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30th Jul 15 01:25:17Funny.Two Best Friends Play Lets Play
30th Jul 15 09:43:29Funny.Life Is Strange
30th Jul 15 09:43:05Funny.Life Is Strange
29th Jul 15 08:03:49Funny.Two Best Friends Play Lets Play
29th Jul 15 01:55:30Heartwarming.Video Games
29th Jul 15 01:55:07Heartwarming.Video Games
29th Jul 15 01:53:56Heartwarming.Eternal Darkness
28th Jul 15 11:26:48Funny.Two Best Friends Play Lets Play
28th Jul 15 11:23:22YMMV.Eternal Darkness
27th Jul 15 05:35:05Fridge.The Cat Lady
21st Jul 15 10:38:13Tear Jerker.Telltales Game Of Thrones
19th Jul 15 10:12:19WMG.Tales From The Borderlands
10th Jul 15 06:05:51Funny.The Wolf Among Us
10th Jul 15 06:02:24Subverted Catch Phrase
10th Jul 15 05:22:17Funny.The Cat Lady
5th Jul 15 09:13:29Funny.The Wolf Among Us
5th Jul 15 08:55:03Video Game.The Wolf Among Us
4th Jul 15 08:59:42Song Of Song Titles
4th Jul 15 08:58:13Song Of Song Titles
4th Jul 15 05:44:02Characters.The Wolf Among Us
3rd Jul 15 10:13:17Memes.Film
28th Jun 15 02:32:00Bar Brawl
28th Jun 15 01:44:59Awesome.Videogames
26th Jun 15 09:33:01Heartwarming.Chaotic Monki
21st Jun 15 06:17:46X Meets Y.Video Games
19th Jun 15 10:36:10Video Game.SCP Containment Breach
19th Jun 15 10:35:37Video Game.SCP Containment Breach
19th Jun 15 07:26:04Video Game.SCP Containment Breach
8th Jun 15 03:42:02Funny.Two Best Friends Play Lets Play
1st Jun 15 01:06:35Videogame.Deadly Premonition
29th May 15 10:36:40Characters.Criminal Minds
26th May 15 11:27:19Funny.Chaotic Monki
26th May 15 12:34:57Funny.Chaotic Monki
26th May 15 12:33:02Funny.Chaotic Monki
26th May 15 12:07:28Funny.Chaotic Monki
25th May 15 03:59:04Funny.Chaotic Monki
4th May 15 09:21:02Awesome.D 4
27th Apr 15 11:03:54X Meets Y.Video Games
25th Apr 15 10:45:44Funny.Two Best Friends Play Lets Play
18th Apr 15 11:35:59Funny.Two Best Friends Play Lets Play
27th Mar 15 11:41:15Characters.Catherine
26th Mar 15 02:45:44Funny.Chaotic Monki
17th Mar 15 05:56:17Series.Criminal Minds
16th Mar 15 09:07:29Series.Criminal Minds
16th Mar 15 09:07:24Series.Criminal Minds
15th Mar 15 10:24:40Characters.Criminal Minds
15th Mar 15 02:26:10Characters.Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors
15th Mar 15 12:21:43Characters.Criminal Minds
13th Mar 15 06:53:28Sugar Wiki.Sweet Dreams Fuel
9th Mar 15 01:05:55Characters.Catherine
6th Mar 15 11:48:58Video Game.Catherine
3rd Mar 15 02:01:20Fridge.The Legend Of Zelda Majoras Mask
1st Mar 15 07:45:29Funny.Honest Trailers
28th Feb 15 10:45:37Funny.Telltales Game Of Thrones
28th Feb 15 10:43:05Funny.Chaotic Monki
26th Feb 15 10:53:57Tear Jerker.Eternal Darkness
24th Feb 15 11:57:44WMG.The Legend Of Zelda The Wind Waker
23rd Feb 15 06:01:26Video Game.Catherine
18th Feb 15 02:46:40That Came Out Wrong
18th Feb 15 02:40:39That Came Out Wrong
7th Feb 15 11:52:51Characters.Dragon Age Inquisition Companions
6th Feb 15 04:30:58Characters.Fable III
6th Feb 15 04:29:58Characters.Fable III
5th Feb 15 09:39:05Funny.Chaotic Monki
5th Feb 15 08:40:58Funny.Two Best Friends Play Lets Play
29th Jan 15 12:54:14Characters.Catherine
