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5th Jan 18 06:49:59Fridge.Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
3rd Jan 18 06:33:28YMMV.Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
25th Dec 17 07:42:49Fridge.Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
16th Dec 17 02:22:03Characters.Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
19th Jun 17 10:22:36Funny.Undertale
3rd Jun 17 12:48:28Video Game.Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
1st Jun 17 06:02:01Video Game.Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
4th May 17 06:38:51YMMV.Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
26th Apr 17 07:22:42Characters.Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
22nd Apr 17 03:17:30Tropers Do It.With Video Games
22nd Apr 17 01:36:11Tropers Do It.With Video Games
20th Apr 17 05:03:21Heartwarming.Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
10th Apr 17 04:25:09YMMV.Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
9th Apr 17 12:37:29Video Game.Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
8th Apr 17 02:37:26Funny.Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
25th Mar 17 11:02:14Funny.Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
25th Mar 17 11:01:26Characters.Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
25th Mar 17 11:05:59Drinking Game.Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
25th Mar 17 11:05:47Drinking Game.Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
20th Mar 17 09:15:35Characters.Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
13th Mar 17 07:49:43X Meets Y.Video Games Characters
13th Mar 17 07:27:26X Meets Y.Video Games Characters
5th Mar 17 01:01:11Funny.Markiplier
27th Feb 17 01:39:12Characters.Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
26th Feb 17 04:31:38Characters.Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
19th Feb 17 03:54:03Funny.Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
31st Jan 17 07:10:47Funny.Jesse Cox
31st Jan 17 06:30:18Funny.Jesse Cox
31st Jan 17 04:46:54Better Than It Sounds.Video Games D To F
31st Jan 17 04:22:45Better Than It Sounds.Video Games N To R
30th Jan 17 09:11:58Better Than It Sounds.Video Games N To R
15th Jan 17 11:43:44YMMV.Undertale
12th Jan 17 06:36:53YMMV.Placebo
8th Jan 17 05:22:58Funny.Todd In The Shadows 2017 Episodes
8th Jan 17 05:17:21Funny.Todd In The Shadows 2017 Episodes
27th Dec 16 02:50:18Nightmare Fuel.Placebo
24th Dec 16 02:23:58Funny.Cinema Sins
24th Dec 16 01:41:47YMMV.Undertale
24th Dec 16 12:33:31Funny.Brows Held High
24th Dec 16 12:32:43Funny.Brows Held High
9th Dec 16 06:26:55Undertale.Tropes A To G
30th Nov 16 07:08:19Funny.Bad Lip Reading
25th Nov 16 04:17:33Todd In The Shadows.G To I
24th Nov 16 04:38:00Funny.The Rap Critic
24th Nov 16 04:35:35Funny.The Rap Critic
18th Nov 16 12:43:57Funny.The Rap Critic
18th Nov 16 12:42:51Funny.The Rap Critic
18th Nov 16 12:42:25Funny.The Rap Critic
12th Nov 16 12:18:03Fridge.Undertale
12th Nov 16 05:44:10YMMV.Epic Rap Battles Of History
6th Nov 16 04:25:18Funny.The Rap Critic
31st Oct 16 08:29:20Music.Tech N9ne
