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28th Nov 15 08:51:57Fauxshadow
28th Nov 15 08:48:03Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 1 E 18 The Show Stoppers
27th Nov 15 07:18:20YMMV.Batman Arkham Knight
26th Nov 15 09:52:51Characters.SOMA
26th Nov 15 05:30:48Extra Dimensional Shortcut
26th Nov 15 05:30:21Dying Moment Of Awesome.Comic Books
26th Nov 15 05:29:28Dual Wielding
26th Nov 15 05:14:54Non Indicative Name.Comic Books
26th Nov 15 05:10:42The Air Not There
26th Nov 15 05:02:48Creepy Catholicism
25th Nov 15 07:51:55Circus Brat
25th Nov 15 07:48:58In Series Nickname
25th Nov 15 07:45:20Running On All Fours
25th Nov 15 07:43:45Sexy Priest
25th Nov 15 07:33:07Glowing Eyes Of Doom
25th Nov 15 07:32:22Germanic Depressives
25th Nov 15 07:30:25Handy Feet
25th Nov 15 07:28:55Three Point Landing
25th Nov 15 07:28:20Token Religious Teammate
25th Nov 15 07:22:05Would Hurt A Child
25th Nov 15 07:19:32Depending On The Writer
25th Nov 15 07:17:34Creepy Cute
25th Nov 15 07:15:20I Kiss Your Hand
25th Nov 15 07:14:02The Sneaky Guy
25th Nov 15 07:11:42Chick Magnet
25th Nov 15 07:10:48Progressively Prettier
25th Nov 15 07:09:30Prehensile Tail
25th Nov 15 07:07:00Pet The Dog.Comic Books
25th Nov 15 07:03:03Written Sound Effect
25th Nov 15 06:47:27Holographic Disguise
25th Nov 15 06:39:06Four Fingered Hands
25th Nov 15 06:37:51Freaky Is Cool
25th Nov 15 06:36:12Fun Personified
25th Nov 15 06:33:42Gratuitous German
25th Nov 15 06:32:15Dark Is Not Evil.Comic Books
25th Nov 15 06:31:27Hellish Pupils
25th Nov 15 06:19:11Depending On The Artist
25th Nov 15 06:16:30Cute Monster Girl
25th Nov 15 06:15:47Cute Little Fangs
25th Nov 15 06:13:44Stealth Expert
25th Nov 15 06:12:31Smoke Out
25th Nov 15 06:10:34Religious Bruiser
25th Nov 15 06:08:53Real Men Love Jesus
25th Nov 15 06:00:49Pointy Ears
25th Nov 15 05:59:45Omniglot
25th Nov 15 05:58:27Not Blood Siblings
25th Nov 15 05:56:46Multistage Teleport
25th Nov 15 05:52:40Inertia Is A Cruel Mistress
25th Nov 15 05:49:51Teleport Spam
25th Nov 15 05:49:17Tele Frag
25th Nov 15 05:48:36Teleportation Sickness
25th Nov 15 05:46:58The Heart
25th Nov 15 05:41:45Supernatural Gold Eyes
25th Nov 15 05:33:55Born Lucky
25th Nov 15 05:32:00Monochromatic Eyes
25th Nov 15 05:31:15Blind Jump
25th Nov 15 05:27:50Because You Were Nice To Me
25th Nov 15 05:21:14Bait And Switch Gunshot
25th Nov 15 05:19:01Badass Preacher
25th Nov 15 05:15:23Atrocious Alias
25th Nov 15 05:13:29Another Dimension
25th Nov 15 04:22:32Signature Scent
25th Nov 15 04:20:14Friendly Tickle Torture
25th Nov 15 04:19:31Teleporters And Transporters
24th Nov 15 01:11:18Western Animation.Mike Tyson Mysteries
24th Nov 15 05:25:15Series.Jessica Jones 2015
24th Nov 15 05:16:41YMMV.Jessica Jones 2015
22nd Nov 15 08:16:34Creator.Telltale Games
21st Nov 15 07:54:36YMMV.Fairy Tail
21st Nov 15 01:51:02Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 5 E 24 The Mane Attraction
