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9th Jan 16 04:55:20Tearjerker.Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince
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5th Jan 16 01:32:53Recap.The Simpsons S 4 E 1 Kamp Krusty
3rd Jan 16 05:29:53YMMV.Critical Role
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27th Dec 15 09:24:25Characters.Critical Role
26th Dec 15 05:40:07YMMV.Team Four Star
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25th Dec 15 05:33:46Characters.Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged
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5th Dec 15 04:52:43Tear Jerker.Devil May Cry
4th Dec 15 11:39:59Characters.Critical Role
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3rd Dec 15 11:22:06Heartwarming.Critical Role
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2nd Dec 15 08:36:56Heartwarming.Crisis Core
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1st Dec 15 09:10:54Web Video.Critical Role
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14th Nov 15 04:46:46Tear Jerker.Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories
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12th Nov 15 05:26:29Heartwarming.Tales Of Zestiria
12th Nov 15 05:23:23YMMV.Tales Of Zestiria
12th Nov 15 04:28:14Heartwarming.South Park
12th Nov 15 04:01:51Characters.Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged
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11th Nov 15 06:08:04Characters.Star Wars Separatist Alliance
6th Nov 15 08:06:44Characters.Hells Kitchen
6th Nov 15 08:03:23Characters.Hells Kitchen Seasons 8 To 10
6th Nov 15 07:57:35Characters.Hells Kitchen Seasons 8 To 10
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3rd Nov 15 04:00:27Awesome.Dexter
2nd Nov 15 06:34:53Heartwarming.Dexter
2nd Nov 15 06:28:16Awesome.Dexter
2nd Nov 15 05:44:12Heartwarming.Dexter
2nd Nov 15 05:00:22Nightmare Fuel.Dexter
2nd Nov 15 04:49:27YMMV.Dexter
2nd Nov 15 01:12:14Characters.TOME
2nd Nov 15 12:46:25Funny.Dexter
1st Nov 15 11:46:28Nightmare Fuel.Dexter
1st Nov 15 02:49:19YMMV.Dexter
1st Nov 15 01:01:25Tear Jerker.Dexter
1st Nov 15 12:38:32Characters.Dragon Age Inquisition Companions
31st Oct 15 07:22:46Characters.Dexter Antagonists
31st Oct 15 07:15:12Characters.Dexter Dexters Victims
31st Oct 15 07:02:17Characters.Dexter Recurring Characters
31st Oct 15 06:52:44Characters.Dexter Dexters Family
31st Oct 15 06:48:12Characters.Dexter Law Enforcement
31st Oct 15 06:43:58Characters.Dexter Main Characters
26th Oct 15 06:44:58Characters.Hells Kitchen Seasons 8 To 10
22nd Oct 15 04:39:29Characters.South Park Elementary School Staff
20th Oct 15 05:13:45Characters.Hells Kitchen Seasons 8 To 10
20th Oct 15 05:11:55Funny.Hells Kitchen
20th Oct 15 12:17:51Characters.TOME
19th Oct 15 10:39:29Characters.Tales Of Zestiria
18th Oct 15 03:37:43Web Animation.TOME
17th Oct 15 02:25:53Characters.TOME
17th Oct 15 02:07:49Characters.TOME
16th Oct 15 11:51:27Characters.Hells Kitchen
16th Oct 15 09:38:38Creator.Gordon Ramsay
16th Oct 15 12:37:49Series.Hells Kitchen
15th Oct 15 06:21:42Characters.South Park Other Recurring Characters
15th Oct 15 04:28:21Characters.Tales Of Symphonia
15th Oct 15 03:03:28Characters.Tales Of Symphonia Dawn Of The New World
12th Oct 15 03:43:38Funny.Sonic The Hedgehog
10th Oct 15 10:27:57Characters.Tales Of Symphonia Dawn Of The New World
9th Oct 15 08:33:58Characters.Tales Of Symphonia Dawn Of The New World
6th Oct 15 02:11:26Western Animation.Sonic Boom
6th Oct 15 01:07:53Characters.Sonic Boom
4th Oct 15 09:59:22YMMV.Sonic Boom
3rd Oct 15 06:43:14Web Video.Alpha Omega Sin
3rd Oct 15 03:59:31YMMV.Sonic Boom
1st Oct 15 05:58:01Characters.South Park Main Characters
1st Oct 15 05:47:08Recap.South Park S 15 E 14 The Poor Kid
1st Oct 15 05:40:13Recap.South Park S 15 E 14 The Poor Kid
1st Oct 15 05:35:52Characters.South Park Family Members
1st Oct 15 05:22:54Characters.South Park Main Characters
1st Oct 15 05:18:42Funny.South Park
1st Oct 15 05:07:52Headscratchers.South Park
1st Oct 15 04:41:04Funny.South Park
1st Oct 15 03:36:47Heartwarming.South Park
1st Oct 15 12:12:53Digital Piracy Is Okay
29th Sep 15 08:25:17Heartwarming.Hells Kitchen
28th Sep 15 03:52:32Tear Jerker.Tales Series
27th Sep 15 10:15:55Recap.South Park S 19 E 2 Where My Country Gone
27th Sep 15 09:00:18Recap.The Simpsons S 8 E 9 El Viaje Misterioso De Nuestro Jomer
24th Sep 15 09:11:18Recap.The Simpsons S 8 E 6 A Milhouse Divided
24th Sep 15 09:00:58Recap.The Simpsons S 8 E 5 Bart After Dark