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26th Jan 15 09:55:37Writing By The Seat Of Your Pants
26th Jan 15 07:16:36Narm.Comic Books
26th Jan 15 05:04:31Creator Provincialism
26th Jan 15 04:30:36Narm.Video Games
25th Jan 15 09:29:55Characters.Gotham Criminals
25th Jan 15 09:21:44Characters.Gotham Criminals
25th Jan 15 08:15:41Series.Gotham
25th Jan 15 08:10:22Series.Gotham
25th Jan 15 07:18:08Wall Bangers.Warcraft
25th Jan 15 06:39:22Series.Wonder Woman 2011 Pilot
25th Jan 15 06:39:00YMMV.Wonder Woman 2011 Pilot
25th Jan 15 05:55:21The Scrappy.Live Action TV
25th Jan 15 05:51:14There Are Two Kinds Of People In The World
25th Jan 15 05:44:28There Are Two Kinds Of People In The World
25th Jan 15 04:28:54Narm.Game Of Thrones
25th Jan 15 04:28:39Narm.Game Of Thrones
25th Jan 15 03:57:33Approval Of God
25th Jan 15 03:44:37Series.Weeds
25th Jan 15 03:44:19YMMV.Weeds
25th Jan 15 02:47:43No Bisexuals
25th Jan 15 02:29:33YMMV.American Sniper
25th Jan 15 02:17:33Series.The Newsroom
25th Jan 15 02:17:17YMMV.The Newsroom
25th Jan 15 01:02:46Western Animation.Sonic Boom
25th Jan 15 12:28:19Character Derailment.Literature
25th Jan 15 12:12:36The Scrappy.Comic Books
25th Jan 15 12:10:50The Scrappy.Comic Books
25th Jan 15 11:31:42Franchise.Kingdom Hearts
25th Jan 15 11:30:38YMMV.Kingdom Hearts
25th Jan 15 10:20:33Never Found The Body
25th Jan 15 10:12:27YMMV.RWBY
25th Jan 15 10:11:59YMMV.Shadows Of The Azure
25th Jan 15 10:11:44Sibling Rivalry
25th Jan 15 10:11:25Difficult But Awesome
25th Jan 15 10:11:04Informed Wrongness
25th Jan 15 09:48:52Characters.Warcraft The Horde Old Horde
25th Jan 15 09:43:56Characters.Warcraft The Alliance Lordaeron
25th Jan 15 09:35:28Video Game.Warcraft
23rd Jan 15 09:03:10Status Quo Is God
23rd Jan 15 06:49:42Film.Mirrors
23rd Jan 15 06:27:43Film.Big Bad Wolves
23rd Jan 15 05:57:10Film.The Lords Of Salem
23rd Jan 15 05:56:54YMMV.The Lords Of Salem
23rd Jan 15 01:59:46Series.Homicide Life On The Street
23rd Jan 15 01:59:06YMMV.Homicide Life On The Street
22nd Jan 15 07:00:34Dork Age.Video Games
22nd Jan 15 06:58:54Dork Age.Video Games
22nd Jan 15 06:10:05Funny.World Of Warcraft
21st Jan 15 04:59:17Chickification
21st Jan 15 06:37:51World Of Warcraft.Tropes M To R
20th Jan 15 08:56:41Literature.Tides Of War
20th Jan 15 08:55:58Radar.Tides Of War
20th Jan 15 08:08:01New Powers As The Plot Demands
20th Jan 15 07:27:26Narm.Video Games
20th Jan 15 07:21:06Rescued From The Scrappy Heap.Video Games
20th Jan 15 07:19:41Shaggy Dog Story.Video Games
20th Jan 15 06:05:49Orcus On His Throne
20th Jan 15 04:28:09Forgotten Fallen Friend
20th Jan 15 04:19:42Halfway Plot Switch
20th Jan 15 09:38:03Franchise.Warcraft Expanded Universe
20th Jan 15 06:44:13Huge Rider Tiny Mount
20th Jan 15 06:33:05Stop Poking Me
20th Jan 15 06:26:13World Of Warcraft.Tropes F To L
