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3rd Aug 15 06:26:16Moon Landing Hoax
3rd Aug 15 06:25:18Moon Landing Hoax
8th Feb 15 05:20:32Education Mama
25th Jun 14 09:53:29Bombproof Appliance
15th Jun 14 05:16:53Tropers.Cao Cao
10th Jun 14 11:39:45Useful Notes.Shanghai
10th Jun 14 11:36:29Film.Looper
30th May 14 12:13:44Literature.The Quiet American
29th May 14 11:53:54Literature.The Quiet American
20th May 14 04:45:09Film.Rush 2013
20th May 14 04:44:15Mile High Club
19th May 14 10:37:42Film.Caro Diario
8th May 14 12:08:17Bizarre Instrument
7th May 14 11:28:35Tropers.Cao Cao
6th May 14 12:20:02Music.Wang Yuja
6th May 14 12:18:48Music.Wang Yuja
12th Feb 14 10:57:23Webcomic.Sinfest
25th Jan 14 12:38:55Music.The Divine Comedy
30th Dec 13 10:52:36Film.The Spanish Inn
23rd Dec 13 01:04:22Anime.Ulysses 31
21st Dec 13 05:03:20Arms And Armor Theme Naming
21st Dec 13 04:59:38Arms And Armor Theme Naming
13th Dec 13 08:22:21Series.Serangoon Road
12th Dec 13 10:55:44Series.Serangoon Road
9th Dec 13 11:50:42Series.Serangoon Road
30th Nov 13 02:18:15Film.Blind Chance
29th Nov 13 09:43:41Series.Serangoon Road
26th Nov 13 12:53:35Comic Book.Quai D Orsay
23rd Nov 13 02:39:30Series.Serangoon Road
22nd Nov 13 05:24:04Sliding Scale Of Alternate History Plausibility
22nd Nov 13 12:54:07Series.Serangoon Road
22nd Nov 13 12:52:21Series.Serangoon Road
21st Nov 13 01:01:11Series.Serangoon Road
20th Nov 13 08:13:44Series.Serangoon Road
20th Nov 13 05:51:18Creator.Joan Chen
20th Nov 13 05:48:49Useful Notes.The New Tens
20th Nov 13 05:46:48Series.Serangoon Road
20th Nov 13 05:23:55Series.Serangoon Road
20th Nov 13 05:21:49Series.Serangoon Road
20th Nov 13 05:16:31Holiday In Cambodia
20th Nov 13 01:03:51The Sixties
20th Nov 13 12:50:31Qipao
20th Nov 13 12:40:35Friendly Local Chinatown
19th Nov 13 11:27:39Series.Serangoon Road
19th Nov 13 11:32:19Series.Serangoon Road
19th Nov 13 10:49:39Series.Serangoon Road
19th Nov 13 10:28:13Series.Serangoon Road
19th Nov 13 10:23:13Series.Serangoon Road
18th Nov 13 11:02:15Series.Serangoon Road
18th Nov 13 10:53:37Useful Notes.Singapore
18th Nov 13 10:52:59Series.Serangoon Road
18th Nov 13 10:51:28Series.Serangoon Road
18th Nov 13 10:45:33Australian Television Shows
18th Nov 13 10:43:05Series.Serangoon Road
18th Nov 13 10:41:53Series.Serangoon Road
18th Nov 13 10:30:34Tropers.Cao Cao
14th Nov 13 02:37:06Useful Notes.Singapore
14th Nov 13 01:27:24Useful Notes.Singapore
13th Nov 13 04:33:58Comic Book.Quaid Orsay
13th Nov 13 04:28:24Comic Book.Quaid Orsay
3rd Nov 13 12:03:04Love Hotels
28th Oct 13 07:12:10Works Set In World War 2
19th Oct 13 08:48:00Snowy Screen Of Death
