20th Dec 14 08:10:04Shrouded In Myth
20th Dec 14 08:02:48Living Prop
20th Dec 14 07:59:43Goggles Do Nothing
20th Dec 14 07:55:26Diplomatic Impunity
20th Dec 14 07:51:46Joker Immunity
20th Dec 14 07:45:28It Is Dehumanizing
20th Dec 14 07:35:23Enemy To All Living Things
20th Dec 14 07:35:12Enemy To All Living Things
20th Dec 14 07:32:38You Killed My Father
20th Dec 14 07:23:26Multicolored Hair
20th Dec 14 07:19:26Pretty Fly For A White Guy
20th Dec 14 07:13:04Friendly Address Privileges
20th Dec 14 07:11:37Touched By Vorlons
20th Dec 14 07:09:01Shapeshifters Do It For A Change
20th Dec 14 07:06:29Empty Shell
20th Dec 14 07:03:00Instant Costume Change
20th Dec 14 07:01:59Crush Kill Destroy
20th Dec 14 06:58:47Villainous Rescue
20th Dec 14 06:55:32Hero With An F In Good
20th Dec 14 06:29:46Misery Builds Character
20th Dec 14 06:26:32Extra Normal Institute
20th Dec 14 06:19:54Whole Costume Reference
20th Dec 14 06:15:21Superhero School
20th Dec 14 06:10:10Noodle Incident.Comic Books
20th Dec 14 06:09:15Expressive Accessory
20th Dec 14 06:05:20Girlfriend In Canada
20th Dec 14 06:01:46Captain Ersatz.Comic Books
20th Dec 14 06:01:10Bruce Lee C Lone
20th Dec 14 05:56:26Secret Other Family
20th Dec 14 05:53:04Shipped In Shackles
20th Dec 14 05:52:02Alpha Bitch.Comic Books
20th Dec 14 05:51:42Driven To Suicide.Comic Books
20th Dec 14 05:50:26Millitary Rank Superhero Villain Names
20th Dec 14 05:47:39Barbie Doll Anatomy
20th Dec 14 04:51:15Not A Morning Person
20th Dec 14 04:48:14Dye Hard
20th Dec 14 04:30:12Logical Weakness
20th Dec 14 04:27:35Wild Card
20th Dec 14 04:25:15Insult Backfire
20th Dec 14 04:09:54Chest Insignia
20th Dec 14 04:06:42Blown Across The Room
20th Dec 14 03:57:24Costume Inertia
20th Dec 14 03:54:28Excessive Evil Eyeshadow
20th Dec 14 03:52:48A Dick In Name
20th Dec 14 03:48:55Fur And Loathing
20th Dec 14 03:44:22Mindlink Mates
20th Dec 14 03:40:17Mental Affair
20th Dec 14 03:38:42The Un Favourite
20th Dec 14 03:28:35Evil Matriarch
20th Dec 14 03:21:36Power Perversion Potential
20th Dec 14 03:15:02The Woman Wearing The Queenly Mask
20th Dec 14 03:11:11Theiss Titillation Theory
20th Dec 14 03:09:47A Father To His Men
20th Dec 14 03:08:12Break The Haughty
20th Dec 14 03:04:18Break Them By Talking
20th Dec 14 02:59:41Immortal Life Is Cheap
20th Dec 14 02:56:48Murder By Mistake
20th Dec 14 02:53:17Healing Factor
20th Dec 14 02:47:45Fake Weakness
20th Dec 14 02:46:55Combat Stilettos
20th Dec 14 02:43:49Custom Uniform Of Sexy
20th Dec 14 02:40:40Secret Public Identity
20th Dec 14 02:38:53Pstandard Psychic Pstance
20th Dec 14 02:36:34Opera Gloves
20th Dec 14 02:16:32Sesquipedalian Smith
20th Dec 14 02:12:52Taken For Granite
20th Dec 14 02:04:20Long Lived
20th Dec 14 02:03:20Got The Whole World In My Hand
20th Dec 14 02:01:16Defrosting Ice Queen
