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12th Dec 17 08:02:35Characters.Civilization
7th Nov 17 03:46:27Webcomic.Paranatural
23rd Oct 17 01:56:13Video Game.Cities Skylines
20th Oct 17 11:52:49Web Video.Monster Factory
17th Oct 17 08:50:13Characters.Civilization
16th Oct 17 08:42:14Characters.Civilization
4th Oct 17 05:57:36Video Game.Eternal Card Game
22nd Sep 17 08:22:55Characters.Atomic Robo
13th Sep 17 11:15:56Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
6th Sep 17 05:16:46Self Fulfilling Prophecy
14th Aug 17 10:38:48Unwitting Test Subject
7th Aug 17 11:39:11You Should Have Died Instead
7th Aug 17 06:16:32You Should Have Died Instead
25th Jul 17 04:44:26Characters.Civilization
20th Jul 17 02:36:02Video Game.Eternal Card Game
20th Jul 17 02:32:26Video Game.Eternal Card Game
30th Jun 17 12:35:36Web Video.Monster Factory
11th Jun 17 11:44:56Recap.Steven Universe S 5 E 3 Off Colors
1st Jun 17 11:50:09Recap.Steven Universe S 5 E 3 Off Colors
1st Jun 17 11:23:57Recap.Steven Universe S 5 E 4 Lars Head
30th May 17 11:42:54Kangaroo Court.Western Animation
8th May 17 11:16:04Flash Step
7th Apr 17 03:07:01Characters.Hitman 2016
3rd Apr 17 11:22:31Web Video.Monster Factory
17th Mar 17 08:57:54Characters.Hitman 2016
15th Mar 17 08:10:17Characters.Hitman 2016
10th Mar 17 04:54:06Funny.Hitman 2016
24th Feb 17 05:02:11Characters.Hitman 2016
21st Feb 17 08:11:57Characters.Civilization
3rd Feb 17 06:17:09Webcomic.Archipelago
3rd Feb 17 06:16:13Completed Webcomics
1st Feb 17 06:34:19Funny.Hitman 2016
9th Jan 17 11:15:21Insignificant Little Blue Planet
5th Dec 16 03:38:22Little Known Facts
23rd Nov 16 07:55:47Music.OK Go
15th Nov 16 12:04:57Web Video.Monster Factory
5th Nov 16 08:58:37Web Video.Monster Factory
22nd Oct 16 11:10:42Foreign Language Tirade
7th Oct 16 08:40:18Quotes.Screw The Rules I Make Them
6th Oct 16 10:33:33Characters.Civilization
28th Sep 16 07:57:32Characters.Civilization
26th Sep 16 08:32:25Characters.Civilization
26th Sep 16 07:24:27Characters.Civilization
14th Sep 16 08:03:47Characters.Civilization
9th Sep 16 08:58:17Walk On The Wild Side Episode
7th Sep 16 07:30:22Characters.Civilization
4th Sep 16 09:57:15Hero With Bad Publicity
3rd Sep 16 05:14:25Characters.Civilization
3rd Sep 16 12:22:24Awesome Music.Steven Universe
30th Aug 16 07:49:40Characters.Civilization
23rd Aug 16 07:48:09Characters.Civilization
18th Aug 16 11:10:12Unreliable Voiceover
18th Aug 16 09:59:23That Was The Last Entry
17th Aug 16 07:07:58Characters.Civilization
14th Aug 16 05:10:57Abnormal Limb Rotation Range
10th Aug 16 07:36:46Web Video.Monster Factory
10th Aug 16 06:17:03Video Game.Death Road To Canada
9th Aug 16 02:56:38Armor Piercing Response
9th Aug 16 11:46:13Webcomic.Cucumber Quest
9th Aug 16 10:45:51Characters.Civilization
8th Aug 16 04:11:21Broken Pedestal
4th Aug 16 07:26:14Pile Bunker
3rd Aug 16 11:18:53Characters.Civilization
27th Jul 16 06:26:23Steven Universe.Tropes E To M
26th Jul 16 10:09:17Web Video.Monster Factory
