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16th Mar 18 03:07:21Four Temperament Ensemble.Literature
16th Mar 18 03:05:51Four Temperament Ensemble.Literature
11th Mar 18 07:38:29Four Temperament Ensemble.Literature
11th Mar 18 07:37:39Four Temperament Ensemble.Literature
21st Feb 18 06:36:11WMG.Genesis
9th Sep 17 11:18:24Headscratchers.The Empire Strikes Back
30th Aug 17 06:53:50Nightmare Fuel.Alastair Reynolds
12th Jul 17 11:12:05Tropers.Brain Sewage
9th Jul 17 09:35:33Characters.Sealab 2021
11th Jun 17 08:25:53Sugar Wiki.Most Wonderful Sound
26th Feb 17 12:41:13Character Development Thread.Space Liner
26th Feb 17 12:39:32Character Development Thread.Space Liner
20th Feb 17 11:18:21Tropers.Brain Sewage
20th Feb 17 11:15:19Tropers.Brain Sewage
26th Jan 17 08:16:49Video Game.Turok
24th Dec 16 01:50:16YMMV.St Vincent
19th Dec 16 09:58:51Music.King Crimson
23rd Oct 16 02:35:58Supreme Chef
20th Aug 16 10:39:51Useful Notes.The American Civil War
20th Aug 16 10:38:56Useful Notes.The American Civil War
8th Apr 16 10:09:28Film.Hail Caesar
12th Mar 16 09:40:17Film.Ten Cloverfield Lane
1st Mar 16 10:19:50YMMV.Battle Tanx
29th Nov 15 08:26:51Creator.Samuel L Jackson
25th Oct 15 02:45:17Music.Toad The Wet Sprocket
20th Oct 15 08:28:22Film.Sleepless In Seattle
9th Oct 15 01:10:51YMMV.St Vincent
5th Oct 15 02:58:49Recap.Spongebob Squarepants S 3 E 2 Club Spongebob My Pretty Seahorse
22nd Sep 15 09:49:18Film.Pulp Fiction
22nd Sep 15 09:43:31Film.Pulp Fiction
10th Sep 15 10:58:46Western Animation.Dan Vs
8th Sep 15 09:37:21Arc Words
7th Sep 15 07:22:51YMMV.Dire Straits
3rd Sep 15 10:39:23Author Phobia
17th Aug 15 10:12:22Characters.CDT Characters AJ
3rd Aug 15 12:03:15Heartwarming.Rick And Morty
21st Jul 15 10:42:26Awesome.Rogue Squadron
19th Jul 15 07:59:38The Ace
19th Jul 15 07:58:49The Ace
3rd Jun 15 08:25:53YMMV.Kill Bill
7th May 15 09:39:23Funny.Sphere
17th Apr 15 08:21:33Character Development Thread.Capital
17th Apr 15 08:20:19Character Development Thread.Capital
10th Apr 15 02:35:04Tropers.Brain Sewage
4th Apr 15 09:06:56Character Development Thread.Capital
30th Mar 15 09:40:59Funny.The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time
13th Mar 15 10:12:52Film.Four Rooms
13th Mar 15 11:05:34Funny.The Ramones
25th Feb 15 10:03:15Character Development Thread.Capital
22nd Feb 15 10:51:48Western Animation.Foghorn Leghorn
20th Feb 15 10:01:20Music.The Shins
28th Jan 15 09:28:13Music.Beautiful Freak
11th Jan 15 08:07:22Signature Scene
31st Dec 14 05:06:13Shout Out.Teen Titans Go
24th Dec 14 11:56:16Headscratchers.Return Of The Jedi
19th Dec 14 08:52:45YMMV.Ween
19th Dec 14 08:48:27Music.Ween