19th Oct 13 08:46:12Snowy Screen Of Death
7th Oct 13 11:16:55Red China
5th Oct 13 11:10:58Dangerously Close Shave
20th Sep 13 04:40:59Literature.Under Heaven
20th Sep 13 04:40:40Literature.Under Heaven
15th Sep 13 12:45:18Literature.Under Heaven
15th Sep 13 12:32:02Literature.Under Heaven
15th Sep 13 12:25:28Literature.Under Heaven
15th Sep 13 12:16:10Literature.Under Heaven
15th Sep 13 12:09:33Literature.Under Heaven
15th Sep 13 11:58:23Literature.Under Heaven
15th Sep 13 11:56:12Literature Of The2010s
15th Sep 13 11:54:59Fantasy Literature
15th Sep 13 11:53:03Literature.Under Heaven
15th Sep 13 11:50:03Imperial China
15th Sep 13 11:47:10Literature.Under Heaven
15th Sep 13 11:39:29Tropers.Cao Cao
15th Sep 13 11:38:32Literature.Under Heaven
15th Sep 13 11:32:50Literature.Under Heaven
15th Sep 13 11:25:05Literature.Under Heaven
15th Sep 13 12:40:34Music.Maia Vidal
28th Aug 13 11:20:24Imperial China
27th Aug 13 11:48:59Film.Luxury Car
25th Aug 13 11:22:20Film.Luxury Car
25th Aug 13 05:06:50Films Of2005- 2009
25th Aug 13 04:56:26Film.Luxury Car
25th Aug 13 04:51:48Film.Luxury Car
25th Aug 13 04:37:54Film.Luxury Car
25th Aug 13 04:34:29Film.Luxury Car
25th Aug 13 04:10:11Film.Luxury Car
25th Aug 13 03:57:42Tropers.Cao Cao
18th Jul 13 11:34:57Music.Maia Vidal
13th Jul 13 03:00:50Tropers.Cao Cao
13th Jul 13 01:49:42Music.Maia Vidal
13th Jul 13 01:44:12Music.Maia Vidal
6th Jul 13 07:29:21Incredibly Long Note
6th Jul 13 07:23:11Incredibly Long Note
6th Jul 13 06:58:21Film.Only God Forgives
29th Jun 13 11:39:57Music.Maia Vidal
29th Jun 13 12:41:55Snowy Screen Of Death
29th Jun 13 12:38:50Webcomic.Xkcd
27th Jun 13 03:27:53Music.Maia Vidal
26th Jun 13 10:19:35Music.Maia Vidal
26th Jun 13 07:42:58Film.The Sand Pebbles
26th Jun 13 07:41:41Film.The Sand Pebbles
17th Jun 13 10:19:57Music.Maia Vidal
14th Jun 13 12:59:06Film.Lust Caution
3rd Jun 13 08:57:38Film.House Of Harmony
3rd Jun 13 08:57:15Film.House Of Harmony
1st Jun 13 12:07:56Film.Only God Forgives
31st May 13 11:11:25Film.Only God Forgives
31st May 13 10:53:53Creator.Ryan Gosling
31st May 13 10:52:39Film.Only God Forgives
31st May 13 10:50:52Film.Only God Forgives
31st May 13 10:41:59Film.Only God Forgives
31st May 13 10:37:27Film.Only God Forgives
31st May 13 10:30:29Films Of The2010s
31st May 13 10:27:41Film.Only God Forgives
31st May 13 10:23:18Film.Only God Forgives
31st May 13 10:07:36Film.Only God Forgives
31st May 13 09:54:04Tropers.Cao Cao
28th May 13 11:48:46Music.Wang Yuja
19th May 13 04:12:00Music.Maia Vidal
19th May 13 04:07:32Musicians.Alternative Indie
19th May 13 04:05:36Music.Maia Vidal
19th May 13 03:57:20Tropers.Cao Cao
19th May 13 03:55:26Tropers.Cao Cao