26th Jul 16 07:20:00Characters.Civilization
21st Jul 16 04:09:31Characters.Civilization
13th Jul 16 03:27:50Quotes.Overwatch
13th Jul 16 12:16:19Quotes.Overwatch
8th Jul 16 09:16:02Characters.Civilization
8th Jul 16 12:11:18Awesome Music.Steven Universe
2nd Jul 16 07:21:13Video Game.Crypt Of The Necrodancer
28th Jun 16 07:26:12Characters.Civilization
25th Jun 16 10:58:08Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
25th Jun 16 09:30:43Web Video.Monster Factory
22nd Jun 16 09:37:10Quotes.Person Of Interest
22nd Jun 16 09:29:12Recap.Person Of Interest S 05 E 13
20th Jun 16 08:03:49Characters.Civilization
17th Jun 16 12:17:01OOC Is Serious Business.Western Animation
11th Jun 16 08:57:48The Starscream
5th Jun 16 05:12:23Steven Universe.Tropes S To Z
4th Jun 16 07:16:22Title Track
4th Jun 16 07:07:11Music.Electric Light Orchestra
31st May 16 11:22:55Quotes.World Of Cardboard Speech
31st May 16 08:22:17Person Of Interest.Tropes T To Z
31st May 16 02:33:09Quotes.Overwatch
25th May 16 07:54:21Characters.Civilization
24th May 16 06:42:43Steven Universe.Tropes E To M
24th May 16 05:55:38Emotional Powers
24th May 16 04:01:20Think Happy Thoughts
20th May 16 12:53:33Quotes.Overwatch
20th May 16 11:46:47Quotes.Overwatch
19th May 16 08:33:14Awesome Music.Steven Universe
19th May 16 03:44:10Video Game.Overwatch
19th May 16 03:07:15Video Game.Overwatch
19th May 16 11:38:34Quotes.Overwatch
19th May 16 10:45:08Quotes.Overwatch
18th May 16 09:11:01Funny.Chip Cheezum
18th May 16 09:06:48Funny.Chip Cheezum
16th May 16 08:04:24Recap.Person Of Interest S 05 E 04
15th May 16 11:21:33Recap.Person Of Interest S 05 E 04
15th May 16 10:26:04Title By Number
13th May 16 07:58:11Webcomic.Archipelago
5th May 16 10:46:32Funny.Chip Cheezum
4th May 16 07:33:38Series.Criminal Minds
4th May 16 07:32:56Series.Criminal Minds
4th May 16 07:27:02Series.Criminal Minds
4th May 16 12:22:19Web Video.Monster Factory
21st Apr 16 07:32:44Creator.Volition
20th Apr 16 07:33:50Series.Criminal Minds
13th Apr 16 08:06:48Sealed Evil In A Duel
6th Apr 16 08:18:18Sealed Evil In A Duel
7th Mar 16 08:50:45Minor Crime Reveals Major Plot
6th Mar 16 11:13:12Webcomic.Archipelago
6th Mar 16 09:53:19Never Found The Body
1st Mar 16 04:00:47Characters.Cucumber Quest
27th Feb 16 12:57:10Characters.Digger
22nd Feb 16 03:47:01Comicbook.Atomic Robo
22nd Feb 16 03:13:06Open Heart Dentistry
10th Feb 16 08:51:24Series.NCIS New Orleans
10th Feb 16 07:06:42Series.Criminal Minds
4th Feb 16 10:03:08Comicbook.Atomic Robo
3rd Feb 16 03:53:04Comicbook.Atomic Robo
3rd Feb 16 12:30:07Webcomic.Archipelago
28th Jan 16 06:36:01Webcomic.Cucumber Quest
28th Jan 16 01:40:47Video Game.Splatoon
28th Jan 16 12:14:23Webcomic.Cucumber Quest
28th Jan 16 11:23:39YMMV.Cucumber Quest
27th Jan 16 10:54:19Characters.Cucumber Quest
27th Jan 16 08:09:44Quotes.Atomic Robo
26th Jan 16 11:07:08Comicbook.Atomic Robo
21st Jan 16 11:16:30Comicbook.Atomic Robo
20th Jan 16 09:02:40Characters.Atomic Robo
