Bakunin's Recent Edits

6th Feb 13 02:57:15Terminal World
6th Feb 13 01:10:34The Big One
6th Feb 13 01:04:13Web Animation.Lucky Day Forever
6th Feb 13 12:55:37Creator.Gene Wolfe
6th Feb 13 12:13:24Creator.Gene Wolfe
6th Feb 13 12:12:15The Book Of All Hours
5th Feb 13 06:05:18Mile Long Ship
5th Feb 13 05:10:56Ultra Terrestrials
5th Feb 13 04:56:07Ultra Terrestrials
4th Feb 13 08:11:55The Alliance
3rd Feb 13 04:15:06Creator.John Ringo
31st Jan 13 04:09:07Creator.Greg Bear
31st Jan 13 03:30:48Perspective Flip
31st Jan 13 03:13:52Perspective Flip
31st Jan 13 02:38:53Perspective Flip
31st Jan 13 02:35:40Perspective Flip
31st Jan 13 02:34:49Time Crash
31st Jan 13 01:37:07Time Crash
30th Jan 13 11:48:01Bomb Throwing Anarchists
28th Jan 13 11:55:40Star Killing
28th Jan 13 11:28:08Star Of Bethlehem
27th Jan 13 06:10:54Ancient Conspiracy
27th Jan 13 02:37:10Egopolis
26th Jan 13 07:14:33The Corpse Stops Here
25th Jan 13 03:29:55Walking Spoiler
25th Jan 13 03:08:34And Now For Someone Completely Different
25th Jan 13 07:49:03Mohs.Speculative Science
24th Jan 13 06:46:27Mohs.One Big Lie
24th Jan 13 05:45:23The Handler
24th Jan 13 09:56:45Literature.Sherlock Holmes
24th Jan 13 06:22:44Church Of Happyology
23rd Jan 13 01:34:06Mysterious Informant
22nd Jan 13 11:00:38Capital Letters Are Magic
22nd Jan 13 10:50:48Capital Letters Are Magic
19th Jan 13 09:55:03Building Tales
19th Jan 13 09:16:51Web Animation.Lucky Day Forever
19th Jan 13 09:15:06Web Animation.Lucky Day Forever
19th Jan 13 07:55:55Human Resources
18th Jan 13 04:53:19Government Conspiracy
18th Jan 13 01:12:12Nebulous Criminal Conspiracy
18th Jan 13 07:43:24Silent Majority
18th Jan 13 07:38:18Creator.La Rochefoucauld
18th Jan 13 07:35:16Literature.Beggars In Spain
18th Jan 13 07:18:19Literature.Beggars In Spain
18th Jan 13 05:33:25Holiday In Cambodia
12th Jan 13 04:48:13I Know Your True Name
8th Jan 13 03:04:33Sweet And Sour Grapes
8th Jan 13 03:02:10Sweet And Sour Grapes
8th Jan 13 10:18:56The War On Terror
8th Jan 13 09:23:36Twenty Minutes Into The Present
8th Jan 13 08:45:11Twenty Minutes Into The Past
7th Jan 13 04:23:07Oppressive States Of America
6th Jan 13 09:16:22Mental Time Travel
6th Jan 13 06:26:58Mental Time Travel
6th Jan 13 06:26:22The Consul
4th Jan 13 02:44:49Attractive Bent Species
3rd Jan 13 08:37:51World War Whatever
3rd Jan 13 05:24:02Always V Sexy
31st Dec 12 04:27:53We Sell Everything
30th Dec 12 06:48:26It Was Here I Swear
30th Dec 12 02:11:39I Want My Jetpack
29th Dec 12 01:58:47What The Hell Is That Accent
29th Dec 12 10:37:42Floating Head Syndrome
29th Dec 12 09:19:41Shut Up Kirk
29th Dec 12 06:17:22Evil All Along
28th Dec 12 05:04:20Night Shift
28th Dec 12 04:04:08Earthquakes Cause Fissures
28th Dec 12 03:54:08Earthquakes Cause Fissures
28th Dec 12 07:44:04Anime.Robot Carnival
28th Dec 12 07:28:45Anime.Robot Carnival
27th Dec 12 05:45:00This Is Going To Be Huge
27th Dec 12 02:03:59It Will Never Catch On
27th Dec 12 01:02:26It Will Never Catch On
9th Dec 12 03:25:52Ludd Was Right
17th Nov 12 06:51:16Slave To PR
20th Oct 12 04:14:31Covert Group With Mundane Front
