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4th Sep 15 03:29:23Western Animation.Steven Universe
25th Nov 14 04:41:27Manga.Nurse Angel Ririka SOS
7th Oct 14 04:27:34Characters.Reimei No Arcana
7th Oct 14 04:17:42Manga.Reimei No Arcana
7th Jul 14 01:27:59The Legend Of Korra.Tropes A To F
12th Jun 14 06:51:48Manga.NANA
26th Apr 13 09:14:55Hotter And Sexier
26th Apr 13 09:01:24Hotter And Sexier
26th Apr 13 08:59:30Girliness Upgrade
26th Apr 13 08:58:31Stock Shoujo Bullying Tactics
26th Apr 13 08:53:55Girliness Upgrade
21st Oct 12 06:42:03Stock Shoujo Bullying Tactics
5th Sep 12 03:25:35The Shrink
28th Aug 12 12:23:57Tech Tree
23rd Aug 12 06:38:40Alif The Unseen
23rd Aug 12 06:34:41Alif The Unseen
23rd Aug 12 06:33:15Alif The Unseen
23rd Aug 12 06:32:35Alif The Unseen
23rd Aug 12 06:31:43Alif The Unseen
23rd Aug 12 06:11:07Alif The Unseen
22nd Aug 12 11:09:07Alif The Unseen
21st Aug 12 06:17:14Fantasy Literature
21st Aug 12 06:17:11Fantasy Literature
21st Aug 12 06:16:08Alif The Unseen
21st Aug 12 06:15:57Alif The Unseen
21st Aug 12 06:15:43Alif The Unseen
21st Aug 12 06:07:21Alif The Unseen
21st Aug 12 06:01:39Qurac
21st Aug 12 05:58:58Video Game.Fortune Summoners
21st Aug 12 05:54:04Crystal Skull
21st Aug 12 05:52:25Girliness Upgrade
21st Aug 12 06:17:13Promoted To Love Interest
18th Aug 12 05:43:25Flowery Insults
18th Aug 12 05:42:38Flowery Insults
17th Aug 12 07:24:04Video Game.Fortune Summoners
17th Aug 12 07:02:26Anime.Mon Colle Knights
16th Aug 12 12:35:00Characters.Tiny Toon Adventures
16th Aug 12 11:52:27Cougar
16th Aug 12 11:51:43Manga.Flowers And Bees
15th Aug 12 10:49:51Historical Fiction Literature
15th Aug 12 10:49:49Historical Fiction Literature
15th Aug 12 10:22:17Fairy Tale
15th Aug 12 09:48:39Video Game.Fortune Summoners
13th Aug 12 04:43:44Scaled Up
13th Aug 12 11:04:17Webcomic.Sinfest
13th Aug 12 11:02:31YMMV.Sinfest
8th Aug 12 06:22:28Series.Restaurant Impossible
8th Aug 12 04:31:10Manga.Reimei No Arcana
8th Aug 12 04:29:37Manga.Reimei No Arcana
8th Aug 12 04:26:49Dawn Of The Arcana
8th Aug 12 04:26:23Dawn Of The Arcana
7th Aug 12 09:39:49Significant Greeneyed Redhead
7th Aug 12 12:52:28Transplanted Character Fic
3rd Aug 12 10:19:38Film.Beasts Of The Southern Wild
3rd Aug 12 10:14:21YMMV.Beasts Of The Southern Wild
3rd Aug 12 10:01:49Film.Beasts Of The Southern Wild
3rd Aug 12 09:44:13Film.Beasts Of The Southern Wild
31st Jul 12 04:46:42Literary Works By African American Authors
31st Jul 12 04:45:51Literary Works By African American Authors
31st Jul 12 10:12:15Light Novel.Zero No Tsukaima
31st Jul 12 09:23:11The Cougar
31st Jul 12 09:22:49Mrs Robinson
31st Jul 12 09:22:19Mrs Robinson
31st Jul 12 09:17:31Literary Works By African American Authors