31st Oct 16 08:28:30Music.Tech N9ne
28th Oct 16 10:13:49Funny.Google Translate Sings
25th Oct 16 08:13:33Funny.Google Translate Sings
22nd Oct 16 10:20:53Funny.The Rap Critic
16th Oct 16 10:43:24Video Game.Graffiti Kingdom
8th Oct 16 03:16:18Funny.The Rap Critic
4th Oct 16 10:03:09WMG.Graffiti Kingdom
4th Oct 16 01:35:59YMMV.Graffiti Kingdom
24th Sep 16 03:53:44Funny.Catherine
24th Sep 16 03:35:27Hero Of Another Story
24th Sep 16 02:37:06Video Game.Catherine
23rd Sep 16 10:05:10Funny.Two Best Friends Play Lets Play 2016
23rd Sep 16 02:48:45Funny.Two Best Friends Play Lets Play 2016
21st Sep 16 09:42:21Nightmare Fuel.Catherine
21st Sep 16 09:23:40Heartwarming.Catherine
5th Sep 16 03:22:16YMMV.Epic Rap Battles Of History
1st Sep 16 11:32:05Spoonerism
24th Aug 16 09:49:12Funny.Rhett And Link
13th Aug 16 11:34:42YMMV.Undertale
13th Aug 16 11:19:48YMMV.Undertale
4th Aug 16 08:33:48Characters.Undertale Main Characters
3rd Aug 16 12:13:34Heartwarming.Jack Septic Eye
30th Jul 16 07:21:00Funny.Bad Lip Reading
30th Jul 16 10:02:36YMMV.Epic Rap Battles Of History
30th Jul 16 09:28:08Funny.The Rap Critic
27th Jul 16 07:15:29I Surrender Suckers
26th Jul 16 10:26:38Fridge.Psychonauts
26th Jul 16 10:17:56Fridge.Psychonauts
20th Jul 16 10:45:30Characters.ERB Season 5
15th Jul 16 09:10:37Fridge.Epic Rap Battles Of History
15th Jul 16 08:56:31Fridge.Epic Rap Battles Of History
14th Jul 16 11:37:22Funny.Epic Rap Battlesof History
13th Jul 16 09:48:03Funny.The Rap Critic
13th Jul 16 09:39:01Characters.ERB Season 5
13th Jul 16 09:34:59Awesome Music.Epic Rap Battles Of History
13th Jul 16 08:22:39Funny.The Rap Critic
13th Jul 16 08:18:19Awesome Music.Epic Rap Battles Of History
13th Jul 16 08:13:59Heartwarming.Epic Rap Battles Of History
10th Jul 16 08:16:35Funny.Brows Held High
9th Jul 16 02:17:56Heartwarming.Undertale
9th Jul 16 02:16:49Heartwarming.Undertale
8th Jul 16 07:35:01Funny.The Rap Critic
1st Jul 16 08:43:56Characters.ERB Season 5
28th Jun 16 07:52:03Fridge.Epic Rap Battles Of History
27th Jun 16 07:24:31Funny.Epic Rap Battlesof History
26th Jun 16 05:05:05Hilarious In Hindsight.Epic Rap Battles Of History
23rd Jun 16 07:36:58Funny.Epic Rap Battlesof History
22nd Jun 16 01:20:24Web Video.Epic Rap Battles Of History
22nd Jun 16 01:19:33Web Video.Epic Rap Battles Of History
18th Jun 16 07:34:02YMMV.Undertale
18th Jun 16 03:27:33Web Video.Epic Rap Battles Of History
14th Jun 16 08:33:09Tropers Do It.With Video Games
14th Jun 16 07:56:03Characters.Undertale Main Characters
10th Jun 16 06:18:33Heartwarming.David Bowie
5th Jun 16 12:04:19Awesome Music.Undertale
24th May 16 08:44:05Battle Couple
24th May 16 08:27:11Video Game.Psychonauts
24th May 16 08:07:34Fridge.Psychonauts
23rd May 16 07:10:38Funny.Google Translate Sings
22nd May 16 05:24:28Characters.Psychonauts
17th May 16 08:26:19Characters.Psychonauts
17th May 16 07:34:20Fridge.Psychonauts
17th May 16 07:33:55Fridge.Psychonauts
10th May 16 05:03:39Undertale.Tropes A To G
7th May 16 04:53:20Fridge.The Cat Lady
2nd May 16 10:16:27Characters.Undertale Main Characters
28th Apr 16 08:00:19Characters.Undertale Sans
