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5th Oct 15 02:12:26Mistook The Dominant Lifeform
5th Oct 15 01:38:48Hazy Feel Turn
5th Oct 15 01:34:47Powder Keg Crowd
5th Oct 15 01:25:56Fanfic.The Wrath Of Topaz
5th Oct 15 01:25:43YMMV.The Wrath Of Topaz
5th Oct 15 01:24:55Shapeshifting Excludes Clothing
5th Oct 15 01:03:29It Gets Better
5th Oct 15 12:47:51YMMV.Adventure Time
5th Oct 15 12:27:04Status Quo Is God
5th Oct 15 08:16:35Gravity Falls.Tropes P To Z
5th Oct 15 08:16:09YMMV.Gravity Falls
5th Oct 15 06:57:34Straw Character
5th Oct 15 06:56:17The Scrappy.Comic Books
4th Oct 15 09:54:45Trivia.Forgotten Realms
4th Oct 15 07:01:01Western Animation.Uncle Grandpa
4th Oct 15 07:00:40YMMV.Uncle Grandpa
4th Oct 15 06:59:06Western Animation.Clarence
4th Oct 15 06:58:40YMMV.Clarence
4th Oct 15 06:57:42Western Animation.Clarence
4th Oct 15 06:57:20YMMV.Clarence
2nd Oct 15 07:37:28Ancient Evil
2nd Oct 15 07:33:34Villain Song.Film
2nd Oct 15 07:33:21Villain Song.Film
2nd Oct 15 07:24:01Recap.Steven Universe S 2 E 22 When It Rains
1st Oct 15 07:21:30Comicbook.Avengers Undercover
1st Oct 15 07:21:16YMMV.Avengers Undercover
1st Oct 15 06:33:15Comic Book.The Punisher MAX
1st Oct 15 06:31:08Comic Book.The Punisher
1st Oct 15 06:16:21YMMV.Fantasia 2000
1st Oct 15 06:13:44Disney.Fantasia 2000
1st Oct 15 06:12:53Disney.Fantasia
1st Oct 15 06:11:25YMMV.Fantasia
1st Oct 15 05:11:34YMMV.Gargoyles
30th Sep 15 05:46:46YMMV.The Purge
29th Sep 15 01:53:07Characters.Until Dawn
29th Sep 15 01:52:44YMMV.Until Dawn
29th Sep 15 01:51:50Video Game.Yandere Simulator
29th Sep 15 01:48:38YMMV.Yandere Simulator
29th Sep 15 06:04:40YMMV.Gladiator
28th Sep 15 06:48:23Virtue Is Weakness
28th Sep 15 10:32:55YMMV.Adventure Time
28th Sep 15 07:35:50Characters.Batman Arkham Series Rogues Gallery Asylum
27th Sep 15 09:53:49Western Animation.My Little Pony Equestria Girls Friendship Games
27th Sep 15 09:51:24YMMV.My Little Pony Equestria Girls Friendship Games
24th Sep 15 06:56:54Technically Naked Shapeshifter
24th Sep 15 06:55:13Shapeshifting Seducer
24th Sep 15 07:52:19Video Game.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
24th Sep 15 07:51:59Trivia.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
24th Sep 15 07:36:07Video Game.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
24th Sep 15 07:35:13YMMV.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
22nd Sep 15 03:27:18YMMV.Telltales Game Of Thrones
22nd Sep 15 01:28:24Scandalgate
20th Sep 15 07:41:55Broken Base.Video Games
20th Sep 15 08:43:00Video Game.Sam And Max Freelance Police
20th Sep 15 08:42:27YMMV.Sam And Max
19th Sep 15 05:48:02YMMV.Steven Universe
19th Sep 15 05:46:06YMMV.Steven Universe
16th Sep 15 06:22:11Characters.Total Drama Ridonculous Race Newcomers
