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1st Apr 13 01:46:35Drinking Game.Dragonball Z
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26th Mar 13 12:32:43Characters.Bates Motel
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25th Mar 13 11:56:20Series.True Blood
25th Mar 13 10:04:48Film.The Departed
21st Mar 13 04:12:02Series.Bates Motel
17th Mar 13 04:55:28Quotes.Boardwalk Empire
17th Mar 13 03:52:10In Treatment
17th Mar 13 03:47:39In Treatment
16th Mar 13 01:58:06Series.The Americans
16th Mar 13 01:55:26Series.The Americans
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1st Mar 13 05:38:43YMMV.The Americans
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1st Mar 13 02:26:52Series.The Newsroom
1st Mar 13 08:34:42YMMV.Game Of Thrones
28th Feb 13 06:58:31Film.The Last Supper
28th Feb 13 06:34:14Series.The Americans
28th Feb 13 06:30:21Awesome.The Americans
28th Feb 13 06:29:13Awesome.The Americans
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25th Feb 13 10:31:21Recap.Game Of Thrones S 2 E 1 The North Rememebers
22nd Feb 13 03:20:38Funny.The King Of Queens
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22nd Feb 13 01:28:38Series.The King Of Queens
22nd Feb 13 03:22:54Series.Boardwalk Empire
22nd Feb 13 03:16:56Film.Spider Man Trilogy
22nd Feb 13 03:15:37Film.Spider Man Trilogy
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21st Feb 13 10:55:59Series.The Americans
21st Feb 13 10:50:43Series.The Americans
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18th Feb 13 03:43:27Headscratchers.Boardwalk Empire
17th Feb 13 02:48:01Mystic River
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16th Feb 13 09:27:17Series.The Americans
15th Feb 13 09:26:00Series.The Americans
15th Feb 13 09:21:54Series.The Americans
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13th Feb 13 09:00:16Series.The Americans
13th Feb 13 08:54:05Series.The Americans
13th Feb 13 07:44:17Film.A Beautiful Mind
13th Feb 13 07:36:16Film.The Aviator
12th Feb 13 10:45:47Film.Sixteen Blocks
12th Feb 13 08:15:35Characters.Boardwalk Empire
11th Feb 13 01:00:49Film.The Siege
11th Feb 13 12:59:58Series.The Americans
11th Feb 13 01:56:06YMMV.The Avengers
11th Feb 13 01:41:19All Gays Love Theater
11th Feb 13 01:23:21Funny.The Americans
11th Feb 13 01:19:03Film.The Departed
11th Feb 13 01:13:14Film.The Departed
9th Feb 13 05:40:07Heartwarming.The Americans
9th Feb 13 08:15:38Trouble Entendre
9th Feb 13 07:59:01Western Animation.Archer
9th Feb 13 07:07:37Film.Pulp Fiction
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9th Feb 13 12:51:54YMMV.Boardwalk Empire
9th Feb 13 12:32:53Characters.Boardwalk Empire
8th Feb 13 05:38:31YMMV.Smallville
8th Feb 13 05:37:24YMMV.Smallville
8th Feb 13 03:21:45YMMV.Boardwalk Empire
8th Feb 13 01:58:10Film.The Departed
8th Feb 13 06:47:01Series.The Americans
8th Feb 13 06:23:30Western Animation.Archer
7th Feb 13 05:40:13Kevin Hart
7th Feb 13 05:39:14Kevin Hart
4th Feb 13 02:21:59YMMV.The Americans
4th Feb 13 12:18:22Comic Strip.The Boondocks
4th Feb 13 12:15:05Comic Strip.The Boondocks
3rd Feb 13 11:15:31Slouch Of Villainy
3rd Feb 13 11:14:55Slouch Of Villainy
2nd Feb 13 08:10:27YMMV.The Last Supper
2nd Feb 13 05:42:15WMG.American Horror Story
2nd Feb 13 05:26:29YMMV.Dragon Ball
2nd Feb 13 12:33:49Fridge.Scream
2nd Feb 13 12:01:50WMG.Boardwalk Empire
31st Jan 13 07:08:08Characters.Veep
29th Jan 13 08:29:35Series.Martin
28th Jan 13 07:33:59YMMV.Game Of Thrones
28th Jan 13 07:28:59Film.The Dark Knight
28th Jan 13 07:28:16Film.The Dark Knight
28th Jan 13 06:48:27Characters.Game Of Thrones Nights Watch
27th Jan 13 11:06:55Headscratchers.Inception
27th Jan 13 06:02:36Tropers.Aviator Fan
27th Jan 13 06:01:26Tropers.Aviator Fan
27th Jan 13 05:41:35Tropers.Aviator Fan
27th Jan 13 05:35:01Tropers.Aviator Fan
27th Jan 13 02:57:10Aviator Fan
27th Jan 13 01:16:47Series.American Horror Story