28th Apr 16 07:58:43Characters.Undertale Sans
26th Apr 16 08:24:28Undertale.Tropes A To G
22nd Apr 16 06:38:52YMMV.Undertale
16th Apr 16 06:24:06Heartwarming.Jack Septic Eye
15th Apr 16 08:34:52Tropers.Arruruerie
10th Apr 16 04:34:50Funny.Chaotic Monki
10th Apr 16 04:33:11Funny.Chaotic Monki
10th Apr 16 04:17:16Heartwarming.Chaotic Monki
10th Apr 16 12:17:50Funny.Lets Play
9th Apr 16 10:33:29Funny.Chaotic Monki
7th Apr 16 11:21:12Tear Jerker.Undertale
4th Apr 16 11:24:38YMMV.Undertale
1st Apr 16 01:37:43Videogame.Read Only Memories
31st Mar 16 09:33:11Heartwarming.Undertale
28th Mar 16 07:41:29Stealth Pun.Video Games
21st Mar 16 09:40:54Funny.Deadly Premonition
20th Mar 16 11:40:21Undertale.Tropes A To G
10th Mar 16 08:15:03Fridge.Undertale
10th Mar 16 02:30:42Heartwarming.The Decemberists
10th Mar 16 02:20:05Heartwarming.The Decemberists
8th Mar 16 11:39:38Fridge.The Wolf Among Us
1st Mar 16 08:25:31X Meets Y.Video Games Characters
1st Mar 16 08:21:55X Meets Y.Video Games Characters
1st Mar 16 08:15:41Tropers Do It.With Video Games
28th Feb 16 08:22:23Tropers Do It.With Video Games
26th Feb 16 08:45:51Fridge.Undertale
21st Feb 16 10:59:02Characters.Undertale Main Characters
20th Feb 16 02:04:07YMMV.Undertale
17th Feb 16 09:23:45Characters.Chibi Robo
16th Feb 16 10:44:50Video Game.Chibi Robo
14th Feb 16 02:43:53Heartwarming.Undertale
10th Feb 16 04:54:31Characters.Chibi Robo
10th Feb 16 04:49:04Characters.Chibi Robo
10th Feb 16 03:39:48Quotes.The Pirates Who Dont Do Anything
6th Feb 16 08:47:37Characters.Undertale Main Characters
4th Feb 16 08:07:27Just For Fun.Get A Stupid Answer
24th Jan 16 02:33:02Sitting Sexy On A Piano
24th Jan 16 02:04:57Awesome Music.Undertale
24th Jan 16 01:52:27Characters.Undertale Main Characters
24th Jan 16 01:49:36Cool Big Sis
24th Jan 16 01:22:56Characters.Undertale Main Characters
23rd Jan 16 03:27:38Funny.Steam Train 2
21st Jan 16 11:40:38Awesome Music.Undertale
21st Jan 16 11:39:59Awesome Music.Undertale
21st Jan 16 11:20:02Fridge.Undertale
21st Jan 16 08:13:32Characters.Undertale Main Characters
21st Jan 16 05:28:13Expy.Video Games
20th Jan 16 03:06:50Characters.Undertale Main Characters
20th Jan 16 02:59:05Mr Fanservice.Video Games
20th Jan 16 02:57:29Mr Fanservice.Video Games
20th Jan 16 02:57:10Mr Fanservice.Video Games
20th Jan 16 01:17:31I Just Want To Have Friends
19th Jan 16 10:20:59Too Kinky To Torture
18th Jan 16 06:00:44Go Out With A Smile
18th Jan 16 03:36:20Go Out With A Smile
16th Jan 16 02:06:17Funny.Undertale
15th Jan 16 08:44:45Undertale.Tropes H To P
15th Jan 16 08:39:03Characters.Undertale Main Characters
13th Jan 16 01:54:52Gender Neutral Writing
12th Jan 16 11:14:09Funny.Steam Train 2
7th Jan 16 04:22:32Heartwarming.Undertale
2nd Jan 16 02:56:55Agent Peacock
2nd Jan 16 02:18:03Funny.Undertale
2nd Jan 16 02:09:15Characters.Undertale Main Characters
2nd Jan 16 11:18:26Heartwarming.Undertale
1st Jan 16 03:55:33X Meets Y.Video Games Characters
1st Jan 16 03:50:12X Meets Y.Video Games Characters
30th Dec 15 01:55:56Bread Eggs Milk Squick
25th Dec 15 09:34:11Characters.Undertale Main Characters
