9th Jul 14 05:53:52Captain Obvious Reveal
9th Jul 14 03:41:49Male Gaze
9th Jul 14 07:10:23YMMV.Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Of The Patriots
8th Jul 14 07:05:14Memes.Metal Gear
8th Jul 14 06:55:27Artifact Mook
8th Jul 14 06:52:28Artifact Mook
8th Jul 14 05:39:05Legendary In The Sequel
8th Jul 14 05:36:45Characters.Devil May Cry Villains
8th Jul 14 05:16:59Screw Your Ultimatum
8th Jul 14 04:45:45Final Boss Preview
8th Jul 14 04:11:20Character Tics
8th Jul 14 01:24:59Characters.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
8th Jul 14 01:18:04YMMV.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
8th Jul 14 12:57:43Villain Teleportation
7th Jul 14 04:20:18YMMV.Markiplier
4th Jul 14 09:29:20Narm.METALGEAR
4th Jul 14 09:21:53Creator.The King Of Hate
2nd Jul 14 07:44:57Blatant Lies
2nd Jul 14 07:06:46YMMV.Grand Theft Auto V
1st Jul 14 02:12:02Feghoot
1st Jul 14 01:44:14Seasonal Rot.Live Action TV
30th Jun 14 12:56:38Horrible.The King Of Hate
30th Jun 14 12:50:05YMMV.The King Of Hate
30th Jun 14 04:31:03Characters.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 The Foot Clan
29th Jun 14 08:53:35YMMV.YOUTUBE
29th Jun 14 07:07:24Old Hero New Pals
29th Jun 14 07:06:05Old Hero New Pals
29th Jun 14 06:36:58Characters.Transformers Generation 1
29th Jun 14 06:34:56Franchise.Transformers
29th Jun 14 05:28:22YMMV.Thepurge
28th Jun 14 05:39:32Western Animation.Wanderover Yonder
28th Jun 14 04:41:31YMMV.The Angry Video Gamenerd
28th Jun 14 04:38:02AVGN.Tropes H To M
26th Jun 14 08:23:51Victorious Loser
26th Jun 14 08:23:14Larynx Dissonance
26th Jun 14 08:18:52Victor Gains Losers Powers
26th Jun 14 07:19:41Lets Play.Markiplier
26th Jun 14 06:24:40Western Animation.The 7 D
26th Jun 14 06:22:19Characters.Wanderover Yonder
23rd Jun 14 06:34:23Recap.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 S 2 E 21 Plan 10
19th Jun 14 07:36:29Gotta Ship Em All
19th Jun 14 07:21:50Anvilicious.Anime And Manga
19th Jun 14 07:12:20YMMV.The Croods
18th Jun 14 04:38:28Indy Hat Roll
18th Jun 14 08:39:34Film.A Million Ways To Die In The West
18th Jun 14 08:39:20YMMV.A Million Ways To Die In The West
18th Jun 14 06:30:09YMMV.Elfen Lied
17th Jun 14 08:27:32Video Game.Mirrors Edge
17th Jun 14 08:27:15YMMV.Mirrors Edge
17th Jun 14 02:58:39Video Game.Tomb Raider 2013
17th Jun 14 02:57:42YMMV.Tomb Raider 2013
17th Jun 14 02:22:21Shout Out.Samurai Jack
17th Jun 14 02:22:05Shout Out.Samurai Jack
17th Jun 14 02:21:47Trivia.Samurai Jack
16th Jun 14 08:42:22Phineas And Ferb.Tropes A To C
16th Jun 14 08:41:34YMMV.Phineas And Ferb
16th Jun 14 08:30:30The Millstone
16th Jun 14 05:49:57YMMV.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012
15th Jun 14 05:12:31Series.Arrow
15th Jun 14 05:11:28YMMV.Arrow
15th Jun 14 04:57:48Evil Wears Black
15th Jun 14 04:55:47Psycho Electro
15th Jun 14 04:49:04Electric Black Guy
15th Jun 14 04:45:17YMMV.The Amazing Spiderman 2
14th Jun 14 08:06:09Characters.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012
