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15th May 17 11:53:17Characters.Michiko To Hatchin
15th May 17 11:50:47Characters.Michiko To Hatchin
6th May 17 11:08:09Video Game.Little Nightmares
6th May 17 11:06:52Video Game.Little Nightmares
6th May 17 10:13:02Comic Book.Yoko Tsuno
6th May 17 10:11:48Comic Book.Yoko Tsuno
6th May 17 10:00:26YMMV.Yoko Tsuno
6th May 17 09:57:12YMMV.Yoko Tsuno
6th May 17 09:56:49YMMV.Yoko Tsuno
6th May 17 09:56:01YMMV.Yoko Tsuno
6th May 17 09:52:46YMMV.Yoko Tsuno
6th May 17 03:06:09Anime.Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran
15th Apr 17 11:00:27Anime.When Marnie Was There
27th Jan 17 04:05:07Manga.Futatsu No Spica
27th Jan 17 03:31:54Real Place Background
9th Jan 17 05:05:08Anime.Kamichu
3rd Jan 17 02:28:55Anime.ICE
29th Dec 16 04:38:19Anime.Flip Flappers
29th Dec 16 04:37:47Anime.Flip Flappers
29th Dec 16 04:27:53Anime.Flip Flappers
29th Dec 16 04:23:08Anime.Flip Flappers
29th Dec 16 10:51:11Literature.Sound Euphonium
29th Dec 16 10:37:05Literature.Sound Euphonium
27th Dec 16 04:01:55Manga.Assassination Classroom
27th Dec 16 04:01:02Manga.Assassination Classroom
27th Dec 16 03:56:09Manga.Assassination Classroom
18th Dec 16 06:13:52Anime.Izetta The Last Witch
17th Dec 16 03:21:44Anime.Izetta The Last Witch
12th Dec 16 02:47:31Manga.Doujin Work
12th Dec 16 02:46:10Manga.Doujin Work
12th Dec 16 02:38:55Anime.Magical Play
12th Dec 16 02:38:27Anime.Magical Play
4th Dec 16 09:04:21Laconic.Maria Sama Ga Miteru
27th Nov 16 05:19:20Manga.Koi Kaze
19th Nov 16 11:46:33Anime.Izetta The Last Witch
19th Nov 16 11:45:00Anime.Izetta The Last Witch
7th Nov 16 03:06:09Manga.Yuyushiki
7th Nov 16 02:30:49YMMV.Tamayura
9th Oct 16 11:59:09Headscratchers.Celestial Method
9th Oct 16 11:57:14Headscratchers.Celestial Method
9th Oct 16 11:48:12Anime.Celestial Method
9th Oct 16 11:14:49Anime.Uta Kata
9th Oct 16 10:16:27YMMV.Amanchu
9th Oct 16 10:15:58YMMV.Amanchu
26th Sep 16 10:20:55Manga.Amanchu
26th Sep 16 10:19:36Manga.Amanchu
25th Sep 16 02:15:56Manga.Amanchu
25th Sep 16 02:14:48Manga.Amanchu
25th Sep 16 02:11:19YMMV.Amanchu
25th Sep 16 02:11:02YMMV.Amanchu
25th Sep 16 02:09:49YMMV.Amanchu
3rd Sep 16 08:13:21YMMV.Haru Chika
22nd Aug 16 10:14:56Anime.Tamayura
2nd Jul 16 04:59:14Drop The Washtub
2nd Jul 16 04:54:30Drop The Washtub
2nd Jul 16 04:45:51YMMV.Tamayura
2nd Jul 16 04:45:18YMMV.Tamayura
2nd Jul 16 04:42:16YMMV.Tamayura
27th Jun 16 01:28:51YMMV.Tamayura
27th Jun 16 01:28:26YMMV.Tamayura
27th Jun 16 12:50:50Anime.Tamayura
27th Jun 16 12:48:04YMMV.Tamayura
27th Jun 16 12:47:31YMMV.Tamayura
27th Jun 16 12:46:30YMMV.Tamayura
27th Jun 16 12:46:12YMMV.Tamayura
26th Jun 16 09:43:15YMMV.Tamayura
26th Jun 16 09:39:32Anime.Tamayura
26th Jun 16 09:39:08Anime.Tamayura