21st Nov 15 01:40:24YMMV.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 5 E 24 The Mane Attraction
20th Nov 15 08:24:44Air Quotes
18th Nov 15 07:03:32YMMV.Five Nights At Freddys 4
14th Nov 15 07:29:54Comic Book.The Punisher MAX
14th Nov 15 05:48:38Comic Book.The Punisher MAX
14th Nov 15 05:39:45Characters.The Punisher MAX
14th Nov 15 05:35:44Gut Feeling
13th Nov 15 12:43:48YMMV.James Rolfe
13th Nov 15 12:18:27Recap.South Park S 19 E 7 Naughty Ninjas
12th Nov 15 05:07:22Wretched Hive.Real Life
11th Nov 15 03:36:48Gravity Falls.Tropes P To Z
11th Nov 15 03:36:10YMMV.Gravity Falls
11th Nov 15 03:34:47Video Game.The Walking Dead
11th Nov 15 03:34:08YMMV.The Walking Dead Video Game
10th Nov 15 04:20:54Characters.The Punisher MAX
8th Nov 15 07:53:31YMMV.Skull Girls
7th Nov 15 03:46:57YMMV.Minecraft Story Mode
5th Nov 15 01:21:27YMMV.Five Nights At Freddys 4
5th Nov 15 01:18:25YMMV.Five Nights At Freddys
5th Nov 15 06:32:17Eyes Are Unbreakable
5th Nov 15 06:03:34Series.American Horror Story Hotel
5th Nov 15 06:03:09YMMV.American Horror Story Hotel
4th Nov 15 08:09:22Series.American Horror Story Hotel
4th Nov 15 02:43:45Comic Book.The Punisher MAX
4th Nov 15 08:11:51Comicbook.Black Widow
4th Nov 15 08:11:34YMMV.Black Widow
2nd Nov 15 08:19:30Characters.Predators
2nd Nov 15 07:50:15Video Game.Batman Arkham Knight
2nd Nov 15 07:37:02Film.Prometheus
2nd Nov 15 07:36:25YMMV.Prometheus
2nd Nov 15 07:31:16Film.Alien Resurrection
2nd Nov 15 07:30:56YMMV.Alien Resurrection
2nd Nov 15 07:28:22Film.Alien
2nd Nov 15 07:27:40YMMV.Alien
31st Oct 15 06:07:46Series.Scream Queens 2015
30th Oct 15 02:12:19Series.Heroes Reborn 2015
30th Oct 15 02:11:56YMMV.Heroes Reborn 2015
30th Oct 15 02:09:13Film.Taken
30th Oct 15 02:08:18YMMV.Taken
28th Oct 15 11:59:00Video Game.Minecraft Story Mode
28th Oct 15 11:58:45YMMV.Minecraft Story Mode
28th Oct 15 08:19:34Lets Play.Jack Septic Eye
28th Oct 15 08:19:00YMMV.Jack Septic Eye
28th Oct 15 08:18:00Instant Humiliation Just Add You Tube
28th Oct 15 08:13:23Wall Bangers.Video Games
27th Oct 15 08:33:35YMMV.Life Is Strange
26th Oct 15 06:51:04Inadvertent Entrance Cue
26th Oct 15 06:49:49Do Wrong Right
26th Oct 15 06:41:09Funny.King Of The Hill
26th Oct 15 06:38:14Heartwarming.King Of The Hill
26th Oct 15 06:14:20Funny.King Of The Hill
26th Oct 15 05:45:07Faux To Guide
25th Oct 15 07:56:43Duck Season Rabbit Season
25th Oct 15 03:58:40YMMV.Silent Hill Homecoming
25th Oct 15 03:41:24Franchise.Silent Hill
24th Oct 15 07:14:00And There Was Much Rejoicing
24th Oct 15 06:59:43Totalitarian Utilitarian
24th Oct 15 08:44:23Contested Sequel
22nd Oct 15 03:09:01YMMV.Steven Universe
22nd Oct 15 07:38:29YMMV.Dark Souls I
20th Oct 15 01:03:54Characters.Life Is Strange
19th Oct 15 08:51:11Arc Fatigue
18th Oct 15 07:26:18Video Game.Minecraft Story Mode
18th Oct 15 07:26:07YMMV.Minecraft Story Mode
18th Oct 15 06:52:46YMMV.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 4 E 23 Inspiration Manifestation