20th Dec 14 01:56:25Emotionless Girl
20th Dec 14 01:53:53Futuristic Pyramid
20th Dec 14 01:52:43It Only Works Once
20th Dec 14 01:48:38Unwilling Roboticisation
20th Dec 14 01:42:15Master Of Your Domain
20th Dec 14 01:38:53Love To Hate
20th Dec 14 01:35:51Passive Aggressive Kombat
20th Dec 14 01:34:38One Myth To Explain Them All
20th Dec 14 01:33:50Trigger Phrase
20th Dec 14 12:46:56Reformed But Not Tamed
20th Dec 14 12:21:37The Worf Barrage
20th Dec 14 12:00:06Spotlight Stealing Squad
20th Dec 14 11:56:42Shes Got Legs
20th Dec 14 11:53:40Shapeshifter Default Form
20th Dec 14 11:31:59Cosmopolitan Council
20th Dec 14 10:51:42Most Common Superpower
20th Dec 14 10:35:29Little Black Dress
20th Dec 14 10:21:03In Series Nickname
20th Dec 14 09:38:40Good Smoking Evil Smoking
20th Dec 14 08:54:22Creepy Child
20th Dec 14 08:02:42Wall Bangers.Bleach
20th Dec 14 07:52:27YMMV.Bleach
19th Dec 14 08:58:30Story Breaker Power
19th Dec 14 08:57:17Story Breaker Power
19th Dec 14 08:25:43Bastard Girlfriend
19th Dec 14 08:05:01Ashes To Crashes
19th Dec 14 08:02:06Cain And Abel And Seth
19th Dec 14 08:01:17Super Toughness
19th Dec 14 07:29:50Adaptive Ability
19th Dec 14 07:21:26YMMV.Bleach
19th Dec 14 07:16:20Good Thing You Can Heal
19th Dec 14 07:15:46Good Thing You Can Heal
19th Dec 14 07:11:14Assimilation Backfire
19th Dec 14 07:04:51Bitter Wedding Speech
19th Dec 14 07:02:42A Glass Of Chianti
19th Dec 14 03:16:44Marvel Comics Series
19th Dec 14 03:15:24Dying Moment Of Awesome.Comic Books
19th Dec 14 03:13:03Jerkass Woobie.Comic Books
19th Dec 14 03:11:16Jerk With A Heart Of Gold.Comic Books
19th Dec 14 03:10:11Ms Fanservice.Comic Books
19th Dec 14 03:06:35Pet The Dog.Comic Books
19th Dec 14 03:02:22The Smart Guy.Comic Books
19th Dec 14 03:01:38Tsundere.Comic Books
19th Dec 14 03:00:35Devour The Dragon
19th Dec 14 09:41:28Big Breast Pride
19th Dec 14 09:37:12Attention Whore.Comic Books
19th Dec 14 09:14:32Punctuated For Emphasis.Video Games
19th Dec 14 08:39:38Eye Scream.Comic Books
19th Dec 14 07:47:43Shipper On Deck.Comics
19th Dec 14 06:52:40Genre Savvy.Comic Books
19th Dec 14 06:50:00Lets Get Dangerous.Comic Books
18th Dec 14 09:55:37True Blue Femininity
18th Dec 14 09:53:59The Lost Lenore
18th Dec 14 09:49:15Survivor Guilt
18th Dec 14 09:46:33Stripperiffic
18th Dec 14 09:26:52So Proud Of You
18th Dec 14 09:23:43Slutshaming
18th Dec 14 09:20:49Reformed But Rejected
18th Dec 14 09:17:24Reforged Into A Minion
18th Dec 14 09:15:28Psychic Nosebleed
18th Dec 14 09:11:59Wolverine Publicity
18th Dec 14 09:11:10Too Many Mouths
18th Dec 14 09:10:04Psychic Assisted Suicide
18th Dec 14 08:48:24Sealed Inside A Person Shaped Can
18th Dec 14 08:46:26Slutshaming
18th Dec 14 08:38:51Lovable Alpha Bitch
18th Dec 14 08:37:12Mentor Occupational Hazard
18th Dec 14 08:35:24Morality Pet