19th Jan 15 07:05:43Characters.Batman Arkham Series Gotham Citizens
19th Jan 15 06:29:20Funny.Batman Arkham Asylum
19th Jan 15 06:07:05YMMV.The Purge
19th Jan 15 06:03:11YMMV.Ms Marvel 2014
18th Jan 15 06:10:08Blunt Yes
18th Jan 15 12:13:11Character Derailment.Video Games
18th Jan 15 11:50:35Characters.American Horror Story Freak Show
17th Jan 15 06:36:55Wearing A Flag On Your Head
17th Jan 15 06:36:23There Are No Good Executives
17th Jan 15 06:35:25The Good Captain
17th Jan 15 06:35:13Telescoping Staff
17th Jan 15 06:34:56Sword Over Head
17th Jan 15 06:34:43Supernatural Aid
17th Jan 15 06:34:27Suicide Dare
17th Jan 15 06:33:30Shape Shifter Showdown
17th Jan 15 06:32:25Sacrificial Planet
17th Jan 15 06:32:09Reality Is Out To Lunch
17th Jan 15 06:31:34President Evil
17th Jan 15 06:30:55Politician Guest Star
17th Jan 15 06:30:39Patriotic Fervor
17th Jan 15 06:30:04Number Of The Beast
17th Jan 15 06:29:44Not So Invincible After All
17th Jan 15 06:29:30No Ending
17th Jan 15 06:29:10My Significance Sense Is Tingling
17th Jan 15 06:28:54Awesome.Marvel Comics
17th Jan 15 06:28:34Magic Feather
17th Jan 15 06:28:18Mad Oracle
17th Jan 15 06:28:02Legacy Character
17th Jan 15 06:27:46Istanbul Not Constantinople
17th Jan 15 06:27:14Hope Bringer
17th Jan 15 06:26:54Guardian Of The Multiverse
17th Jan 15 06:26:38Go Mad From The Revelation
17th Jan 15 06:26:25Flying Brick
17th Jan 15 06:26:05Comic Book.Excalibur
17th Jan 15 06:24:36Crush Blush
17th Jan 15 06:24:10Crimefighting With Cash
17th Jan 15 06:23:55Cosmic Chess Game
17th Jan 15 06:23:15Shut Up Hannibal.Comics
17th Jan 15 06:23:01Alliterative Name.Comic Books
17th Jan 15 06:22:44Mundane Utility.Comic Books
17th Jan 15 06:22:27Replacement Scrappy.Comic Books
17th Jan 15 06:22:10What Could Have Been.Comic Books
17th Jan 15 06:21:52Clingy Costume
17th Jan 15 06:21:28Clap Your Hands If You Believe
17th Jan 15 06:21:01Captain Geographic
17th Jan 15 06:20:39Beware The Silly Ones
17th Jan 15 06:20:23Ambiguous Syntax
17th Jan 15 06:19:46Creator.Alan Moore
17th Jan 15 06:19:26Adaptive Ability
16th Jan 15 06:09:59Western Animation.Archer
13th Jan 15 07:11:47Western Animation.Black Dynamite
13th Jan 15 07:11:47Western Animation.Black Dynamite
13th Jan 15 06:56:41Star Trek Movie Curse
12th Jan 15 12:26:38Literature.Night World
12th Jan 15 12:26:13YMMV.Night World
12th Jan 15 12:23:27Development Hell
12th Jan 15 12:17:20Audience Participation Failure
12th Jan 15 12:16:35Audience Participation Failure
12th Jan 15 12:03:27Trivia.Dungeons And Dragons
12th Jan 15 12:00:02Trivia.Dungeons And Dragons
12th Jan 15 11:58:07Trivia.Dungeons And Dragons
12th Jan 15 11:56:21Creator.IDW Publishing
12th Jan 15 11:46:20Film.Ghostbusters
12th Jan 15 11:45:45YMMV.Ghostbusters
12th Jan 15 10:37:47YMMV.Hellraiser