20th Jan 16 07:09:46Series.Criminal Minds
13th Jan 16 10:57:19Series.Criminal Minds
11th Jan 16 05:33:08Not So Stoic
11th Jan 16 05:14:27Not So Stoic
11th Jan 16 01:54:35Comicbook.Atomic Robo
9th Jan 16 11:44:51Insignificant Little Blue Planet
8th Jan 16 11:59:25Western Animation.Steven Universe
8th Jan 16 11:25:13Western Animation.Steven Universe
8th Jan 16 10:27:28Awesome Music.Steven Universe
7th Jan 16 08:16:13Western Animation.Steven Universe
6th Jan 16 03:55:09Rescue Romance
6th Jan 16 01:36:13Quotes.Half Human Hybrid
6th Jan 16 01:14:58Involuntary Shapeshifter
5th Jan 16 11:27:54Awesome Music.Steven Universe
4th Jan 16 09:45:37Reassigned To Antarctica.Comic Books
1st Jan 16 10:44:14Stating The Simple Solution
29th Dec 15 06:57:31Awesome Music.Splatoon
28th Dec 15 08:29:35Refusal Of The Call
28th Dec 15 08:04:02Contrasting Sequel Main Character
28th Dec 15 07:41:21Contrasting Sequel Main Character
2nd Dec 15 07:53:07Series.Criminal Minds
29th Nov 15 07:31:52Quotes.History Repeats
27th Nov 15 11:13:09Hostage For Mac Guffin
25th Nov 15 08:43:42Tragic Hero
24th Nov 15 07:02:48Series.NCIS New Orleans
11th Nov 15 07:19:43Series.Criminal Minds
11th Nov 15 09:14:36Cross Referenced Titles
10th Nov 15 06:04:57Series.NCIS
10th Nov 15 12:33:03Characters.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft
8th Nov 15 09:13:18Comicbook.Atomic Robo
8th Nov 15 08:20:54Stupid Jetpack Hitler
8th Nov 15 08:08:27Steal The Surroundings
8th Nov 15 06:03:44Exact Time To Failure
5th Nov 15 08:58:01Series.Criminal Minds
3rd Nov 15 09:45:00Series.NCIS New Orleans
3rd Nov 15 08:51:25Series.NCIS New Orleans
30th Oct 15 11:36:38Tokyo Is The Center Of The Universe
28th Oct 15 09:48:01Awesome Music.Steven Universe
28th Oct 15 08:50:42Characters.Criminal Minds Un Subs
28th Oct 15 08:43:46Series.Criminal Minds
27th Oct 15 10:38:39Quotes.Reality Is Out To Lunch
25th Oct 15 09:16:16Characters.We Bare Bears
18th Oct 15 10:19:47Cry Laughing
15th Oct 15 03:44:34Shapeshifter Guilt Trip
14th Oct 15 10:34:36Awesome Music.Steven Universe
13th Oct 15 03:55:42Music.Of Monsters And Men
12th Oct 15 12:19:54Quotes.Obfuscating Stupidity
11th Oct 15 11:08:21Characters.Cucumber Quest
11th Oct 15 10:05:54You Are Better Than You Think You Are
11th Oct 15 12:54:30Awesome Music.Steven Universe
8th Oct 15 08:13:53Western Animation.Steven Universe
7th Oct 15 07:08:31Series.Criminal Minds
2nd Oct 15 06:54:13Contract On The Hitman
30th Sep 15 08:59:52Series.Criminal Minds
30th Sep 15 09:19:40Quotes.Could Say It But
28th Sep 15 10:30:10Quotes.You Already Changed The Past
28th Sep 15 10:14:45Awesome Music.Steven Universe
28th Sep 15 08:38:13Awesome.NCIS Los Angeles
24th Sep 15 10:25:08Western Animation.Steven Universe
24th Sep 15 09:59:00Quotes.Stage Mom
24th Sep 15 07:47:03Western Animation.Steven Universe
24th Sep 15 05:39:52Quotes.Too Soon
24th Sep 15 03:22:41Western Animation.Steven Universe
17th Sep 15 09:31:22Western Animation.Steven Universe