18th Dec 14 08:25:11Literally Shattered Lives
18th Dec 14 08:23:31Lamarck Was Right
18th Dec 14 08:18:55Insecure Love Interest
18th Dec 14 08:18:06Hot Teacher
18th Dec 14 08:14:33Hello Nurse
18th Dec 14 08:09:47Rivals Team Up
18th Dec 14 08:08:57Friend To All Children
18th Dec 14 08:06:20Fostering For Profit
18th Dec 14 08:05:39Fake Boobs
18th Dec 14 08:03:46Exposed To The Elements
18th Dec 14 08:01:03Distinguished Gentlemans Pipe
18th Dec 14 08:00:45Distinguished Gentlemans Pipe
18th Dec 14 07:58:33Detached Sleeves
18th Dec 14 07:35:01Locked Into Strangeness
18th Dec 14 07:16:05Guile Hero
18th Dec 14 07:12:14Implausible Deniability
18th Dec 14 07:04:29Secret Identity Apathy
18th Dec 14 06:13:37Girls Need Role Models
18th Dec 14 06:02:05Evil Costume Switch
18th Dec 14 05:50:52Cool And Unusual Punishment
18th Dec 14 05:29:58Cruel Mercy
18th Dec 14 05:24:46Cry Laughing
18th Dec 14 05:20:54Adult Fear.Comics
18th Dec 14 05:18:40Alpha Bitch.Comic Books
18th Dec 14 05:16:26Blessed With Suck.Comic Books
18th Dec 14 05:13:58Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Comic Books
18th Dec 14 04:45:25Large Ham.Comic Books
18th Dec 14 04:44:10Light Is Not Good.Comic Books
18th Dec 14 04:39:35Meaningful Name.Comic Books
18th Dec 14 04:35:52Mind Rape.Comic Books
18th Dec 14 04:26:57Nigh Invulnerability.Comic Books
18th Dec 14 04:24:31Not So Different.Comic Books
18th Dec 14 04:22:28Roaring Rampage Of Revenge.Comic Books
18th Dec 14 04:20:45Clothing Damage
18th Dec 14 04:12:02Characterization Marches On
18th Dec 14 04:07:41Byronic Hero
18th Dec 14 04:03:08Body Surf
18th Dec 14 03:56:51Blondes Are Evil
18th Dec 14 03:50:12Bitch In Sheeps Clothing
18th Dec 14 03:41:30Badass Teacher
18th Dec 14 03:37:35Absolute Cleavage
18th Dec 14 03:37:20Woman In White
18th Dec 14 03:35:27Spoiled Brat
18th Dec 14 03:32:31Character Derailment.X Men
18th Dec 14 03:29:49A God Am I.Comic Books
18th Dec 14 08:32:09And That Little Girl Was Me
18th Dec 14 08:08:44YMMV.Double Fine
18th Dec 14 08:04:03Heel Face Turn.Comic Books
18th Dec 14 08:01:31YMMV.Spacebase DF 9
18th Dec 14 07:59:30Rich Bitch
18th Dec 14 07:52:05Combo Platter Powers
18th Dec 14 07:49:00YMMV.Double Fine
18th Dec 14 07:41:12Re Power
15th Dec 14 04:32:40Verbal Backspace
15th Dec 14 11:56:55Characters.Brickleberry
15th Dec 14 11:33:05Series.Salem
15th Dec 14 11:31:28Series.Salem
15th Dec 14 11:30:18YMMV.Salem
15th Dec 14 11:29:40Series.Six Hundred Sixty Six Park Avenue
15th Dec 14 11:29:20YMMV.Six Hundred Sixty Six Park Avenue
15th Dec 14 08:09:55Video Game.Among The Sleep
15th Dec 14 08:09:37YMMV.Among The Sleep
15th Dec 14 07:54:11Villain Song.Web Original
15th Dec 14 07:34:19Not Now Were Too Busy Crying Over You
10th Dec 14 06:53:41No Budget
10th Dec 14 06:17:04Limited Animation
10th Dec 14 05:28:01Shallow Parody