25th Dec 15 09:29:02Characters.Undertale Main Characters
19th Dec 15 11:02:27Characters.Undertale Main Characters
18th Dec 15 02:57:34Heartwarming.Undertale
18th Dec 15 12:35:05Undertale.Tropes Q To Z
15th Dec 15 05:27:00Funny.Undertale
14th Dec 15 05:00:38Heroic BSOD.Video Games
14th Dec 15 02:06:16Characters.Undertale Main Characters
14th Dec 15 10:36:05Tear Jerker.Undertale
13th Dec 15 08:47:39Funny.Undertale
13th Dec 15 10:56:07Stepford Smiler.Video Games
11th Dec 15 09:03:27YMMV.Undertale
11th Dec 15 08:46:05YMMV.Undertale
11th Dec 15 05:38:50Funny.Video Games Awesome
11th Dec 15 03:58:55Eating The Eye Candy
10th Dec 15 09:45:51Robosexual
10th Dec 15 09:30:04Just For Fun.Anagram Bin
10th Dec 15 07:43:42Video Game.Undertale
10th Dec 15 07:33:31Characters.Undertale Main Characters
10th Dec 15 07:32:38Characters.Undertale Main Characters
10th Dec 15 01:08:54Characters.Undertale Main Characters
10th Dec 15 01:03:13Characters.Undertale Main Characters
10th Dec 15 12:55:30Funny.Undertale
9th Dec 15 07:42:01Characters.Undertale Main Characters
9th Dec 15 06:07:08Heartwarming.Undertale
9th Dec 15 03:30:28Characters.Undertale Main Characters
9th Dec 15 03:21:45Characters.Undertale Main Characters
7th Dec 15 11:15:23Relative Button
7th Dec 15 10:55:35LGBT Fanbase
7th Dec 15 10:53:07LGBT Fanbase
5th Dec 15 09:23:06Ensemble Darkhorse.Video Games
5th Dec 15 02:38:51Funny.Undertale
5th Dec 15 01:15:17YMMV.Undertale
4th Dec 15 11:28:38Video Game.Eternal Darkness
4th Dec 15 11:21:14YMMV.Undertale
4th Dec 15 06:33:03Characters.Undertale Main Characters
4th Dec 15 10:03:06Characters.Undertale Main Characters
30th Nov 15 02:57:19Video Game.Undertale
30th Nov 15 02:51:21Video Game.Eternal Darkness
29th Nov 15 07:48:57Characters.Until Dawn
26th Nov 15 11:26:13Heartwarming.Undertale
22nd Nov 15 09:01:00Funny.Two Best Friends Play Lets Play
2nd Nov 15 12:36:57Characters.Until Dawn
27th Oct 15 05:04:26Fan Preferred Couple.Video Games
27th Oct 15 05:00:45Fan Preferred Couple.Video Games
21st Oct 15 01:19:34YMMV.Until Dawn
19th Oct 15 09:01:10Headscratchers.Until Dawn
17th Oct 15 03:38:01Fridge.Until Dawn
17th Oct 15 03:35:31Fridge.Until Dawn
2nd Oct 15 07:54:28Characters.Until Dawn
1st Oct 15 07:58:29Fridge.Until Dawn
30th Sep 15 11:43:38Funny.Until Dawn
29th Sep 15 06:31:40YMMV.Until Dawn
26th Sep 15 06:45:50Funny.Until Dawn
25th Sep 15 01:48:07Funny.Cinema Sins
25th Sep 15 01:47:31Funny.Cinema Sins
25th Sep 15 01:46:25Funny.Cinema Sins
25th Sep 15 11:12:14Funny.Two Best Friends Play Lets Play
24th Sep 15 12:18:53Tear Jerker.Until Dawn
24th Sep 15 12:17:34YMMV.Until Dawn
16th Sep 15 11:55:35Video Game.Until Dawn
16th Sep 15 09:26:02YMMV.Until Dawn
16th Sep 15 08:58:53Fridge.Until Dawn
15th Sep 15 01:57:04Lets Play.Markiplier
14th Sep 15 06:59:54Video Game.Until Dawn
14th Sep 15 09:58:49Funny.Jesse Cox
14th Sep 15 09:51:16Funny.Harshly Critical
14th Sep 15 09:38:14Funny.Until Dawn
13th Sep 15 10:18:54Characters.Until Dawn
13th Sep 15 03:31:09Characters.Until Dawn
13th Sep 15 03:18:36Funny.Until Dawn
12th Sep 15 11:55:01Half The Man He Used To Be
12th Sep 15 11:32:26Shipper On Deck.Video Games
12th Sep 15 11:06:23Funny.Jesse Cox