12th Jan 15 10:37:12YMMV.Hellraiser
12th Jan 15 09:31:39Fair For Its Day
12th Jan 15 07:28:20It Gets Better
11th Jan 15 06:38:48Meet My Good Friends Lefty And Righty
10th Jan 15 07:40:16Stylistic Suck
10th Jan 15 03:41:11Film.The Saint
10th Jan 15 03:40:45YMMV.The Saint
10th Jan 15 02:25:12Monster Clown
10th Jan 15 10:52:14Stylistic Suck
10th Jan 15 10:49:47Comic Book.Transformers Robots In Disguise
10th Jan 15 10:48:55YMMV.Transformers Robots In Disguise
10th Jan 15 10:46:04Balls Gag
10th Jan 15 10:17:43Anime.Transformers Robots In Disguise
10th Jan 15 10:17:24YMMV.Transformers Robots In Disguise
10th Jan 15 05:49:29Characters.American Horror Story Freak Show
9th Jan 15 09:27:44Blind Musician
9th Jan 15 09:26:51Etiquette Nazi
8th Jan 15 08:21:18Film.Pet Sematary Two
8th Jan 15 08:20:59YMMV.Pet Sematary Two
8th Jan 15 08:11:20Danger Deadpan
8th Jan 15 06:26:20The Worlds Expert On Getting Killed
8th Jan 15 06:20:07Characters.American Horror Story Freak Show
8th Jan 15 06:17:04Characters.American Horror Story Freak Show
7th Jan 15 08:08:56Western Animation.All Hail King Julien
6th Jan 15 07:39:52Author Appeal.Surname A To H
3rd Jan 15 06:52:08YMMV.Terminator
3rd Jan 15 06:36:41Recap.Over The Garden Wall Chapter 10 The Unknown
3rd Jan 15 06:35:31Recap.Over The Garden Wall Chapter 7 The Ringing Of The Bell
3rd Jan 15 06:27:15Characters.Over The Garden Wall
3rd Jan 15 12:32:01Film.Hansel And Gretel Witch Hunters
3rd Jan 15 12:28:39Film.Hansel And Gretel Witch Hunters
3rd Jan 15 12:17:14YMMV.Hansel And Gretel Witch Hunters
3rd Jan 15 09:18:35YMMV.Jeepers Creepers
1st Jan 15 01:42:09Comic Book.Persepolis
1st Jan 15 01:41:35YMMV.Persepolis
1st Jan 15 01:14:47Crush Filter
1st Jan 15 12:47:26No Sympathy For Grudgeholders
1st Jan 15 12:14:52False Soulmate
1st Jan 15 12:13:51Reincarnation
1st Jan 15 11:58:02Yes Virginia
1st Jan 15 11:35:59Western Animation.Bojack Horseman
1st Jan 15 08:56:47Mrs Claus
1st Jan 15 08:28:03Nearly Normal Animal
1st Jan 15 08:15:46Obvious Stunt Double
1st Jan 15 07:30:52Sexy Soaked Shirt
1st Jan 15 06:32:06Wall Bangers.Film N To Z
1st Jan 15 06:29:01Wall Bangers.Film A To M
1st Jan 15 06:24:54Wall Bangers.Literature
1st Jan 15 06:08:03YMMV.The Interview
31st Dec 14 10:03:23Broken Base.Film
31st Dec 14 09:02:16YMMV.Serious Sam
31st Dec 14 07:36:07Head Turned Backwards
31st Dec 14 07:26:07Creator.The Brothers Grimm
31st Dec 14 03:26:33Western Animation.Black Dynamite
31st Dec 14 07:45:47Series.Sons Of Anarchy
31st Dec 14 07:45:06YMMV.Sons Of Anarchy
31st Dec 14 07:43:48Series.Mad Men
31st Dec 14 07:42:57YMMV.Mad Men
30th Dec 14 06:13:46Silly Rabbit Cynicism Is For Losers
30th Dec 14 06:01:43Invasion Of The Babysnatchers
30th Dec 14 04:10:05Ham To Ham Combat
30th Dec 14 02:49:04Blunt Yes
30th Dec 14 02:48:28Blunt Yes
30th Dec 14 02:39:39Blunt Yes