24th Jan 15 10:36:10Characters.Catherine
21st Jan 15 10:03:48Characters.Catherine
19th Jan 15 09:04:06Fridge.Catherine
19th Jan 15 02:27:13Characters.Catherine
16th Jan 15 07:11:27Characters.Catherine
16th Jan 15 05:52:13Video Game.Catherine
15th Jan 15 03:20:50Characters.Catherine
15th Jan 15 03:07:31Characters.Catherine
11th Jan 15 12:29:57Characters.The Wolf Among Us
11th Jan 15 12:21:21X Meets Y.Video Games
10th Jan 15 08:19:26Video Game.Catherine
10th Jan 15 08:00:39Heartwarming.Catherine
9th Jan 15 10:38:01Heartwarming.Dragon Age Inquisition
3rd Jan 15 08:13:38Precision F Strike.Video Games
3rd Jan 15 02:20:00Funny.Dragon Age Inquisition
2nd Jan 15 02:23:43YMMV.Dragon Age Inquisition
2nd Jan 15 02:19:11Characters.Dragon Age Inquisition Companions
2nd Jan 15 02:14:10Characters.Dragon Age Inquisition Companions
1st Jan 15 02:32:41Funny.Dragon Age Inquisition
1st Jan 15 02:11:46Funny.Dragon Age Inquisition
31st Dec 14 06:17:02Characters.Dragon Age Inquisition Companions
31st Dec 14 05:24:58Funny.Dragon Age Inquisition
28th Dec 14 07:57:34Funny.Dragon Age Inquisition
28th Dec 14 11:10:45Heartwarming.Dragon Age Inquisition
27th Dec 14 12:09:18Characters.Dragon Age Inquisition Companions
27th Dec 14 12:07:11Characters.Dragon Age Inquisition Companions
26th Dec 14 10:36:30Funny.Dragon Age Inquisition
26th Dec 14 10:31:20Funny.Dragon Age Inquisition
25th Dec 14 12:47:48Funny.Dragon Age Inquisition
23rd Dec 14 01:01:21Rebel Prince
21st Dec 14 03:32:19Heartwarming.Dragon Age Inquisition
21st Dec 14 10:26:35Fan Nickname.Video Games A-F
20th Dec 14 09:38:55Funny.Dragon Age Inquisition
20th Dec 14 09:34:27Funny.Dragon Age Inquisition
19th Dec 14 05:16:24X Meets Y.Video Games
15th Dec 14 06:18:27Funny.Dragon Age Inquisition
15th Dec 14 08:18:33Heartwarming.Dragon Age Inquisition
15th Dec 14 08:17:48Heartwarming.Dragon Age Inquisition
11th Dec 14 07:30:30Platonic Prostitution
9th Dec 14 10:45:55Funny.Dragon Age Inquisition
8th Dec 14 03:52:36Funny.Dragon Age Inquisition
8th Dec 14 02:13:52Heartwarming.Dragon Age Inquisition
4th Dec 14 06:17:40Characters.Dragon Age Inquisition Companions
4th Dec 14 06:17:32Characters.Dragon Age Inquisition Companions
1st Dec 14 08:24:59Funny.Dragon Age Inquisition
29th Nov 14 07:33:10Funny.Dragon Age Inquisition
28th Nov 14 11:08:29Funny.Dragon Age Inquisition
16th Nov 14 01:58:01Characters.Yowamushi Pedal
13th Nov 14 08:52:06Characters.The Wolf Among Us
24th Oct 14 11:56:09Blind And The Beast
18th Oct 14 12:18:36Heartwarming.The Walking Dead
15th Oct 14 10:04:24Funny.The Wolf Among Us
15th Oct 14 10:03:48Funny.The Wolf Among Us
22nd Sep 14 06:14:22Funny.Mirror Mask
9th Sep 14 12:22:34Video Game.Eternal Darkness
2nd Aug 14 09:46:19Video Game.Eternal Darkness
2nd Aug 14 09:38:12Narm.Video Games
2nd Mar 14 03:49:49Characters.Eternal Darkness
31st Jan 14 12:09:24Roleplay.Save The Earth
30th Jan 14 05:30:11Characters.Save The Earth
30th Jan 14 05:23:43Roleplay.Save The Earth
30th Jan 14 01:10:28Characters.Save The Earth
30th Jan 14 12:45:13Characters.Save The Earth
28th Jan 14 07:26:48Fridge.Eternal Darkness