18th Oct 15 06:19:42Even Evil Has Loved Ones
18th Oct 15 06:08:52Evil Is Petty
18th Oct 15 06:05:11The Bully
18th Oct 15 06:02:34Superpower Lottery
18th Oct 15 06:01:01Suicide By Cop
18th Oct 15 05:50:22Progressively Prettier
18th Oct 15 05:39:16Never The Selves Shall Meet
18th Oct 15 05:37:49Multiple Choice Past
18th Oct 15 05:35:59Made Of Indestructium
18th Oct 15 05:32:38Legacy Character
18th Oct 15 05:22:01Ironic Echo
18th Oct 15 05:20:13Impaled With Extreme Prejudice
18th Oct 15 05:12:14Good Costume Switch
18th Oct 15 05:08:00Evil Is Bigger
18th Oct 15 05:07:25Eat The Dog
18th Oct 15 05:06:30Dying To Be Replaced
18th Oct 15 05:02:03Conspicuous Gloves
18th Oct 15 04:58:42Ax Crazy.Comic Books
18th Oct 15 04:57:17Card Carrying Villain.Comic Books
18th Oct 15 04:56:19Curb Stomp Battle.Comic Books
18th Oct 15 04:47:18Manipulative Bastard.Comic Books
18th Oct 15 04:45:34Moral Event Horizon.Comic Books
18th Oct 15 04:35:17The Dreaded.Comic Books
18th Oct 15 04:28:44Recap.South Park S 19 E 4 Youre Not Yelping
18th Oct 15 04:24:45Combat Parkour
18th Oct 15 04:23:31Chaotic Evil
18th Oct 15 04:22:27Walking Shirtless Scene
18th Oct 15 04:21:50Carpet Of Virility
18th Oct 15 04:16:36Mysterious Past
18th Oct 15 04:15:33Always Someone Better
18th Oct 15 03:55:23We Used To Be Friends
18th Oct 15 03:54:25Violence Really Is The Answer
18th Oct 15 03:49:01Made A Slave
18th Oct 15 03:45:31Liquid Assets
18th Oct 15 03:39:38Arc Fatigue
18th Oct 15 03:20:35Awesome But Impractical.Comic Books
18th Oct 15 03:15:39Intrinsic Vow
18th Oct 15 02:58:27Ordered Apology
18th Oct 15 02:52:23Evil Former Friend
18th Oct 15 02:51:31Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas
18th Oct 15 02:49:39Characters.Fear Street
18th Oct 15 02:36:15Groin Attack.Comic Books
18th Oct 15 02:26:26Beauty Equals Goodness
18th Oct 15 02:24:34The Nose Knows
18th Oct 15 01:44:55Changing Clothes Is A Free Action
18th Oct 15 01:43:14Beast Man
18th Oct 15 01:42:19Bare Your Midriff
18th Oct 15 01:38:26Artistic License Biology
18th Oct 15 01:36:32Animal Themed Superbeing
18th Oct 15 01:36:12Animal Themed Superbeing
18th Oct 15 01:30:51No Holds Barred Beatdown.Comic Books
18th Oct 15 01:28:59Freudian Excuse.Comic Books
18th Oct 15 01:27:15Chronic Backstabbing Disorder
18th Oct 15 01:27:14Chronic Backstabbing Disorder
18th Oct 15 01:18:08Arch Enemy.Comic Books
18th Oct 15 01:16:47Badass Boast.Comic Books
18th Oct 15 01:14:51Blood Knight.Comic Books
18th Oct 15 01:10:04Evil Counterpart.Comic Books
18th Oct 15 01:06:25Psychotic Smirk
18th Oct 15 01:05:21Psychotic Smirk
18th Oct 15 01:03:28Cain And Abel
18th Oct 15 01:02:12Villains Out Shopping.Comic Books
18th Oct 15 12:59:45Healing Factor
18th Oct 15 12:58:10Joker Immunity.Comic Books
18th Oct 15 12:56:37Kick The Dog.Comic Books
18th Oct 15 12:54:44Im A Humanitarian
18th Oct 15 12:52:59Depending On The Writer
18th Oct 15 12:51:29Mugging The Monster.Comic Books
18th Oct 15 12:48:30For The Evulz
18th Oct 15 12:46:55Not So Different.Comic Books