30th Dec 14 01:36:21YMMV.Bleach
30th Dec 14 01:29:59YMMV.Bleach
30th Dec 14 01:05:21The Real Heroes
30th Dec 14 12:23:52Impossible Insurance
30th Dec 14 11:59:33Slavery Is A Special Kind Of Evil
30th Dec 14 08:53:48Liminal Being
30th Dec 14 07:30:56A Love To Dismember
30th Dec 14 07:29:24A Love To Dismember
30th Dec 14 06:36:42Western Animation.Black Dynamite
29th Dec 14 04:41:38Memes.Comics
29th Dec 14 04:35:57Anime.Broly Second Coming
29th Dec 14 04:35:43YMMV.Broly Second Coming
29th Dec 14 04:24:44Anime.Fusion Reborn
29th Dec 14 04:24:10YMMV.Fusion Reborn
28th Dec 14 07:28:55Trivia.Tom Kenny
28th Dec 14 07:23:09Trivia.Vile
28th Dec 14 01:38:00Series.The Walking Dead AC
28th Dec 14 01:37:09YMMV.The Walking Dead
28th Dec 14 01:25:10Western Animation.The Lord Of The Rings
28th Dec 14 01:24:54Western Animation.The Lord Of The Rings
28th Dec 14 01:24:18YMMV.The Lord Of The Rings
28th Dec 14 12:18:19Series.Touched By An Angel
28th Dec 14 12:16:32YMMV.Touched By An Angel
28th Dec 14 11:40:35Film.Scream 1996
28th Dec 14 11:40:23YMMV.Scream 1996
28th Dec 14 11:31:58Creator.Netflix
28th Dec 14 11:16:03YMMV.Jewel
28th Dec 14 10:30:05YMMV.The Tale Of Princess Kaguya
28th Dec 14 10:29:51Anime.The Tale Of Princess Kaguya
28th Dec 14 10:29:30YMMV.The Tale Of Princess Kaguya
28th Dec 14 08:39:56Videogame Flamethrowers Suck
28th Dec 14 08:36:05Rush Boss
28th Dec 14 08:34:06Never Found The Body
28th Dec 14 08:27:28Harder Than Hard
28th Dec 14 08:21:01Dual Boss
28th Dec 14 08:13:15Anti Frustration Features
28th Dec 14 08:07:44The Mentally Disturbed
28th Dec 14 08:06:46Make Sure Hes Dead
28th Dec 14 08:04:32Justified Save Point
28th Dec 14 08:03:22Where It All Began
28th Dec 14 08:00:17Eldritch Location
28th Dec 14 07:51:36You Have Researched Breathing
28th Dec 14 07:25:22YMMV.The Evil Within
28th Dec 14 07:24:06Quotes.Never Trust A Trailer
28th Dec 14 07:23:49Running Gag.Two Best Friends Play
28th Dec 14 07:23:31Spiritual Successor.Video Games
28th Dec 14 07:23:13Dropped Glasses
26th Dec 14 08:28:43Film.The Expendables
26th Dec 14 08:21:18Trivia.The Expendables
26th Dec 14 08:15:57Characters.The Expendables
26th Dec 14 08:13:29Trivia.The Expendables
26th Dec 14 08:12:46YMMV.The Expendables
25th Dec 14 10:07:14Advertised Extra
24th Dec 14 06:55:19Or So I Heard
24th Dec 14 06:42:27Sign Of The Apocalypse
24th Dec 14 06:30:20Ambiguous Syntax
24th Dec 14 06:22:06Good News Bad News
24th Dec 14 04:28:27Robeast
24th Dec 14 03:37:19Must Make Amends
24th Dec 14 03:27:14Film.Mirrors
24th Dec 14 03:27:02YMMV.Mirrors
24th Dec 14 08:41:22Dethroning Moment.Cracked
24th Dec 14 08:39:03YMMV.The Nostalgia Critic
24th Dec 14 06:22:09YMMV.Godzilla
23rd Dec 14 09:12:17Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
23rd Dec 14 08:56:44Star Derailing Role
23rd Dec 14 08:00:39Film.Fury 2014