17th Sep 15 09:17:08Western Animation.Steven Universe
11th Sep 15 09:29:16Source Music
11th Sep 15 06:25:22Awesome Music.Steven Universe
6th Sep 15 10:51:05Video Game.Toki Tori
5th Sep 15 08:16:06Video Game.Toki Tori
4th Sep 15 09:25:28Video Game.Toki Tori
31st Aug 15 10:56:43Western Animation.Steven Universe
30th Aug 15 11:18:50Armor Piercing Question
30th Aug 15 11:10:59Western Animation.Ernest Et Celestine
30th Aug 15 10:50:05Western Animation.Steven Universe
26th Aug 15 11:55:30Comicbook.Atomic Robo
19th Aug 15 10:44:20Webcomic.Cucumber Quest
19th Aug 15 10:05:45Webcomic.Cucumber Quest
12th Aug 15 01:07:19Characters.Atomic Robo
12th Aug 15 12:16:03Comicbook.Atomic Robo
5th Aug 15 06:26:26Sarcastic Confession
27th Jul 15 09:42:49Knight Of Cerebus.Web Comics
25th Jul 15 07:03:37Western Animation.Steven Universe
19th Jul 15 06:19:39You Are Better Than You Think You Are
18th Jul 15 06:54:38Funny.Chip Cheezum
18th Jul 15 01:08:24Music.Of Monsters And Men
18th Jul 15 06:39:37Western Animation.Steven Universe
17th Jul 15 06:18:24Western Animation.Steven Universe
17th Jul 15 04:59:30Western Animation.Steven Universe
16th Jul 15 05:20:06Awesome Music.Steven Universe
15th Jul 15 05:18:23Trivia.Steven Universe
14th Jul 15 10:17:03Armor Piercing Question
13th Jul 15 10:42:09Awesome Music.Steven Universe
11th Jul 15 06:19:14Quotes.Mirror Match
11th Jul 15 06:14:08Mirror Match
8th Jul 15 10:37:47Western Animation.Steven Universe
6th Jul 15 11:45:29Webcomic.Archipelago
5th Jul 15 04:57:50Characters.Atomic Robo
5th Jul 15 11:19:06Theatre.Seventeen Seventy Six
4th Jul 15 06:47:10Theatre.Seventeen Seventy Six
29th Jun 15 10:28:15Awesome Music.Steven Universe
26th Jun 15 01:23:25Wrong Name Outburst
22nd Jun 15 04:54:26Awesome Music.Steven Universe
20th Jun 15 11:07:45Western Animation.Steven Universe
20th Jun 15 10:32:08Western Animation.Steven Universe
18th Jun 15 10:28:35Sequel Episode
18th Jun 15 08:56:37Mic Drop
18th Jun 15 05:47:42Whole Episode Flashback
18th Jun 15 05:42:14Loving A Shadow
17th Jun 15 10:37:01Not So Stoic
17th Jun 15 10:35:18Not So Stoic
16th Jun 15 04:39:55Quotes.Paranatural
16th Jun 15 03:58:25Quotes.Paranatural
16th Jun 15 06:51:40Western Animation.Steven Universe
15th Jun 15 04:44:52Armor Piercing Question
15th Jun 15 03:52:35Uncommon Time
15th Jun 15 03:40:57Video Game.Anno Domini
15th Jun 15 12:38:06Music.Of Monsters And Men
15th Jun 15 08:49:55Awesome Music.Steven Universe
15th Jun 15 08:43:22Awesome Music.Steven Universe
7th Jun 15 06:07:19Awesome Music.Steven Universe
7th Jun 15 06:02:32Awesome Music.Steven Universe
5th Jun 15 06:47:34Western Animation.Steven Universe
2nd Jun 15 07:02:10Quotes.Mortal Kombat X
2nd Jun 15 07:00:35Quotes.Mortal Kombat X
2nd Jun 15 07:12:56Armor Piercing Response
31st May 15 07:52:33YMMV.Cucumber Quest
29th May 15 11:24:37Webcomic.Cucumber Quest
29th May 15 10:46:14Shout Out.Steven Universe
27th May 15 12:12:37Uncommon Time
26th May 15 10:59:08Uncommon Time
