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21st Apr 12 08:41:41Tropers.Antheia
21st Apr 12 12:28:37Girl Show Ghetto
21st Apr 12 12:26:41Gratuitous Rape
21st Apr 12 12:24:12Gratuitous Rape
21st Apr 12 12:06:18Narm.Gundam
21st Apr 12 11:54:55Girl Show Ghetto
21st Apr 12 11:50:41Gainax Ending
21st Apr 12 11:49:09Franchise Zombie
21st Apr 12 11:47:37It.Elenco Provvisorio B-C
21st Apr 12 11:46:16Sandbox.Double Standard
20th Apr 12 06:55:46Antagonist Title
20th Apr 12 06:55:03Antagonist Title
19th Apr 12 07:18:34Series.Battlestar Galactica Reimagined
19th Apr 12 06:41:15Never Sleep Again
19th Apr 12 06:34:16Never Sleep Again
18th Apr 12 12:46:06Kleptomaniac Hero Found Underwear
18th Apr 12 11:13:44Match Three Game
17th Apr 12 07:12:36Anime.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
17th Apr 12 06:25:16Doing In The Wizard
11th Apr 12 04:44:06Word Salad Title
11th Apr 12 04:07:32Word Puree Title
10th Apr 12 02:45:03Comic Strip.The Perry Bible Fellowship
10th Apr 12 09:22:29Jackass Genie
10th Apr 12 07:25:33Anime.Star Driver
10th Apr 12 05:53:08Anime.Code Geass
7th Apr 12 12:48:04Unexplained Recovery
7th Apr 12 12:27:24Twenty Percent More Awesome
7th Apr 12 11:34:51Smoking Gun
4th Apr 12 06:51:36Anime.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
4th Apr 12 06:47:48Anime.Star Driver
4th Apr 12 06:38:16I Work Alone
1st Apr 12 11:00:36Ho Yay.Star Driver
1st Apr 12 10:59:39Ho Yay.Star Driver
1st Apr 12 10:55:50Anime.Star Driver
1st Apr 12 10:47:53Anime.Star Driver
29th Mar 12 06:18:01Literature.Battle Royale
28th Mar 12 09:51:29Porn Stache
28th Mar 12 08:58:02Lady Drunk
27th Mar 12 10:44:12Richard Dawkins
27th Mar 12 10:20:59Waking Up At The Morgue
27th Mar 12 10:01:50Escape From The Crazy Place
27th Mar 12 09:35:49Multiple Endings
27th Mar 12 09:29:01Never Recycle A Building
26th Mar 12 04:08:01Brain Food
26th Mar 12 08:30:34Fan Disliked Explanation
26th Mar 12 08:13:41Ending Aversion
25th Mar 12 07:08:43Speed Blitz
25th Mar 12 12:22:15Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
25th Mar 12 12:16:53Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
25th Mar 12 08:57:50Fridge.Star Driver
23rd Mar 12 04:05:13Anime.Star Driver
23rd Mar 12 03:59:38YMMV.Star Driver
23rd Mar 12 03:57:10YMMV.Star Driver
23rd Mar 12 03:55:55Trivia.Star Driver
23rd Mar 12 03:54:29Anime.Star Driver
23rd Mar 12 03:52:33Characters.Star Driver
19th Mar 12 05:50:51Anime.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
19th Mar 12 05:27:23Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
19th Mar 12 05:24:44Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
14th Mar 12 05:28:32Anime.Blood C
11th Mar 12 11:14:03Anime.Slayers
4th Mar 12 04:19:03Useful Notes.Gender And Japanese Language
4th Mar 12 03:27:55Quantum Mechanics Can Do Anything
4th Mar 12 03:05:57Useful Notes.Quantum Physics