31st Jul 12 09:17:08Literary Works By African American Authors
27th Jul 12 05:15:59Haiku.Accidental Pervert
27th Jul 12 05:15:23Alphabet Soup Cans
25th Jul 12 04:25:17A Big Boy Did It And Ran Away
25th Jul 12 04:13:50Manga.Sakuran
25th Jul 12 10:43:19African Literature
25th Jul 12 09:30:02Creator.Moyoco Anno
25th Jul 12 09:29:41Creator.Moyoco Anno
25th Jul 12 09:28:16Manga.Sakuran
25th Jul 12 09:27:00Manga
25th Jul 12 09:25:31Seinen
25th Jul 12 09:18:09Manga
25th Jul 12 09:16:52Manga.Sakuran
24th Jul 12 08:39:09YMMV.Rabbit-Proof Fence
24th Jul 12 08:38:57Rabbit-Proof Fence
24th Jul 12 08:37:55YMMV.Rabbit-Proof Fence
24th Jul 12 08:37:43Rabbit-Proof Fence
24th Jul 12 08:37:36Rabbit-Proof Fence
24th Jul 12 08:37:08YMMV.Rabbit-Proof Fence
24th Jul 12 08:36:56Rabbit-Proof Fence
24th Jul 12 01:26:41Manga.Sakuran
24th Jul 12 10:11:47Manga.Sakuran
24th Jul 12 10:09:19Manga.Sakuran
24th Jul 12 10:06:16High Class Call Girl
24th Jul 12 09:37:00Creator.Moyoco Anno
24th Jul 12 09:35:53Creator.Moyoco Anno
24th Jul 12 09:33:52Creator.Moyoco Anno
24th Jul 12 09:19:36Earth That Was
23rd Jul 12 08:06:10Creepy Crossdresser
23rd Jul 12 07:49:30African Literature
23rd Jul 12 07:35:43Narrative Profanity Filter
21st Jul 12 09:48:45Ascended Fridge Horror
21st Jul 12 09:48:00Ascended Fridge Horror
21st Jul 12 09:46:27Ascended Fridge Horror
21st Jul 12 09:29:08Improbable Hair Style
20th Jul 12 10:55:23Webcomic.Girls With Slingshots
20th Jul 12 10:44:58Webcomic.Dissonance
20th Jul 12 10:43:21Characters.Disney Heroes
20th Jul 12 10:42:07Characters.Disney Heroes
20th Jul 12 10:39:52Characters.Diner Dash
20th Jul 12 10:37:53Characters.Diner Dash
18th Jul 12 07:43:58African Literature
18th Jul 12 07:42:47African Literature
18th Jul 12 08:57:12Fantastic Caste System
18th Jul 12 08:55:15Fantastic Caste System
16th Jul 12 08:15:57The Apartheid Era
13th Jul 12 01:55:48Lovable Sex Maniac
8th Jul 12 06:23:30Easy Logistics
8th Jul 12 06:23:09Easy Logistics
6th Jul 12 09:21:52Manga.Kimi Ni Todoke
6th Jul 12 09:21:10Manga.Kimagure Orange Road
6th Jul 12 09:20:03Manga.Kimagure Orange Road
6th Jul 12 09:19:23Characters.Keroro Gunsou
6th Jul 12 09:15:16Characters.Kekkaishi
6th Jul 12 09:13:53Keet
6th Jul 12 09:10:12Characters.Kimi Ni Todoke
6th Jul 12 09:08:46Characters.Kaze To Ki No Uta
6th Jul 12 09:06:55Characters.D Gray Man
6th Jul 12 09:06:52Characters.D Gray Man
6th Jul 12 08:54:07Ambiguously Gay
6th Jul 12 08:49:51Characters.Battle Arena Toshinden
6th Jul 12 08:43:03Characters.Akame Ga Kiru
2nd Jul 12 05:52:29Charlie Sheen
2nd Jul 12 01:47:57Literature.Dreamblood Duology
2nd Jul 12 11:08:51Fight Fur Your Right To Party
1st Jul 12 10:06:42Literature.Dreamblood Duology
1st Jul 12 09:04:10The Secret Of Long Pork Pies
1st Jul 12 03:40:48The Native Rival