17th Dec 14 11:53:23YMMV.Nick Drake
12th Dec 14 01:52:12Awesome.Interstellar
9th Dec 14 11:02:51Awesome.Turok
9th Dec 14 11:02:43Awesome.Turok
9th Dec 14 10:54:48Video Game.Turok
8th Dec 14 10:18:16Awesome.Interstellar
30th Nov 14 04:50:33YMMV.Pretenders
23rd Nov 14 05:42:41Music.Ramones
20th Nov 14 01:11:00Music.Pretty Things
20th Nov 14 01:08:38Music.Pretty Things
13th Nov 14 02:30:20Uranus Is Showing
13th Nov 14 02:29:26Uranus Is Showing
27th Oct 14 08:56:00Only Friend
27th Oct 14 08:55:54Only Friend
27th Oct 14 08:51:11Characters.Dan Vs Main Characters
27th Oct 14 08:50:19Characters.Dan Vs Main Characters
24th Oct 14 10:02:56Funny.Dan VS
24th Oct 14 03:04:55Music.Toad The Wet Sprocket
24th Oct 14 03:04:45Music.Toad The Wet Sprocket
22nd Oct 14 01:13:33Music.Toad The Wet Sprocket
22nd Oct 14 12:56:47YMMV.Toad The Wet Sprocket
22nd Oct 14 12:55:47Music.Toad The Wet Sprocket
22nd Oct 14 12:55:27YMMV.Toad The Wet Sprocket
22nd Oct 14 10:04:37Music Of The1990s
22nd Oct 14 10:01:58Alternative Indie
22nd Oct 14 09:55:00Music.Toad The Wet Sprocket
22nd Oct 14 09:46:54Music.Toad The Wet Sprocket
21st Oct 14 11:44:19Music.Toad The Wet Sprocket
21st Oct 14 05:25:57Music.Toad The Wet Sprocket
21st Oct 14 12:50:19Music.Toad The Wet Sprocket
21st Oct 14 12:37:46Music.Toad The Wet Sprocket
21st Oct 14 12:30:29Music.Toad The Wet Sprocket
17th Oct 14 09:26:18Useful Notes.The American Civil War
16th Oct 14 09:19:57YMMV.Gin Blossoms
16th Oct 14 09:19:43YMMV.Gin Blossoms
15th Oct 14 06:36:59Characters.South Park Main Characters
9th Oct 14 08:38:56Heartwarming.Tom Waits
9th Oct 14 06:30:58YMMV.Procol Harum
9th Oct 14 06:28:50YMMV.Procol Harum
3rd Oct 14 09:40:06Awesome.Calvin And Hobbes
29th Sep 14 08:29:58Video Game.Turok
22nd Sep 14 02:50:04Video Game.Turok
16th Sep 14 03:59:44Film.Three Hundred
16th Sep 14 09:59:57Siamese Twin Songs
16th Sep 14 09:59:35Siamese Twin Songs
9th Sep 14 07:01:11YMMV.The Allman Brothers Band
9th Sep 14 07:00:50YMMV.The Allman Brothers Band
7th Sep 14 08:17:11Narm.Western Animation
7th Sep 14 08:16:38Narm.Western Animation
2nd Sep 14 08:31:30Music.Eels
30th Aug 14 10:47:41Drinking Game.Ed Edd N Eddy
30th Aug 14 10:47:15Drinking Game.Ed Edd N Eddy
27th Aug 14 11:01:22I Will Fight Some More Forever
25th Aug 14 09:16:54Awesome Music.Rush
25th Aug 14 08:10:12YMMV.George Starostin
25th Aug 14 08:06:58George Starostin
6th Aug 14 08:49:06YMMV.Uriah Heep
27th Jul 14 08:57:12YMMV.Twothousand One A Space Odyssey
27th Jul 14 08:35:27Film.Twothousand One A Space Odyssey
27th Jul 14 08:34:39Film.Twothousand One A Space Odyssey
16th Jul 14 12:52:48Epic Rocking
14th Jul 14 04:34:01Last Note Hilarity
14th Jul 14 04:28:22Last Note Hilarity
