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17th Nov 14 02:50:42YMMV.Sonic Boom
16th Nov 14 12:10:52Characters.Super Smash Bros Brawl
15th Nov 14 04:58:33Names The Same.Western Animation
29th Oct 14 07:26:53Video Game.Senran Kagura
23rd Oct 14 07:08:12Video Game.Super Smash Bros
20th Oct 14 11:31:12Characters.Super Smash Bros U 3 DS
15th Oct 14 05:07:10Video Game.Team Buddies
12th Oct 14 01:24:31Characters.Super Smash Bros U 3 DS
10th Oct 14 05:03:55Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot.Video Games
10th Oct 14 05:01:55Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot.Video Games
9th Oct 14 06:57:16Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot.Video Games
27th Sep 14 03:34:46YMMV.Super Smash Bros
27th Sep 14 03:32:53YMMV.Super Smash Bros
22nd Sep 14 01:27:05Characters.Musashi Samurai Legend
21st Sep 14 06:54:02Characters.Musashi Samurai Legend
21st Sep 14 06:43:48Characters.Musashi Samurai Legend
15th Sep 14 08:34:56YMMV.Mother 3
15th Sep 14 08:33:53YMMV.Mother 3
3rd Sep 14 05:32:39Trivia.Brawl In The Family
1st Sep 14 05:33:54Creator.XSEED Games
1st Sep 14 05:33:32Creator.XSEED Games
31st Aug 14 10:20:39Characters.Musashi Samurai Legend
31st Aug 14 10:08:22Characters.Musashi Samurai Legend
31st Aug 14 07:25:13Characters.Musashi Samurai Legend
31st Aug 14 12:46:59Shintaro Asanuma
31st Aug 14 11:39:32Trivia.Xenoblade
25th Aug 14 01:04:03YMMV.Sponge Bob Square Pants
18th Aug 14 04:50:29YMMV.Super Smash Bros
17th Aug 14 10:58:56YMMV.Super Smash Bros
17th Aug 14 10:58:56YMMV.Super Smash Bros
17th Aug 14 10:47:24YMMV.Fire Emblem Awakening
17th Aug 14 10:01:24YMMV.Fire Emblem Awakening
17th Aug 14 10:01:18YMMV.Fire Emblem Awakening
17th Aug 14 09:56:18YMMV.Fire Emblem Awakening
17th Aug 14 08:58:06YMMV.Super Smash Bros
17th Aug 14 08:56:29YMMV.Super Smash Bros
17th Aug 14 07:03:45YMMV.Super Smash Bros
17th Aug 14 06:41:07YMMV.Super Smash Bros
17th Aug 14 06:39:51YMMV.Super Smash Bros
10th Aug 14 04:02:18Drinking Game.Ed Edd N Eddy
10th Aug 14 08:37:51YMMV.Super Smash Bros
10th Aug 14 08:35:42YMMV.Super Smash Bros
7th Aug 14 04:14:12YMMV.Super Smash Bros
7th Aug 14 04:13:04YMMV.Super Smash Bros
7th Aug 14 04:10:32YMMV.Super Smash Bros
7th Aug 14 04:08:43YMMV.Super Smash Bros
7th Aug 14 04:07:53YMMV.Super Smash Bros
1st Aug 14 07:30:30Video Game.Super Smash Bros
1st Aug 14 07:27:37Video Game.Super Smash Bros
21st Jul 14 03:56:59Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot.Video Games
4th Jul 14 03:20:27Creator.XSEED Games
30th Jun 14 12:50:31Creator.XSEED Games
30th Jun 14 09:25:56Creator.XSEED Games
30th Jun 14 09:12:45Creator.XSEED Games
29th Jun 14 03:06:58Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot.Video Games
