
26th Oct 11 03:03:54Timesplitters
25th Oct 11 05:37:43Characters.Fallout New Vegas
24th Oct 11 09:40:41WMG.Baten Kaitos
24th Oct 11 09:37:09Baten Kaitos
24th Oct 11 09:33:31WMG.Baten Kaitos
24th Oct 11 09:29:14Characters.Baten Kaitos
24th Oct 11 06:30:43Characters.Baten Kaitos
24th Oct 11 08:49:37WMG.Soul Series
24th Oct 11 08:43:15Tropers.Deuxhero
23rd Oct 11 01:18:46Headscratchers.Professor Layton
22nd Oct 11 06:14:06Joisey
22nd Oct 11 06:11:50Obsidian Entertainment
22nd Oct 11 06:05:47Obsidian Entertainment
22nd Oct 11 06:03:58Obsidian Entertainment
21st Oct 11 06:18:01Fan Nickname.Tabletop Games
20th Oct 11 05:16:23Video Game.Mario And Luigi Bowsers Inside Story
19th Oct 11 11:47:03WMG.Soul Series
19th Oct 11 10:23:44Clothing Reflects Personality
18th Oct 11 06:41:37Cadre Of Foreign Bodyguards
18th Oct 11 03:52:51Frivolous Lawsuit
18th Oct 11 03:27:10Frivolous Lawsuit
18th Oct 11 03:25:53Amoral Attorney
18th Oct 11 03:20:35Amoral Attorney
18th Oct 11 03:53:51Tangled Family Tree
17th Oct 11 06:19:28WMG.Soul Series
17th Oct 11 04:46:35Hitlers Time Travel Exemption Act
17th Oct 11 04:28:26Evil Cripple
13th Oct 11 11:43:42Laconic.Oven Logic
13th Oct 11 05:05:07Dub Induced Plot Hole
12th Oct 11 01:18:33Plotline Death
12th Oct 11 01:09:46Characters.Arcanum Of Steamworks And Magick Obscura
11th Oct 11 11:32:21Ring Out Boss
11th Oct 11 10:28:23Characters.Neverwinter Nights 2
11th Oct 11 09:19:58Pokémon Black And White
11th Oct 11 03:43:55Characters.Baten Kaitos
10th Oct 11 11:07:07WMG.Super Mario Bros
10th Oct 11 09:04:07Unusual User Interface
10th Oct 11 02:08:26WMG.Atop The Fourth Wall
10th Oct 11 02:05:45WMG.Atop The Fourth Wall
8th Oct 11 03:48:49Fire Emblem
8th Oct 11 02:58:10WMG.The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword
7th Oct 11 07:59:09Baten Kaitos
7th Oct 11 07:58:26YMMV.Shenmue
7th Oct 11 07:52:54Baten Kaitos
7th Oct 11 07:51:18Baten Kaitos
7th Oct 11 02:11:42Dai Katana
7th Oct 11 02:11:11Dai Katana
7th Oct 11 12:25:24Headscratchers.Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines
7th Oct 11 02:07:18WMG.Wario Land
7th Oct 11 01:58:05WMG.Wario Ware
7th Oct 11 12:44:10Fixing The Game
5th Oct 11 02:10:29Headscratchers.Baten Kaitos
5th Oct 11 01:07:21Characters.Neverwinter Nights 2
5th Oct 11 01:03:57Characters.Neverwinter Nights 2
5th Oct 11 01:01:33Characters.Neverwinter Nights 2
4th Oct 11 03:03:27Video Game.The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind
3rd Oct 11 10:27:00Cut Short
3rd Oct 11 08:36:39Read The Fine Print
2nd Oct 11 03:42:41Names To Run Away From.Foreign Language Names
2nd Oct 11 11:43:45Child Hater
1st Oct 11 11:39:16Headscratchers.Alpha Protocol
30th Sep 11 08:04:06Plot Armor
29th Sep 11 12:50:33The Binding Of Isaac
29th Sep 11 11:45:12Alpha Protocol
29th Sep 11 11:44:27No Party Given
29th Sep 11 03:29:36Headscratchers.Alpha Protocol
28th Sep 11 10:59:20Alpha Protocol