16th Sep 15 05:53:53Recap.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 S 3 E 23 Dinosaur Seen In Sewers
15th Sep 15 07:29:27Western Animation.Turbo
15th Sep 15 07:28:06Video Game.Toejam And Earl
15th Sep 15 07:27:49YMMV.Toejam And Earl
15th Sep 15 07:26:59Film.The Lost Boys
15th Sep 15 07:26:43YMMV.The Lost Boys
15th Sep 15 07:26:43YMMV.The Lost Boys
15th Sep 15 07:26:19Film.Ted 2
15th Sep 15 07:26:08YMMV.Ted 2
15th Sep 15 07:25:47Video Game.Shovel Knight
15th Sep 15 07:25:28YMMV.Shovel Knight
15th Sep 15 07:24:57Series.Robin Hood
15th Sep 15 07:24:35YMMV.Robin Hood
15th Sep 15 07:23:55Film.Poltergeist
15th Sep 15 07:23:39YMMV.Poltergeist
15th Sep 15 07:23:10Trivia.Nan Quest
15th Sep 15 07:22:50YMMV.Nan Quest
15th Sep 15 07:22:26Film.Homeward Bound The Incredible Journey
15th Sep 15 07:21:55YMMV.Homeward Bound The Incredible Journey
15th Sep 15 07:21:35Film.Duel
15th Sep 15 07:21:18YMMV.Duel
15th Sep 15 07:11:11YMMV.Stan Winston
15th Sep 15 06:35:38Literature.Little Red Riding Hood
15th Sep 15 06:34:36YMMV.Little Red Riding Hood
15th Sep 15 06:34:07Western Animation.Rick And Morty
15th Sep 15 06:33:46Western Animation.Rick And Morty
15th Sep 15 06:32:58YMMV.Rick And Morty
15th Sep 15 06:31:18Western Animation.The Spectacular Spider Man
15th Sep 15 06:30:51YMMV.The Spectacular Spider Man
15th Sep 15 06:29:47Video Game.Spacebase DF 9
15th Sep 15 06:29:30YMMV.Spacebase DF 9
15th Sep 15 06:21:01Video Game.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
15th Sep 15 06:20:03YMMV.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
12th Sep 15 06:34:49Broken Base.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
5th Sep 15 12:21:03YMMV.Telltale Games
5th Sep 15 09:41:51Recap.Steven Universe S 2 E 8 Reformed
5th Sep 15 09:04:57Climax Boss
5th Sep 15 09:04:37Out Of Genre Experience
5th Sep 15 09:04:12Lyrical Dissonance.Video Games
2nd Sep 15 06:01:46Franchise.Disney Animated Canon
1st Sep 15 09:27:16YMMV.Street Fighter II The Animated Movie
1st Sep 15 09:03:41YMMV.The Dark Knight
1st Sep 15 08:09:08YMMV.Mega Man
1st Sep 15 08:05:22YMMV.Mega Man
1st Sep 15 02:53:37Cosmic Deadline
1st Sep 15 02:33:15YMMV.Judd Apatow
31st Aug 15 05:13:29Clone Jesus
31st Aug 15 03:23:04Creator.Brian Azzarello
31st Aug 15 12:21:28Film.Satans Little Helper
31st Aug 15 11:18:34Just Eat Gilligan
31st Aug 15 09:56:13Deceptively Silly Title
26th Aug 15 07:40:48Not Too Dead To Save The Day
26th Aug 15 07:35:39Shout Out.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012
26th Aug 15 07:34:31Shout Out.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012
24th Aug 15 04:43:20Gag Boobs
24th Aug 15 04:37:26Traumatic Superpower Awakening
24th Aug 15 04:36:50Super Toughness
24th Aug 15 04:36:16Reliable Traitor
24th Aug 15 04:35:38Paint It Black
24th Aug 15 03:23:06Godiva Hair
24th Aug 15 03:20:18Wicked Stepmother