23rd Dec 14 08:00:13Trivia.Fury 2014
23rd Dec 14 07:59:49YMMV.Fury 2014
23rd Dec 14 07:53:59Creator.Mike Myers
23rd Dec 14 05:55:34The Omnipotent
23rd Dec 14 05:52:01Series.The Cosby Show
23rd Dec 14 05:51:18YMMV.The Cosby Show
23rd Dec 14 05:48:39Franchise Zombie
23rd Dec 14 04:47:30Film.The Interview
23rd Dec 14 04:47:02YMMV.The Interview
23rd Dec 14 04:41:15Trivia.Apocalypto
23rd Dec 14 03:44:14YMMV.Toy Story
23rd Dec 14 03:31:22Film.Kick Ass 2
23rd Dec 14 03:31:01Trivia.Kick Ass 2
23rd Dec 14 02:08:45YMMV.Thepurge
23rd Dec 14 09:41:49Film.Thepurge
23rd Dec 14 09:41:29YMMV.Thepurge
23rd Dec 14 09:40:56YMMV.Thepurge
23rd Dec 14 09:18:05Film.Deliver Us From Evil
23rd Dec 14 09:17:47YMMV.Deliver Us From Evil
22nd Dec 14 08:17:38YMMV.Paranormal Activity
22nd Dec 14 08:09:18Film.The Bay
22nd Dec 14 08:09:07YMMV.The Bay
22nd Dec 14 09:10:31Ambiguous Gender
22nd Dec 14 09:02:35Odd Friendship
22nd Dec 14 08:55:24We Used To Be Friends
22nd Dec 14 08:51:19Rasputinian Death
22nd Dec 14 08:44:02Impossibly Cool Weapon
22nd Dec 14 08:39:46How Do I Shot Web
22nd Dec 14 08:37:42Empty Piles Of Clothing
21st Dec 14 12:09:49Series.Thirty Rock
21st Dec 14 09:41:05DC Comics Characters
21st Dec 14 09:35:56Dreadful Musician
21st Dec 14 09:32:41Forced To Watch
21st Dec 14 09:31:56Bitch In Sheeps Clothing
21st Dec 14 09:31:25Catchphrase.Comic Books
21st Dec 14 09:31:01Elemental Powers
21st Dec 14 09:30:07Elemental Powers
21st Dec 14 09:23:31Remember When You Blew Up A Sun
21st Dec 14 09:18:27Escapist Character
21st Dec 14 09:12:04Signature Sound Effect
21st Dec 14 09:07:01A Lighter Shade Of Black
21st Dec 14 09:04:46Evil Is Not A Toy
21st Dec 14 09:00:03Villainous Valour
21st Dec 14 08:55:51Power Floats
21st Dec 14 08:52:55Bilingual Backfire
21st Dec 14 08:25:59Death By Origin Story
21st Dec 14 08:19:12Drillsergeant Nasty
21st Dec 14 08:07:53Companion Cube
21st Dec 14 07:31:23Spoof Aesop
21st Dec 14 07:12:50Clark Kenting
21st Dec 14 07:00:23Invisibility
21st Dec 14 06:51:15Jerk Jock
21st Dec 14 06:42:21Stage Mom
20th Dec 14 08:10:04Shrouded In Myth
20th Dec 14 08:02:48Living Prop
20th Dec 14 07:59:43Goggles Do Nothing
20th Dec 14 07:55:26Diplomatic Impunity
20th Dec 14 07:51:46Joker Immunity
20th Dec 14 07:45:28It Is Dehumanizing
20th Dec 14 07:35:23Enemy To All Living Things
20th Dec 14 07:35:12Enemy To All Living Things
20th Dec 14 07:32:38You Killed My Father
20th Dec 14 07:23:26Multicolored Hair
20th Dec 14 07:19:26Pretty Fly For A White Guy
20th Dec 14 07:13:04Friendly Address Privileges
20th Dec 14 07:11:37Touched By Vorlons
20th Dec 14 07:09:01Shapeshifters Do It For A Change
20th Dec 14 07:06:29Empty Shell
20th Dec 14 07:03:00Instant Costume Change
20th Dec 14 07:01:59Crush Kill Destroy
20th Dec 14 06:58:47Villainous Rescue
20th Dec 14 06:55:32Hero With An F In Good