24th Jun 12 10:11:53Pastiche
24th Jun 12 09:03:57Hollywood Autism
22nd Jun 12 09:56:57Sunny Sunflower Disposition
22nd Jun 12 08:41:29But Not Too Black
22nd Jun 12 08:39:12But Not Too Black
20th Jun 12 07:44:54Fanfic Recs.The Iliad
20th Jun 12 07:29:09College Is High School Part 2
20th Jun 12 12:18:02Fanfic Recs.The Iliad
19th Jun 12 08:35:28WMG.Nana
19th Jun 12 06:58:16Literary Works By African American Authors
19th Jun 12 09:37:50White Anglo Saxon Protestant
12th Jun 12 08:32:34Manga.Ai Yori Aoshi
11th Jun 12 11:00:59Tropes Needing Examples
3rd Jun 12 08:11:22Magic Skirt
3rd Jun 12 07:50:15No Smoking
30th May 12 03:43:11Manga.Otoyomegatari
26th May 12 09:23:32YMMV.Mars Needs Moms
26th May 12 09:22:53Film.Mars Needs Moms
26th May 12 09:20:00Trivia.Mars Needs Moms
26th May 12 09:19:37Film.Mars Needs Moms
23rd May 12 10:53:05YMMV.A Complete Turnabout
23rd May 12 10:52:42Fan Fic.A Complete Turnabout
23rd May 12 10:50:47Accidental Innuendo
23rd May 12 10:49:28Accidental Innuendo
23rd May 12 08:22:56Outside Context Villain
22nd May 12 09:12:16Safe Sane And Consensual
21st May 12 08:18:45The Thing That Would Not Leave
21st May 12 10:46:00Literary Works By African American Authors
21st May 12 06:46:46Literary Works By African American Authors
18th May 12 08:37:48The Musical
18th May 12 10:09:22Spotlight Stealing Squad
16th May 12 04:37:01YMMV.Dykes To Watch Out For
16th May 12 04:36:50Comic Strip.Dykes To Watch Out For
15th May 12 09:17:26YMMV.Rosario To Vampire
13th May 12 10:31:21Barrier Maiden
13th May 12 10:25:44Historical Fiction Literature
13th May 12 10:24:32Lit Fic
13th May 12 10:23:35Lit Fic
13th May 12 10:22:32Literature.Home
13th May 12 10:18:14Literature.Home
13th May 12 10:00:36Literature.Home
12th May 12 08:44:36Advertising.The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
11th May 12 04:22:31Nnedi Okorafor
11th May 12 08:54:58Literature.Home
10th May 12 08:18:19Manga.Reimei No Arcana
10th May 12 08:17:47YMMV.Reimei No Arcana
10th May 12 08:17:26Manga.Reimei No Arcana
10th May 12 02:44:07Manga.Seiho Boys High School
10th May 12 02:37:20Mad God
10th May 12 02:31:00Literature.Home
10th May 12 02:26:00Toni Morrison
10th May 12 02:25:28Toni Morrison
10th May 12 02:25:08Toni Morrison
10th May 12 09:26:10Music.Kimya Dawson
9th May 12 07:46:25Recycled Premise
8th May 12 07:14:40YMMV.Faust
8th May 12 07:14:25Faust
7th May 12 11:50:22Characters.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
6th May 12 07:50:32Spotlight Stealing Squad
5th May 12 07:33:12Modern Minstrelsy
3rd May 12 06:33:43Personality Powers
3rd May 12 05:39:00Manga.Devil And Her Love Song
3rd May 12 05:13:52Anime.Revolutionary Girl Utena
3rd May 12 05:13:28Analysis.Revolutionary Girl Utena
3rd May 12 05:11:27Analysis.Revolutionary Girl Utena