15th Oct 12 03:14:59Direct Line To The Author
29th Sep 12 02:50:47Something Only They Would Say
29th Sep 12 02:27:20Something Only They Would Say
29th Sep 12 02:13:06Something Only They Would Say
24th Sep 12 03:24:51Bigger Is Better In Bed
24th Sep 12 02:58:18Offscreen Teleportation
20th Sep 12 11:51:45Never Was This Universe
18th Sep 12 10:28:03Alternate History
18th Sep 12 09:44:45Alternate History
17th Sep 12 12:49:33The Dog Was The Mastermind
16th Sep 12 04:21:50May Contain Evil
16th Sep 12 04:17:47May Contain Evil
16th Sep 12 01:41:21Full Circle Revolution
15th Sep 12 02:32:52Kudzu Plot
15th Sep 12 12:06:07Manga.Billy Bat
15th Sep 12 10:35:48Just Eat Gilligan
14th Sep 12 05:15:14Warchild Series
14th Sep 12 04:21:34Big Brother Is Employing You
14th Sep 12 02:23:18The Long Walk
14th Sep 12 02:05:34Comicbook.Silent Hill
13th Sep 12 06:28:23Heroic RROD
13th Sep 12 06:24:39Heroic RROD
13th Sep 12 05:06:25Flawed Prototype
11th Sep 12 11:11:40Sudden Downer Ending
8th Sep 12 06:04:18Prequel In The Lost Age
8th Sep 12 10:38:59Weird Trade Union
7th Sep 12 06:33:20Mechanical Evolution
4th Sep 12 08:14:29Video Game.Hexen
4th Sep 12 06:26:46Digitized Hacker
1st Sep 12 10:50:04Comic Book.Artesia
30th Aug 12 06:29:52Flash Sideways
30th Aug 12 02:49:51Would Be Rude To Say Genocide
29th Aug 12 09:35:53Fallen States Of America
29th Aug 12 07:29:39Surveillance As The Plot Demands
29th Aug 12 03:40:33A Planet Called Treason
29th Aug 12 02:43:20One Product Planet
29th Aug 12 01:52:06Generican Empire
14th Aug 12 06:01:49The History Of The Galaxy
14th Aug 12 05:08:07Higher Tech Species
14th Aug 12 04:57:29Higher Tech Species
10th Aug 12 07:14:36Canon Welding
3rd Aug 12 02:10:33Creator.Michael Moorcock
3rd Aug 12 02:04:21Creator.Michael Moorcock
3rd Aug 12 01:17:36Fictional Political Party
3rd Aug 12 12:36:23Fictional Political Party
3rd Aug 12 12:34:09Fictional Political Party
3rd Aug 12 09:35:42Hauled Before A Senate Sub Committee
3rd Aug 12 09:23:41Hauled Before A Senate Sub Committee
3rd Aug 12 08:50:22Hauled Before A Senate Sub Committee
29th Jul 12 06:50:41Mary Suetopia
29th Jul 12 06:18:34Mary Suetopia
29th Jul 12 06:04:02Mary Suetopia
29th Jul 12 06:02:11Mary Suetopia
29th Jul 12 03:00:13Complaining About Rescues They Dont Like
26th Jul 12 11:49:49A World Half Full
26th Jul 12 11:39:16A World Half Full
26th Jul 12 10:35:51Interstellar Weapon
26th Jul 12 09:53:07Police State
26th Jul 12 09:50:24Police State
24th Jul 12 06:38:25Alastair Reynolds
24th Jul 12 05:02:42Kryptonite Is Everywhere
24th Jul 12 04:41:28Kryptonite Proof Suit
24th Jul 12 04:05:03Post Modern Magik
24th Jul 12 03:58:35Post Modern Magik
24th Jul 12 03:52:11Post Modern Magik
24th Jul 12 03:46:25Post Modern Magik
24th Jul 12 02:51:02Muggle Power
24th Jul 12 01:23:31Culture Police
24th Jul 12 01:15:03Culture Police
24th Jul 12 01:09:39Culture Police
24th Jul 12 12:07:00Popcultural Osmosis Failure
15th Jul 12 07:48:13Big Blackout
15th Jul 12 07:03:41Elseworld
15th Jul 12 06:55:29Elseworld
13th Jul 12 07:54:30City Planet
13th Jul 12 04:41:03Break Out The Museum Piece