20th Dec 14 06:29:46Misery Builds Character
20th Dec 14 06:26:32Extra Normal Institute
20th Dec 14 06:19:54Whole Costume Reference
20th Dec 14 06:15:21Superhero School
20th Dec 14 06:10:10Noodle Incident.Comic Books
20th Dec 14 06:09:15Expressive Accessory
20th Dec 14 06:05:20Girlfriend In Canada
20th Dec 14 06:01:46Captain Ersatz.Comic Books
20th Dec 14 06:01:10Bruce Lee C Lone
20th Dec 14 05:56:26Secret Other Family
20th Dec 14 05:53:04Shipped In Shackles
20th Dec 14 05:52:02Alpha Bitch.Comic Books
20th Dec 14 05:51:42Driven To Suicide.Comic Books
20th Dec 14 05:50:26Millitary Rank Superhero Villain Names
20th Dec 14 05:47:39Barbie Doll Anatomy
20th Dec 14 04:51:15Not A Morning Person
20th Dec 14 04:48:14Dye Hard
20th Dec 14 04:30:12Logical Weakness
20th Dec 14 04:27:35Wild Card
20th Dec 14 04:25:15Insult Backfire
20th Dec 14 04:09:54Chest Insignia
20th Dec 14 04:06:42Blown Across The Room
20th Dec 14 03:57:24Costume Inertia
20th Dec 14 03:54:28Excessive Evil Eyeshadow
20th Dec 14 03:52:48A Dick In Name
20th Dec 14 03:48:55Fur And Loathing
20th Dec 14 03:44:22Mindlink Mates
20th Dec 14 03:40:17Mental Affair
20th Dec 14 03:38:42The Un Favourite
20th Dec 14 03:28:35Evil Matriarch
20th Dec 14 03:21:36Power Perversion Potential
20th Dec 14 03:15:02The Woman Wearing The Queenly Mask
20th Dec 14 03:11:11Theiss Titillation Theory
20th Dec 14 03:09:47A Father To His Men
20th Dec 14 03:08:12Break The Haughty
20th Dec 14 03:04:18Break Them By Talking
20th Dec 14 02:59:41Immortal Life Is Cheap
20th Dec 14 02:56:48Murder By Mistake
20th Dec 14 02:53:17Healing Factor
20th Dec 14 02:47:45Fake Weakness
20th Dec 14 02:46:55Combat Stilettos
20th Dec 14 02:43:49Custom Uniform Of Sexy
20th Dec 14 02:40:40Secret Public Identity
20th Dec 14 02:38:53Pstandard Psychic Pstance
20th Dec 14 02:36:34Opera Gloves
20th Dec 14 02:16:32Sesquipedalian Smith
20th Dec 14 02:12:52Taken For Granite
20th Dec 14 02:04:20Long Lived
20th Dec 14 02:03:20Got The Whole World In My Hand
20th Dec 14 02:01:16Defrosting Ice Queen
20th Dec 14 01:56:25Emotionless Girl
20th Dec 14 01:53:53Futuristic Pyramid
20th Dec 14 01:52:43It Only Works Once
20th Dec 14 01:48:38Unwilling Roboticisation
20th Dec 14 01:42:15Master Of Your Domain
20th Dec 14 01:38:53Love To Hate
20th Dec 14 01:35:51Passive Aggressive Kombat
20th Dec 14 01:34:38One Myth To Explain Them All
20th Dec 14 01:33:50Trigger Phrase
20th Dec 14 12:46:56Reformed But Not Tamed
20th Dec 14 12:21:37The Worf Barrage
20th Dec 14 12:00:06Spotlight Stealing Squad
20th Dec 14 11:56:42Shes Got Legs
20th Dec 14 11:53:40Shapeshifter Default Form
20th Dec 14 11:31:59Cosmopolitan Council
20th Dec 14 10:51:42Most Common Superpower
20th Dec 14 10:35:29Little Black Dress
20th Dec 14 10:21:03In Series Nickname
20th Dec 14 09:38:40Good Smoking Evil Smoking