14th Jun 14 08:02:15Plague Of Good Fortune
14th Jun 14 08:00:34Totally Eighteen
14th Jun 14 07:01:26Driving Test
14th Jun 14 06:55:52Classical Music Is Boring
14th Jun 14 06:39:51Rummage Fail
13th Jun 14 07:33:44Losing A Shoe In The Struggle
13th Jun 14 07:33:09Losing A Shoe In The Struggle
13th Jun 14 07:23:16Hair Of The Dog
13th Jun 14 07:21:44Literature.All The Kings Men
13th Jun 14 07:21:19YMMV.All The Kings Men
13th Jun 14 06:53:33Stumbling Upon The Lost Wizard
13th Jun 14 06:46:44YMMV.Cycle Of Hatred
13th Jun 14 09:21:33YMMV.Stacking
13th Jun 14 07:25:27Characters.Wanderover Yonder
13th Jun 14 06:06:18YMMV.Click
12th Jun 14 08:41:40Lets Play.Markiplier
12th Jun 14 08:19:57Webcomic.Nip And Tuck
12th Jun 14 07:17:54Strawman Has A Point
11th Jun 14 06:24:42Dick Dastardly Stops To Cheat
11th Jun 14 06:19:24Lifes Work Ruined
11th Jun 14 06:03:58Two Decades Behind
11th Jun 14 04:34:58Bag Of Holding
11th Jun 14 07:33:09Two Decades Behind
11th Jun 14 05:27:30Webcomic.Sticky Dilly Buns
10th Jun 14 08:54:43Marvel Comics Series
10th Jun 14 01:21:02Free Range Children
10th Jun 14 05:09:56First Name Ultimatum
10th Jun 14 05:06:41Comical Angry Face
10th Jun 14 05:04:01Lets Play.Markiplier
9th Jun 14 04:28:21Lets Play.Markiplier
9th Jun 14 04:06:54Ambiguously Brown
9th Jun 14 03:59:25Ambiguously Brown
8th Jun 14 04:24:34Thong Of Shielding
8th Jun 14 04:12:40Western Animation.Fire And Ice
8th Jun 14 04:12:21YMMV.Fire And Ice
8th Jun 14 03:45:54Remilitarized Zone
8th Jun 14 03:34:46Emote Command
8th Jun 14 03:29:44Call Reception Area
8th Jun 14 03:18:24Death By Ambulance
8th Jun 14 03:09:43Meaningful Rename
8th Jun 14 03:05:34Meaningful Rename
8th Jun 14 02:03:23Minor Living Alone
8th Jun 14 01:32:33Beverage Spill
8th Jun 14 12:49:06Hold My Glasses
8th Jun 14 12:40:21Relationship Reboot
8th Jun 14 12:40:11Relationship Reset Button
8th Jun 14 12:39:35Relationship Reset Button
8th Jun 14 08:53:25Nutritional Nightmare
7th Jun 14 10:12:38Mrs Hypothetical
7th Jun 14 10:06:11Success Symbiosis
7th Jun 14 08:52:28Dream Sue
7th Jun 14 08:44:08Mistaken For Object Of Affection
7th Jun 14 08:38:17Clip Its Wings
7th Jun 14 07:54:18Amnesiacs Are Innocent
7th Jun 14 07:40:21I Need No Ladders
7th Jun 14 07:35:42The Villain Knows Where You Live
7th Jun 14 06:38:19Drinking Contest
7th Jun 14 06:00:28Crushing Handshake
7th Jun 14 04:49:38Mirthless Laughter
7th Jun 14 04:29:16Retconning The Wiki
7th Jun 14 03:43:16The Scrappy.Anime And Manga
7th Jun 14 03:27:40Arc Fatigue
7th Jun 14 03:06:58Original Man
7th Jun 14 02:24:09Masked Luchador
7th Jun 14 01:34:03Characters.Brutal Legend
7th Jun 14 11:42:30Iconic Sequel Character
7th Jun 14 11:31:18Master Of One Magic
7th Jun 14 11:20:31Artifact Mook
7th Jun 14 11:00:10Prayer Of Malice
7th Jun 14 10:59:39Prayer Of Malice
7th Jun 14 10:04:50Light Novel.Sword Art Online
7th Jun 14 10:04:07YMMV.Sword Art Online
7th Jun 14 10:03:08Militaries Are Useless
7th Jun 14 09:23:07YMMV.Bleach
7th Jun 14 09:21:17YMMV.Bleach
7th Jun 14 09:06:38Retcon