6th Jul 14 10:50:34That One Level.Super Monkey Ball
6th Jun 14 09:27:19YMMV.BECK
6th Jun 14 09:27:09YMMV.BECK
6th Jun 14 09:27:01YMMV.BECK
3rd Jun 14 11:00:42Tropers.Brain Sewage
3rd Jun 14 10:59:36Tropers.Brain Sewage
21st May 14 08:43:56Four Philosophy Ensemble.Anime And Manga
21st May 14 08:16:58Four Philosophy Ensemble.Western Animation
16th May 14 11:07:48Character Development Thread.Inn
16th May 14 02:02:23Platonic Life Partners
9th May 14 11:27:06Awesome.Stephen King
9th May 14 11:23:00Drinking Game.Stephen King
2nd May 14 09:10:27Awesome.Battle Tanx
30th Apr 14 07:59:57Funny.Styx
30th Apr 14 07:59:44Funny.Styx
30th Apr 14 07:58:43Funny.Styx
30th Apr 14 07:57:18Funny.Styx
30th Apr 14 07:41:46YMMV.Styx
24th Apr 14 10:45:42Awesome.The Fly
26th Mar 14 01:13:38Film.Monty Python And The Holy Grail
26th Mar 14 09:59:36Film.Monty Python And The Holy Grail
13th Mar 14 04:59:02Tear Jerker.Teen Titans
13th Mar 14 09:29:40Characters.Ed Edd N Eddy
9th Mar 14 12:56:22YMMV.Eels
9th Mar 14 12:55:43YMMV.Eels
9th Mar 14 12:55:29YMMV.Eels
8th Feb 14 02:48:42Awesome.Rugrats
4th Jan 14 10:39:11Narm.Live Action TV
4th Jan 14 10:38:46Narm.Live Action TV
4th Jan 14 10:36:01Narm.Live Action TV
24th Dec 13 10:39:23Awesome.Vertical Horizon
23rd Dec 13 08:39:34Awesome.Vertical Horizon
16th Dec 13 07:37:46Western Animation.What A Cartoon Show
10th Nov 13 04:41:57Tropers.Brain Sewage
28th Oct 13 07:02:40YMMV.Velvet Underground
22nd Oct 13 08:00:08YMMV.Tom And Jerry
22nd Oct 13 07:59:26YMMV.Tom And Jerry
17th Sep 13 08:14:04Nightmare Fuel.The Doors
14th Sep 13 10:37:03Administrivia.Work Pages In Main
14th Sep 13 09:08:21YMMV.George Starostin
14th Sep 13 09:01:14George Starostin
14th Sep 13 08:59:14George Starostin
14th Sep 13 08:51:39George Starostin
14th Sep 13 08:38:26George Starostin
14th Sep 13 08:37:22George Starostin
14th Sep 13 08:32:05George Starostin
14th Sep 13 08:24:10George Starostin
14th Sep 13 08:15:42George Starostin
14th Sep 13 08:08:18George Starostin
8th Sep 13 04:52:53YMMV.Collective Soul
31st Aug 13 08:07:00YMMV.Animorphs
6th Aug 13 08:53:33Music.Nick Drake
4th Aug 13 01:57:04Headscratchers.Pacific Rim
4th Aug 13 01:56:33Headscratchers.Pacific Rim
3rd Aug 13 10:51:20Film.Role Models
3rd Aug 13 10:42:25YMMV.The Pixies
5th Jul 13 10:00:14Narm.Star Wars
13th Jun 13 06:13:09WMG.Ed Edd N Eddy
16th May 13 10:44:35YMMV.Train
29th Apr 13 09:26:45WMG.Archer
29th Apr 13 08:23:36YMMV.Beck
29th Apr 13 08:06:02YMMV.Third Eye Blind
22nd Apr 13 07:17:15Useful Notes.Wales
22nd Apr 13 07:16:36Useful Notes.Wales
22nd Apr 13 07:00:59YMMV.The Ramones
20th Apr 13 05:05:49Funny.Adventure Time