10th Dec 14 04:05:20Future Me Scares Me
10th Dec 14 03:59:25What Do You Mean Its For Kids.Western Animation
10th Dec 14 03:57:17Subverted Rhyme Every Occasion
10th Dec 14 03:55:17Playing Against Type.Western Animation
10th Dec 14 03:48:38Cleavage Window
10th Dec 14 03:45:55The Band Minus The Face
10th Dec 14 03:45:00Shes A Man In Japan
10th Dec 14 03:18:48Actually Pretty Funny
10th Dec 14 03:04:23Impossible Hourglass Figure
10th Dec 14 02:56:08Berserk Button.Western Animation
10th Dec 14 02:47:41You Didnt Ask
10th Dec 14 02:40:28Weapon Of Choice
10th Dec 14 02:35:44Go Out With A Smile
10th Dec 14 02:33:02Needle In A Stack Of Needles
10th Dec 14 02:26:30Sad Clown
10th Dec 14 02:22:41Sorcerers Apprentice Plot
10th Dec 14 02:19:29Swiss Army Tears
10th Dec 14 02:13:51Violence Really Is The Answer
10th Dec 14 02:02:01Recap.Steven Universe Pilot
10th Dec 14 01:27:54Denser And Wackier
10th Dec 14 08:18:47Off Model.Live Action Films
10th Dec 14 07:36:39Off Model
9th Dec 14 05:07:10Trivia.The Mysterious Cities Of Gold
9th Dec 14 05:06:58YMMV.The Mysterious Cities Of Gold
9th Dec 14 05:05:23Video Game.Dragon Age Inquisition
9th Dec 14 05:04:56YMMV.Dragon Age Inquisition
9th Dec 14 02:36:50Narm.Webcomics
9th Dec 14 02:33:47Hand Signals
9th Dec 14 02:05:41Adaptation Dye Job
9th Dec 14 01:57:02Dull Surprise
9th Dec 14 01:43:56Depending On The Artist
9th Dec 14 01:36:42Off Model.Anime And Manga
9th Dec 14 01:28:39Un Canceled
9th Dec 14 01:17:44Figure It Out Yourself
9th Dec 14 08:35:51Fan Nickname.Comic Books
8th Dec 14 01:27:18Escaped From The Lab
8th Dec 14 12:26:34Western Animation.Clarence
8th Dec 14 12:25:20Retargeted Lust
8th Dec 14 12:21:17Wedding Ring Defense
8th Dec 14 11:38:18Seduction Proof Marriage
8th Dec 14 11:19:47Ultimate Gamer 386
8th Dec 14 11:08:41Ultimate Gamer 386
8th Dec 14 10:55:51Hypochondria
8th Dec 14 09:31:01Body Motifs
8th Dec 14 09:09:42Cramming The Coffin
8th Dec 14 09:00:02Gender Misdirection
8th Dec 14 08:53:06Food And Animal Attraction
8th Dec 14 08:52:22Food And Animal Attraction
8th Dec 14 08:21:57Self Abuse
8th Dec 14 07:09:28Hades Shaded
8th Dec 14 06:43:58Surreal Symbolic Heads
8th Dec 14 06:24:55A Dick In Name
8th Dec 14 06:17:24Intimate Marks
8th Dec 14 06:01:48The Short Guy With Glasses
8th Dec 14 05:55:15No Fourth Wall
8th Dec 14 05:30:59Mushroom Samba
8th Dec 14 05:18:32Fan Fic.Dantes Night At Freddys
8th Dec 14 05:14:36Bag Of Spilling
8th Dec 14 05:03:55Broken Aesop.Western Animation
8th Dec 14 05:01:37Broken Aesop.Western Animation
7th Dec 14 08:39:11Cerebus Syndrome.Video Games
7th Dec 14 08:32:50The Alleged Car
7th Dec 14 08:12:34Sue Donym
7th Dec 14 08:04:31Who Names Their Kid Dude
7th Dec 14 07:34:40No Flow In CGI
7th Dec 14 07:24:15Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Video Games
7th Dec 14 07:22:41Magnum Opus