14th May 13 10:21:06Film.In The Mood For Love
14th May 13 10:20:26Your Cheating Heart
25th Apr 13 12:27:43Snow Means Death
21st Apr 13 10:31:05Film.The Grandmaster
21st Apr 13 10:24:50Film.The Grandmaster
21st Apr 13 05:38:26Film.The Grandmaster
21st Apr 13 12:19:01Film.In The Mood For Love
21st Apr 13 12:12:05Creator.Wong Kar Wai
21st Apr 13 12:03:26Film.The Grandmaster
20th Apr 13 11:55:59Young Future Famous People
20th Apr 13 11:52:09Film.The Grandmaster
20th Apr 13 10:12:07Film.The Grandmaster
20th Apr 13 10:07:56Film.The Grandmaster
20th Apr 13 09:58:01All Chinese People Know Kung Fu
20th Apr 13 01:29:25Tony Leung
20th Apr 13 01:28:49Creator.Zhang Ziyi
20th Apr 13 01:27:44Film.The Grandmaster
20th Apr 13 01:06:52Film.The Grandmaster
20th Apr 13 01:05:14Tropers.Cao Cao
20th Apr 13 01:04:15Film.The Grandmaster
20th Apr 13 12:59:14Films Of The2010s
20th Apr 13 12:57:10Film.The Grandmaster
20th Apr 13 12:50:23Creator.Wong Kar Wai
19th Apr 13 01:07:37Delivery Guy Infiltration
13th Apr 13 09:21:07Website.Alternate History Dot Com
10th Apr 13 11:29:25Comic Book.Quai D Orsay
10th Apr 13 05:37:36Man On Wire
6th Apr 13 08:30:27Web Comic.Yellow Peril
6th Apr 13 08:26:22Web Comic.Yellow Peril
4th Apr 13 10:14:29Film.Les Tontons Flingueurs
23rd Mar 13 01:35:20Fantastic Foxes
11th Mar 13 01:18:39Manic Pixie Dream Girl
9th Mar 13 10:17:05Useful Notes.Manchuria
8th Mar 13 10:36:36Tony Leung
8th Mar 13 10:35:28Creator.Zhang Ziyi
8th Mar 13 10:30:35Creator.Zhou Xun
2nd Mar 13 01:02:27Silk Hiding Steel
2nd Mar 13 12:51:08Silk Hiding Steel
2nd Mar 13 12:47:32Silk Hiding Steel
2nd Mar 13 12:32:27Qurac
26th Feb 13 10:00:21Film.Tintin
23rd Feb 13 05:18:49Film.Lifeforce
23rd Feb 13 05:15:11Film.Lifeforce
22nd Feb 13 10:27:09Tabletop Game.The Whispering Vault
22nd Feb 13 10:12:30Enki Bilal
22nd Feb 13 04:50:21Film.Flowers Of War
22nd Feb 13 04:43:07Film.Flowers Of War
22nd Feb 13 04:32:30Film.Flowers Of War
21st Feb 13 01:39:24Film.Flowers Of War
21st Feb 13 04:50:56Film.Flowers Of War
21st Feb 13 04:46:40Film.Flowers Of War
21st Feb 13 04:45:38Film.Flowers Of War
21st Feb 13 04:36:45Film.Flowers Of War
20th Feb 13 11:01:45Film.Flowers Of War
6th Feb 13 09:52:03The Good Earth
6th Feb 13 09:48:30YMMV.Moment In Peking
6th Feb 13 09:48:03Moment In Peking
6th Feb 13 09:46:30Generational Saga
4th Feb 13 10:39:35Qipao
3rd Feb 13 08:12:12Film.The Angels Share
29th Jan 13 10:15:03Anime.Ulysses 31
27th Jan 13 11:30:44Anime.Ulysses 31
27th Jan 13 08:45:06Anime.Ulysses 31
27th Jan 13 08:42:50Anime.Ulysses 31
27th Jan 13 04:48:04Anime.Ulysses 31
27th Jan 13 03:44:13Anime.Ulysses 31
27th Jan 13 01:00:07Nemean Skinning