15th Jun 14 10:33:36Awesome.Super Smash Bros
26th May 14 08:57:08YMMV.Sega
25th May 14 03:16:30Video Game.Hyrule Warriors
25th May 14 10:06:34Creator.Toonami
11th May 14 03:15:04No Dub For You
11th May 14 11:33:38Characters.Musashi Samurai Legend
11th May 14 11:24:45Characters.Musashi Samurai Legend
8th May 14 06:22:05YMMV.Senran Kagura
24th Apr 14 05:42:01Heartwarming.Azumanga Daioh
24th Apr 14 05:41:50Tear Jerker.Azumanga Daioh
16th Apr 14 05:08:08Radar.Pokemon
27th Mar 14 05:44:50YMMV.Sonic The Hedgehog
16th Feb 14 03:18:45YMMV.Sonic The Hedgehog
4th Feb 14 06:51:16YMMV.Newer Super Mario Bros Wii
27th Jan 14 10:51:40YMMV.Super Smash Bros
21st Jan 14 06:58:59Never Live It Down.Video Games
21st Jan 14 06:58:10Never Live It Down.Video Games
20th Jan 14 10:30:02Never Live It Down.Video Games
13th Jan 14 07:12:33YMMV.Sega
12th Jan 14 01:14:35YMMV.Super Smash Bros
12th Jan 14 01:14:00YMMV.Super Smash Bros
5th Jan 14 10:50:48YMMV.Sonic The Hedgehog 2006
31st Dec 13 05:01:07Characters.Azumanga Daioh
29th Dec 13 06:00:18Iconic Sequel Character
26th Dec 13 05:27:28Video Game.Musashi Samurai Legend
26th Dec 13 05:21:35Characters.Musashi Samurai Legend
25th Dec 13 03:00:32YMMV.Super Smash Bros
23rd Dec 13 06:54:35Video Game.Spyro Year Of The Dragon
20th Dec 13 04:52:45YMMV.Super Smash Bros
16th Dec 13 12:14:27Recap.Family Guy S 12 E 8 Christmas Guy
13th Dec 13 09:00:13Characters.Musashi Samurai Legend
13th Dec 13 08:21:29Spin Jam
13th Dec 13 08:11:03Video Game.Team Buddies
7th Dec 13 05:11:40Characters.Senran Kagura
7th Dec 13 05:10:05Characters.Senran Kagura
5th Dec 13 08:31:48Characters.Senran Kagura
26th Nov 13 05:29:34YMMV.Family Guy
26th Nov 13 05:25:32YMMV.Family Guy
24th Nov 13 09:40:49YMMV.Sonic The Hedge Hog 2006
24th Nov 13 09:39:29YMMV.Sonic The Hedge Hog 2006
17th Nov 13 01:08:47YMMV.Team Buddies
17th Nov 13 01:07:27YMMV.Team Buddies
17th Nov 13 09:46:15Video Game.Team Buddies
17th Nov 13 09:44:53Video Game.Team Buddies
17th Nov 13 09:42:11YMMV.Team Buddies
17th Nov 13 09:27:37YMMV.Team Buddies
16th Nov 13 10:26:52Video Game.Team Buddies
16th Nov 13 10:25:53Video Game.Team Buddies
16th Nov 13 10:25:23Video Game.Team Buddies
16th Nov 13 09:22:54That One Level.Pokemon
16th Nov 13 08:38:27Video Game.Team Buddies
16th Nov 13 05:13:04YMMV.Team Buddies
16th Nov 13 04:57:47YMMV.Team Buddies
3rd Nov 13 07:30:42Broken Base.Video Games
3rd Nov 13 07:29:36Broken Base.Video Games
3rd Nov 13 07:27:03Broken Base.Video Games
27th Oct 13 03:13:51Adored By The Network
20th Oct 13 12:08:13Video Game.Team Buddies
20th Oct 13 12:01:29Video Game.Team Buddies
20th Oct 13 11:45:53Video Game.Team Buddies
19th Oct 13 07:04:49Spin Jam
19th Oct 13 06:51:21Spin Jam
19th Oct 13 06:43:39Spin Jam