18th Oct 15 12:44:41Informed Ability.Comic Books
18th Oct 15 12:42:31Villains Out Shopping.Comic Books
18th Oct 15 12:37:55Child Eater
18th Oct 15 12:36:59Eats Babies
18th Oct 15 12:36:18Psycho For Hire
18th Oct 15 12:32:33Scarily Competent Tracker
18th Oct 15 12:31:48Shadow Archetype
18th Oct 15 12:04:16Blond Guys Are Evil
18th Oct 15 12:02:29The Sociopath.Comic Books
18th Oct 15 12:01:15Absurdly Sharp Blade
18th Oct 15 11:31:52Weirder Than Usual
18th Oct 15 08:14:47Characters.All Hail King Julien
18th Oct 15 07:35:10Theatre Phantom
16th Oct 15 04:38:42Uncle Pennybags
16th Oct 15 01:54:10Crippling Castration
15th Oct 15 09:11:36Web Video.Ultra Fast Pony
15th Oct 15 09:10:14Never Going Back To Prison
15th Oct 15 12:10:22YMMV.Max Payne
15th Oct 15 04:26:06Cigarette Of Anxiety
15th Oct 15 04:18:58YMMV.Max Payne
15th Oct 15 04:14:35Video Game.Max Payne
15th Oct 15 04:14:08Video Game.Max Payne
14th Oct 15 06:32:19Series.American Horror Story Hotel
13th Oct 15 07:40:17Characters.Tales From The Borderlands
13th Oct 15 07:34:49Video Game.Minecraft Story Mode
13th Oct 15 07:34:27YMMV.Minecraft Story Mode
13th Oct 15 12:58:26Video Game.Minecraft Story Mode
13th Oct 15 07:28:48Video Game.Thems Fightin Herds
13th Oct 15 07:28:35YMMV.Thems Fightin Herds
13th Oct 15 06:56:26Recap.Gravity Falls S 2 E 17 Dipper And Mabel Vs The Future
12th Oct 15 07:51:23YMMV.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
12th Oct 15 10:01:37YMMV.SOMA
12th Oct 15 09:57:38Trivia.Max Payne
12th Oct 15 09:55:11Nightmare Fuel.Max Payne
12th Oct 15 09:42:35Video Game.Max Payne
12th Oct 15 08:18:46Characters.Max Payne
12th Oct 15 08:15:45Characters.Max Payne
12th Oct 15 08:06:25Characters.Max Payne
12th Oct 15 07:46:46Trivia.Max Payne
9th Oct 15 02:02:11By The Eyes Of The Blind
9th Oct 15 08:38:37Eldritch Abomination.Literature
9th Oct 15 07:13:53Hell Hotel
9th Oct 15 06:19:08Shout Out.Steven Universe
9th Oct 15 06:14:54Shout Out.Steven Universe
8th Oct 15 07:44:31Nothing Is Scarier.Video Games
8th Oct 15 08:23:07Undertaker
8th Oct 15 07:37:46Nothing Is Scarier
8th Oct 15 07:24:56SCP Foundation.Tropes E To M
8th Oct 15 07:24:32SCP Foundation.Tropes N To R
8th Oct 15 07:23:32YMMV.SCP Foundation
7th Oct 15 08:10:42Video Game.Downfall
7th Oct 15 08:10:18YMMV.Downfall
7th Oct 15 05:12:34N Word Privileges
7th Oct 15 04:52:13Outlaw Town
7th Oct 15 04:43:26The City Narrows
6th Oct 15 08:02:53Comic Strip.Calvin And Hobbes
6th Oct 15 08:02:32YMMV.Calvin And Hobbes
6th Oct 15 07:15:03Creators Pet.Comic Books
6th Oct 15 07:12:40Character Derailment.Comic Books
6th Oct 15 06:53:36Replacement Scrappy.Comic Books
5th Oct 15 02:12:26Mistook The Dominant Lifeform
5th Oct 15 01:38:48Hazy Feel Turn
5th Oct 15 01:34:47Powder Keg Crowd
5th Oct 15 01:25:56Fanfic.The Wrath Of Topaz
5th Oct 15 01:25:43YMMV.The Wrath Of Topaz
5th Oct 15 01:24:55Shapeshifting Excludes Clothing
5th Oct 15 01:03:29It Gets Better
5th Oct 15 12:47:51YMMV.Adventure Time