24th Jan 13 11:26:25Western Animation.Clementine
24th Jan 13 11:19:35Western Animation.Clementine
24th Jan 13 11:06:32Western Animation.Clementine
24th Jan 13 11:04:46Western Animation.Clementine
24th Jan 13 10:50:35Western Animation
24th Jan 13 10:49:57Western Animation
24th Jan 13 10:47:17Western Animation.Clementine
24th Jan 13 10:29:34Animesque
22nd Jan 13 10:44:58Hot Gypsy Woman
4th Jan 13 11:21:29Together Umbrella
28th Dec 12 12:28:44Three Times
28th Dec 12 12:27:29Three Times
20th Dec 12 05:08:32Literature.Dangerous Liaisons
20th Dec 12 05:04:14Creator.Zhang Ziyi
20th Dec 12 04:59:19The Cast Showoff
20th Dec 12 12:13:50Tanabata
20th Dec 12 12:07:25Characters.The Karate Kid
15th Dec 12 10:37:05Going To The Store
1st Dec 12 04:26:43Manga.Jin
1st Dec 12 03:28:58Manga.Jin
27th Nov 12 02:59:34YMMV.Jin
27th Nov 12 02:59:20Manga.Jin
27th Nov 12 02:59:03Manga.Jin
23rd Nov 12 11:41:48Useful Notes.Shanghai
23rd Nov 12 11:40:39Useful Notes.Shanghai
23rd Nov 12 11:47:43Removing The Earpiece
23rd Nov 12 11:40:05Film.Skyfall
22nd Nov 12 09:30:29Quoting Myself
22nd Nov 12 06:28:29Tropers.Cao Cao
22nd Nov 12 06:27:29Dialogue
22nd Nov 12 06:24:55Quoting Myself
21st Nov 12 02:42:10Corto Maltese
21st Nov 12 02:38:23YMMV.Corto Maltese
21st Nov 12 02:38:01Corto Maltese
19th Nov 12 10:06:30Tanguy
19th Nov 12 11:31:37Useful Notes.Andorra
17th Nov 12 07:42:32Film.Bright Lights Big City
5th Oct 12 05:20:58Comic Book.Natacha
2nd Oct 12 10:25:45Chang Chen
2nd Oct 12 10:24:28Chang Chen
22nd Sep 12 11:53:22Film.Les Tontons Flingueurs
22nd Sep 12 12:04:42Enki Bilal
21st Sep 12 11:43:36Tropers.Cao Cao
21st Sep 12 11:42:37Tropers.Cao Cao
21st Sep 12 11:18:10Is This Thing On
16th Sep 12 11:33:42Plunger Detonator
31st Aug 12 05:19:50Music.Fun
29th Aug 12 03:17:09Tropers.Cao Cao
26th Aug 12 11:52:26The Time Machine
26th Aug 12 11:41:06The Time Machine
21st Aug 12 12:40:03Railroad Index
21st Aug 12 12:22:38Blake And Mortimer
20th Aug 12 09:31:13Film.Last Train Home
20th Aug 12 09:22:01Red China
20th Aug 12 09:15:27Films Of2005- 2009
20th Aug 12 09:13:44Film.Last Train Home
20th Aug 12 09:05:42Film.Last Train Home
20th Aug 12 08:51:27China Blue
20th Aug 12 08:51:10China Blue
20th Aug 12 08:13:03Boule Et Bill
20th Aug 12 08:02:03Boule Et Bill
20th Aug 12 07:56:28Comic Book.Natacha
19th Aug 12 06:11:37Comic Book.Natacha
19th Aug 12 06:08:00Comic Book.Natacha
19th Aug 12 06:04:10Comic Book.Natacha
15th Aug 12 07:38:14Betelnut Beauty
14th Aug 12 10:01:45Betelnut Beauty
14th Aug 12 09:57:06Betelnut Beauty
1st Aug 12 09:52:42Anime.Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex
31st Jul 12 03:11:10Snowy Screen Of Death