20th Apr 13 02:12:44Tropers.Brain Sewage
20th Apr 13 02:12:05Tropers.Brain Sewage
17th Apr 13 08:03:43YMMV.The Road To El Dorado
10th Apr 13 08:26:37Music.Ween
10th Apr 13 08:26:04Music.Ween
8th Apr 13 09:02:34YMMV.Third Eye Blind
8th Apr 13 09:01:54Third Eye Blind
8th Apr 13 09:01:07Third Eye Blind
8th Apr 13 09:00:02Third Eye Blind
8th Apr 13 08:57:33YMMV.Third Eye Blind
8th Apr 13 08:50:36YMMV.Third Eye Blind
8th Apr 13 08:39:08Third Eye Blind
25th Mar 13 12:08:55Six Is Nine
17th Mar 13 11:41:51Music.The Shins
11th Mar 13 06:10:48Music.Styx
25th Feb 13 08:08:25Quotes.Pyrrhic Victory
25th Feb 13 07:28:54YMMV.King Crimson
25th Feb 13 07:14:21YMMV.The Shins
14th Feb 13 11:05:40Funny.Seinfeld
14th Feb 13 11:04:19Funny.Seinfeld
6th Feb 13 10:37:16WMG.Ed Edd N Eddy
6th Feb 13 10:36:11WMG.Ed Edd N Eddy
6th Feb 13 09:37:57Music.Eels
6th Feb 13 09:37:37Music.Eels
6th Feb 13 09:32:20Tear Jerker.Eels
23rd Jan 13 12:51:46Awesome.Tubular Bells
11th Jan 13 10:16:56YMMV.Pong
11th Jan 13 09:27:07Music.Nick Drake
11th Jan 13 09:22:42YMMV.Nick Drake
8th Jan 13 09:57:52Music.Blur
5th Jan 13 11:10:31Tropers.Brain Sewage
3rd Jan 13 05:45:32Music.Out Kast
30th Dec 12 09:19:15Western Animation.Archer
23rd Dec 12 10:58:23Funny.Key And Peele
17th Dec 12 03:43:49That One Level.Super Monkey Ball
11th Dec 12 10:27:24YMMV.Super Monkey Ball
11th Dec 12 06:06:25Music.The Ramones
11th Dec 12 04:10:34That One Level.Super Monkey Ball
11th Dec 12 04:08:01That One Level.Super Monkey Ball
6th Dec 12 10:39:08Literature.Green Eggs And Ham
27th Nov 12 03:27:49Funny.Tom And Jerry
27th Nov 12 02:53:17Radar.Ed Edd N Eddy
27th Nov 12 02:52:59Radar.Ed Edd N Eddy
27th Nov 12 02:50:19Radar.Ed Edd N Eddy
27th Nov 12 02:48:47Radar.Ed Edd N Eddy
26th Nov 12 10:15:06YMMV.Forfeit
26th Nov 12 10:13:50YMMV.Forfeit
26th Nov 12 05:20:17Fan Fic.Forfeit
25th Nov 12 10:41:42Fanfic Recs.Ed Edd N Eddy
25th Nov 12 10:38:50Fanfic.Forfeit
25th Nov 12 10:37:58Fanfic.Forfeit
25th Nov 12 10:37:31Fan Fic.Western Animation
25th Nov 12 10:36:53Fan Fic.Western Animation
25th Nov 12 10:34:56Fan Fic.Forfeit
25th Nov 12 10:17:55Fan Fic.Forfeit
25th Nov 12 10:14:43Fan Fic.Forfeit
25th Nov 12 10:14:01Fan Fic.Forfeit
25th Nov 12 10:08:31Fan Fic.Forfeit
25th Nov 12 10:02:13Fan Fic.Forfeit
25th Nov 12 09:54:18Fan Fic.Forfeit
25th Nov 12 09:40:45Fan Fic.Forfeit
25th Nov 12 09:40:33Fan Fic.Forfeit
23rd Nov 12 10:57:11Awesome Music.South Park
13th Nov 12 05:55:58YMMV.The Shins
23rd Oct 12 09:59:53Music.King Crimson
23rd Oct 12 09:59:51Music.King Crimson
22nd Oct 12 03:33:31YMMV.King Crimson
14th Oct 12 08:16:13WMG.Dan Vs
13th Oct 12 07:39:15Series.Everybody Loves Raymond
13th Oct 12 07:33:55Series.Everybody Loves Raymond