24th Aug 15 03:18:33The Last Dance
24th Aug 15 03:16:34Theiss Titillation Theory
24th Aug 15 03:15:09Theiss Titillation Theory
24th Aug 15 03:14:57Theiss Titillation Theory
24th Aug 15 03:14:07Secondary Color Nemesis
24th Aug 15 03:10:08Personal Raincloud
24th Aug 15 03:01:20Designated Villain
24th Aug 15 03:00:04Reality Ensues.Comic Books
24th Aug 15 02:57:43Totally Radical.Comic Books
24th Aug 15 02:56:01The Air Not There
24th Aug 15 02:56:01The Air Not There
24th Aug 15 02:54:04Mythical Motifs
24th Aug 15 02:53:11Loving A Shadow
24th Aug 15 02:51:46Heroic Suicide
24th Aug 15 02:47:06Black Gal On White Guy Drama
24th Aug 15 02:40:54You Are What You Hate
24th Aug 15 02:39:53Yaoi Fangirl
24th Aug 15 02:39:32Would Hit A Girl
24th Aug 15 02:38:51Wild Card
24th Aug 15 02:38:28Weaponized Teleportation
24th Aug 15 02:37:53Voluntary Shapeshifting
24th Aug 15 02:37:28Vampiric Draining
24th Aug 15 02:00:38Unhappy Medium
24th Aug 15 02:00:15Uncanny Valley Girl
24th Aug 15 01:59:51Touch Of Death
24th Aug 15 01:59:25Threatening Shark
24th Aug 15 01:58:41The Runaway
24th Aug 15 01:58:16The Professor
24th Aug 15 01:57:53The Munchausen
24th Aug 15 01:57:28The Glasses Come Off
24th Aug 15 01:18:21The Empath
24th Aug 15 01:17:17The Cape
24th Aug 15 01:16:31The Chains Of Commanding
24th Aug 15 01:16:09The Assimilator
24th Aug 15 01:15:49That Came Out Wrong
24th Aug 15 01:15:18Teeth Clenched Teamwork
24th Aug 15 01:14:47Teen Genius
24th Aug 15 01:13:43Team Dad
24th Aug 15 01:13:08Take Me To Your Leader
24th Aug 15 01:12:33Sycophantic Servant
24th Aug 15 01:12:07Sword Over Head
24th Aug 15 01:11:21Super Strength
24th Aug 15 01:09:46Super Power Meltdown
24th Aug 15 01:09:17Supernatural Is Purple
24th Aug 15 01:08:50Supernatural Gold Eyes
24th Aug 15 01:08:22Superhero Sobriquets
24th Aug 15 01:07:36Street Urchin
24th Aug 15 01:07:01Still Wearing The Old Colors
24th Aug 15 01:06:20Steven Ulysses Perhero
24th Aug 15 01:02:12Stealth Hi Bye
24th Aug 15 12:29:18Starts With A Suicide
24th Aug 15 12:28:06Starter Villain
24th Aug 15 12:25:04Spider Sense
24th Aug 15 12:20:55Soul Fragment
24th Aug 15 12:20:22Southern Belle
24th Aug 15 12:18:26Sole Survivor
24th Aug 15 12:14:56Slasher Smile
24th Aug 15 12:13:04Skeletons In The Coat Closet
24th Aug 15 12:07:23Significant Green Eyed Redhead
24th Aug 15 11:55:13Shaping Your Attacks
24th Aug 15 11:55:01Shaping Your Attacks
24th Aug 15 11:54:25Shapeshifting Squick
24th Aug 15 11:53:30Shapeshifters Do It For A Change
24th Aug 15 11:38:17Shapeshifter Default Form
24th Aug 15 11:33:15Self Duplication
24th Aug 15 11:32:00Secret Public Identity
24th Aug 15 11:25:52Screw Destiny
24th Aug 15 11:24:24School Uniforms Are The New Black
24th Aug 15 11:21:31Scarf Of Asskicking
24th Aug 15 11:20:33Sarcastic Devotee
24th Aug 15 11:17:01Rummage Sale Reject
