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It's time for the second TV Tropes Halloween Avatar Contest, theme: cute monsters! Details and voting here.
5th Jun 14 10:20:04Headscratchers.The Avengers Film
5th Jun 14 10:19:33Headscratchers.The Avengers Film
24th Jan 14 01:11:31Tropers.Arucia
21st Aug 13 04:09:51Headscratchers.Rise Of The Guardians
1st Aug 13 11:47:40WMG.Welcome To Night Vale
1st Aug 13 11:44:03WMG.Welcome To Night Vale
7th Jun 13 08:04:09Headscratchers.The Chronicles Of Narnia
4th Apr 13 11:16:54Fridge.Les Miserables
20th Mar 13 09:42:25Funny.Peanuts
26th Dec 12 09:25:15Headscratchers.Les Miserables
26th Dec 12 09:20:34Headscratchers.Les Miserables
15th Aug 12 09:01:22Haiku.The Ugly Barnacle
14th Aug 12 10:06:27Useful Notes.Toledo Ohio
9th Aug 12 10:02:45Manga.Detective Conan
18th May 12 06:36:41Tropers.Arucia
16th May 12 10:14:08Tropers.Arucia
4th Jan 12 08:50:48Memes.Hetalia Bloodbath 2011
2nd Jan 12 07:10:35WMG.Hetalia Bloodbath 2011
29th Dec 11 12:38:40WMG.Hetalia Bloodbath 2011
28th Dec 11 06:32:30Manga.Hetalia Bloodbath 2011
29th Nov 11 03:22:20The Catcher In The Rye
15th Sep 11 10:52:27Tropers.Arucia
15th Sep 11 10:51:44Tropers.Arucia

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