3rd May 12 05:10:01YMMV.Revolutionary Girl Utena
3rd May 12 05:04:45Analysis.Revolutionary Girl Utena
3rd May 12 04:58:33YMMV.Revolutionary Girl Utena
3rd May 12 04:55:17Analysis.Revolutionary Girl Utena
2nd May 12 10:42:59Anime.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
2nd May 12 08:34:53Boarding School Of Horrors
1st May 12 03:32:08Fanfic.My Inner Life
30th Apr 12 09:33:05Manga.Puella Magi Kazumi Magica
30th Apr 12 09:18:59Manga.Reimei No Arcana
29th Apr 12 09:19:54Evolving Trope
29th Apr 12 09:15:51Husky Russkie
29th Apr 12 10:35:57Bastard Boyfriend
28th Apr 12 11:01:21Loads And Loads Of Characters
28th Apr 12 10:50:11Manga.A Brides Story
28th Apr 12 10:48:51Manga.Dawn Of The Arcana
28th Apr 12 10:48:20Manga.Dawn Of The Arcana
28th Apr 12 10:47:48Manga.Dawn Of The Arcana
28th Apr 12 10:44:07Manga
28th Apr 12 10:35:50YMMV.Devil And Her Love Song
28th Apr 12 10:35:34Manga.Devil And Her Love Song
28th Apr 12 10:35:05YMMV.Devil And Her Love Song
28th Apr 12 10:34:48Manga.Devil And Her Love Song
28th Apr 12 10:34:12YMMV.Devil And Her Love Song
28th Apr 12 10:33:55Manga.Devil And Her Love Song
28th Apr 12 06:43:21Evil Redhead
27th Apr 12 07:16:30The Magic Versus Technology War
27th Apr 12 07:14:06Grand Theft Me
27th Apr 12 07:12:36Grand Theft Me
27th Apr 12 07:10:38Body Surf
27th Apr 12 07:05:24Shapeshifter Default Form
27th Apr 12 07:05:03Shapeshifter Default Form
27th Apr 12 07:02:03Healing Factor
27th Apr 12 06:42:30Spacecraft
27th Apr 12 06:41:05Tropes In Space
27th Apr 12 06:41:04Tropes In Space
26th Apr 12 07:44:15Literature.Brown Girl In The Ring
26th Apr 12 07:40:18Raised By Grandparents
26th Apr 12 07:39:31Literature.Brown Girl In The Ring
26th Apr 12 07:38:55Raised By Grandparents
26th Apr 12 02:32:12Characters.Shakugan No Shana
26th Apr 12 02:21:44Sacrificial Lion
26th Apr 12 02:13:01Manga.Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
25th Apr 12 09:06:34Boldly Coming
24th Apr 12 07:32:34Laconic.Spotlight Stealing Squad
24th Apr 12 03:15:13Manga.Ore-sama Teacher
24th Apr 12 12:53:32Sandbox.Pages Pending For Perusal By P 5
24th Apr 12 12:45:15Wicked Weasel
23rd Apr 12 11:08:05Headscratchers.Sailor Moon
23rd Apr 12 11:06:25Headscratchers.Sailor Moon
23rd Apr 12 10:09:14Our Zombies Are Different
23rd Apr 12 10:05:59Our Zombies Are Different
23rd Apr 12 11:47:38Girl In A Box
22nd Apr 12 05:37:29Player Punch
22nd Apr 12 01:14:27Manga.Fruits Basket
22nd Apr 12 10:45:32Recruit Teenagers With Attitude
22nd Apr 12 09:51:31Summary.Literature
22nd Apr 12 09:47:46Historical Fiction Literature
22nd Apr 12 09:45:22Fantasy Literature
22nd Apr 12 09:40:23Changeling Tale
21st Apr 12 11:07:04Love Triangle
21st Apr 12 10:43:06Tropers.Animeg 3282
21st Apr 12 08:45:17Anime.Training With Hinako