19th Oct 13 06:19:52Video Game.Team Buddies
15th Oct 13 07:19:57Christmas Rushed
5th Oct 13 02:59:35YMMV.Pokemon Origins
3rd Oct 13 04:47:03YMMV.Wii U
23rd Sep 13 09:11:02YMMV.Sega
14th Sep 13 06:07:02Periphery Hatedom
6th Sep 13 03:37:35Video Game.Gynoug
3rd Sep 13 06:10:59Periphery Hatedom
3rd Sep 13 01:21:28Critical Dissonance
2nd Sep 13 03:16:33YMMV.Mighty No 9
2nd Sep 13 03:15:31YMMV.Mighty No 9
2nd Sep 13 03:15:21YMMV.Mighty No 9
29th Aug 13 05:59:24Characters.Skull Girls
22nd Aug 13 05:18:04Western Animation.Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2
19th Aug 13 07:41:34Video Game.Sonic Before The Sequel
19th Aug 13 07:41:07Video Game.Sonic Before The Sequel
19th Aug 13 07:37:33Video Game.Sonic Before The Sequel
19th Aug 13 07:34:16Video Game.Sonic Before The Sequel
19th Aug 13 07:30:19Hong Kong Dub
19th Aug 13 07:29:57Hong Kong Dub
15th Aug 13 07:36:09Drinking Game.Digimon
29th Jul 13 04:32:50Tropers Do It.With Video Games
28th Jul 13 08:38:38Radar.Regular Show
23rd Jul 13 03:53:40Drinking Game.Regular Show
22nd Jul 13 04:42:40YMMV.Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt
18th Jul 13 03:49:11Drinking Game.Regular Show
10th Jul 13 05:05:01Periphery Hatedom
10th Jul 13 05:04:06Periphery Hatedom
8th Jul 13 10:02:36YMMV.Pandoras Tower Until I Return To Your Side
8th Jul 13 10:01:12YMMV.Pandoras Tower Until I Return To Your Side
1st Jul 13 11:08:03Americans Hate Tingle
1st Jul 13 10:58:24X Meets Y.Video Games
28th Jun 13 05:17:34Spin Jam
17th Jun 13 08:19:39Radar.Regular Show
16th Jun 13 07:22:33Spin Jam
16th Jun 13 07:22:00Spin Jam
16th Jun 13 07:20:37Spin Jam
16th Jun 13 11:15:27Video Game.Super Smash Bros
11th Jun 13 07:28:07Memes.Super Smash Bros
10th Jun 13 09:18:36Spin Jam
10th Jun 13 09:18:02YMMV.Spin Jam
3rd Jun 13 03:33:22Never Live It Down.Video Games
23rd May 13 08:05:47YMMV.Pandoras Tower Until I Return To Your Side
21st May 13 07:52:31Tropers Do It.With Video Games
21st May 13 07:51:27Tropers Do It.With Video Games
19th May 13 09:11:30YMMV.Blaz Blue
18th May 13 12:55:55Awesome Music.Bayonetta
13th May 13 02:20:30Tropers.Carls 493
13th May 13 02:15:12Tropers.Carls 493
13th May 13 02:13:22Just For Fun.What Are The Contributors Real Names
7th May 13 03:59:16YMMV.Pandoras Tower Until I Return To Your Side
7th May 13 03:56:20YMMV.Pandoras Tower Until I Return To Your Side
7th May 13 03:54:33YMMV.Pandoras Tower Until I Return To Your Side
7th May 13 03:52:06YMMV.Pandoras Tower Until I Return To Your Side
29th Apr 13 01:15:34Broken Base.Video Games
29th Apr 13 01:14:30Broken Base.Video Games
29th Apr 13 09:19:44Broken Base.Video Games
21st Apr 13 07:28:53Video Game.Pole No Daibouken
21st Apr 13 07:28:43Video Game.Pole No Daibouken
16th Apr 13 12:53:58Trivia.Anarchy Reigns