28th Jan 14 07:26:19Fridge.Eternal Darkness
25th Dec 13 07:58:38Funny Aneurysm Moment.Video Games
11th Nov 13 11:48:58Characters.Eternal Darkness
4th Nov 13 04:40:41Characters.Eternal Darkness
4th Nov 13 04:34:38Video Game.Eternal Darkness
4th Nov 13 01:03:23Funny.Eternal Darkness
3rd Nov 13 06:11:42Funny.Eternal Darkness
3rd Nov 13 06:07:53Funny.Eternal Darkness
2nd Nov 13 03:06:11Characters.Eternal Darkness
2nd Nov 13 02:41:39Characters.Eternal Darkness
31st Oct 13 10:47:45Funny.Eternal Darkness
25th Oct 13 02:21:11Characters.Save The Earth
24th Oct 13 01:20:19Zombify The Living
24th Oct 13 01:30:24Characters.Eternal Darkness
23rd Oct 13 10:31:26Characters.Eternal Darkness
10th Oct 13 07:54:54Characters.Save The Earth
10th Oct 13 07:53:39Characters.Save The Earth
10th Oct 13 07:17:14Roleplay.Save The Earth
10th Oct 13 07:11:59Characters.Save The Earth
10th Oct 13 06:15:58Characters.Save The Earth
6th Oct 13 11:13:44Characters.Save The Earth
6th Oct 13 11:03:58Characters.Save The Earth
6th Oct 13 09:55:06Characters.Save The Earth
6th Oct 13 09:45:30Characters.Save The Earth
6th Oct 13 09:21:08Characters.Save The Earth
4th Oct 13 12:37:31Nightmare Fuel.Eternal Darkness
18th Sep 13 07:00:45Roleplay.Save The Earth
18th Sep 13 06:58:27Roleplay.Save The Earth
16th Sep 13 05:50:47Characters.Save The Earth
16th Sep 13 05:44:41Characters.Save The Earth
16th Sep 13 05:34:21Characters.Save The Earth
30th Aug 13 01:51:18Characters.Save The Earth
30th Aug 13 01:29:58Roleplay.Save The Earth
30th Aug 13 11:59:12Roleplay.Save The Earth
30th Aug 13 11:52:31Roleplay.Save The Earth
23rd Aug 13 12:46:19Memes.Video Games
1st Aug 13 12:45:28Video Game.Eternal Darkness
29th Jul 13 10:17:58Roleplay.Save The Earth
29th Jul 13 10:13:56Roleplay.Save The Earth
28th Jul 13 07:20:18Sacrificial Lion.Video Games
28th Jul 13 07:03:45Headscratchers.Eternal Darkness
28th Jul 13 07:03:24Headscratchers.Eternal Darkness
24th Jul 13 10:08:19Funny.Eternal Darkness
21st Jul 13 03:22:49Roleplay.Save The Earth
21st Jul 13 03:21:41Roleplay.Save The Earth
21st Jul 13 03:15:58Characters.Save The Earth
21st Jul 13 03:14:17Characters.Save The Earth
21st Jul 13 02:44:47Characters.Eternal Darkness
21st Jul 13 11:29:26Funny.Eternal Darkness
20th Jul 13 11:57:57Characters.Eternal Darkness
20th Jul 13 11:36:46Characters.Eternal Darkness
17th Jul 13 04:01:27Action Survivor
3rd Jul 13 01:25:23Characters.Save The Earth
2nd Jul 13 06:52:48Characters.Save The Earth
1st Jul 13 10:25:55Characters.Save The Earth
1st Jul 13 08:07:20Characters.Save The Earth
1st Jul 13 08:03:15Characters.Save The Earth
26th Jun 13 11:44:58Video Game.Eternal Darkness
26th Jun 13 11:34:48Characters.Save The Earth
25th Jun 13 08:58:30Characters.Save The Earth
24th Jun 13 08:00:22Characters.Save The Earth
24th Jun 13 02:36:43Characters.Save The Earth
24th Jun 13 02:31:42Characters.Save The Earth
24th Jun 13 02:13:19Roleplay.Save The Earth
24th Jun 13 02:12:49Roleplay.Save The Earth
24th Jun 13 02:04:06Roleplay.Save The Earth
24th Jun 13 01:55:09Characters.Save The Earth
22nd Jun 13 01:28:29Characters.Save The Earth