7th Jun 14 09:02:20Characters.Warcraft The Burning Legion
7th Jun 14 08:07:24Video Game.Brutal Legend
6th Jun 14 07:01:06Crutch Character
6th Jun 14 06:48:27Fake Balance
6th Jun 14 05:50:00Ending Fatigue
5th Jun 14 09:29:27Breakout Villain
5th Jun 14 09:09:48Film.Oz The Great And Powerful
5th Jun 14 09:09:30YMMV.Oz The Great And Powerful
5th Jun 14 08:12:17Combined Energy Attack
5th Jun 14 06:27:13Calling Me A Logarithm
5th Jun 14 05:41:56Fruit Of The Loon
5th Jun 14 05:41:13Hammerspace.Anime And Manga
5th Jun 14 05:20:12Donot Do This Cool Thing
5th Jun 14 03:59:08Film.Hancock
5th Jun 14 03:58:54YMMV.Hancock
5th Jun 14 02:14:41Captain Obvious Reveal
5th Jun 14 02:07:06Anime.Dragonball Z Battle Of Gods
5th Jun 14 02:06:47YMMV.Dragonball Z Battle Of Gods
5th Jun 14 01:53:52Video Game.South Park The Stickof Truth
5th Jun 14 01:17:28YMMV.Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose
3rd Jun 14 06:04:23Villain Song.Disney
3rd Jun 14 12:34:14Web Video.The Blockbuster Buster
3rd Jun 14 12:33:58YMMV.The Blockbuster Buster
3rd Jun 14 12:32:58A Taste Of The Lash
3rd Jun 14 06:32:38Lets Play.Markiplier
2nd Jun 14 02:24:14Dork Age.Animeand Manga
2nd Jun 14 09:25:01Lets Play.Markiplier
2nd Jun 14 07:41:57YMMV.The Angry Video Game Nerd
2nd Jun 14 06:54:16Bullying A Dragon.Western Animation
31st May 14 07:38:06Story Breaker Power
31st May 14 07:28:43Invincible Hero
31st May 14 07:28:29Invincible Hero
31st May 14 07:25:33The Scrappy.Anime And Manga
31st May 14 07:22:37They Wasted A Perfectly Good Character
31st May 14 07:11:56Creators Pet.Anime
31st May 14 07:11:18YMMV.BLEACH
31st May 14 07:09:37The Scrappy.Anime And Manga
31st May 14 07:05:54From Breakout To Scrappy
31st May 14 07:04:32Orcus On His Throne
31st May 14 06:06:08Mad Love
31st May 14 05:26:19The Power Of Creation
30th May 14 08:04:32Film.The Toxic Avenger
30th May 14 07:55:11Film.The Toxic Avenger
30th May 14 07:40:21Film.The Toxic Avenger
30th May 14 06:08:11Invincible Hero
30th May 14 05:56:18YMMV.BLEACH
30th May 14 05:46:58From Breakout To Scrappy
30th May 14 11:56:51Badass Decay
30th May 14 11:41:04Just For Fun.These Look Like Jobs For The Superman
30th May 14 11:35:49Kangaroo Court
30th May 14 11:28:36Characters.Legion Of Super-Heroes
30th May 14 11:27:44Characters.Secret Six
30th May 14 11:25:53Flip Personality
30th May 14 11:25:25Hello Attorney
30th May 14 06:43:11Comic Book.Ultron
29th May 14 10:40:21Too Funny To Be Evil
29th May 14 10:33:04Super Serum
29th May 14 10:28:13Sins Of Our Fathers
29th May 14 10:21:24Red Baron
29th May 14 10:13:13You Have No Idea Who Youre Dealing With
29th May 14 10:07:08Names To Run Away From.Nouns
29th May 14 10:02:27Fugitive Arc
29th May 14 09:28:26Mythology Porn
29th May 14 09:25:24Present Absence
29th May 14 09:23:37Prison Escape Artist
29th May 14 09:22:35Prisons Are Gymnasiums
29th May 14 09:20:03Charles Atlas Superpower
29th May 14 09:16:27Took A Level In Badass.Comic Books
29th May 14 09:15:02The Dreaded.Comic Books