30th Jul 12 12:24:08Contemplative Boss
19th Jul 12 11:59:34Les Tuniques Bleues
17th Jul 12 07:40:01Music.Archive
17th Jul 12 07:39:23Music.Archive
15th Jul 12 11:07:12Film.I Wish
15th Jul 12 11:02:31Film.I Wish
15th Jul 12 10:46:47Sabrina
15th Jul 12 10:32:41Sabrina
15th Jul 12 02:04:10Quotes.She Is All Grown Up
10th Jul 12 01:14:19YMMV.The Sand Pebbles
10th Jul 12 01:14:04The Sand Pebbles
7th Jul 12 02:40:32Webcomic.Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic
7th Jul 12 12:53:48Series.L Ecole Du Pouvoir
7th Jul 12 12:49:48Series.L Ecole Du Pouvoir
5th Jul 12 04:47:28Series.L Ecole Du Pouvoir
5th Jul 12 04:45:15Series.L Ecole Du Pouvoir
5th Jul 12 04:27:05Series.L Ecole Du Pouvoir
5th Jul 12 04:24:44Series.L Ecole Du Pouvoir
5th Jul 12 03:14:27Historical Series
5th Jul 12 03:13:01Series.L Ecole Du Pouvoir
5th Jul 12 02:59:11Tropers.Cao Cao
5th Jul 12 02:47:31Gaston Lagaffe
4th Jul 12 09:26:02Gaston Lagaffe
26th Jun 12 10:18:47The Eighties
26th Jun 12 10:14:56The Eighties
26th Jun 12 10:06:11The Eighties
26th Jun 12 06:15:55French Films
26th Jun 12 06:08:06French Films
26th Jun 12 03:12:15Contemplative Boss
26th Jun 12 03:10:14Big Applesauce
26th Jun 12 02:46:26Film.Bright Lights Big City
26th Jun 12 02:44:11Film.Bright Lights Big City
26th Jun 12 02:35:33Film.Bright Lights Big City
26th Jun 12 02:24:18Film.Bright Lights Big City
26th Jun 12 12:37:34Film.Bright Lights Big City
26th Jun 12 12:29:06Film.Bright Lights Big City
26th Jun 12 12:28:28Effective Immediately
26th Jun 12 12:17:28Film.Bright Lights Big City
26th Jun 12 12:11:33Film.Bright Lights Big City
26th Jun 12 12:10:46Unintentional Period Piece
26th Jun 12 12:04:36Film.Bright Lights Big City
25th Jun 12 11:56:02Film.Bright Lights Big City
25th Jun 12 11:41:08Films Of The1980s
25th Jun 12 11:39:48Film.Bright Lights Big City
25th Jun 12 11:28:35Tropers.Cao Cao
25th Jun 12 12:57:39Titled After The Song
25th Jun 12 12:25:43Train Escape
25th Jun 12 11:59:30Effective Immediately
25th Jun 12 11:54:22Effective Immediately
25th Jun 12 11:48:08Contemplative Boss
19th Jun 12 05:39:17The Wedding Banquet
19th Jun 12 05:36:40The Wedding Banquet
13th Jun 12 06:10:47Anime.Ulysses 31
11th Jun 12 11:56:19Recycled Soundtrack
7th Jun 12 12:36:48Older Is Better
5th Jun 12 03:25:44Film.I Wish
4th Jun 12 01:36:27Film.I Wish
4th Jun 12 01:19:21Film.I Wish
4th Jun 12 01:12:49Film.I Wish
4th Jun 12 01:10:53Film.I Wish
4th Jun 12 01:06:06Film.I Wish
4th Jun 12 12:55:51Film.I Wish
3rd Jun 12 11:58:47Films Of The2010s
3rd Jun 12 11:56:49Film.I Wish
3rd Jun 12 11:42:35Tropers.Cao Cao
3rd Jun 12 11:41:46Tropers.Cao Cao
1st Jun 12 10:19:07Les Tuniques Bleues