12th Sep 15 10:20:54Ten Little Murder Victims
12th Sep 15 06:38:35Funny.Two Best Friends Play Lets Play
12th Sep 15 10:46:15Video Game.Until Dawn
11th Sep 15 03:58:37Characters.Until Dawn
11th Sep 15 03:48:35The Worlds Expert On Getting Killed
11th Sep 15 02:27:37X Meets Y.Video Games
11th Sep 15 02:24:45X Meets Y.Video Games
11th Sep 15 12:57:49Tear Jerker.Chaotic Monki
10th Sep 15 09:47:01Characters.Until Dawn
10th Sep 15 03:04:31Video Game.Until Dawn
10th Sep 15 12:07:35Video Game.Until Dawn
10th Sep 15 11:55:53Headscratchers.Until Dawn
10th Sep 15 11:37:18Funny.Until Dawn
10th Sep 15 11:31:06Characters.Until Dawn
10th Sep 15 11:27:47YMMV.Until Dawn
10th Sep 15 10:56:17Funny.Jesse Cox
10th Sep 15 10:54:05Funny.Jesse Cox
10th Sep 15 10:51:49Funny.Jesse Cox
10th Sep 15 09:59:30Skull Cups
10th Sep 15 09:48:38Characters.Until Dawn
10th Sep 15 09:27:46Lovable Alpha Bitch
10th Sep 15 09:17:25Alpha Bitch.Video Games
10th Sep 15 09:06:17Camp
10th Sep 15 08:39:38Video Game.Until Dawn
9th Sep 15 12:11:22Funny.Two Best Friends Play Lets Play
9th Sep 15 09:41:27Trivia.Until Dawn
8th Sep 15 09:36:52Characters.Until Dawn
8th Sep 15 09:34:57Characters.Until Dawn
8th Sep 15 08:46:31Video Game.Until Dawn
8th Sep 15 08:45:22Video Game.Until Dawn
8th Sep 15 08:41:27YMMV.Until Dawn
6th Sep 15 08:10:02Characters.Until Dawn
6th Sep 15 08:03:20Funny.Until Dawn
6th Sep 15 12:53:32Funny.Markiplier
6th Sep 15 12:45:14Characters.Until Dawn
6th Sep 15 12:12:21YMMV.Until Dawn
6th Sep 15 11:47:13Characters.Until Dawn
6th Sep 15 11:18:22YMMV.Until Dawn
6th Sep 15 10:11:33Fridge.Until Dawn
6th Sep 15 08:09:13Characters.Catherine
6th Sep 15 01:56:57Characters.Until Dawn
6th Sep 15 01:21:41Characters.Until Dawn
5th Sep 15 11:25:08Characters.Until Dawn
5th Sep 15 11:16:57Ouija Board
5th Sep 15 10:58:15Nightmare Fuel.Until Dawn
5th Sep 15 10:44:42Funny.Until Dawn
5th Sep 15 03:34:25YMMV.Until Dawn
5th Sep 15 03:32:54YMMV.Until Dawn
5th Sep 15 09:50:19Characters.Until Dawn
5th Sep 15 12:01:15Fridge.Until Dawn
4th Sep 15 11:50:38Video Game.Until Dawn
4th Sep 15 04:40:30Characters.Until Dawn
4th Sep 15 10:12:19Video Game.Until Dawn
4th Sep 15 02:33:33Characters.Until Dawn
4th Sep 15 02:21:50Characters.Until Dawn
4th Sep 15 01:36:59Video Game.Until Dawn
4th Sep 15 12:21:30Funny.Until Dawn
3rd Sep 15 01:18:00YMMV.Until Dawn
3rd Sep 15 12:13:32Fridge.Until Dawn
3rd Sep 15 12:11:54Fridge.Until Dawn
3rd Sep 15 11:48:36Funny.Two Best Friends Play Lets Play
3rd Sep 15 10:58:17Characters.Until Dawn
2nd Sep 15 11:45:17Characters.Until Dawn
1st Sep 15 02:12:12Characters.Until Dawn
1st Sep 15 02:04:24Funny.Until Dawn
31st Aug 15 05:27:59Funny.Until Dawn
31st Aug 15 05:25:40Funny.Until Dawn
31st Aug 15 05:04:30Characters.Until Dawn
31st Aug 15 04:57:13YMMV.Until Dawn
31st Aug 15 12:31:15Funny.Two Best Friends Play Lets Play
31st Aug 15 11:28:08Better Than It Sounds.Video Games S To Z
31st Aug 15 01:00:34Funny.Until Dawn
31st Aug 15 12:09:16Funny.Until Dawn
30th Aug 15 02:46:43YMMV.Tales From The Borderlands
30th Aug 15 11:10:13Funny.Until Dawn
29th Aug 15 12:38:27Funny.Until Dawn
28th Aug 15 03:23:15Funny.Until Dawn