4th Mar 12 10:14:00Useful Notes.Quantum Physics
4th Mar 12 06:45:46Doomed Protagonist
27th Feb 12 02:44:33Anime.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
19th Feb 12 03:01:17Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
18th Feb 12 04:55:31Anime.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
18th Feb 12 04:10:20Anime.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
17th Feb 12 07:01:03Anime.Blood C
11th Feb 12 07:27:08Anime.Star Driver
11th Feb 12 07:24:39Anime.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
11th Feb 12 07:19:59Planescape Torment
8th Feb 12 01:14:25Richard Dawkins
5th Feb 12 12:05:47Planescape Torment
5th Feb 12 12:01:37Planescape Torment
5th Feb 12 11:58:52Planescape Torment
5th Feb 12 11:54:58Fridge.Planescape Torment
5th Feb 12 11:50:22Planescape Torment
5th Feb 12 11:26:19Planescape Torment
5th Feb 12 10:56:38Planescape Torment
5th Feb 12 10:32:23Planescape Torment
5th Feb 12 09:56:59Planescape Torment
1st Jan 12 03:39:55YMMV.Star Driver
1st Jan 12 03:39:11Anime.Star Driver
6th Dec 11 06:56:20Geodesic Cast
6th Dec 11 06:48:01Quirky Miniboss Squad
30th Nov 11 07:25:13Quotes.Quotes Looking For An Article
28th Nov 11 08:10:40Anime.Star Driver
22nd Nov 11 07:28:34Cast Full Of Pretty Boys
22nd Nov 11 07:15:57Cast Full Of Pretty Boys
10th Nov 11 05:52:44Anime.Slayers
10th Nov 11 05:45:52Anime.Hikaru No Go
10th Nov 11 05:44:21Trivia.Hikaru No Go
10th Nov 11 05:31:54Everyone Is Bi
10th Nov 11 05:24:05Anime.Code Geass
10th Nov 11 06:18:00Porn Stash
9th Nov 11 12:29:24Red Headed Stepchild
7th Nov 11 09:01:30Ad Of Win
6th Nov 11 07:11:47Anime.Code Geass
3rd Nov 11 06:14:20Anime.Code Geass
3rd Nov 11 06:12:15YMMV.Saiyuki
3rd Nov 11 06:11:45Manga.Saiyuki
3rd Nov 11 06:10:32But Not Too Gay
3rd Nov 11 06:06:46But Not Too Bi
2nd Nov 11 09:24:14Recap.The X Files S 01 E 20 Darkness Falls
2nd Nov 11 09:18:47Made Of Explodium
2nd Nov 11 09:11:03Sorting Algorithm Of Mortality
2nd Nov 11 08:34:27Cruel And Unusual Death
2nd Nov 11 05:43:01Recap.The X Files S 01 E 20 Darkness Falls
2nd Nov 11 05:21:17Mummies At The Dinner Table
2nd Nov 11 04:42:03My Car Hates Me
2nd Nov 11 04:41:34My Car Hates Me
2nd Nov 11 04:30:39Primal Fear
2nd Nov 11 04:25:33Recap.The X Files S 01 E 20 Darkness Falls
2nd Nov 11 11:26:43English Rose
2nd Nov 11 08:37:59Buxom Is Better
2nd Nov 11 08:13:46Buxom Is Better
2nd Nov 11 08:11:32Buxom Is Better
1st Nov 11 08:35:15Frills OF Justice
1st Nov 11 08:10:30Theiss Titillation Theory
31st Oct 11 06:08:28Off Model
31st Oct 11 05:30:15Rubber Face
31st Oct 11 05:21:37Asleep For Days
31st Oct 11 12:24:44Happy Ending Massage
31st Oct 11 12:12:37Gender Flip
30th Oct 11 04:25:36Queer People Are Funny
28th Oct 11 09:53:39Sandbox.Square Cube Law
28th Oct 11 08:38:29Transfer Student Uniforms
27th Oct 11 04:35:24Ask A Stupid Question
27th Oct 11 04:33:06Ask A Stupid Question