13th Jul 12 02:49:14Adminisphere
13th Jul 12 02:26:42Boom Town
13th Jul 12 12:52:36Shining City
13th Jul 12 12:50:54Shining City
13th Jul 12 12:04:10The Ark
12th Jul 12 08:26:46Space Cold War
12th Jul 12 07:37:29Space Is An Ocean
12th Jul 12 07:35:28Space Is An Ocean
12th Jul 12 06:12:06Future Imperfect
12th Jul 12 06:05:51Future Imperfect
12th Jul 12 05:55:58Space People
5th Jul 12 07:56:53Fling A Light Into The Future
5th Jul 12 07:39:32Fling A Light Into The Future
5th Jul 12 07:32:30Fling A Light Into The Future
5th Jul 12 07:25:48Fling A Light Into The Future
5th Jul 12 07:17:20Big Dumb Object
5th Jul 12 07:06:11Big Dumb Object
5th Jul 12 07:01:07Big Dumb Object
5th Jul 12 07:00:05Big Dumb Object
5th Jul 12 06:56:26Big Dumb Object
28th Jun 12 08:07:00Inn Between The Worlds
28th Jun 12 08:00:42Inn Between The Worlds
28th Jun 12 07:54:07Inn Between The Worlds
28th Jun 12 07:18:51Multicultural Alien Planet
28th Jun 12 06:24:44Metro City Chronicles
28th Jun 12 05:57:09Absent Aliens
28th Jun 12 05:45:24Strange Days
28th Jun 12 05:00:18Explosive Breeder
28th Jun 12 04:43:58Literature.Break Of Dark
28th Jun 12 02:49:47Population Control
27th Jun 12 06:24:16Curtain Camouflage
17th Jun 12 01:36:30Fauxlosophic Narration
17th Jun 12 12:08:47First Person Peripheral Narrator
17th Jun 12 11:54:59First Person Peripheral Narrator
17th Jun 12 11:50:40First Person Peripheral Narrator
14th Jun 12 10:38:00Advert Overloaded Future
10th Jun 12 05:11:52Anime.Sol Bianca
10th Jun 12 05:10:50Anime.Sol Bianca
10th Jun 12 05:08:47Anime.Sol Bianca
10th Jun 12 04:47:16Earth That Was
10th Jun 12 04:08:59Earth That Used To Be Better
10th Jun 12 03:16:18And Man Grew Proud
9th Jun 12 06:50:51Off The Shelf FX
9th Jun 12 06:30:08Serkis Folk
9th Jun 12 06:18:31Non Standard Character Design
8th Jun 12 06:27:59Because Im Jonesy
8th Jun 12 06:07:43Protagonist Without A Past
8th Jun 12 05:41:33Amnesiac Dissonance
8th Jun 12 05:25:51Deprogram
8th Jun 12 05:08:04Memory Gambit
8th Jun 12 04:55:15Memory Gambit
8th Jun 12 04:38:14Trigger Phrase
26th May 12 08:14:08Organization With Unlimited Funding
26th May 12 07:59:10King Incognito
26th May 12 07:58:13King Incognito
26th May 12 07:55:34King Incognito
26th May 12 07:54:49King Incognito
26th May 12 07:52:10King Incognito
26th May 12 07:48:18King Incognito
26th May 12 07:48:07King Incognito
26th May 12 07:41:16King Incognito
24th May 12 03:01:36Pac Man Fever
24th May 12 02:25:37Pac Man Fever
24th May 12 02:06:25Pac Man Fever
24th May 12 01:45:49Pac Man Fever
24th May 12 01:40:10Film.Stay Alive
24th May 12 01:37:24Hollywood Game Design
24th May 12 12:52:17Unfriendly Fire
24th May 12 12:00:17Klingon Promotion
24th May 12 11:58:13Klingon Promotion
24th May 12 11:51:48Klingon Promotion
24th May 12 11:43:17Klingon Promotion
24th May 12 10:51:20Treachery Cover Up
24th May 12 10:04:33Field Promotion
24th May 12 09:52:09Field Promotion
24th May 12 09:50:50Field Promotion
24th May 12 08:36:55Unexpected Successor
21st May 12 12:39:29Celebrity Paradox
21st May 12 12:17:11Celebrity Paradox