11th Oct 12 09:20:13Tropers.Brain Sewage
10th Oct 12 09:00:52Awesome Music.Pink Floyd
9th Oct 12 02:35:05Radar.Regular Show
25th Sep 12 08:21:15Awesome.Dire Straits
25th Sep 12 07:43:32Tropers.Brain Sewage
20th Sep 12 10:16:58All Lowercase Letters
19th Sep 12 08:04:08Characters.Character Development Thread
17th Sep 12 11:11:44Characters.Character Development Thread
12th Sep 12 07:32:18Heartwarming.Star Wars
5th Sep 12 10:29:37Characters.Character Development Thread
21st Aug 12 07:14:06YMMV.The Office US
15th Aug 12 01:51:35YMMV.The Ramones
15th Aug 12 01:43:38YMMV.The Ramones
12th Aug 12 11:05:01Music.Quadrophenia
12th Aug 12 11:04:34Music.Quadrophenia
12th Aug 12 11:03:48Music.Quadrophenia
12th Aug 12 10:32:49YMMV.Ween
21st Jul 12 11:40:44Music.Eels
21st Jul 12 11:37:17Music.Eels
6th Jul 12 12:58:48Anime.Zoids New Century
19th Jun 12 10:06:32Funny.Steely Dan
15th Jun 12 10:23:01Music.Ween
13th Jun 12 08:37:54YMMV.The Small Faces
13th Jun 12 06:43:39YMMV.Velvet Underground
1st Jun 12 04:21:31Awesome.Shadows Of The Empire
10th May 12 03:18:16Funny.Regular Show
4th May 12 11:45:26Four Temperament Ensemble
30th Apr 12 08:22:05Tear Jerker.House
30th Apr 12 05:10:27Funny.The Other Guys
27th Apr 12 08:35:16Funny.House
20th Apr 12 02:12:05YMMV.The Zombies
20th Apr 12 02:11:47YMMV.The Zombies
10th Apr 12 03:24:57Music.Fleetwood Mac
4th Apr 12 11:40:51YMMV.Klay World
21st Mar 12 04:47:17Radar.Sponge Bob Square Pants
12th Mar 12 01:49:08Characters.House
11th Mar 12 10:26:44Funny.The Powerpuff Girls
6th Mar 12 10:21:49Fanfic Recs.Ed Edd N Eddy
27th Feb 12 08:17:37Tear Jerker.Porcupine Tree
27th Feb 12 08:15:36Tear Jerker.Porcupine Tree
19th Feb 12 08:59:37YMMV.The Shins
13th Feb 12 11:07:12YMMV.The Shins
13th Feb 12 11:05:02Music.The Shins
13th Feb 12 10:36:28Music.The Shins
13th Feb 12 10:31:08Lead Bassist
13th Feb 12 10:27:19Music.The Shins
8th Feb 12 12:08:53Funny.Regular Show
8th Feb 12 12:08:19Funny.Regular Show
10th Jan 12 10:59:57YMMV.Eels
10th Jan 12 10:48:56Music.Eels
3rd Jan 12 10:52:47Back To Front
12th Dec 11 06:52:45Western Animation.Adventure Time
29th Nov 11 07:15:06YMMV.Sealab 2021
29th Nov 11 07:14:45YMMV.Sealab 2021
29th Nov 11 07:14:29Sealab 2021
29th Nov 11 07:14:11Sealab 2021
21st Nov 11 12:08:13The Shining
28th Oct 11 09:20:11YMMV.Velvet Underground
24th Oct 11 09:23:43Funny.Tom Waits
24th Oct 11 09:08:47One Paragraph Chapter
19th Oct 11 03:05:37Funny.Calvin And Hobbes
18th Oct 11 03:37:31Dexter's Laboratory
18th Oct 11 03:30:07Dexter's Laboratory
27th Sep 11 04:04:51Zoids Chaotic Century
26th Sep 11 08:51:06WMG.The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time