21st Apr 12 08:44:59YMMV.Training With Hinako
21st Apr 12 08:44:23Anime.Training With Hinako
21st Apr 12 08:13:47Characters.Fruits Basket
21st Apr 12 07:23:28YMMV.Mitsudomoe
21st Apr 12 07:23:10Manga.Mitsudomoe
21st Apr 12 07:23:04Manga.Mitsudomoe
21st Apr 12 07:22:05YMMV.Mitsudomoe
21st Apr 12 07:21:41Manga.Mitsudomoe
21st Apr 12 07:21:34Manga.Mitsudomoe
21st Apr 12 06:24:17Punctuated For Emphasis
20th Apr 12 09:34:43Granola Girl
20th Apr 12 09:23:31Manga.Skip Beat
20th Apr 12 11:02:07Item Crafting
20th Apr 12 11:00:39Cute Knight Kingdom
20th Apr 12 10:56:19Ready For Lovemaking
20th Apr 12 10:42:53No Name Given
20th Apr 12 10:42:50No Name Given
20th Apr 12 10:42:33Literature.Brown Girl In The Ring
20th Apr 12 09:39:53Characters.Children Of Mana
19th Apr 12 01:09:12Manga.Yotsuba
19th Apr 12 10:29:03Manga.Take On Me
19th Apr 12 10:10:34My Beloved Smother
19th Apr 12 10:04:28Tabletop Game.Munchkin
19th Apr 12 10:02:18YMMV.Munchkin
19th Apr 12 09:56:06YMMV.Munchkin
19th Apr 12 09:51:36Fan Fic.More Than Human
19th Apr 12 09:51:35Fan Fic.More Than Human
19th Apr 12 09:49:51Morality Pet
19th Apr 12 09:41:36Funny.Monty Python
19th Apr 12 09:40:20YMMV.My Brother And Me
19th Apr 12 09:40:10My Brother And Me
17th Apr 12 11:52:06Fridge.Beauty And The Beast
16th Apr 12 07:06:59Awesome Anachronistic Apparel
16th Apr 12 06:33:53Dismissed Gender
15th Apr 12 08:48:58Spotlight Stealing Squad
15th Apr 12 02:52:22Grave Academy
15th Apr 12 02:51:12Fan Fic.For Good
15th Apr 12 02:48:55Characters.Group Of Weirdos
14th Apr 12 08:10:27High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Goblins
14th Apr 12 08:09:23Western Animation.Gnomeo And Juliet
14th Apr 12 08:07:49Glowing Mechanical Eyes
14th Apr 12 08:05:16Gem Heart
14th Apr 12 08:03:56George Lucas
14th Apr 12 08:02:26Godzilla
13th Apr 12 11:19:00Catholic School Girls Rule
13th Apr 12 08:06:03Unkempt Beauty
12th Apr 12 06:56:38Literature.Brown Girl In The Ring
12th Apr 12 05:51:11Manga.Flowers And Bees
12th Apr 12 04:13:23Bondage Is Bad
12th Apr 12 03:58:56Literature.Brown Girl In The Ring
12th Apr 12 09:31:11Characters.Fallout New Vegas The Courier
12th Apr 12 09:29:46High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Family Guy
11th Apr 12 07:10:32Monster.Code Geass
10th Apr 12 08:01:50Panty Fighter
10th Apr 12 10:12:58Series.Dirty Jobs
10th Apr 12 09:21:16Hunting Accident
10th Apr 12 08:19:18Manhwa.Demon Diary
10th Apr 12 08:17:40Anime.Demashita Powerpuff Girls Z
10th Apr 12 08:16:32Deleted Scene
10th Apr 12 08:14:16Deleted Scene
10th Apr 12 08:11:42Headscratchers.Death Note Various
9th Apr 12 08:11:34Urban Fantasy
7th Apr 12 06:46:50Manga.Happy Mania
6th Apr 12 08:44:38The Vagina Monologues
6th Apr 12 08:40:25Manga.To Love Ru
6th Apr 12 08:26:01Word Of Gay