29th May 14 09:13:59Had To Come To Prison To Be A Crook
29th May 14 09:09:55Growing Muscles Sequence
29th May 14 08:58:39Depending On The Artist
29th May 14 08:56:32Noble Demon
29th May 14 08:52:51Dangerously Genre Savvy
29th May 14 08:51:27Non Chess Motif Examples
29th May 14 08:47:33Even Evil Has Standards.Comic Books
29th May 14 08:45:07Determinator.Comic Books
29th May 14 08:43:30Breath Weapon.Comic Books
29th May 14 08:41:02Evil Counterpart.Comic Books
29th May 14 08:36:16Good With Numbers
29th May 14 08:34:16Genius Bruiser
29th May 14 08:24:08Papa Wolf.Comic Books
29th May 14 08:16:55Characters.Batman Rogues Gallery
29th May 14 08:15:55Badass.Comicbooks
29th May 14 08:15:20Top One Hundred Comic Book Villains
29th May 14 08:14:43Characters.Batman Arkham Series Rogues Gallery Asylum
29th May 14 12:52:11Humans Are Special
27th May 14 06:15:46Characters.Wanderover Yonder
27th May 14 06:02:37Western Animation.Wanderover Yonder
27th May 14 04:31:43Appropriated Appellation
27th May 14 04:15:43Film.Commando
27th May 14 04:15:22Trivia.Commando
27th May 14 04:12:56The Cavalry Arrives Late
27th May 14 04:09:35Redundancy.Western Animation
27th May 14 03:43:56The Generic Guy
27th May 14 03:32:47Deep Immersion Gaming
27th May 14 03:28:37Never Split The Party
27th May 14 03:22:29Stalked By The Bell
27th May 14 03:11:48Use Your Head
27th May 14 03:07:47YMMV.Teen Titans
27th May 14 03:03:53Scaled Up
27th May 14 01:10:25Lets Split Up Gang
27th May 14 12:34:40Dork Age.Webcomics
27th May 14 08:37:43From Breakout To Scrappy
27th May 14 08:35:34Comic Book.Archie Comics Sonic The Hedgehog
27th May 14 08:35:18Comic Book.Archie Comics Sonic The Hedgehog
27th May 14 08:34:04YMMV.Archie Comics Sonic The Hedgehog
27th May 14 08:31:54From Breakout To Scrappy
27th May 14 08:06:51Broken Base.FILM
27th May 14 07:48:00Denser And Wackier
27th May 14 07:41:02Bathos
27th May 14 07:17:58Denser And Wackier
27th May 14 06:26:26Issue Drift
25th May 14 02:32:12Harmful Healing
25th May 14 02:26:35Video Game.ADVENTURETIME
25th May 14 02:24:52Video Game.ADVENTURETIME
24th May 14 07:13:09Cosmic Deadline
24th May 14 07:08:06Total Drama.Tropes A To G
24th May 14 07:03:53I Got Bigger
24th May 14 07:01:08Marathon Level
24th May 14 06:46:51YMMV.Buffy The Vampire Slayer
24th May 14 06:27:35YMMV.Doctor Who
24th May 14 05:38:06Riddle For The Ages
24th May 14 05:08:59Un Paused
24th May 14 04:23:21Video Game.The Curse Of Monkey Island
24th May 14 03:40:44Video Game.Knock-knock
24th May 14 03:40:27YMMV.Knock-knock
24th May 14 03:17:29YMMV.Fantastic Four 2015
24th May 14 03:04:19Film.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
24th May 14 02:43:25Gainax Ending
24th May 14 02:38:42YMMV.Teen Titans
24th May 14 02:21:33Film.Anchorman 2 The Legend Continues
24th May 14 02:21:17YMMV.Anchorman 2 The Legend Continues
24th May 14 02:13:39Torch The Franchise And Run
24th May 14 01:05:54Videogame.Batman Arkham Origins
24th May 14 12:38:18Disappointing Last Level
24th May 14 12:35:07Cosmic Deadline