27th Oct 11 03:54:17YMMV.Saiyuki
27th Oct 11 03:53:45YMMV.Saiyuki
27th Oct 11 03:49:52Saiyuki
26th Oct 11 12:03:15Trivia.V For Vendetta
26th Oct 11 12:03:00V For Vendetta
26th Oct 11 11:37:44Running Sequence
22nd Oct 11 04:27:11V For Vendetta
20th Oct 11 06:25:38The Teaser
20th Oct 11 01:52:45Phenotype Stereotype
19th Oct 11 03:53:44Mistreatment Induced Betrayal
19th Oct 11 03:51:49Anti Shipping Goggles
19th Oct 11 03:49:24Explaining The Soap
19th Oct 11 03:44:04Sexy Santa Dress
19th Oct 11 03:42:36Happy Holidays Dress
19th Oct 11 03:39:13Sexy Santa Dress
19th Oct 11 02:00:49The Linus
19th Oct 11 01:26:11Let Me Get This Straight
19th Oct 11 01:24:16No Time To Explain
19th Oct 11 10:33:52Code Geass
19th Oct 11 10:32:59Oh And X Dies
18th Oct 11 07:46:56Stupid Sexy Friend
18th Oct 11 07:31:49Dear Negative Reader
18th Oct 11 07:19:46Why Fandom Cant Have Nice Things
18th Oct 11 06:51:47Realm Of The Elderlings
18th Oct 11 06:50:29Darth Wiki.Ad Of Lose
17th Oct 11 06:08:11Innocent Panties
17th Oct 11 05:51:47Hijacked By Jesus
16th Oct 11 02:59:27Hijacked By Jesus
16th Oct 11 02:58:26Hijacked By Jesus
14th Oct 11 02:12:49Actually A Doombot
14th Oct 11 07:18:28Theme Deck
13th Oct 11 07:39:08Rurouni Kenshin
13th Oct 11 07:31:06YMMV.Naoko Takeuchi
13th Oct 11 07:29:53YMMV.Naoko Takeuchi
13th Oct 11 07:29:16Naoko Takeuchi
13th Oct 11 07:27:22Trivia.Rurouni Kenshin
13th Oct 11 07:22:43Wild Mass Guessing.Anime And Manga
13th Oct 11 07:21:19WMG.Rurouni Kenshin
13th Oct 11 07:19:12Trivia.Rurouni Kenshin
13th Oct 11 07:18:20Trivia.Rurouni Kenshin
13th Oct 11 07:18:10Characters.Rurouni Kenshin
13th Oct 11 06:43:23Rurouni Kenshin
13th Oct 11 06:32:03Characters.Rurouni Kenshin
13th Oct 11 06:03:47Theme Tune Cameo
12th Oct 11 03:36:05Slayers
12th Oct 11 03:17:05Obligatory Bondage Song
12th Oct 11 02:53:30Depending On The Artist
12th Oct 11 02:47:30Creative Differences
12th Oct 11 02:40:25Fatal Method Acting
12th Oct 11 01:58:31Creator Couples
11th Oct 11 06:51:59Slayers
11th Oct 11 06:45:00Slayers
11th Oct 11 08:37:48Moe
11th Oct 11 08:07:10Trope Distinctions.D-F
11th Oct 11 08:00:27Fan Service
9th Oct 11 12:22:10Seirei No Moribito
9th Oct 11 10:40:40Darthwiki.Ad Of Lose
9th Oct 11 10:39:02Sex Tropes
6th Oct 11 04:48:57Really Gets Around
6th Oct 11 04:45:33Realm Of The Elderlings
6th Oct 11 10:03:16Burn Notice
6th Oct 11 10:01:17Brightest Day
6th Oct 11 10:00:24Black Lagoon
6th Oct 11 09:58:47Western Animation.Batman The Brave And The Bold
6th Oct 11 09:56:32Badass Furry
6th Oct 11 09:49:37Archer
6th Oct 11 09:45:25A Pirate 400 Years Too Late
6th Oct 11 09:43:13Big Bad.Anime And Manga
6th Oct 11 09:42:05Archer
6th Oct 11 09:40:42YMMV.Aquaman
6th Oct 11 09:40:14Comicbook.Aquaman
6th Oct 11 09:37:06A Pirate 400 Years Too Late
6th Oct 11 09:27:14Alliance Union
6th Oct 11 09:25:57Acceptable Nationality Targets