26th Jun 16 09:34:59Anime.Tamayura
26th Jun 16 09:31:35YMMV.Tamayura
26th Jun 16 09:28:36YMMV.Tamayura
19th Jun 16 05:26:18Manga.Yuyushiki
19th Jun 16 05:25:07Manga.Yuyushiki
19th Jun 16 05:24:12Manga.Yuyushiki
19th Jun 16 05:23:09Manga.Yuyushiki
19th Jun 16 05:10:37Anime
19th Jun 16 05:06:56Anime
15th Jun 16 12:07:20Light Novel.Maria Sama Ga Miteru
15th Jun 16 12:05:18Relationship Writing Fumble
15th Jun 16 12:00:28Light Novel.Maria Sama Ga Miteru
14th Jun 16 01:02:37Visual Novel.Kana Little Sister
14th May 16 02:12:33Anime.Celestial Method
14th May 16 02:09:34Anime.Celestial Method
7th May 16 02:43:10Anime.Celestial Method
7th May 16 02:42:54Anime.Celestial Method
7th May 16 02:35:07Anime.Diamond Daydreams
27th Apr 16 12:30:33Anime.When Marnie Was There
27th Apr 16 12:29:26Anime.When Marnie Was There
27th Apr 16 12:24:18Anime.When Marnie Was There
27th Apr 16 12:18:07Anime.Tamayura
23rd Apr 16 05:23:18Anime.Tamayura
30th Mar 16 09:57:46Literature.Haru Chika
26th Mar 16 04:00:02Real Place Background
26th Mar 16 03:55:04Real Place Background
26th Mar 16 03:52:56Real Place Background
25th Mar 16 04:27:03YMMV.Dagashi Kashi
20th Mar 16 12:34:49YMMV.Tamayura
12th Mar 16 02:38:24Manga.Aiura
11th Mar 16 01:07:52Manga.Aiura
9th Mar 16 12:15:31Light Novel.Bodacious Space Pirates
9th Mar 16 12:14:12Light Novel.Bodacious Space Pirates
9th Mar 16 12:13:25Light Novel.Bodacious Space Pirates
7th Mar 16 12:59:35YMMV.Tamayura
7th Mar 16 12:35:00Anime.Tamayura
7th Mar 16 12:34:10Anime.Tamayura
7th Mar 16 12:32:38Anime.Tamayura
6th Mar 16 06:10:39Manga.Amanchu
5th Mar 16 01:00:46Manga.Amanchu
5th Mar 16 12:59:27Manga.Amanchu
5th Mar 16 12:58:59Manga.Amanchu
5th Mar 16 12:58:10Manga.Amanchu
5th Mar 16 12:57:30Manga.Amanchu
4th Mar 16 02:07:39Manic Pixie Dream Girl
4th Mar 16 02:05:03YMMV.Amanchu
4th Mar 16 02:04:45Manga.Amanchu
4th Mar 16 02:03:50Manga.Amanchu
4th Mar 16 02:02:44Manga.Amanchu
4th Mar 16 01:39:54Anime.Najica Blitz Tactics
3rd Mar 16 11:57:42Literature.Haru Chika
3rd Mar 16 11:57:07Literature.Haru Chika
3rd Mar 16 11:48:35Franchise Zombie
2nd Mar 16 10:34:05Characters.ARIA
2nd Mar 16 01:51:12YMMV.Haru Chika
2nd Mar 16 01:18:49YMMV.Haru Chika
2nd Mar 16 01:03:58YMMV.Haru Chika
2nd Mar 16 01:03:20YMMV.Haru Chika
2nd Mar 16 12:59:55Literature.Haru Chika
2nd Mar 16 12:59:29Literature.Haru Chika
2nd Mar 16 12:58:54Literature.Haru Chika
23rd Feb 16 02:10:29Manga.Dagashi Kashi
23rd Feb 16 01:11:03Manga.Dagashi Kashi
21st Feb 16 04:26:32Ho Yay.K On
21st Feb 16 04:18:48Manga.K On
21st Feb 16 04:13:51Real Place Background
20th Feb 16 10:49:26Token Yuri Girls
18th Feb 16 11:08:59Characters.Nagi Asu A Lull In The Sea
12th Feb 16 03:01:36Manga.Lovely Complex
9th Feb 16 05:35:26Light Novel.Myriad Colors Phantom World