28th Aug 15 03:18:18Funny.Chaotic Monki
27th Aug 15 04:10:29Characters.Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors
26th Aug 15 11:58:50YMMV.Tales From The Borderlands
24th Aug 15 04:02:49Your Mom
24th Aug 15 12:33:50Shout Out.Tales From The Borderlands
22nd Aug 15 05:43:17YMMV.Tales From The Borderlands
22nd Aug 15 05:42:39YMMV.Tales From The Borderlands
22nd Aug 15 05:15:13Who Names Their Kid Dude
22nd Aug 15 05:08:27Funny.The Iron Giant
22nd Aug 15 05:01:20Heartwarming.Tales From The Borderlands
22nd Aug 15 04:55:13Funny.Two Best Friends Play Lets Play
22nd Aug 15 12:21:17Funny.Tales From The Borderlands
21st Aug 15 02:57:24Video Game.Tales From The Borderlands
21st Aug 15 02:53:32Funny.Tales From The Borderlands
20th Aug 15 10:26:20Characters.Tales From The Borderlands
20th Aug 15 10:22:06Fridge.Tales From The Borderlands
20th Aug 15 08:10:57Funny.Tales From The Borderlands
19th Aug 15 04:44:18Characters.Tales From The Borderlands
19th Aug 15 04:35:40Video Game.Tales From The Borderlands
19th Aug 15 02:02:19WMG.Tales From The Borderlands
19th Aug 15 01:27:15WMG.Tales From The Borderlands
19th Aug 15 12:12:50WMG.Tales From The Borderlands
19th Aug 15 10:12:51YMMV.Tales From The Borderlands
19th Aug 15 10:04:05Tear Jerker.Tales From The Borderlands
19th Aug 15 10:02:30Funny.Tales From The Borderlands
19th Aug 15 12:54:08Fridge.Tales From The Borderlands
19th Aug 15 12:48:29Heartwarming.Tales From The Borderlands
18th Aug 15 09:31:56Tear Off Your Face
18th Aug 15 07:41:11Tear Jerker.Fable
18th Aug 15 07:26:25Funny.Fable
18th Aug 15 07:19:14Video Game.Fable III
18th Aug 15 06:57:11Heartwarming.Tales From The Borderlands
18th Aug 15 06:56:48Heartwarming.Tales From The Borderlands
18th Aug 15 06:51:41Funny.Tales From The Borderlands
18th Aug 15 06:46:03Nightmare Fuel.Tales From The Borderlands
18th Aug 15 06:22:53Shout Out.Tales From The Borderlands
18th Aug 15 04:43:16Funny.Tales From The Borderlands
18th Aug 15 04:28:01Funny.Tales From The Borderlands
18th Aug 15 04:22:26Heartwarming.Tales From The Borderlands
18th Aug 15 04:15:57Funny.Tales From The Borderlands
17th Aug 15 12:56:32Narm.Dragon Age Inquisition
15th Aug 15 04:05:28Undead Child
14th Aug 15 10:18:02Heartwarming.Life Is Strange
14th Aug 15 09:06:44Funny.Dragon Age Inquisition
12th Aug 15 01:50:27Characters.Eternal Darkness
11th Aug 15 05:17:16Funny.Two Best Friends Play Lets Play
11th Aug 15 01:33:16Characters.Eternal Darkness
10th Aug 15 03:26:52Ice Cream Koan
7th Aug 15 11:45:15Headscratchers.Eternal Darkness
5th Aug 15 11:36:46Characters.Eternal Darkness
4th Aug 15 03:26:03Heartwarming.Eternal Darkness
4th Aug 15 03:07:09Intrepid Reporter
4th Aug 15 03:06:56Intrepid Reporter
4th Aug 15 01:08:07Video Game.Eternal Darkness
3rd Aug 15 08:50:10Funny.D 4
3rd Aug 15 08:48:28Characters.D 4
2nd Aug 15 08:40:36Shout Out.Dragon Age Inquisition
30th Jul 15 01:25:17Funny.Two Best Friends Play Lets Play
30th Jul 15 09:43:29Funny.Life Is Strange
30th Jul 15 09:43:05Funny.Life Is Strange
29th Jul 15 08:03:49Funny.Two Best Friends Play Lets Play
29th Jul 15 01:55:30Heartwarming.Video Games