6th Oct 11 09:24:12
6th Oct 11 09:22:56The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
6th Oct 11 09:06:18Guy On Guy Is Hot
4th Oct 11 07:50:04Wild Mass Guessing.Anime And Manga
4th Oct 11 07:49:25WMG.Tenchi Muyo
4th Oct 11 07:29:29Wild Mass Guessing.Anime And Manga
4th Oct 11 07:26:17WMG.Witch Hunter Robin
4th Oct 11 07:31:38Console RPG Cliches 73 To 96
4th Oct 11 07:23:46Console RPG Cliches 1 To 24
3rd Oct 11 07:39:25Wild Mass Guessing.Anime And Manga
3rd Oct 11 07:39:04Wild Mass Guessing.Anime And Manga
3rd Oct 11 07:38:20WMG.Gravitation
3rd Oct 11 07:35:08Wild Mass Guessing.Anime And Manga
3rd Oct 11 07:34:09WMG.Canaan
3rd Oct 11 05:06:42Slayers
3rd Oct 11 04:55:01Realm Of The Elderlings
3rd Oct 11 04:43:59Richard Dawkins
3rd Oct 11 04:39:06V For Vendetta
3rd Oct 11 04:13:41Hikaru No Go
1st Oct 11 08:01:35Xanatos Gambit
1st Oct 11 07:46:24Xanatos Gambit
30th Sep 11 02:02:37Bishonen Line
30th Sep 11 01:29:24Girls With Guns
30th Sep 11 01:28:37Girls With Guns
30th Sep 11 10:54:09Bread Eggs Breaded Eggs
30th Sep 11 10:47:54Van Helsing Hate Crimes
30th Sep 11 10:46:03Headscratchers.Slayers
30th Sep 11 10:35:44Rape Is Love
30th Sep 11 10:23:55Classical Mythology
30th Sep 11 10:22:55Classical Mythology
30th Sep 11 10:08:00WMG.Slayers
30th Sep 11 07:47:14Shiny Midnight Black
29th Sep 11 03:28:36Code Geass
29th Sep 11 03:25:38One Way Visor
29th Sep 11 03:23:40Wild Mass Guessing.Anime And Manga
29th Sep 11 03:22:41WMG.Azumanga Daioh
28th Sep 11 07:12:20Seemingly Profound Fool
28th Sep 11 05:59:17Wild Mass Guessing.Anime And Manga
28th Sep 11 05:58:43WMG.Revolutionary Girl Utena
28th Sep 11 05:32:21Wild Mass Guessing.Anime And Manga
28th Sep 11 05:31:06WMG.Slayers
28th Sep 11 04:31:59Wild Mass Guessing.Anime And Manga
28th Sep 11 04:30:06Wild Mass Guessing.Anime And Manga
28th Sep 11 04:29:20WMG.Samurai Champloo
28th Sep 11 04:19:27Wild Mass Guessing.Anime And Manga
28th Sep 11 04:18:15WMG.Hikaru No Go
28th Sep 11 09:37:46Ham And Cheese
28th Sep 11 09:36:45Animation Age Ghetto
28th Sep 11 09:22:01Headbutt Thermometer
28th Sep 11 09:15:21Headbutt Thermometer
28th Sep 11 09:01:34Spell.Anime
28th Sep 11 08:41:10The Comically Serious
27th Sep 11 05:32:14Code Geass
27th Sep 11 05:30:22Alter Ego
27th Sep 11 05:13:57YMMV.Beautiful Agony
27th Sep 11 05:12:55Beautiful Agony
27th Sep 11 05:09:58Headscratchers.Bigger Is Better In Bed
27th Sep 11 05:02:59Tropers Do It.Before Anyone Else
27th Sep 11 03:15:14Torture Always Works
27th Sep 11 11:54:08Hikaru No Go
27th Sep 11 09:54:35Japanese Delinquents
27th Sep 11 09:37:51Names To Know In Anime
25th Sep 11 07:04:34Near Rape Experience
21st Sep 11 04:42:03Pigeonholed Voice Actor
21st Sep 11 04:24:44Huge Schoolgirl
21st Sep 11 01:38:44Your Tomcat Is Pregnant
21st Sep 11 01:23:46Mega Neko
21st Sep 11 01:17:31Mega Neko
21st Sep 11 11:34:30Yamato Nadeshiko