15th Apr 13 09:30:23Tier Induced Scrappy
14th Apr 13 01:21:58Drinking Game.Johnny Test
11th Apr 13 05:14:28Drinking Game.Johnny Test
11th Apr 13 05:13:28Drinking Game.Johnny Test
10th Apr 13 07:35:41Tropers.Carls 493
5th Apr 13 04:14:12YMMV.Pandoras Tower Until I Return To Your Side
5th Apr 13 04:10:00YMMV.Pandoras Tower Until I Return To Your Side
2nd Apr 13 09:15:32YMMV.Sonic Colors
2nd Apr 13 09:13:40YMMV.Sonic Colors
2nd Apr 13 10:27:14Broken Base.Video Games
1st Apr 13 11:04:57Broken Base.Video Games
1st Apr 13 11:04:40Broken Base.Video Games
1st Apr 13 11:02:51Broken Base.Video Games
1st Apr 13 10:58:55Broken Base.Video Games
20th Mar 13 10:35:10Rule Thirty Four Creator Reactions
20th Mar 13 10:34:49Trivia.Skullgirls
12th Mar 13 08:47:15YMMV.Family Guy
12th Mar 13 08:18:22Trivia.Skull Girls
12th Mar 13 08:14:10Rule Thirty Four Creator Reactions
12th Mar 13 08:11:49YMMV.Sega
11th Mar 13 04:00:19YMMV.Sega
11th Mar 13 03:59:03YMMV.Sega
11th Mar 13 03:57:20YMMV.Sega
12th Feb 13 03:07:49Drinking Game.Johnny Test
12th Feb 13 10:42:56Characters.Super Smash Bros Brawl
10th Feb 13 05:06:12Drinking Game.Johnny Test
10th Feb 13 04:49:17Drinking Game.Johnny Test
30th Jan 13 11:17:18Characters.Musashi Samurai Legend
16th Jan 13 10:00:14YMMV.Pandoras Tower Until I Return To Your Side
16th Jan 13 09:59:25YMMV.Pandoras Tower Until I Return To Your Side
11th Jan 13 07:08:20YMMV.Pokemon X And Y
10th Jan 13 04:07:03Sega Genesis
20th Dec 12 09:28:14Trivia.Xenoblade
14th Dec 12 03:07:57Awesome.Kirbys Return To Dream Land
13th Dec 12 08:46:37Western Animation.Street Sharks
9th Dec 12 09:06:47Western Animation.Street Sharks
4th Dec 12 07:44:50Image Source.Anime And Manga
4th Dec 12 08:43:44The Social Expert
16th Nov 12 09:14:20Characters.Video Games
5th Nov 12 08:31:30Characters.Musashi Samurai Legend
4th Nov 12 09:34:39Cash Cow Franchise
27th Oct 12 11:21:57Web Video.Game Grumps
25th Oct 12 09:54:37Video Game.Play Station All Stars Battle Royale
18th Oct 12 07:56:41Fridge.Devil May Cry
18th Sep 12 03:50:21Video Game.Super Smash Bros
15th Sep 12 04:27:32Video Game.Alien Soldier
2nd Sep 12 06:21:20Disney.Wreck It Ralph
29th Aug 12 09:46:51And The Fandom Rejoiced.Playstation All Stars Battle Royale
27th Aug 12 07:14:06Characters.Sonic The Hedgehog Main Trio
19th Aug 12 09:43:51Video Game.The Legendary Starfy
14th Aug 12 01:38:53YMMV.Play Station All Stars Battle Royale
8th Aug 12 10:41:33YMMV.Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games
7th Aug 12 11:55:48Video Game.Musashi Samurai Legend
7th Aug 12 11:54:50Edible Theme Naming
6th Aug 12 04:33:54Laconic.MOTHER
6th Aug 12 04:11:45Drinking Game.Mother 3
6th Aug 12 03:57:08Drinking Game.Mother 3
6th Aug 12 03:56:44Drinking Game.Mother 3