24th Aug 15 11:16:08Rule Of Perception
24th Aug 15 11:15:11Rollerblade Good
24th Aug 15 11:10:29Rich Suitor Poor Suitor
24th Aug 15 11:07:59Re Power
24th Aug 15 11:07:29Re Power
24th Aug 15 11:01:16Refugee From TV Land
24th Aug 15 11:00:32Reentry Scare
24th Aug 15 10:58:54Real Name As An Alias
24th Aug 15 10:55:31Really Gets Around
24th Aug 15 10:52:57Ready For Lovemaking
24th Aug 15 10:52:13Rape As Backstory
24th Aug 15 10:51:30Rape And Revenge
24th Aug 15 10:48:59Naturalized Name
24th Aug 15 10:48:31Punny Name
24th Aug 15 10:46:07Psychic Static
24th Aug 15 10:44:33Progressively Prettier
24th Aug 15 10:40:00Professor Guinea Pig
24th Aug 15 10:36:45Pre Asskicking Mutter
24th Aug 15 10:35:04Powers As Programs
24th Aug 15 10:33:03Power Limiter
24th Aug 15 10:25:12Power Parasite
24th Aug 15 10:20:26Power Floats
24th Aug 15 10:17:24Powered By A Forsaken Child
24th Aug 15 10:11:46Power Copying
23rd Aug 15 09:35:00Physical God
23rd Aug 15 09:32:28Phlebotinum Overload
23rd Aug 15 09:30:50Personality Powers
23rd Aug 15 09:26:00Oh My Gods
23rd Aug 15 09:25:11One Hit Kill
23rd Aug 15 09:24:30Opera Gloves
23rd Aug 15 09:23:31Organ Dodge
23rd Aug 15 09:22:49Outdated Outfit
23rd Aug 15 09:02:42Omniscient Morality License
23rd Aug 15 09:01:31Now Its My Turn
23rd Aug 15 08:39:58Naked On Revival
23rd Aug 15 08:37:47Mystical White Hair
23rd Aug 15 08:34:59Murder By Mistake
23rd Aug 15 08:30:44Mugged For Disguise
23rd Aug 15 08:23:27More Hero Than Thou
23rd Aug 15 08:20:03Melting Pot Nomenclature
23rd Aug 15 08:08:43Mayfly December Romance
23rd Aug 15 08:06:57Master Of Unlocking
23rd Aug 15 08:05:31Master Of Disguise
23rd Aug 15 07:46:40Lotus Eater Machine
23rd Aug 15 07:45:29Look Ma No Plane
23rd Aug 15 07:44:52Lonely Rich Kid
23rd Aug 15 07:44:22Logical Weakness
23rd Aug 15 07:38:19Luckily My Powers Will Protect Me
23rd Aug 15 07:20:40Living Memory
23rd Aug 15 07:17:14Living Battery
23rd Aug 15 07:13:46Little Black Dress
23rd Aug 15 07:12:49L Is For Dyslexia
23rd Aug 15 07:07:15Less Embarrassing Term
23rd Aug 15 06:26:18Lethal Harmless Powers
23rd Aug 15 06:24:22Lady Of Adventure
23rd Aug 15 06:23:23Laser Guided Amnesia
23rd Aug 15 06:20:25Jekyll And Hyde
23rd Aug 15 06:19:00I Want My Beloved To Be Happy
23rd Aug 15 06:17:58Its The Only Way To Be Sure
23rd Aug 15 06:15:09In The Hood
23rd Aug 15 06:01:55In Series Nickname
23rd Aug 15 05:57:03Instant Awesome Just Add Ninja
23rd Aug 15 05:48:47Indirect Kiss
23rd Aug 15 05:45:03Inferred Survival
23rd Aug 15 05:40:39Informed Attractiveness
23rd Aug 15 05:36:30Incurable Cough Of Death
23rd Aug 15 05:30:38Improbable Piloting Skills
23rd Aug 15 05:29:40Impossibly Tacky Clothes
23rd Aug 15 05:28:30Important Haircut
23rd Aug 15 05:24:06I Kiss Your Hand
23rd Aug 15 05:21:44Identity Absorption
23rd Aug 15 05:06:04Hunter Of His Own Kind