22nd Jun 13 01:15:10Characters.Save The Earth
22nd Jun 13 01:10:42Characters.Save The Earth
22nd Jun 13 01:05:11YMMV.Save The Earth
22nd Jun 13 01:04:44Roleplay.Save The Earth
22nd Jun 13 12:38:53Characters.Save The Earth
22nd Jun 13 12:18:39Characters.Save The Earth
21st Jun 13 06:22:52Characters.Save The Earth
17th Jun 13 04:47:48WMG.Eternal Darkness
9th Jun 13 10:45:30Tear Jerker.Garbage
9th Jun 13 05:13:05Characters.Save The Earth
9th Jun 13 07:12:30Video Game.Eternal Darkness
9th Jun 13 12:09:16Funny.Bad Lip Reading
8th Jun 13 11:33:19Characters.Save The Earth
8th Jun 13 11:25:48Characters.Save The Earth
8th Jun 13 11:21:44Roleplay.Save The Earth
8th Jun 13 11:21:15Roleplay.Save The Earth
8th Jun 13 11:16:24YMMV.Save The Earth
8th Jun 13 11:06:42Characters.Save The Earth
8th Jun 13 11:06:04YMMV.Save The Earth
8th Jun 13 10:48:16Headscratchers.Eternal Darkness
8th Jun 13 10:28:47YMMV.Eternal Darkness
8th Jun 13 10:28:07Video Game.Eternal Darkness
8th Jun 13 09:21:30YMMV.Eternal Darkness
7th Jun 13 04:24:34Large Ham.Video Games
6th Jun 13 03:04:42Roleplay.Save The Earth
6th Jun 13 03:04:13Roleplay.Save The Earth
3rd Jun 13 09:47:04Funny.Two Best Friends Play
3rd Jun 13 09:34:11Memes.Resident Evil
3rd Jun 13 12:02:04Roleplay.Save The Earth
3rd Jun 13 12:01:38Characters.Save The Earth
2nd Jun 13 02:24:10Characters.Save The Earth
2nd Jun 13 02:20:53Roleplay.Save The Earth
31st May 13 12:58:48Characters.Save The Earth
31st May 13 12:47:35Characters.Save The Earth
29th May 13 12:46:29Fridge.Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors
23rd May 13 10:45:31Characters.Save The Earth
23rd May 13 10:33:20Roleplay.Save The Earth
23rd May 13 10:19:54Characters.Save The Earth
23rd May 13 01:37:39Characters.Save The Earth
23rd May 13 01:35:54Characters.Save The Earth
20th May 13 10:45:41Wham Line.Theatre
18th May 13 11:38:40Wham Line.Theatre
14th May 13 06:44:47Roleplay.Save The Earth
13th May 13 08:21:18Characters.Save The Earth
12th May 13 01:44:05YMMV.Eternal Darkness
11th May 13 11:23:24Tropers Do It.With Video Games
10th May 13 07:52:05Characters.Save The Earth
9th May 13 11:15:51Roleplay.Save The Earth
9th May 13 08:59:22Video Game.Eternal Darkness
9th May 13 04:09:14YMMV.Save The Earth
9th May 13 04:08:45Characters.Save The Earth
8th May 13 02:08:13Roleplay.Save The Earth
8th May 13 01:48:01Characters.Save The Earth
7th May 13 11:47:47Characters.Save The Earth
7th May 13 11:47:25Characters.Save The Earth
7th May 13 11:39:51Characters.Save The Earth
7th May 13 11:36:51Characters.Save The Earth
7th May 13 11:17:47Characters.Save The Earth
7th May 13 10:31:11Roleplay.Save The Earth
7th May 13 08:21:17Roleplay.Save The Earth
2nd May 13 09:07:32WMG.Grand Unifying Guesses Mass Effect
27th Apr 13 12:45:47The Powerpuff Girls.Tropes J To Q
27th Apr 13 12:23:35YMMV.The Powerpuff Girls
26th Apr 13 05:23:23Funny.The Powerpuff Girls
9th Apr 13 11:27:02Tear Jerker.Eternal Darkness
9th Apr 13 11:25:44Characters.Eternal Darkness
9th Apr 13 11:09:23YMMV.Eternal Darkness
8th Apr 13 07:43:39Fridge.Eternal Darkness