7th Feb 16 04:34:06YMMV.Myriad Colors Phantom World
7th Feb 16 04:29:23Characters.Myriad Colors Phantom World
7th Feb 16 04:25:41Characters.Myriad Colors Phantom World
7th Feb 16 04:24:19Light Novel.Myriad Colors Phantom World
7th Feb 16 04:22:57Light Novel.Myriad Colors Phantom World
7th Feb 16 04:01:13Light Novel.Myriad Colors Phantom World
7th Feb 16 03:53:16Anime.Noir
7th Feb 16 03:51:55Anime.Noir
7th Feb 16 03:49:41Anime.Noir
7th Feb 16 03:32:27Anime.Noir
7th Feb 16 03:15:29Anime.Noir
6th Feb 16 04:29:14Manga.Dagashi Kashi
4th Feb 16 03:47:13Anime.Tamayura
4th Feb 16 03:42:20Creator.Miyu Matsuki
4th Feb 16 03:36:12Real Place Background
4th Feb 16 03:34:34Real Place Background
2nd Feb 16 08:04:29What Measure Is A Non Human.Anime And Manga
1st Feb 16 05:06:32Manga.Alice Academy
30th Jan 16 03:20:37Manga.Alice Academy
30th Jan 16 02:58:19Manga.Dagashi Kashi
30th Jan 16 02:54:46Manga.Dagashi Kashi
30th Jan 16 02:51:44Manga.Dagashi Kashi
30th Jan 16 08:13:11Parental Abandonment.Anime And Manga
29th Jan 16 01:38:11Anime.Zettai Bouei Leviathan
27th Jan 16 02:48:38Real Place Background
27th Jan 16 02:42:30Literature.Myriad Colors Phantom World
24th Jan 16 03:13:41Real Place Background
24th Jan 16 02:57:45Real Place Background
24th Jan 16 02:49:49Real Place Background
24th Jan 16 02:49:10Real Place Background
24th Jan 16 02:48:42Real Place Background
24th Jan 16 02:47:11Real Place Background
24th Jan 16 02:43:26Real Place Background
24th Jan 16 02:38:23Real Place Background
24th Jan 16 02:37:26Real Place Background
24th Jan 16 02:34:48Real Place Background
24th Jan 16 02:34:21Real Place Background
24th Jan 16 02:07:34Anime.Tamayura
15th Jan 16 11:38:21Anime.Geneshaft
15th Jan 16 09:13:52Tropers.Dentaku
14th Jan 16 01:49:55Anime.Celestial Method
14th Jan 16 01:47:27Anime.Celestial Method
4th Jan 16 01:23:50Anime.When Marnie Was There
1st Jan 16 05:22:06Light Novel.Taisho Baseball Girls
1st Jan 16 05:08:09Manga.Honey And Clover
1st Jan 16 05:07:11Manga.Honey And Clover
1st Jan 16 05:03:45Manga.Yuru Yuri
21st Dec 15 04:11:08Manga.Yuru Yuri
21st Dec 15 11:25:26Manga.Yuru Yuri
20th Dec 15 12:46:49Anime.Momoko Kaeru No Uta Ga Kikoeru Yo
20th Dec 15 12:43:40Anime.Momoko Kaeru No Uta Ga Kikoeru Yo
19th Dec 15 03:51:29YMMV.Maria Sama Ga Miteru
19th Dec 15 03:50:58YMMV.Maria Sama Ga Miteru
19th Dec 15 03:41:04Characters.Lovely Complex
19th Dec 15 03:37:11Measuring Day
16th Dec 15 02:09:28Anime.Gigantic Formula
14th Dec 15 02:35:47Manga.Yuru Yuri
14th Dec 15 02:30:07Manga.Yuru Yuri
9th Dec 15 06:02:37Trivia.Ano Hana The Flower We Saw That Day
9th Dec 15 06:02:17Anime.Ano Hana The Flower We Saw That Day
9th Dec 15 06:01:19Anime.Ano Hana The Flower We Saw That Day
9th Dec 15 05:56:46Real Place Background
