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9th Sep 14 01:14:20YMMV.QI
4th Jul 14 09:23:17Characters.Deadwood Hearst Company
7th Apr 14 09:48:06Trivia.World War Z
7th Apr 14 09:46:40Trivia.World War Z
16th Jul 13 07:21:03Awesome.Pacific Rim
16th Jul 13 07:20:51Awesome.Pacific Rim
7th Jul 13 05:22:45Shout Out.Cold Days
18th Nov 12 10:08:33Celebrity Paradox.Live Action TV
27th Oct 12 01:45:00Funny.Tom Hanks
9th Oct 12 06:39:13The Hunt For Red October
5th Aug 12 04:44:03Awesome.The Newsroom
21st Jul 12 10:57:01Tear Jerker.Bruce Springsteen
21st Jul 12 10:49:05Literature.Newsflesh
21st Jul 12 10:47:20Literature.Newsflesh
21st Jul 12 10:10:35WMG.Newsflesh
21st Jul 12 10:10:21WMG.Newsflesh
21st Jul 12 10:10:08WMG.Newsflesh
24th Jun 12 12:38:31The Boat That Rocked
19th Jun 12 08:09:18Quotes.Refuge In Audacity
19th Jun 12 08:08:29Quotes.Refuge In Audacity
24th May 12 12:50:04Music.Leonard Cohen
4th May 12 06:29:19Awesome.The Avengers
29th Apr 12 08:15:19Recap.Community S 3 E 17 Basic Lupine Urology
14th Apr 12 06:21:26Headscratchers.Titanic
12th Apr 12 03:54:13Headscratchers.Titanic
12th Apr 12 03:36:57Funny.Titanic
12th Apr 12 03:35:20Awesome.Titanic
12th Apr 12 12:14:38Mark Does Stuff
12th Apr 12 12:10:30YMMV.Mark Does Stuff
12th Apr 12 12:09:19Awesome.Mark Does Stuff
13th Mar 12 06:30:05Books That Bite
12th Mar 12 10:54:30Video Game.Mass Effect 3
1st Mar 12 07:45:29Medium Awareness
26th Feb 12 07:34:08Adorkable
26th Feb 12 07:32:31Mark Does Stuff
16th Feb 12 12:05:33Heartwarming.Fire Emblem Tellius
12th Feb 12 03:59:10YMMV.Spamalot
8th Feb 12 05:00:49Tropers.Bklyn Bruzer
31st Jan 12 08:50:12Troper IRC Channel
3rd Jan 12 06:58:29Music.Bruce Springsteen
3rd Jan 12 06:56:13Music.Bruce Springsteen
3rd Jan 12 06:54:10YMMV.Bruce Springsteen
3rd Jan 12 06:48:43Funny.Bruce Springsteen
3rd Jan 12 06:47:18Funny.Bruce Springsteen
3rd Jan 12 06:45:44Tear Jerker.Bruce Springsteen
25th Dec 11 12:10:13Shout Out.Films
25th Dec 11 12:09:47Shout Out.Films
25th Dec 11 12:07:16Trivia.Unstoppable
18th Dec 11 04:39:18Jekyll
6th Dec 11 05:50:49Funny.The Departed
28th Nov 11 11:56:17Trivia.Community
24th Nov 11 09:29:05Headscratchers.Metroid Prime
20th Nov 11 04:10:59Nerdist Podcast
15th Nov 11 08:37:12Funny.The Boat That Rocked
15th Nov 11 08:36:59Funny.The Boat That Rocked
15th Nov 11 01:43:19Came And Went
14th Nov 11 05:20:43Mark Reads Twilight
14th Nov 11 01:04:37Headscratchers.Captain America The First Avenger
11th Nov 11 05:21:00Down Periscope
31st Oct 11 01:11:52Call And Response Song
28th Oct 11 10:27:47Literature.World War Z
28th Oct 11 07:41:44Invaded States Of America
26th Oct 11 11:54:53Funny.Tom Lehrer
25th Oct 11 07:51:02Recap.Doctor Who NSS 1 E 5 World War Three
25th Oct 11 07:48:25Artistic License Ships
22nd Oct 11 05:48:59Funny.Young Frankenstein
21st Oct 11 04:11:26Funny.Machete
21st Oct 11 03:25:43Samuel L Jackson
21st Oct 11 02:27:13Music Of Note
12th Oct 11 03:17:18Radar.Live Action TV
12th Oct 11 03:09:14Radar.Live Action TV
10th Oct 11 01:43:34The Music Man
9th Oct 11 12:43:16Fridge.Unstoppable
26th Sep 11 07:42:48YMMV.Steven Moffat
25th Sep 11 08:50:09Recap.Doctor Who S 32 E 12 Closing Time
25th Sep 11 08:35:11Recap.Doctor Who S 32 E 12 Closing Time
24th Sep 11 01:30:41WMG.World War Z
24th Sep 11 01:30:04Headscratchers.World War Z
22nd Sep 11 09:58:08YMMV.Drive
22nd Sep 11 09:57:49YMMV.Drive
15th Sep 11 07:19:58The Un Smile