24th May 14 12:26:57Oddball In The Series
24th May 14 12:22:16Metaplot
24th May 14 12:11:05Its Easy So It Sucks
24th May 14 12:05:16Oddball In The Series
24th May 14 09:28:03YMMV.Broken Age
24th May 14 09:14:50Video Game.Braid
24th May 14 09:14:15Trivia.Braid
24th May 14 09:14:02YMMV.Braid
24th May 14 09:05:04Horror Video Games
24th May 14 09:03:55YMMV.Limbo
23rd May 14 09:14:20Trivia.Rickand Morty
23rd May 14 09:01:46Characters.Wanderover Yonder
23rd May 14 07:53:25Western Animation.Wanderover Yonder
23rd May 14 07:50:46Characters.Wanderover Yonder
23rd May 14 07:33:49Adventure Duo
23rd May 14 07:29:23Western Animation.Wanderover Yonder
23rd May 14 05:59:17Crapsack World.Video Games
23rd May 14 05:55:55A World Half Full
23rd May 14 05:01:19Characters.The Boondocks
23rd May 14 04:56:17Comic Strip.The Boondocks
22nd May 14 07:16:54Broken Base.LITERATURE
22nd May 14 07:06:43Obvious Beta
21st May 14 07:08:26Characters.Supernatural Reapers
21st May 14 06:46:46Video Game.Rock Band
21st May 14 06:45:52YMMV.Rock Band
21st May 14 01:48:58Funny.The Boondocks
21st May 14 01:44:37Trivia.Rickand Morty
21st May 14 01:42:58Funny.The Boondocks
21st May 14 05:42:48Funny.The Boondocks
20th May 14 07:19:45Awesome.NES Godzilla Creepypasta
20th May 14 01:32:49Literature.NES Godzilla Creepypasta
20th May 14 01:32:32YMMV.NES Godzilla Creepypasta
20th May 14 01:25:53Western Animation.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012
19th May 14 02:46:50Flame War.Video Games
19th May 14 02:13:55Flame War.Web Original
19th May 14 01:51:43Digital Piracy Is Evil
19th May 14 01:16:31Visual Novel.Dont Take It Personally Babe It Just Aint Your Story
19th May 14 01:15:39YMMV.Dont Take It Personally Babe It Just Aint Your Story
19th May 14 01:15:02Darth Wiki.Idiot Programming
19th May 14 12:44:48Troubled Production.Video Games
19th May 14 12:39:55Video Game.Skullgirls
19th May 14 12:39:27YMMV.Skullgirls
19th May 14 09:18:48Dork Age.Video Games
19th May 14 08:00:34Dork Age.Video Games
19th May 14 07:55:56Dork Age.Anime And Manga
19th May 14 06:26:51Recap.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 S 2 E 18 Pizza Face
19th May 14 06:17:57Recap.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 S 2 E 18 Pizza Face
18th May 14 08:13:28Lets Play.Markiplier
18th May 14 07:40:51Lets Play.Markiplier
17th May 14 03:25:01More Hypnotizable Than He Thinks
17th May 14 02:27:18Sexy Man Instant Harem
17th May 14 02:20:37Lost Food Grievance
17th May 14 12:45:11Western Animation.Clarence
17th May 14 12:44:36Jeopardy Intelligence Test
17th May 14 12:32:58Serial Rapist
17th May 14 12:18:03Adaptational Intelligence
17th May 14 12:15:12Swiper No Swiping
17th May 14 12:03:51God Is Inept
17th May 14 11:46:30Fertile Blood
17th May 14 11:41:28Oxymoronic Being
17th May 14 11:23:38Creator Recovery
17th May 14 11:16:52Black Comedy Cannibalism
17th May 14 11:03:13No Phones Tonight
17th May 14 10:48:15Enemies List
17th May 14 10:25:27Westernanimation.Teen Titans Go
17th May 14 10:24:42Nose Nabbing