24th May 15 05:51:48Characters.Atomic Robo
20th May 15 10:05:18That Came Out Wrong
19th May 15 11:24:35Quotes.Be Yourself
19th May 15 11:17:55Unperson
19th May 15 11:12:16Unperson
16th May 15 09:08:03Armor Piercing Question
16th May 15 09:00:56Armor Piercing Question
11th May 15 03:05:53Characters.Atomic Robo
11th May 15 01:02:04Characters.Atomic Robo
11th May 15 12:42:42Comicbook.Atomic Robo
11th May 15 07:01:34AI Is A Crapshoot
10th May 15 10:49:47Characters.Atomic Robo
10th May 15 07:39:40Video Game.Space Chem
10th May 15 05:33:00Quotes.Evil Cannot Comprehend Good
10th May 15 04:17:48Characters.Atomic Robo
10th May 15 09:55:54Quotes.Dangerously Genre Savvy
8th May 15 05:18:00Level Editor
8th May 15 01:02:25Comicbook.Atomic Robo
8th May 15 12:58:03Comicbook.Atomic Robo
6th May 15 05:11:47Mood Whiplash.Western Animation
6th May 15 08:59:25Webcomic.Dresden Codak
6th May 15 08:10:15Funny.Chip Cheezum
3rd May 15 11:29:46Comicbook.Atomic Robo
3rd May 15 11:25:02Characters.Mortal Kombat X
2nd May 15 07:30:07Literature.The Breadwinner
2nd May 15 06:32:08Comicbook.Atomic Robo
1st May 15 07:41:22Pre Mortem One Liner
1st May 15 06:53:04Funny.Retsupurae
30th Apr 15 10:55:37Cryptic Conversation
30th Apr 15 06:21:03Video Game.Crypt Of The Necrodancer
29th Apr 15 07:00:26Series.Criminal Minds
29th Apr 15 12:18:42Comicbook.Atomic Robo
28th Apr 15 10:05:08Funny.Person Of Interest
28th Apr 15 09:42:50Recap.Person Of Interest S 04 E 21
28th Apr 15 12:00:06Unperson
27th Apr 15 10:56:40Spot The Imposter
27th Apr 15 10:17:17Quotes.Be Yourself
27th Apr 15 08:58:41Transsexual
27th Apr 15 02:25:31Video Game.Crypt Of The Necrodancer
27th Apr 15 09:10:37Comicbook.Atomic Robo
21st Apr 15 04:54:17Video Game.Crypt Of The Necrodancer
18th Apr 15 10:54:53Selkies And Wereseals
18th Apr 15 10:42:33Headscratchers.Song Of The Sea
18th Apr 15 09:35:10The Magic Goes Away
18th Apr 15 08:40:11Funny.Song Of The Sea
16th Apr 15 08:13:27Plotline Death
15th Apr 15 08:05:39Recap.Person Of Interest S 04 E 20
31st Mar 15 08:37:53Video Game.Nuclear Throne
31st Mar 15 08:36:04Video Game.Nuclear Throne
30th Mar 15 12:29:42Comicbook.Atomic Robo
25th Mar 15 04:56:31Music.Of Monsters And Men
25th Mar 15 01:02:37Music.Of Monsters And Men
24th Mar 15 08:02:33Funny.Person Of Interest
23rd Mar 15 10:13:13Webcomic.Archipelago
22nd Mar 15 11:42:59Video Game.Dustforce
16th Mar 15 09:45:01Video Game.Crypt Of The Necrodancer
11th Mar 15 09:02:24Funny.Person Of Interest
4th Mar 15 10:27:56Series.Criminal Minds
23rd Feb 15 09:37:53Characters.NCIS
23rd Feb 15 08:30:30Series.NCIS Los Angeles
26th Jan 15 09:43:30Webcomic.Dresden Codak
10th Jan 15 11:10:49Blah Blah Blah
10th Dec 14 09:59:11Webcomic.Dresden Codak
19th Nov 14 06:13:26Funny.Chip Cheezum
17th Nov 14 06:13:56Funny.Retsupurae
11th Nov 14 08:03:15Funny.Person Of Interest
1st Nov 14 03:02:11Video Game.Dustforce
14th Oct 14 08:39:29Webcomic.Archipelago
14th Oct 14 08:03:50Funny.Person Of Interest
10th Oct 14 10:59:59Video Game.Transistor