9th Dec 15 05:27:56Anime.Kyousogiga
9th Dec 15 05:27:19Anime.Kyousogiga
9th Dec 15 05:19:54Anime.Kyousogiga
9th Dec 15 05:19:06Anime.Kyousogiga
9th Dec 15 04:19:51Anime.Kyousogiga
3rd Dec 15 02:28:09Anime.Kyousogiga
2nd Dec 15 04:18:51Headscratchers.ARIA
30th Nov 15 11:49:19Headscratchers.ARIA
30th Nov 15 11:38:26Ambiguously Gay.Anime And Manga
25th Nov 15 08:07:10Anime.Tamayura
25th Nov 15 08:03:17Anime.Tamayura
24th Nov 15 01:29:51Ambiguously Gay.Anime And Manga
24th Nov 15 01:22:12Manga.Yuru Yuri
23rd Nov 15 07:21:02Selective Obliviousness
21st Nov 15 10:18:57Relationship Writing Fumble
21st Nov 15 10:13:17Relationship Writing Fumble
21st Nov 15 10:12:37YMMV.When Marnie Was There
21st Nov 15 10:10:24Relationship Writing Fumble
21st Nov 15 10:07:37Never Trust A Trailer.Anime
15th Nov 15 02:55:49Strawman Has A Point
15th Nov 15 02:32:06Wall Bangers.Anime And Manga
12th Nov 15 12:05:51YMMV.Yoko Tsuno
22nd Oct 15 02:45:54Ambiguously Gay.Anime And Manga
20th Oct 15 01:31:02Manga.Sketchbook
20th Oct 15 01:29:18Manga.Sketchbook
19th Oct 15 04:01:44Characters.Tamayura
19th Oct 15 03:46:09Characters.Tamayura
19th Oct 15 03:40:55Characters.Tamayura
19th Oct 15 03:34:55Characters.Tamayura
19th Oct 15 03:32:09Characters.Tamayura
19th Oct 15 03:31:34Characters.Tamayura
17th Oct 15 03:05:18Characters.Maken Ki
15th Oct 15 12:51:43Brother Sister Incest.Anime
15th Oct 15 05:52:50Headscratchers.SOMA
15th Oct 15 05:48:36WMG.SOMA
15th Oct 15 05:42:35Headscratchers.Games
15th Oct 15 05:40:33Headscratchers.SOMA
15th Oct 15 05:40:12Headscratchers.SOMA
12th Oct 15 04:11:13YMMV.The Third The Girl With The Blue Eye
12th Oct 15 06:55:43Anime.Tribe Cool Crew
12th Oct 15 03:53:29YMMV.When Marnie Was There
11th Oct 15 03:19:35No Yay
11th Oct 15 03:13:47YMMV.When Marnie Was There
10th Oct 15 02:59:41YMMV.When Marnie Was There
10th Oct 15 02:55:06Headscratchers.Binbou Shimai Monogatari
10th Oct 15 02:54:28Headscratchers.Anime And Manga
9th Oct 15 04:34:16Manga.Inari Konkon Koi Iroha
9th Oct 15 04:31:55Headscratchers.Binbou Shimai Monogatari
9th Oct 15 04:01:21Manga.Inari Konkon Koi Iroha
4th Oct 15 04:18:07Characters.Shirobako Musashino Animation Production Department
2nd Oct 15 04:36:49Manga.Gunslinger Girl
2nd Oct 15 04:23:32Anime.Classroom Crisis
1st Oct 15 03:47:01Characters.Read Or Die
1st Oct 15 03:44:36Characters.Read Or Die
1st Oct 15 03:38:54Characters.Read Or Die
1st Oct 15 03:37:05Characters.Read Or Die
29th Sep 15 10:26:53YMMV.Is The Order A Rabbit
28th Sep 15 01:39:07Real Place Background
28th Sep 15 01:37:31Real Place Background
28th Sep 15 01:34:26Manga.Aiura
28th Sep 15 01:05:47Romantic Two Girl Friendship
28th Sep 15 01:03:06Bait And Switch Lesbians
28th Sep 15 01:02:01YMMV.When Marnie Was There