7th Dec 14 07:22:00Canon Welding
7th Dec 14 07:20:13Speaks Fluent Animal
7th Dec 14 07:16:41Mexican Standoff
7th Dec 14 07:08:37Private Military Contractors
7th Dec 14 07:03:42Token Evil Teammate
7th Dec 14 06:57:43Redundancy.Video Games
7th Dec 14 06:54:51The Smart Guy.Video Games
7th Dec 14 06:53:54Only Sane Man.Video Games
7th Dec 14 06:50:42Freudian Excuse.Video Games
7th Dec 14 06:46:15Last Second Ending Choice
7th Dec 14 05:52:09Hate Sink
7th Dec 14 04:54:18Web Video.The Rap Critic
7th Dec 14 04:53:58YMMV.The Rap Critic
7th Dec 14 04:49:41Inexplicably Awesome
7th Dec 14 04:45:32Touched By Vorlons
7th Dec 14 04:39:32Voluntary Shapeshifting
7th Dec 14 04:33:02Size Shifter
7th Dec 14 04:28:48Shapeshifter Weapon
7th Dec 14 04:24:19Legacy Character
7th Dec 14 04:20:45Dystopia Justifies The Means
7th Dec 14 04:16:04Deal With The Devil.Comics
7th Dec 14 04:14:36Villain Decay.Comic Books
7th Dec 14 04:09:52Broken Base.Anime And Manga
7th Dec 14 04:04:23Teen Genius
7th Dec 14 04:01:48Ultimate Lifeform
7th Dec 14 03:58:47Badass Arm Fold
7th Dec 14 03:56:10Third Person Person.Comic Books
7th Dec 14 03:51:03Re Power
7th Dec 14 03:47:58Nigh Invulnerability.Comic Books
7th Dec 14 03:42:32Took A Level In Badass.Comic Books
7th Dec 14 03:31:02Combo Platter Powers
7th Dec 14 03:27:40Superpowerful Genetics
7th Dec 14 03:19:54No Such Thing As Space Jesus
7th Dec 14 03:17:54Super Empowering
7th Dec 14 02:53:58Super Strength
7th Dec 14 02:11:12Speak Of The Devil
7th Dec 14 02:06:57The Grotesque
7th Dec 14 01:33:48Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
7th Dec 14 01:00:11Crazy Prepared.Comics
7th Dec 14 12:52:24Shadow Archetype
7th Dec 14 12:38:38Ancient Astronauts
7th Dec 14 12:31:42Man Of Wealth And Taste
7th Dec 14 12:21:27Person Of Mass Destruction
7th Dec 14 12:14:10Exact Words.Comic Books
7th Dec 14 12:13:14The Social Darwinist
7th Dec 14 12:12:00Godzilla Threshold
7th Dec 14 12:02:05Obviously Evil
7th Dec 14 12:01:16Obviously Evil
7th Dec 14 11:16:12Chaotic Evil
7th Dec 14 11:00:44Badass Boast.Comic Books
7th Dec 14 10:55:14Alternative Character Interpretation.Comic Books
7th Dec 14 10:46:34A God Am I.Comic Books
7th Dec 14 10:41:54Would Hurt A Child
7th Dec 14 10:26:33Bald Of Evil
7th Dec 14 09:46:16Wing Pull
7th Dec 14 09:39:57Superpower Lottery
7th Dec 14 09:39:21Superpower Lottery
7th Dec 14 09:04:04Characters.Over The Garden Wall
7th Dec 14 08:54:13As Long As It Sounds Foreign
7th Dec 14 08:36:44Western Animation.Clarence
7th Dec 14 08:36:14Western Animation.Clarence
7th Dec 14 08:33:12Western Animation.Clarence
7th Dec 14 08:29:05Names To Run Away From.Ancient Dead Languages
7th Dec 14 07:17:07Todd In The Shadows.Q To S
7th Dec 14 06:52:05Rollo T
6th Dec 14 08:37:12Funny.Y Ruler Of Time
6th Dec 14 06:22:46I Remember It Like It Was Yesterday