5th Oct 14 07:19:03Funny.Retsupurae
23rd Sep 14 08:28:45Funny.Person Of Interest
19th Sep 14 01:11:49Tastes Like Purple
17th Sep 14 12:33:05Series.Last Week Tonight With John Oliver
16th Sep 14 11:18:41Funny.Retsupurae
30th Aug 14 07:42:18Funny.Transistor
3rd Aug 14 01:16:15Video Game.Crypt Of The Necrodancer
14th Jul 14 05:41:20Quotes.Dwarffortress
24th Jun 14 09:08:45Series.The Daily Show
9th Jun 14 08:18:30Characters.Archipelago
25th May 14 04:40:26Video Game.Pokemon Stadium
14th May 14 08:34:22Series.Criminal Minds
14th May 14 07:13:27Series.Criminal Minds
13th May 14 02:46:55YMMV.Skullgirls
6th May 14 08:34:03Funny.Person Of Interest
30th Apr 14 10:18:24Series.Criminal Minds
3rd Apr 14 10:45:01Video Game.FTL Faster Than Light
13th Mar 14 06:04:24Webcomic.Archipelago
26th Feb 14 01:23:53Funny.Person Of Interest
25th Feb 14 07:30:52Webcomic.Vattu
16th Feb 14 10:54:05Webcomic.Archipelago
16th Feb 14 10:49:00Webcomic.Archipelago
3rd Feb 14 01:19:56Characters.Civilization
2nd Feb 14 08:21:14Funny.Proton Jon
16th Jan 14 10:22:07Characters.Civilization
14th Jan 14 07:56:17Series.Person Of Interest
7th Jan 14 08:44:36Series.Person Of Interest
6th Dec 13 11:16:03Characters.Archipelago
4th Dec 13 05:21:30Tropers.Blueeyedrat
8th Nov 13 12:49:10Webcomic.Archipelago
29th Oct 13 09:17:59Series.Person Of Interest
28th Oct 13 07:27:13Video Game.Space Chem
22nd Oct 13 08:04:43Funny.Person Of Interest
22nd Oct 13 08:01:35Awesome.Person Of Interest
14th Oct 13 08:48:04Awesome.Person Of Interest
14th Oct 13 08:42:21Funny.Person Of Interest
14th Oct 13 10:24:35Character Development Thread.Archipelago CDT
11th Oct 13 11:09:20YMMV.Skullgirls
9th Oct 13 10:18:45Webcomic.Archipelago
9th Oct 13 07:56:05Characters.Archipelago
2nd Oct 13 07:15:24Series.Criminal Minds
2nd Oct 13 05:27:16Characters.Archipelago
2nd Oct 13 05:05:02Awesome.Person Of Interest
1st Oct 13 08:04:00Funny.Person Of Interest
25th Sep 13 07:08:03Series.Criminal Minds
24th Sep 13 08:03:05Funny.Person Of Interest
2nd Aug 13 08:48:01Characters.Archipelago
26th Jul 13 08:13:03Characters.Archipelago
15th Jul 13 10:55:39Webcomic.Vattu
9th Jul 13 04:24:43Awesome Music.PC Only
8th Jul 13 01:47:22Awesome Music.PC Only
4th Jul 13 06:50:09Awesome Music.PC Only
3rd Jul 13 10:48:25Theatre.Seventeen Seventy Six
28th Jun 13 09:11:12Characters.Archipelago
25th May 13 09:02:56Character Development Thread.City
11th May 13 06:56:13Funny.Lackadaisy
5th May 13 09:46:55A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Read
26th Apr 13 09:29:18Video Game.Defense Grid The Awakening
24th Apr 13 05:40:20Video Game.Space Chem
22nd Apr 13 10:38:33Quotes.A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Read
22nd Apr 13 10:19:04Webcomic.Archipelago
20th Apr 13 10:38:29Characters.Archipelago
13th Apr 13 11:09:48Webcomic.Archipelago
12th Apr 13 05:59:58Characters.Archipelago
8th Apr 13 05:33:35Subliminal Seduction
29th Mar 13 09:05:27YMMV.Skullgirls
25th Mar 13 08:25:58Characters.Archipelago