28th Sep 15 07:10:00Anime.When Marnie Was There
28th Sep 15 07:06:19Anime.When Marnie Was There
28th Sep 15 07:05:28Anime.When Marnie Was There
28th Sep 15 04:55:18Manga.Sakura Trick
27th Sep 15 04:43:52Light Novel.Oreimo
27th Sep 15 04:39:32Shaggy Dog Story.Anime And Manga
22nd Sep 15 06:51:53YMMV.Charlotte
20th Sep 15 02:02:52Manga.Aoi Hana
17th Sep 15 08:54:59Mood Whiplash.Anime And Manga
17th Sep 15 08:49:49YMMV.Ikoku Meiro No Croisee
17th Sep 15 08:43:50Manga.ARIA
17th Sep 15 08:42:50Manga.ARIA
17th Sep 15 08:41:38Manga.ARIA
17th Sep 15 08:37:10Manga.ARIA
17th Sep 15 06:52:52Characters.Non Non Biyori
17th Sep 15 06:11:16WMG.Working
17th Sep 15 04:14:53WMG.Working
17th Sep 15 03:52:11Manga.Working
17th Sep 15 12:52:00Manga.Working
17th Sep 15 12:50:05Manga.Working
13th Sep 15 03:17:13Light Novel.Shimoneta
13th Sep 15 03:13:26Light Novel.Shimoneta
12th Sep 15 12:53:10Anime.Charlotte
12th Sep 15 12:47:20Anime.Charlotte
12th Sep 15 12:41:30Anime.Charlotte
12th Sep 15 11:38:22Anime.Classroom Crisis
11th Sep 15 04:28:11YMMV.Classroom Crisis
11th Sep 15 04:25:39Anime.Classroom Crisis
11th Sep 15 04:24:45Bait And Switch Lesbians
11th Sep 15 04:17:19Anime.Classroom Crisis
11th Sep 15 04:15:21YMMV.Classroom Crisis
11th Sep 15 04:14:46Anime.Classroom Crisis
10th Sep 15 03:03:15Headscratchers.Honey And Clover
9th Sep 15 06:13:21Dating Sim
8th Sep 15 07:09:47Anime.Senki Zesshou Symphogear
8th Sep 15 07:09:16Anime.Senki Zesshou Symphogear
8th Sep 15 07:07:34Anime.Kill La Kill
8th Sep 15 04:38:24Anime.Senki Zesshou Symphogear
8th Sep 15 04:35:40Anime.Kill La Kill
8th Sep 15 04:34:37Anime.Kill La Kill
8th Sep 15 04:27:34Anime.Senki Zesshou Symphogear
8th Sep 15 04:20:10Anime.Candy Boy
7th Sep 15 04:24:34Literature.Hyouka
7th Sep 15 04:22:29Literature.Hyouka
6th Sep 15 03:47:31Anime.Dennou Coil
6th Sep 15 03:45:34Scenery Porn.Anime And Manga
6th Sep 15 02:40:22Anime.Classroom Crisis
6th Sep 15 01:05:18Hide Your Lesbians
6th Sep 15 01:03:59Hide Your Lesbians
6th Sep 15 12:41:04Anime.Classroom Crisis
2nd Sep 15 05:09:59Anime.Charlotte
2nd Sep 15 05:09:26Anime.Charlotte
30th Aug 15 08:44:15Anime.Charlotte
24th Aug 15 11:45:52Anime.Wake Up Girls
23rd Aug 15 11:39:58Characters.Charlotte
23rd Aug 15 11:37:43Anime.Charlotte
23rd Aug 15 11:35:16Anime.Charlotte
23rd Aug 15 11:34:15Anime.Charlotte
23rd Aug 15 10:54:51Anime.Charlotte
23rd Aug 15 10:48:43Anime.Charlotte
23rd Aug 15 10:48:16Anime.Charlotte
23rd Aug 15 10:46:17Anime.Charlotte
23rd Aug 15 10:43:18Anime.Charlotte
23rd Aug 15 10:37:27Anime.Charlotte
21st Aug 15 01:23:59Manga.Prison School
18th Aug 15 05:08:21Tomboy And Girly Girl
17th Aug 15 04:33:07Follow The Leader.Anime And Manga
17th Aug 15 04:04:05Seinfeld Is Unfunny.Anime And Manga
