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25th Mar 15 04:56:31Music.Of Monsters And Men
25th Mar 15 01:02:37Music.Of Monsters And Men
24th Mar 15 08:02:33Funny.Person Of Interest
23rd Mar 15 10:13:13Webcomic.Archipelago
22nd Mar 15 11:42:59Video Game.Dustforce
16th Mar 15 09:45:01Video Game.Crypt Of The Necrodancer
11th Mar 15 09:02:24Funny.Person Of Interest
4th Mar 15 10:27:56Series.Criminal Minds
23rd Feb 15 09:37:53Characters.NCIS
23rd Feb 15 08:30:30Series.NCIS Los Angeles
26th Jan 15 09:43:30Webcomic.Dresden Codak
10th Jan 15 11:10:49Blah Blah Blah
10th Dec 14 09:59:11Webcomic.Dresden Codak
19th Nov 14 06:13:26Funny.Chip Cheezum
17th Nov 14 06:13:56Funny.Retsupurae
11th Nov 14 08:03:15Funny.Person Of Interest
1st Nov 14 03:02:11Video Game.Dustforce
14th Oct 14 08:39:29Webcomic.Archipelago
14th Oct 14 08:03:50Funny.Person Of Interest
10th Oct 14 10:59:59Video Game.Transistor
5th Oct 14 07:19:03Funny.Retsupurae
23rd Sep 14 08:28:45Funny.Person Of Interest
19th Sep 14 01:11:49Tastes Like Purple
17th Sep 14 12:33:05Series.Last Week Tonight With John Oliver
16th Sep 14 11:18:41Funny.Retsupurae
30th Aug 14 07:42:18Funny.Transistor
3rd Aug 14 01:16:15Video Game.Crypt Of The Necrodancer
14th Jul 14 05:41:20Quotes.Dwarffortress
24th Jun 14 09:08:45Series.The Daily Show
9th Jun 14 08:18:30Characters.Archipelago
25th May 14 04:40:26Video Game.Pokemon Stadium
14th May 14 08:34:22Series.Criminal Minds
14th May 14 07:13:27Series.Criminal Minds
13th May 14 02:46:55YMMV.Skullgirls
6th May 14 08:34:03Funny.Person Of Interest
30th Apr 14 10:18:24Series.Criminal Minds
3rd Apr 14 10:45:01Video Game.FTL Faster Than Light
13th Mar 14 06:04:24Webcomic.Archipelago
26th Feb 14 01:23:53Funny.Person Of Interest
25th Feb 14 07:30:52Webcomic.Vattu
16th Feb 14 10:54:05Webcomic.Archipelago
16th Feb 14 10:49:00Webcomic.Archipelago
3rd Feb 14 01:19:56Characters.Civilization
2nd Feb 14 08:21:14Funny.Proton Jon
16th Jan 14 10:22:07Characters.Civilization
14th Jan 14 07:56:17Series.Person Of Interest
7th Jan 14 08:44:36Series.Person Of Interest
6th Dec 13 11:16:03Characters.Archipelago
4th Dec 13 05:21:30Tropers.Blueeyedrat
8th Nov 13 12:49:10Webcomic.Archipelago
29th Oct 13 09:17:59Series.Person Of Interest
28th Oct 13 07:27:13Video Game.Space Chem
22nd Oct 13 08:04:43Funny.Person Of Interest
22nd Oct 13 08:01:35Awesome.Person Of Interest
14th Oct 13 08:48:04Awesome.Person Of Interest
14th Oct 13 08:42:21Funny.Person Of Interest
14th Oct 13 10:24:35Character Development Thread.Archipelago CDT
11th Oct 13 11:09:20YMMV.Skullgirls
9th Oct 13 10:18:45Webcomic.Archipelago
9th Oct 13 07:56:05Characters.Archipelago
2nd Oct 13 07:15:24Series.Criminal Minds
2nd Oct 13 05:27:16Characters.Archipelago
2nd Oct 13 05:05:02Awesome.Person Of Interest
1st Oct 13 08:04:00Funny.Person Of Interest
25th Sep 13 07:08:03Series.Criminal Minds
24th Sep 13 08:03:05Funny.Person Of Interest
2nd Aug 13 08:48:01Characters.Archipelago
26th Jul 13 08:13:03Characters.Archipelago
15th Jul 13 10:55:39Webcomic.Vattu
9th Jul 13 04:24:43Awesome Music.PC Only
8th Jul 13 01:47:22Awesome Music.PC Only
4th Jul 13 06:50:09Awesome Music.PC Only
3rd Jul 13 10:48:25Theatre.Seventeen Seventy Six
28th Jun 13 09:11:12Characters.Archipelago
25th May 13 09:02:56Character Development Thread.City
11th May 13 06:56:13Funny.Lackadaisy
5th May 13 09:46:55A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Read
26th Apr 13 09:29:18Video Game.Defense Grid The Awakening
24th Apr 13 05:40:20Video Game.Space Chem
22nd Apr 13 10:38:33Quotes.A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Read
22nd Apr 13 10:19:04Webcomic.Archipelago
20th Apr 13 10:38:29Characters.Archipelago
13th Apr 13 11:09:48Webcomic.Archipelago
12th Apr 13 05:59:58Characters.Archipelago
8th Apr 13 05:33:35Subliminal Seduction
29th Mar 13 09:05:27YMMV.Skullgirls
25th Mar 13 08:25:58Characters.Archipelago
19th Mar 13 01:41:21Video Game.Bastion
9th Mar 13 05:03:26Webcomic.The Meek
23rd Feb 13 07:06:53Webcomic.Archipelago
22nd Feb 13 10:37:26Webcomic.Archipelago
7th Feb 13 10:09:09Webcomic.Shortpacked
28th Jan 13 10:44:39Video Game.Defense Grid The Awakening
2nd Dec 12 10:51:07Tropers.Blueeyedrat
21st Nov 12 07:10:15Refused By The Call
3rd Nov 12 03:54:33Video Game.Space Chem
3rd Nov 12 03:53:23Video Game.Space Chem
12th Oct 12 10:55:18Webcomic.Archipelago
4th Oct 12 06:34:46Funny.Hellfire Commentaries
4th Oct 12 06:32:14Funny.Hellfire Commentaries
31st Aug 12 10:55:35Webcomic.Archipelago
29th Aug 12 01:08:01Characters.Archipelago
22nd Aug 12 11:20:28Gravity Is Only A Theory
6th Aug 12 04:09:38YMMV.Seventeen Seventy Six
29th Jul 12 10:39:25Lets Play.The Runaway Guys
16th Feb 12 08:06:49Tropers.Blueeyedrat
26th Dec 11 05:00:39Tropers.Blueeyedrat
26th Nov 11 04:14:05Tropers.Blueeyedrat
18th Oct 11 09:57:05City Planet
8th Oct 11 03:07:44Tropers.Blueeyedrat
17th Sep 11 08:05:44Tropers.Blueeyedrat