21st May 12 11:42:24Celebrity Paradox
21st May 12 11:06:22Celebrity Paradox
21st May 12 11:04:23Celebrity Paradox
21st May 12 10:56:19Celebrity Paradox
21st May 12 10:48:31Celebrity Paradox
21st May 12 10:33:59Celebrity Paradox
21st May 12 07:58:33Like Reality Unless Noted
8th May 12 06:42:14Ivy League For Everyone
8th May 12 03:32:08Tautological Templar
8th May 12 02:51:16Obstructive Zealot
8th May 12 02:37:20Inspector Javert
8th May 12 02:35:24Inspector Javert
8th May 12 01:16:51Laconic.All There Is To Know About The Crying Game
5th May 12 05:48:29Superhero School
5th May 12 05:47:18Superhero School
5th May 12 05:46:32Superhero School
5th May 12 05:44:40Superhero School
5th May 12 05:42:22Superhero School
5th May 12 05:40:30Superhero School
5th May 12 04:57:58Old Superhero
5th May 12 04:50:41Old Superhero
5th May 12 04:49:35Old Superhero
5th May 12 03:51:47Anime.Turn A Gundam
5th May 12 03:42:21Manga.King Of Bandit Jing
5th May 12 01:25:35Animesque
29th Apr 12 03:09:18Gundamjack
29th Apr 12 02:53:00Falling Into The Cockpit
29th Apr 12 02:51:42Falling Into The Cockpit
29th Apr 12 02:25:43You Are In Command Now
29th Apr 12 02:24:38You Are In Command Now
29th Apr 12 02:19:00You Are In Command Now
29th Apr 12 02:12:05You Are In Command Now
29th Apr 12 02:10:40You Are In Command Now
29th Apr 12 02:02:55You Are In Command Now
29th Apr 12 01:52:36You Are In Command Now
29th Apr 12 01:44:15You Are In Command Now
28th Apr 12 09:10:50Token Minority
26th Apr 12 12:06:13Permanent Elected Official
26th Apr 12 09:50:31Anime.Wings Of Honneamise Royal Space Force
26th Apr 12 09:49:11Constructed World
26th Apr 12 09:11:41Peace Conference
26th Apr 12 09:08:35Peace Conference
26th Apr 12 09:02:00Peace Conference
26th Apr 12 08:31:03Thrown From The Zeppelin
26th Apr 12 08:15:19Board To Death
26th Apr 12 08:08:59Board To Death
26th Apr 12 07:46:12Bad Guys Do The Dirty Work
26th Apr 12 07:13:31Genius Breeding Act
26th Apr 12 06:17:48Would Be Rude To Say Genocide
26th Apr 12 06:15:39Would Be Rude To Say Genocide
26th Apr 12 05:25:22Moral Myopia
25th Apr 12 07:13:49Hugh Mann
25th Apr 12 07:11:20Hugh Mann
25th Apr 12 07:09:57Hugh Mann
25th Apr 12 06:20:06Why Do You Keep Changing Jobs
25th Apr 12 05:53:49Glory Hound
25th Apr 12 03:51:36Kicked Upstairs
25th Apr 12 03:28:19Kicked Upstairs
25th Apr 12 03:15:46Kicked Upstairs
24th Apr 12 03:18:29Film.District 9
24th Apr 12 04:04:15Incompetence Inc
23rd Apr 12 06:38:54No Communities Were Harmed
23rd Apr 12 05:14:31Writing Around Trademarks
23rd Apr 12 03:56:43Captain Ersatz
21st Apr 12 01:57:32United Nations
21st Apr 12 01:48:42United Nations
21st Apr 12 01:28:34Mnogo Nukes Other
21st Apr 12 01:08:32Big International Clubs
20th Apr 12 05:52:37The Eternal Churchill
20th Apr 12 05:32:16No Transhumanism Allowed
20th Apr 12 04:36:45No Such Thing As Wizard Jesus
20th Apr 12 03:56:13There Are No Global Consequences
20th Apr 12 02:50:23Retool
20th Apr 12 02:46:12Retool
20th Apr 12 02:28:01Alternate Universe Reed Richards Is Awesome
20th Apr 12 12:59:33The World Is Not Ready
20th Apr 12 12:53:09There Are No Good Executives