17th May 14 09:31:00Chosen Conception Partner
17th May 14 09:27:47Video Game.Conception 2 Children Of The Seven Stars
17th May 14 09:27:17YMMV.Conception 2 Children Of The Seven Stars
17th May 14 09:11:54Saving The World With Art
17th May 14 08:38:27Stock Shoujo Bullying Tactics
17th May 14 08:07:50Afraid Of Their Own Strength
16th May 14 06:27:19Villain Song.Web Original
16th May 14 06:16:02Villain Song.Western Animation
16th May 14 05:46:22Villain Song.Western Animation
16th May 14 05:45:06Villain Song.Western Animation
15th May 14 06:34:43Characters.Twisted Metal
15th May 14 05:53:37Wall Bangers.Western Animation
15th May 14 05:36:21Western Animation.Steven Universe
15th May 14 01:22:21Rules Lawyer
15th May 14 01:21:12Series.Never Wipe Tears Without Gloves
15th May 14 01:20:54YMMV.Never Wipe Tears Without Gloves
15th May 14 08:12:35YMMV.Broken Age
15th May 14 06:18:16Dork Age.Anime And Manga
14th May 14 07:55:00Video Game.Valkyria Chronicles
14th May 14 07:54:23YMMV.Valkyria Chronicles
14th May 14 07:24:27YMMV.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
14th May 14 07:05:58Characters.Teen Titans GO
14th May 14 08:37:25Franchise.Monster High
14th May 14 08:36:35YMMV.Monster High
14th May 14 07:20:04Series.Hannibal
14th May 14 07:19:38Series.Hannibal
14th May 14 07:19:03Trivia.Hannibal
13th May 14 12:45:11Comicbook.Superior Spider Man
13th May 14 12:44:34YMMV.Superior Spider Man
13th May 14 12:39:51Lying Creator
13th May 14 12:39:04Lying Creator
13th May 14 07:12:27Person As Verb
12th May 14 05:03:15Characters.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012
12th May 14 04:16:54Little Big Brother
12th May 14 05:05:58Verbal Tic Name
12th May 14 04:59:18Barrier Change Boss
12th May 14 04:43:48Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 4 E 26 Twilights Kingdom Part 2
12th May 14 04:41:18Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 4 E 26 Twilights Kingdom Part 2
12th May 14 02:17:10YMMV.Haruhi Suzumiya
12th May 14 01:55:29Videogame.Metroid Other M
12th May 14 01:55:09YMMV.Metroid Other M
11th May 14 06:52:41YMMV.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 4 E 26 Twilights Kingdom Part 2
11th May 14 09:35:45Video Game.Castlevania Lords Of Shadow Mirror Of Fate
11th May 14 09:35:24YMMV.Castlevania Lords Of Shadow Mirror Of Fate
10th May 14 07:12:27Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 4 E 26 Twilights Kingdom Part 2
10th May 14 06:22:57YMMV.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 4 E 26 Twilights Kingdom Part 2
10th May 14 05:06:01Dork Age.Anime And Manga
10th May 14 05:01:06Dork Age.Anime And Manga
10th May 14 03:44:24Deader Than Disco.VIDEOGAMES
10th May 14 01:40:19Creator.Nintendo
10th May 14 01:22:14Dork Age.VIDEOGAMES
10th May 14 01:16:33Dork Age.VIDEOGAMES
10th May 14 01:15:47Dork Age.VIDEOGAMES
10th May 14 11:01:58Characters.Sonic The Hedgehog Neutral Characters
10th May 14 10:10:57Broken Base.Video Games

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