6th Dec 14 04:25:38YMMV.Y Ruler Of Time
6th Dec 14 09:54:10Five Year Plan
6th Dec 14 06:38:33Import Filter
6th Dec 14 04:48:03No Export For You.Anime And Manga
5th Dec 14 06:25:35Cut Short
5th Dec 14 02:48:44No Smoking
5th Dec 14 02:37:16Lap Pillow
5th Dec 14 09:05:38Americans Hate Tingle
5th Dec 14 09:01:52Advertising.Segata Sanshiro
5th Dec 14 09:01:41YMMV.Segata Sanshiro
5th Dec 14 08:27:20One Hit Wonder
5th Dec 14 08:03:30Troubled Production.Video Games
5th Dec 14 07:59:12Creator Killer
5th Dec 14 07:57:56Website.Kickstarter
5th Dec 14 07:07:42Video Game.Icewind Dale
5th Dec 14 07:07:26YMMV.Icewind Dale
5th Dec 14 07:05:34Video Game.Baldurs Gate
5th Dec 14 07:04:55YMMV.Baldurs Gate
5th Dec 14 05:46:29Americans Hate Tingle
4th Dec 14 04:40:15Music Of Note
4th Dec 14 04:14:38Video Game.Plok
4th Dec 14 04:14:17YMMV.Plok
4th Dec 14 03:27:00Deader Than Disco.Music
4th Dec 14 02:43:52Neoclassical Punk Zydeco Rockabilly
4th Dec 14 08:10:45Video Game.Kingdoms Of Amalur Reckoning
4th Dec 14 08:10:23YMMV.Kingdoms Of Amalur Reckoning
4th Dec 14 07:59:04Shoot The Shaggy Dog.Anime And Manga
3rd Dec 14 02:25:42Seinfeld Is Unfunny.Music
3rd Dec 14 12:46:42Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
2nd Dec 14 07:07:27Characters.The Evil Within
2nd Dec 14 06:19:44Anvilicious.Video Games
1st Dec 14 07:23:11Beyond The Impossible.Tabletop Game
1st Dec 14 07:22:12Beyond The Impossible.Literature
1st Dec 14 07:21:25Beyond The Impossible.Tabletop Game
1st Dec 14 07:18:53Beyond The Impossible.Anime And Manga
1st Dec 14 05:52:01YMMV.Kaijudo
1st Dec 14 05:36:19Broken Aesop.Western Animation
1st Dec 14 05:34:38Broken Aesop.Video Games
1st Dec 14 04:26:49Romance On The Set
1st Dec 14 03:05:16Informed Flaw
1st Dec 14 02:52:13Faux Action Girl
1st Dec 14 11:38:25Screw Your Ultimatum
1st Dec 14 11:33:59Characters.Thirty Rock
1st Dec 14 11:22:11Suspiciously Specific Denial.Live Action TV
1st Dec 14 11:14:10Fetish Retardant
1st Dec 14 10:22:45Best Known For The Fanservice
1st Dec 14 08:32:59Mood Whiplash.Anime And Manga
1st Dec 14 08:27:13Mood Whiplash.Anime And Manga
1st Dec 14 08:24:02Manga.High School Of The Dead
1st Dec 14 08:23:36YMMV.High School Of The Dead
1st Dec 14 08:20:42What Happened To The Mouse.Anime And Manga
1st Dec 14 08:13:16Flanderization.Anime And Manga
1st Dec 14 07:43:47I Cant Believe A Guy Like You Would Notice Me
1st Dec 14 06:45:14Fun T Shirt
1st Dec 14 06:18:34Family Of Choice
1st Dec 14 05:52:57Awesome.Wander Over Yonder
30th Nov 14 06:53:33Seinfeld Is Unfunny.Video Games
30th Nov 14 05:04:50Seinfeld Is Unfunny.Video Games
30th Nov 14 04:28:19YMMV.Metal Gear
30th Nov 14 04:16:25YMMV.Metal Gear Solid
30th Nov 14 02:38:05Western Animation.Black Dynamite
29th Nov 14 08:29:51Non Indicative Name.Western Animation

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