1st Jun 12 10:18:38Les Tuniques Bleues
31st May 12 09:48:47Suspiciously Specific Denial
25th May 12 05:20:41Jewish Mother
18th May 12 11:08:15Zhang Ziyi
10th May 12 07:25:25Sasmira
4th May 12 01:39:46Necktie Headband
2nd May 12 06:36:50Tropers.Cao Cao
2nd May 12 06:24:20Tropers.Cao Cao
2nd May 12 06:23:06Film.Missing
29th Apr 12 11:56:22Shapeshifting Lover
29th Apr 12 12:14:36Music.Dengue Fever
24th Apr 12 06:45:05Germanic Efficiency
24th Apr 12 06:44:32Germanic Efficiency
22nd Apr 12 04:34:48Snowy Screen Of Death
22nd Apr 12 04:31:54Effective Immediately
21st Apr 12 01:58:54Comic Book.Natacha
17th Apr 12 06:50:17Music.Georges Brassens
16th Apr 12 11:41:46Baraka
16th Apr 12 10:40:25Music.Georges Brassens
16th Apr 12 10:38:53Music.Georges Brassens
16th Apr 12 10:32:48Rene Goscinny
16th Apr 12 05:12:21Characters.Gunnerkrigg Court
16th Apr 12 04:42:09Webcomic.Gunnerkrigg Court
16th Apr 12 03:54:32Music.Georges Brassens
16th Apr 12 02:54:56Chanson
16th Apr 12 02:29:39Music.The Divine Comedy
16th Apr 12 02:25:44Tropers.Cao Cao
16th Apr 12 02:24:02Music.Georges Brassens
16th Apr 12 02:11:13Music.Georges Brassens
16th Apr 12 02:04:50Music.Georges Brassens
16th Apr 12 02:02:23Together Umbrella
16th Apr 12 02:01:31Music.Georges Brassens
16th Apr 12 01:41:58Musicians
16th Apr 12 01:40:28Music.Georges Brassens
16th Apr 12 01:36:00Chanson
16th Apr 12 01:35:33Music.Georges Brassens
16th Apr 12 01:17:38Music.Georges Brassens
16th Apr 12 01:00:35Chanson
16th Apr 12 12:55:15Music.Jacques Brel
13th Apr 12 03:29:53Characters.Gunnerkrigg Court
12th Apr 12 11:50:16Characters.Gunnerkrigg Court
4th Apr 12 10:43:34Films Of The2000s
4th Apr 12 10:40:35All About Lily Chou-Chou
30th Mar 12 01:57:11Western Animation.Les Shadoks
30th Mar 12 01:02:45Webcomic.Bad Machinery
30th Mar 12 12:52:47Comic Book.Benoit Brisefer
30th Mar 12 12:50:05Comic Book.Benoit Brisefer
30th Mar 12 12:49:43Comic Book.Benoit Brisefer
30th Mar 12 12:49:17Comic Book.Benoit Brisefer
30th Mar 12 12:48:32Comic Book.Benoit Brisefer
30th Mar 12 12:34:45Tamara Drewe
26th Mar 12 06:05:56YMMV.Les Tuniques Bleues
26th Mar 12 06:05:44Les Tuniques Bleues
26th Mar 12 05:33:53Comic Book.Natacha
26th Mar 12 05:25:48Comic Book.Natacha
26th Mar 12 03:30:32Comic Book.Natacha
26th Mar 12 03:30:03Comic Book.Natacha
26th Mar 12 03:24:48Comic Book.Natacha
26th Mar 12 03:21:17Comic Book.Natacha
26th Mar 12 03:18:41Comic Book.Natacha
26th Mar 12 03:18:30Comic Book.Natacha
25th Mar 12 12:45:19Comic Book.Natacha
25th Mar 12 03:52:06Franco-Belgian Comics
25th Mar 12 03:51:01Sexy Stewardess
25th Mar 12 03:49:43Comic Book.Natacha
25th Mar 12 03:32:03Tropers.Cao Cao