21st Sep 11 11:29:27Yamato Nadeshiko
21st Sep 11 11:23:41Sensible Heroes Skimpy Villains
21st Sep 11 11:19:40YMMV.Samurai Champloo
21st Sep 11 11:12:51Samurai Champloo
21st Sep 11 11:06:01Characters.Samurai Champloo
21st Sep 11 10:39:29Norse By Norsewest
21st Sep 11 10:31:55Characters.Negima-Other
21st Sep 11 10:29:51Characters.Negima-Ala Alba Fighters
21st Sep 11 10:28:47Characters.Naruto Veangance Revelaitons
21st Sep 11 10:25:40Trivia.Naruto
21st Sep 11 10:18:50Fetish Fuel Station Attendant.Naruto
21st Sep 11 10:17:18Discworld.Lords And Ladies
21st Sep 11 10:15:30YMMV.Harry Potter
21st Sep 11 10:14:15Series.Doctor Who
21st Sep 11 10:11:46YMMV.Discworld
21st Sep 11 10:09:53Characters.Discworld
21st Sep 11 10:07:17YMMV.Azumanga Daioh
21st Sep 11 10:04:03Unlucky Busty Girl
21st Sep 11 09:20:50Azumanga Daioh
21st Sep 11 09:02:02Characters.Azumanga Daioh
20th Sep 11 06:01:21Trivia.Kiba
20th Sep 11 06:00:58YMMV.Kiba
20th Sep 11 06:00:33Kiba
20th Sep 11 05:21:25B Gata H Kei
19th Sep 11 05:57:43Slayers
19th Sep 11 09:57:47Memetic Sex God
19th Sep 11 08:29:16Hannibal Lecture
18th Sep 11 08:34:24Ax Crazy
18th Sep 11 08:31:18Slayers
18th Sep 11 12:01:06Suppressed Rage
18th Sep 11 11:54:07Surprise Creepy
18th Sep 11 11:53:08Snow Means Love
18th Sep 11 11:39:05White Haired Pretty Boy
18th Sep 11 10:30:45Stage Mom
18th Sep 11 10:00:46Cute And Psycho
18th Sep 11 09:44:57Stepford Smiler
18th Sep 11 09:10:38The Beastmaster
16th Sep 11 06:47:50Just For Fun.The Problem With Pen Island
16th Sep 11 06:46:09Just For Fun.The Problem With Pen Island
16th Sep 11 06:12:15YMMV.Rurouni Kenshin
16th Sep 11 04:44:02Characters.Rurouni Kenshin
16th Sep 11 04:06:02Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion
16th Sep 11 04:02:27The Fake Cutie
16th Sep 11 04:00:38Stepford Smiler
16th Sep 11 03:54:29YMMV.Monstrous Regiment
16th Sep 11 03:54:12Discworld.Monstrous Regiment
16th Sep 11 03:50:01YMMV.Hellsing
16th Sep 11 03:44:01Characters.Hellsing
16th Sep 11 03:38:05Fetish Fuel Station Attendant.Hellsing
16th Sep 11 03:23:47Characters.Code Geass Main Characters
16th Sep 11 03:16:06Fetish Fuel Station Attendant.Code Geass
16th Sep 11 03:13:55Characters.American Gods
16th Sep 11 03:13:11Stepford Smiler
16th Sep 11 03:10:58YMMV.ABBA
16th Sep 11 03:09:55ABBA
16th Sep 11 09:54:31WTH Casting Agency
16th Sep 11 07:10:50Trivia.Legion Of Extraordinary Dancers
16th Sep 11 07:10:16YMMV.Legion Of Extraordinary Dancers
16th Sep 11 07:09:55Legion Of Extraordinary Dancers
15th Sep 11 06:43:27Fridge Horror.Anime And Manga
15th Sep 11 05:42:16Oblivious Younger Sibling
15th Sep 11 04:43:10Contemptible Cover
15th Sep 11 02:36:14And That Would Be Wrong
15th Sep 11 02:31:56A Tankard Of Moose Urine
15th Sep 11 10:09:02White Magic
15th Sep 11 09:53:47Fire Ice Lightning
15th Sep 11 09:48:58Fire Ice Lightning
15th Sep 11 09:39:04Holy Hand Grenade