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12th Jan 18 09:09:36Visual Novel.VA 11 HALLA
11th Dec 17 02:57:30The Wheel Of Time.Tropes G To L
11th Dec 17 02:56:54The Wheel Of Time.Tropes G To L
11th Dec 17 02:54:57The Wheel Of Time.Tropes G To L
30th Oct 17 04:49:45Film.Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2
14th Jul 17 10:03:48YMMV.The Turing Test
18th Jan 16 12:02:49Film.The Hateful Eight
23rd Jul 15 12:58:01Series.A Young Doctors Notebook
23rd Jul 15 12:35:52Series.A Young Doctors Notebook
26th Feb 15 01:16:01Literature.Around The World In Eighty Days
20th Nov 14 02:57:05Video Game.Knights Of Pen And Paper
18th Nov 14 01:42:04Film.Birdman
22nd Jul 14 12:40:17Exalted Torturer
31st Mar 14 12:10:27Video Game.Dust An Elysian Tail
8th Jan 14 01:57:26Video Game.The Swapper
3rd Dec 13 02:53:32Film.Ruby Sparks
8th Jul 13 11:29:26Films Of The2010s
8th Jul 13 11:27:55Hitchcock
8th Jul 13 10:43:33Creator.Alfred Hitchcock
28th Jun 13 10:41:05Series.Friends
24th Jun 13 10:26:55Film.Hyde Park On Hudson
10th Jun 13 12:51:59YMMV.Silver Linings Playbook
3rd Jun 13 03:56:20Film.My Fellow Americans
14th Feb 13 02:45:08Trade Your Passion For Glory
11th Feb 13 10:20:30Film.The Five Year Engagement
6th Feb 13 11:32:25Characters.The Wheel Of Time Heroes Of The Horn
5th Feb 13 11:38:35Characters.The Wheel Of Time Taveren
9th Jan 13 04:06:06Films Of The2010s
8th Jan 13 10:41:18WMG.Unforgiven
19th Dec 12 12:08:18Films Of2005- 2009
19th Dec 12 12:06:49Bottle Shock
19th Dec 12 12:05:40Bottle Shock
19th Dec 12 10:44:57Brand Names Are Better
14th Dec 12 02:32:48Film.Sucker Punch
14th Dec 12 02:32:37YMMV.Sucker Punch
11th Dec 12 04:19:27Comicbook.Watchmen
7th Dec 12 03:24:56Meta Guy
3rd Dec 12 04:10:40Film.Catch Me If You Can
19th Nov 12 03:46:38Useful Notes.American Football
25th Oct 12 12:17:01Film.The Hunger Games
18th Oct 12 12:36:21Troubling Unchildlike Behavior
16th Aug 12 11:14:43Film.Kramer Vs Kramer
19th Jun 12 11:49:03Films Of The2010s
19th Jun 12 11:48:14Films Of The2000s
19th Jun 12 11:47:46Middle Men
19th Jun 12 11:47:26Brian Tyler
19th Jun 12 11:46:21Dueling Movies
19th Jun 12 11:43:55Middle Men
19th Jun 12 11:43:08Films Of The2000s
19th Jun 12 11:41:40Middle Men
14th Jun 12 03:38:24Film.J Edgar
21st May 12 11:56:17Trivia.Enter The Dragon
17th May 12 04:01:50Sorkin Relationship Moment
9th May 12 03:13:59Film.Friends With Benefits
27th Apr 12 11:26:33That Is All
19th Apr 12 03:53:14The Areas Of My Expertise
16th Apr 12 12:52:27Im Having Soul Pains
11th Apr 12 04:03:00Two Girls And A Guy
28th Mar 12 03:50:01Mooks
14th Mar 12 03:07:31The Red Violin
14th Mar 12 03:00:38Films Of The1990s
14th Mar 12 02:59:20The Red Violin
13th Mar 12 01:58:58Video Game.Bulletstorm
1st Mar 12 02:05:12Film.The Rum Diary
1st Mar 12 02:04:04Film.The Rum Diary
1st Mar 12 02:03:13Film.The Rum Diary
26th Jan 12 12:13:38Films Of The2010s
26th Jan 12 12:11:30Film.Win Win
23rd Jan 12 11:22:17Film.The Artist
20th Jan 12 12:26:55Jeopardy Intelligence Test
19th Jan 12 12:34:40Lord Of War
19th Jan 12 12:32:23Lord Of War
18th Jan 12 02:05:05The Lions Of Al-Rassan
18th Jan 12 10:16:12YMMV.Disneys Anne Frank
22nd Dec 11 03:36:02Barbarian Tribe
8th Dec 11 12:50:36YMMV.The Jerk
6th Dec 11 04:22:33Video Game.Knights Of The Old Republic
29th Nov 11 02:55:43Video Game.Orcs Must Die
20th Oct 11 02:20:20Clean Up The Town
20th Oct 11 02:13:31City Of Adventure
14th Oct 11 11:19:38Films Of The1960s
14th Oct 11 11:16:35The Agony And The Ecstasy
4th Oct 11 09:47:15YMMV.Moneyball
4th Oct 11 09:46:58Film.Moneyball
4th Oct 11 09:46:07Film.Moneyball
15th Sep 11 01:01:00Bronson