3rd Aug 12 11:12:15Nighthawks
27th Jul 12 07:19:51Webcomic.It Sucks To Be Weegie
25th Jun 12 07:48:36YMMV.Super Smash Bros
21st Jun 12 02:02:46YMMV.Azumanga Daioh
21st Jun 12 02:00:05YMMV.Azumanga Daioh
14th Jun 12 04:56:01Laconic.Viewtiful Joe
9th Jun 12 09:03:15Fridge.Devil May Cry
4th Jun 12 08:52:00YMMV.Johnny Test
4th Jun 12 08:42:38YMMV.Johnny Test
28th May 12 08:14:56Internet Backdraft.Video Games
28th May 12 12:42:35Keiji Inafune
28th May 12 08:30:54YMMV.Mega Man 2
17th May 12 09:42:47Meganekko
15th May 12 09:55:45YMMV.Azumanga Daioh
14th May 12 11:17:35Box Office Bomb
6th May 12 06:02:20Characters.Skull Girls
1st May 12 01:45:38Improbably Female Cast
28th Apr 12 07:20:16Haiku.Chrono Trigger
28th Apr 12 11:45:58Eldritch Abomination.Video Games
27th Apr 12 11:14:26Video Game.The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword
26th Apr 12 09:05:15Funny Bruce Lee Noises
20th Apr 12 10:52:56Castlevania
18th Apr 12 05:42:24Konami Code
16th Apr 12 09:06:27Anti Frustration Features
13th Apr 12 03:10:01Shout Out.Skull Girls
13th Apr 12 03:09:48Shout Out.Skull Girls
10th Apr 12 06:48:06Dead Horse Trope
9th Apr 12 04:16:11Jak II Renegade
7th Apr 12 05:50:38Characters.Azumanga Daioh
2nd Apr 12 09:01:56YMMV.The Powerpuff Girls
31st Mar 12 12:18:40Video Game.Kingdom Hearts 3 D
27th Mar 12 09:18:21Meganekko
27th Mar 12 09:12:04Meganekko
25th Mar 12 09:28:32Creator.Tetsuya Nomura
24th Mar 12 01:37:53Creator.Capcom
24th Mar 12 01:20:50Drinking Game.Mother 3
24th Mar 12 01:04:33Drinking Game.Mother 3
24th Mar 12 12:14:03Running Gag.TV Tropes
23rd Mar 12 11:05:49Sega
23rd Mar 12 10:52:56Square Enix
22nd Mar 12 06:21:05YMMV.Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games
21st Mar 12 12:59:55Sexy Mentor
12th Mar 12 07:15:03Video Game.Super Smash Bros
5th Mar 12 07:00:48YMMV.Crazy Bus
1st Mar 12 10:51:09Haiku.The World Ends With You
27th Feb 12 02:43:56Names The Same.Anime And Manga
22nd Feb 12 05:58:12Oddball In The Series
22nd Feb 12 05:58:08Video Game.Kirby And The Amazing Mirror
12th Feb 12 09:14:30Video Game.Crash Bandicoot
10th Feb 12 05:07:32Sad Battle Music
4th Feb 12 05:44:58Tropers.Komodin
23rd Jan 12 01:15:31Funny.Marvel Vs Capcom 3
20th Jan 12 11:05:31No Export For You.Video Games
13th Jan 12 12:49:58Boyish Short Hair
6th Jan 12 08:58:55YMMV.Mega Man 2
6th Jan 12 08:58:32YMMV.Mega Man 2
6th Jan 12 08:58:23YMMV.Mega Man 2
6th Jan 12 08:53:47Video Game.Mega Man 2
6th Jan 12 08:46:21Video Game.Mega Man 2
6th Jan 12 08:46:08YMMV.Mega Man 2
6th Jan 12 08:41:30YMMV.Mega Man 2
3rd Jan 12 12:27:22Video Game.Sonic Generations
3rd Jan 12 12:26:44Video Game.Sonic Generations
3rd Jan 12 12:24:33Video Game.Sonic Generations
31st Dec 11 02:29:07Square Enix