5th Oct 15 12:27:04Status Quo Is God
5th Oct 15 08:16:35Gravity Falls.Tropes P To Z
5th Oct 15 08:16:09YMMV.Gravity Falls
5th Oct 15 06:57:34Straw Character
5th Oct 15 06:56:17The Scrappy.Comic Books
4th Oct 15 09:54:45Trivia.Forgotten Realms
4th Oct 15 07:01:01Western Animation.Uncle Grandpa
4th Oct 15 07:00:40YMMV.Uncle Grandpa
4th Oct 15 06:59:06Western Animation.Clarence
4th Oct 15 06:58:40YMMV.Clarence
4th Oct 15 06:57:42Western Animation.Clarence
4th Oct 15 06:57:20YMMV.Clarence
2nd Oct 15 07:37:28Ancient Evil
2nd Oct 15 07:33:34Villain Song.Film
2nd Oct 15 07:33:21Villain Song.Film
2nd Oct 15 07:24:01Recap.Steven Universe S 2 E 22 When It Rains
1st Oct 15 07:21:30Comicbook.Avengers Undercover
1st Oct 15 07:21:16YMMV.Avengers Undercover
1st Oct 15 06:33:15Comic Book.The Punisher MAX
1st Oct 15 06:31:08Comic Book.The Punisher
1st Oct 15 06:16:21YMMV.Fantasia 2000
1st Oct 15 06:13:44Disney.Fantasia 2000
1st Oct 15 06:12:53Disney.Fantasia
1st Oct 15 06:11:25YMMV.Fantasia
1st Oct 15 05:11:34YMMV.Gargoyles
30th Sep 15 05:46:46YMMV.The Purge
29th Sep 15 01:53:07Characters.Until Dawn
29th Sep 15 01:52:44YMMV.Until Dawn
29th Sep 15 01:51:50Video Game.Yandere Simulator
29th Sep 15 01:48:38YMMV.Yandere Simulator
29th Sep 15 06:04:40YMMV.Gladiator
28th Sep 15 06:48:23Virtue Is Weakness
28th Sep 15 10:32:55YMMV.Adventure Time
28th Sep 15 07:35:50Characters.Batman Arkham Series Rogues Gallery Asylum
27th Sep 15 09:53:49Western Animation.My Little Pony Equestria Girls Friendship Games
27th Sep 15 09:51:24YMMV.My Little Pony Equestria Girls Friendship Games
24th Sep 15 06:56:54Technically Naked Shapeshifter
24th Sep 15 06:55:13Shapeshifting Seducer
24th Sep 15 07:52:19Video Game.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
24th Sep 15 07:51:59Trivia.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
24th Sep 15 07:36:07Video Game.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
24th Sep 15 07:35:13YMMV.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
22nd Sep 15 03:27:18YMMV.Telltales Game Of Thrones
22nd Sep 15 01:28:24Scandalgate
20th Sep 15 07:41:55Broken Base.Video Games
20th Sep 15 08:43:00Video Game.Sam And Max Freelance Police
20th Sep 15 08:42:27YMMV.Sam And Max
19th Sep 15 05:48:02YMMV.Steven Universe
19th Sep 15 05:46:06YMMV.Steven Universe
16th Sep 15 06:22:11Characters.Total Drama Ridonculous Race Newcomers
16th Sep 15 05:53:53Recap.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 S 3 E 23 Dinosaur Seen In Sewers
15th Sep 15 07:29:27Western Animation.Turbo
15th Sep 15 07:28:06Video Game.Toejam And Earl
15th Sep 15 07:27:49YMMV.Toejam And Earl
15th Sep 15 07:26:59Film.The Lost Boys
15th Sep 15 07:26:43YMMV.The Lost Boys
15th Sep 15 07:26:43YMMV.The Lost Boys
15th Sep 15 07:26:19Film.Ted 2
15th Sep 15 07:26:08YMMV.Ted 2
15th Sep 15 07:25:47Video Game.Shovel Knight
15th Sep 15 07:25:28YMMV.Shovel Knight
15th Sep 15 07:24:57Series.Robin Hood