27th Jan 13 01:12:44YMMV.Boardwalk Empire
26th Jan 13 07:32:00Series.Martin
26th Jan 13 07:02:52Series.Boy Meets World
25th Jan 13 03:39:19Painful Rhyme
18th Jan 13 05:15:49Adorkable.Real Life
18th Jan 13 04:38:31Series.The Newsroom
18th Jan 13 02:25:12Series.The Newsroom
18th Jan 13 02:08:06Series.The Newsroom
18th Jan 13 11:19:34Series.The Newsroom
18th Jan 13 10:01:15Series.The Newsroom
18th Jan 13 09:37:07Series.The Newsroom
18th Jan 13 09:20:47YMMV.Boardwalk Empire
18th Jan 13 01:01:39YMMV.Boardwalk Empire
17th Jan 13 05:12:36YMMV.Boardwalk Empire
16th Jan 13 06:27:17Series.Boardwalk Empire
16th Jan 13 04:25:51Always Second Best
16th Jan 13 03:37:35YMMV.In Treatment
16th Jan 13 03:34:03In Treatment
16th Jan 13 03:29:37In Treatment
16th Jan 13 01:17:50Film.Heathers
16th Jan 13 02:35:33Characters.Boardwalk Empire
16th Jan 13 02:28:57Characters.Boardwalk Empire
16th Jan 13 02:01:19Music.The Killers
16th Jan 13 01:53:10Characters.True Blood-Vampires
16th Jan 13 01:47:47YMMV.The Killers
16th Jan 13 01:38:45Film.The Faculty
16th Jan 13 01:30:42YMMV.The Faculty
16th Jan 13 01:13:19Series.American Horror Story
15th Jan 13 05:30:47YMMV.Brimstone
15th Jan 13 05:18:18Kevin Bacon
15th Jan 13 05:06:10Place Worse Than Death
15th Jan 13 04:43:08Place Worse Than Death
15th Jan 13 04:28:49Useful Notes.Philadelphia
14th Jan 13 06:12:45Comicbook.Lucifer
14th Jan 13 03:52:13Film.Lincoln
14th Jan 13 03:34:15Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist
14th Jan 13 08:38:24Protagonist Centered Morality
14th Jan 13 07:49:51Age Cut
14th Jan 13 07:08:42In Treatment
14th Jan 13 07:00:27Heartwarming.In Treatment
14th Jan 13 06:52:15Boardwalk Empire
14th Jan 13 06:51:39Boardwalk Empire
14th Jan 13 06:42:43Film.The Social Network
14th Jan 13 05:35:16Strangled By The Red String
13th Jan 13 08:53:54Waistcoat Of Style
13th Jan 13 08:32:18YMMV.The Dark Knight
13th Jan 13 05:36:49Boardwalk Empire
13th Jan 13 05:36:46Boardwalk Empire
13th Jan 13 05:14:53Protagonist Centered Morality
12th Jan 13 05:57:19Strangled By The Red String
12th Jan 13 05:07:15Funny.The King Of Queens
12th Jan 13 04:41:02YMMV.Michael Clayton
12th Jan 13 04:31:15Michael Clayton
12th Jan 13 03:50:59Series.The Newsroom
12th Jan 13 07:42:06Series.The Newsroom
12th Jan 13 07:33:11YMMV.Lady Gaga
12th Jan 13 07:07:08Series.The Newsroom
12th Jan 13 06:57:28YMMV.The Newsroom
12th Jan 13 06:52:27Series.The Newsroom
12th Jan 13 06:40:11Series.American Horror Story
12th Jan 13 06:17:35Piss Take Rap
12th Jan 13 06:10:33Funny.The King Of Queens
12th Jan 13 06:06:02Useful Notes.Los Angeles
12th Jan 13 06:00:00Big Applesauce
12th Jan 13 05:32:56Funny.The King Of Queens
12th Jan 13 05:13:38Characters.Boardwalk Empire
11th Jan 13 07:44:58Poor Mans Substitute
11th Jan 13 05:47:43Kevin Hart
11th Jan 13 04:59:58Sugar Wiki.He Really Can Act
11th Jan 13 04:34:16Boardwalk Empire
11th Jan 13 04:31:35Boardwalk Empire
11th Jan 13 04:27:29Boardwalk Empire
11th Jan 13 03:55:09Boardwalk Empire
11th Jan 13 03:25:12Boardwalk Empire
11th Jan 13 02:33:27Darth Wiki.Intercourse With You
11th Jan 13 02:15:53Villain Whitewashing.Tropers Other To B
11th Jan 13 01:58:03Ruined FOREVER.Anime And Manga
11th Jan 13 01:51:06Character Gush.Live Action TV
11th Jan 13 06:42:58Characters.Boardwalk Empire
11th Jan 13 06:23:47YMMV.Metric
11th Jan 13 05:46:02Series.Veep
11th Jan 13 05:03:08Protagonist Centered Morality
10th Jan 13 10:36:26YMMV.True Blood
10th Jan 13 10:19:04The Aviator
10th Jan 13 10:04:29Music.Taylor Swift
10th Jan 13 09:50:24Film.Fifty Fifty
10th Jan 13 09:42:48Film.The Avengers
10th Jan 13 09:30:34Funny People
10th Jan 13 09:21:06Funny People
10th Jan 13 09:02:28YMMV.Boardwalk Empire
10th Jan 13 08:38:14Funny People
10th Jan 13 08:25:30Characters.Boardwalk Empire
10th Jan 13 08:13:49Characters.Boardwalk Empire
10th Jan 13 08:03:32YMMV.Boardwalk Empire
10th Jan 13 07:42:58Needs More Love.Film
10th Jan 13 07:36:25Funny People