23rd Aug 15 04:54:56Hour Of Power
23rd Aug 15 04:54:30Hot Wings
23rd Aug 15 04:33:03Hollywood Nerd
23rd Aug 15 04:16:21Heart Is An Awesome Power
23rd Aug 15 04:14:59Having A Blast
23rd Aug 15 04:05:03Grand Theft Me
23rd Aug 15 09:09:52Good Smoking Evil Smoking
23rd Aug 15 09:07:38Go Go Enslavement
23rd Aug 15 09:05:19Glass Cannon
23rd Aug 15 09:03:53Gentleman Thief
23rd Aug 15 09:02:51Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter
23rd Aug 15 09:02:10Ghost Memory
23rd Aug 15 09:01:23Gesundheit
23rd Aug 15 08:59:39Futile Hand Reach
23rd Aug 15 08:57:57First Kiss
23rd Aug 15 08:57:07First Name Ultimatum
23rd Aug 15 08:56:26Flight
23rd Aug 15 08:55:52Flight Strength Heart
23rd Aug 15 08:54:59Flying Brick
23rd Aug 15 08:53:22Foil
23rd Aug 15 08:50:38Full Frontal Assault
23rd Aug 15 08:49:13Funetik Aksent
23rd Aug 15 08:47:14Fashionable Asymmetry
23rd Aug 15 08:45:53Feather Boa Constrictor
23rd Aug 15 08:43:42Everybody Hates Mathematics
23rd Aug 15 08:38:59Familiar
23rd Aug 15 08:34:29Even The Girls Want Her
23rd Aug 15 08:30:01Embarrassing First Name
23rd Aug 15 08:25:42Dragon With An Agenda
23rd Aug 15 08:24:13Drowning My Sorrows
23rd Aug 15 08:21:47Domino Mask
23rd Aug 15 08:20:30Doppelganger Replacement Love Interest
23rd Aug 15 08:18:45Destructo Nookie
23rd Aug 15 08:16:48Depraved Bisexual
23rd Aug 15 08:07:21Winds Of Destiny Change
23rd Aug 15 08:06:37Die Or Fly
23rd Aug 15 08:03:02Dark Action Girl
23rd Aug 15 07:58:28Curtains Match The Window
23rd Aug 15 07:56:40Cursed With Awesome
23rd Aug 15 07:50:14Darkness Von Gothickname
23rd Aug 15 07:48:09Badass Bookworm.Comic Books
23rd Aug 15 07:43:07Batman Gambit.Comic Books
23rd Aug 15 07:35:37Dark Is Not Evil.Comic Books
23rd Aug 15 07:34:20Draco In Leather Pants.Comic Books
23rd Aug 15 07:31:41Evil Versus Evil.Comic Books
23rd Aug 15 07:26:19Look Behind You.Comic Books
23rd Aug 15 07:25:03Magic Pants.Comic Books
23rd Aug 15 07:21:29And I Must Scream.Comic Books
23rd Aug 15 07:16:48Heroic Sacrifice.Comics
23rd Aug 15 07:16:48Heroic Sacrifice.Comics
22nd Aug 15 10:05:39Required Secondary Powers.Comic Books
22nd Aug 15 09:59:30Comic Book Fantasy Casting
22nd Aug 15 09:57:48Comic Book Fantasy Casting
22nd Aug 15 09:55:38Comic Book Fantasy Casting
22nd Aug 15 09:53:21Comic Book Fantasy Casting
22nd Aug 15 09:36:32Changing Clothes Is A Free Action
22nd Aug 15 09:32:18Civvie Spandex
22nd Aug 15 09:24:29Braids Of Action
22nd Aug 15 09:24:10Braids Of Action
22nd Aug 15 09:15:27Beneath The Mask
22nd Aug 15 09:11:55Back From The Dead
22nd Aug 15 09:04:03Battle Strip
22nd Aug 15 09:03:48Battle Strip
22nd Aug 15 09:03:04Bed Trick
22nd Aug 15 08:42:18Characters.Chew
22nd Aug 15 08:35:53Attack Its Weak Point
22nd Aug 15 08:33:08A Cup Angst
22nd Aug 15 08:28:26Steel Ear Drums
22nd Aug 15 08:25:38Strolling Through The Chaos