2nd Apr 13 10:26:36Tear Jerker.Eternal Darkness
31st Mar 13 09:04:01Characters.Dark Cloud
19th Mar 13 10:04:14Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game
21st Feb 13 08:00:52YMMV.The Walking Dead
16th Feb 13 10:30:42Awesome Music.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Non Canon
13th Feb 13 07:35:30Expressive Mask
13th Feb 13 07:32:50Characters.Psychonauts
10th Feb 13 02:09:38WMG.The Legend Of Zelda Majoras Mask
10th Feb 13 02:09:02WMG.The Legend Of Zelda Majoras Mask
5th Feb 13 09:44:21Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game
29th Dec 12 09:18:09Funny.Django Unchained
6th Dec 12 05:11:18Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game
5th Dec 12 10:47:46YMMV.The Walking Dead
2nd Dec 12 09:59:22WMG.The Walking Dead
27th Nov 12 04:07:36YMMV.The Walking Dead
11th Nov 12 09:16:58Fridge.The Walking Dead
20th Oct 12 01:12:05Trivia.Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
1st Oct 12 03:17:30Mood Swinger
22nd Sep 12 03:15:26Shout Out.Borderlands 2
11th Sep 12 09:22:03Awesome.Sleeping Dogs
9th Sep 12 07:22:25Video Game.Sleeping Dogs
3rd Sep 12 09:49:31Hopeless With Tech
30th Aug 12 11:10:58Characters.Sleeping Dogs
30th Aug 12 12:07:11Funny.The Walking Dead
29th Aug 12 08:51:01Player Punch.Adventure Games
13th Aug 12 08:22:43Funny.The Walking Dead
31st Jul 12 07:55:22Funny.Resident Evil
27th Jul 12 02:06:38Memes.Western Animation
27th Jul 12 12:03:18Trivia.Digimon Frontier
6th Jul 12 10:28:38Video Game.Fable
18th Jun 12 04:24:04X Meets Y.Video Games
1st Apr 12 09:47:53X Meets Y.Video Games
1st Apr 12 09:46:28X Meets Y.Video Games
29th Mar 12 04:36:55X Meets Y.Western Animation
2nd Mar 12 01:11:11X Meets Y.Western Animation
9th Feb 12 09:37:25YMMV.Luigis Mansion
23rd Jan 12 04:59:27Heartwarming.Paper Mario
22nd Jan 12 05:33:35Punny Name
15th Jan 12 07:22:37Reasonable Authority Figure
14th Jan 12 02:03:05Memes.Bio Ware
14th Jan 12 12:11:32YMMV.Dragon Age II
30th Dec 11 01:09:53Hilarious In Hindsight.Web Original
9th Dec 11 09:49:39Funny.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
3rd Dec 11 08:15:13Heartwarming.Harvest Moon
3rd Dec 11 08:06:27Nightmare Fuel.The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess
3rd Dec 11 06:12:25YMMV.Psychonauts
23rd Nov 11 05:34:50YMMV.Eternal Darkness
23rd Nov 11 05:21:30Video Game.Viva Pinata
20th Nov 11 09:48:59Ship Mates
19th Nov 11 09:17:56Narm.House Of The Dead
17th Nov 11 07:26:20Beware The Nice Ones.Video Games
17th Nov 11 06:44:06Heartwarming.Criminal Minds
14th Nov 11 04:39:57X Meets Y.Video Games
7th Nov 11 07:57:57Four Temperament Ensemble
30th Oct 11 03:08:28The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
28th Oct 11 06:19:39Funny Aneurysm Moment.Video Games
8th Oct 11 02:38:30Funny.The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
8th Oct 11 02:13:41BLAM.Video Games
8th Oct 11 02:00:04Huge Guy Tiny Girl
8th Oct 11 12:33:36Tactical Suicide Boss
8th Oct 11 11:52:11Fridge Horror.Video Games
30th Sep 11 05:15:56Explain Explain Oh Crap
25th Sep 11 10:47:26Tropers.Arruruerie
24th Sep 11 07:26:44Eternal Darkness