15th Sep 15 07:24:35YMMV.Robin Hood
15th Sep 15 07:23:55Film.Poltergeist
15th Sep 15 07:23:39YMMV.Poltergeist
15th Sep 15 07:23:10Trivia.Nan Quest
15th Sep 15 07:22:50YMMV.Nan Quest
15th Sep 15 07:22:26Film.Homeward Bound The Incredible Journey
15th Sep 15 07:21:55YMMV.Homeward Bound The Incredible Journey
15th Sep 15 07:21:35Film.Duel
15th Sep 15 07:21:18YMMV.Duel
15th Sep 15 07:11:11YMMV.Stan Winston
15th Sep 15 06:35:38Literature.Little Red Riding Hood
15th Sep 15 06:34:36YMMV.Little Red Riding Hood
15th Sep 15 06:34:07Western Animation.Rick And Morty
15th Sep 15 06:33:46Western Animation.Rick And Morty
15th Sep 15 06:32:58YMMV.Rick And Morty
15th Sep 15 06:31:18Western Animation.The Spectacular Spider Man
15th Sep 15 06:30:51YMMV.The Spectacular Spider Man
15th Sep 15 06:29:47Video Game.Spacebase DF 9
15th Sep 15 06:29:30YMMV.Spacebase DF 9
15th Sep 15 06:21:01Video Game.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
15th Sep 15 06:20:03YMMV.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
12th Sep 15 06:34:49Broken Base.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
5th Sep 15 12:21:03YMMV.Telltale Games
5th Sep 15 09:41:51Recap.Steven Universe S 2 E 8 Reformed
5th Sep 15 09:04:57Climax Boss
5th Sep 15 09:04:37Out Of Genre Experience
5th Sep 15 09:04:12Lyrical Dissonance.Video Games
2nd Sep 15 06:01:46Franchise.Disney Animated Canon
1st Sep 15 09:27:16YMMV.Street Fighter II The Animated Movie
1st Sep 15 09:03:41YMMV.The Dark Knight
1st Sep 15 08:09:08YMMV.Mega Man
1st Sep 15 08:05:22YMMV.Mega Man
1st Sep 15 02:53:37Cosmic Deadline
1st Sep 15 02:33:15YMMV.Judd Apatow
31st Aug 15 05:13:29Clone Jesus
31st Aug 15 03:23:04Creator.Brian Azzarello
31st Aug 15 12:21:28Film.Satans Little Helper
31st Aug 15 11:18:34Just Eat Gilligan
31st Aug 15 09:56:13Deceptively Silly Title
26th Aug 15 07:40:48Not Too Dead To Save The Day
26th Aug 15 07:35:39Shout Out.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012
26th Aug 15 07:34:31Shout Out.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012
24th Aug 15 04:43:20Gag Boobs
24th Aug 15 04:37:26Traumatic Superpower Awakening
24th Aug 15 04:36:50Super Toughness
24th Aug 15 04:36:16Reliable Traitor
24th Aug 15 04:35:38Paint It Black
24th Aug 15 03:23:06Godiva Hair
24th Aug 15 03:20:18Wicked Stepmother
24th Aug 15 03:18:33The Last Dance
24th Aug 15 03:16:34Theiss Titillation Theory
24th Aug 15 03:15:09Theiss Titillation Theory
24th Aug 15 03:14:57Theiss Titillation Theory
24th Aug 15 03:14:07Secondary Color Nemesis
24th Aug 15 03:10:08Personal Raincloud
24th Aug 15 03:01:20Designated Villain
24th Aug 15 03:00:04Reality Ensues.Comic Books
24th Aug 15 02:57:43Totally Radical.Comic Books
24th Aug 15 02:56:01The Air Not There
24th Aug 15 02:56:01The Air Not There
24th Aug 15 02:54:04Mythical Motifs
24th Aug 15 02:53:11Loving A Shadow
24th Aug 15 02:51:46Heroic Suicide
24th Aug 15 02:47:06Black Gal On White Guy Drama
24th Aug 15 02:40:54You Are What You Hate