22nd Aug 15 08:22:27Taking The Bullet
22nd Aug 15 08:19:57The Conscience
22nd Aug 15 08:16:24Too Good For This Sinful Earth
22nd Aug 15 08:14:38Unskilled But Strong
22nd Aug 15 08:08:41Kiss Of Death
22nd Aug 15 08:07:00Locked Into Strangeness
22nd Aug 15 08:01:24Magical Defibrillator
22nd Aug 15 07:56:24Most Common Super Power
22nd Aug 15 07:43:07Precocious Crush
22nd Aug 15 07:34:57Half The Man He Used To Be
22nd Aug 15 07:24:17Intangibility
22nd Aug 15 07:20:05Intelligence Equals Isolation
22nd Aug 15 06:49:10Flying Firepower
22nd Aug 15 06:48:12Forbidden Fruit
22nd Aug 15 06:45:08Energy Absorption
22nd Aug 15 06:43:16Evil All Along
22nd Aug 15 06:39:06Evil Is Sexy
22nd Aug 15 06:37:29Evil Matriarch
22nd Aug 15 06:35:59Evil Redhead
22nd Aug 15 06:27:46Dirt Forcefield
22nd Aug 15 06:26:58Dirty Mind Reading
22nd Aug 15 06:24:28Discard And Draw
22nd Aug 15 06:19:28Do Not Taunt Cthulhu
22nd Aug 15 06:18:28Dual Wielding
22nd Aug 15 06:15:49Dudley Do Right Stops To Help
22nd Aug 15 06:11:51Cry Laughing
22nd Aug 15 06:09:27Custom Uniform Of Sexy
22nd Aug 15 06:08:32Cute Little Fangs
22nd Aug 15 06:06:10Cute Monster Girl
22nd Aug 15 05:57:29Depending On The Artist
22nd Aug 15 05:46:29Cant Have Sex Ever
22nd Aug 15 05:32:28Clark Kenting
22nd Aug 15 05:27:49Chronic Backstabbing Disorder
22nd Aug 15 05:23:33Combo Platter Powers
22nd Aug 15 04:53:03Blessed With Suck.Comic Books
22nd Aug 15 04:40:27Asian Airhead
22nd Aug 15 04:32:51Awesomeness By Analysis
22nd Aug 15 04:27:35Badass Cape
22nd Aug 15 04:22:36Badass Longcoat
22nd Aug 15 04:19:14Bad Powers Good People
22nd Aug 15 04:13:02Bifauxnen
22nd Aug 15 04:11:18Bi The Way
22nd Aug 15 04:09:43Boxing Lessons For Superman
22nd Aug 15 03:56:26Absolute Cleavage
22nd Aug 15 03:53:37Adoptive Peer Parent
22nd Aug 15 03:52:05All Your Powers Combined
22nd Aug 15 03:50:01A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Read
22nd Aug 15 03:48:51Angst What Angst
22nd Aug 15 03:44:21What Kind Of Lame Power Is Heart Anyway
22nd Aug 15 03:41:20What Measure Is A Non Badass
22nd Aug 15 03:33:42Tele Frag
22nd Aug 15 03:31:58Characterization Marches On
22nd Aug 15 03:31:02Rapunzel Hair
22nd Aug 15 03:20:54Reformed But Rejected
22nd Aug 15 03:19:33Reluctant Fanservice Girl
22nd Aug 15 03:16:05Shapeshifter Weapon
22nd Aug 15 03:13:52Spontaneous Weapon Creation
22nd Aug 15 03:13:04Statuesque Stunner
22nd Aug 15 03:11:08Stripperiffic
22nd Aug 15 02:57:45Omniglot
22nd Aug 15 02:55:33Only Known By Their Nickname
22nd Aug 15 02:53:37Person Of Mass Destruction
22nd Aug 15 02:50:36Petite Pride
22nd Aug 15 02:49:15Plucky Girl
22nd Aug 15 02:44:50Power Incontinence
22nd Aug 15 02:43:23Power Strain Blackout
22nd Aug 15 02:40:05Psychic Nosebleed
22nd Aug 15 02:36:29New Powers As The Plot Demands
22nd Aug 15 02:33:56No Name Given