29th Dec 11 04:07:23Hiroki Takahashi
21st Dec 11 06:25:53Characters.Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Capcom Characters
20th Dec 11 04:19:08Characters.Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
15th Dec 11 04:15:25Large Ham Announcer
26th Nov 11 09:04:36Video Game.Super Smash Bros
17th Nov 11 08:56:32Love It Or Hate It
13th Nov 11 03:39:57Tropers.Carls 493
13th Nov 11 02:55:19Drinking Game.Mother 3
13th Nov 11 02:43:47Tropers.Carls 493
12th Nov 11 12:49:06YMMV.The Lion King
11th Nov 11 12:05:23Video Game.Sonic Generations
10th Nov 11 08:40:01Video Game.Sonic Generations
8th Nov 11 01:13:34YMMV.Sonic Colors
7th Nov 11 03:49:40Tropers.Carls 493
7th Nov 11 03:47:07Phalanx
7th Nov 11 03:03:55Characters.Kirby
7th Nov 11 03:03:52Characters.Musashi Samurai Legend
7th Nov 11 08:52:04YMMV.Haruhi Suzumiya
6th Nov 11 09:16:32Manga.Azumanga Daioh
6th Nov 11 09:16:03Manga.Azumanga Daioh
6th Nov 11 09:13:53Trivia.Azumanga Daioh
6th Nov 11 09:13:30Manga.Azumanga Daioh
6th Nov 11 08:32:56Video Game.Sonic Generations
30th Oct 11 10:51:22Tropers.Carls 493
29th Oct 11 04:26:36YMMV.Sonic Generations
29th Oct 11 04:26:25YMMV.Sonic Generations
26th Oct 11 12:36:26Sonic Riders
26th Oct 11 12:36:23Second Person Attack
20th Oct 11 12:28:44WMG.Sonic Generations
20th Oct 11 12:28:23WMG.Sonic Generations
18th Oct 11 05:53:38Characters.Mega Man
16th Oct 11 12:04:07Video Game.Sonic Generations
13th Oct 11 11:25:31The Bus Came Back
13th Oct 11 11:18:44YMMV.Sonic Generations
11th Oct 11 12:46:07YMMV.Sonic Generations
7th Oct 11 09:16:08Sonic The Hedgehog
6th Oct 11 09:51:44Video Game.Sonic Generations
6th Oct 11 09:48:03Video Game.Sonic Generations
5th Oct 11 01:43:33Video Game.Sonic Generations
5th Oct 11 06:12:49Drinking Game.Mother 3
5th Oct 11 06:03:49Drinking Game.Mother 3
4th Oct 11 06:08:01YMMV.Sonic The Hedgehog CD
1st Oct 11 11:51:03Video Game.Ghosts N Goblins
1st Oct 11 11:50:45Video Game.Ghosts N Goblins
1st Oct 11 11:50:08Video Game.Ghosts N Goblins
29th Sep 11 04:56:13Video Game.Sonic Generations
28th Sep 11 03:52:01Video Game.Sonic Generations
28th Sep 11 03:51:10Video Game.Sonic Generations
24th Sep 11 08:56:33Characters.Lucky Star
20th Sep 11 02:32:06Memes.Super Smash Bros
20th Sep 11 12:36:25Tropers.Carls 493
20th Sep 11 10:27:50Tropers.Carls 493
19th Sep 11 03:48:43Trivia.Kid Icarus
19th Sep 11 10:12:17Drinking Game.Mother 3
19th Sep 11 10:07:14Drinking Game.Mother 3
19th Sep 11 10:04:09Drinking Game.Mother 3
19th Sep 11 10:03:15Drinking Game.Mother 3
19th Sep 11 10:00:33Drinking Game.Mother 3
18th Sep 11 07:02:50YMMV.Sonic Generations
15th Sep 11 07:27:56Overly Long Scream
15th Sep 11 07:27:41Overly Long Scream

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