17th Aug 15 04:03:23Seinfeld Is Unfunny.Anime And Manga
17th Aug 15 03:53:54YMMV.Nana
17th Aug 15 03:52:24YMMV.Nana
17th Aug 15 03:49:14YMMV.Nana
17th Aug 15 03:44:34Manga.Nana
17th Aug 15 03:43:53Manga.Nana
17th Aug 15 03:42:05Manga.Nana
17th Aug 15 03:37:00Darkness Induced Audience Apathy.Anime And Manga
17th Aug 15 03:30:19Darkness Induced Audience Apathy.Anime And Manga
17th Aug 15 11:29:31Manga.Working
17th Aug 15 08:28:02Anime.Charlotte
17th Aug 15 08:26:31Anime.Charlotte
17th Aug 15 08:25:11Anime.Charlotte
17th Aug 15 08:03:12YMMV.Charlotte
16th Aug 15 06:22:38Anime.Celestial Method
16th Aug 15 05:58:25Anime.Celestial Method
16th Aug 15 05:55:19Anime.Celestial Method
16th Aug 15 05:29:21YMMV.Glasslip
14th Aug 15 08:40:23YMMV.Glasslip
14th Aug 15 08:22:40YMMV.Glasslip
14th Aug 15 08:18:46YMMV.Glasslip
14th Aug 15 06:03:50YMMV.Glasslip
14th Aug 15 06:02:41YMMV.Glasslip
14th Aug 15 05:58:54YMMV.Glasslip
14th Aug 15 05:40:45YMMV.Glasslip
14th Aug 15 05:23:02Broken Base.Anime And Manga
11th Aug 15 07:12:37WMG.Glasslip
11th Aug 15 07:12:15WMG.Glasslip
11th Aug 15 07:03:23WMG.Glasslip
11th Aug 15 06:59:38WMG.Anime And Manga
11th Aug 15 06:57:19WMG.Glasslip
20th Jul 15 06:20:31YMMV.When Marnie Was There
18th Jul 15 05:40:13WMG.Working
17th Jul 15 05:17:25YMMV.WORKING
17th Jul 15 05:14:04YMMV.WORKING
17th Jul 15 05:13:03YMMV.WORKING
14th Jul 15 04:23:54Literature.Hibike Euphonium
13th Jul 15 04:39:17Manga.Working
12th Jul 15 04:55:00Manga.Working
12th Jul 15 04:52:59Manga.Working
9th Jul 15 09:54:24Real Place Background
8th Jul 15 05:09:19Manga.K On
6th Jul 15 03:59:11Ho Yay.Hibike Euphonium
6th Jul 15 03:56:54Literature.Hibike Euphonium
6th Jul 15 03:39:59Ho Yay.Hibike Euphonium
6th Jul 15 03:38:53Ho Yay.Hibike Euphonium
6th Jul 15 03:21:19Kissing Discretion Shot
6th Jul 15 03:19:34Kissing Discretion Shot
6th Jul 15 03:12:57Literature.Hibike Euphonium
6th Jul 15 03:11:01Literature.Hibike Euphonium
6th Jul 15 03:09:37Literature.Hibike Euphonium
6th Jul 15 03:06:50Literature.Hibike Euphonium
6th Jul 15 03:00:09Literature.Hibike Euphonium
5th Jul 15 02:42:31Anime.Plastic Memories
5th Jul 15 10:28:56Anime.Plastic Memories
5th Jul 15 10:20:14Manga.Amanchu
5th Jul 15 10:01:29Anime.Plastic Memories
5th Jul 15 10:00:19Anime.Plastic Memories
4th Jul 15 04:47:42Commuting On A Bus
4th Jul 15 04:42:23Literature.Hibike Euphonium
29th Jun 15 11:25:32YMMV.Natsu No Arashi
29th Jun 15 08:38:17Deadly Euphemism
29th Jun 15 08:31:13Anime.Plastic Memories
28th Jun 15 03:52:26YMMV.Natsu No Arashi
27th Jun 15 05:02:58Tear Jerker.Plastic Memories
27th Jun 15 05:02:12Tear Jerker.Plastic Memories
27th Jun 15 04:54:05Tear Jerker.Plastic Memories
27th Jun 15 04:00:46Anime.Plastic Memories
27th Jun 15 03:10:31Anime.Plastic Memories