6th Apr 12 08:21:08X-Change
6th Apr 12 08:18:02Characters.X-Men2000s Members
6th Apr 12 08:15:27YMMV.Yu Me Dream
6th Apr 12 08:15:05Yu Me Dream
6th Apr 12 08:10:19Manga.Zero Eight Zero Four AM Daydream
6th Apr 12 08:03:12Manga.Happy Mania
6th Apr 12 08:02:02Manga.Happy Mania
6th Apr 12 08:01:24Manga.Happy Mania
6th Apr 12 08:40:28Neighbourhood Friendly Gangsters
6th Apr 12 08:36:40Bebes Kids
5th Apr 12 09:38:13Kill It With Water
5th Apr 12 09:31:24Cherry Tapping
5th Apr 12 09:27:12Tear Jerker.Cave Story
5th Apr 12 03:54:33Manga.Flowers And Bees
5th Apr 12 02:34:51Super Sex Organs
5th Apr 12 11:30:05Meido
5th Apr 12 11:27:34Torso With A View
5th Apr 12 10:34:39Creator.Moyoco Anno
5th Apr 12 10:30:44Creator.Moyoco Anno
5th Apr 12 10:25:51Contractual Immortality
5th Apr 12 07:55:56Draw Your Own Story
5th Apr 12 07:54:20Electrified Bathtub
5th Apr 12 07:51:00Video Game.Chantelise
5th Apr 12 07:46:46Bury Your Disabled
5th Apr 12 07:44:32Chaste Toons
5th Apr 12 07:00:18Manga.Flowers And Bees
4th Apr 12 01:13:45Grandma What Massive Hotness You Have
4th Apr 12 08:22:57I Love The Exties
4th Apr 12 08:12:07What Are The Contributors Real Names
4th Apr 12 08:08:57We Want Our Jerk Back
4th Apr 12 08:05:13Playing With.What Do You Mean It Wasnt Made On Drugs
4th Apr 12 08:02:02Heroic BSOD.Western Animation
4th Apr 12 07:53:58Ephebophile
4th Apr 12 07:45:19When Pandoras Box Is Opened
4th Apr 12 07:45:06When Pandoras Box Is Opened
4th Apr 12 07:42:10YMMV.White Chicks
4th Apr 12 07:41:38White Chicks
4th Apr 12 07:41:33White Chicks
4th Apr 12 07:39:54White Knight Chronicles
4th Apr 12 07:36:40Characters.X-Men Evolution
4th Apr 12 07:16:49Mangaka
4th Apr 12 06:59:07Music.Behemoth
3rd Apr 12 09:34:03Manga.Flowers And Bees
3rd Apr 12 08:37:55Drives Like Crazy
3rd Apr 12 08:22:18My Nayme Is
2nd Apr 12 10:32:12Being Evil Sucks
2nd Apr 12 09:24:12Characters.Yogscast
2nd Apr 12 09:21:16Yogscast
1st Apr 12 09:55:34Spotlight Stealing Squad
1st Apr 12 09:36:17Spotlight Stealing Squad
1st Apr 12 09:27:15Spotlight Stealing Squad
1st Apr 12 09:22:22YMMV.Tropico
1st Apr 12 09:21:56Video Game.Tropico
1st Apr 12 07:36:10Sanity Strengthening
31st Mar 12 09:08:17Panty Fighter
31st Mar 12 08:13:28Privately Owned Society
30th Mar 12 01:58:15Redshirt Reporter
30th Mar 12 09:58:22Roleplay.Kagami Hiiragi Snuggling After Sex
30th Mar 12 08:50:39Manga.Flowers And Bees
30th Mar 12 08:43:45Manga
30th Mar 12 08:31:33Hey Its That Voice
30th Mar 12 07:14:59Magazine.Nintendo Power
30th Mar 12 07:11:16Magazine.Nintendo Power
29th Mar 12 06:31:55Works Needing Tropes
29th Mar 12 06:29:49Fantasy Literature
29th Mar 12 06:29:11Historical Fiction Literature
29th Mar 12 06:26:14Our Fairies Are Different
29th Mar 12 06:23:31Golem
29th Mar 12 10:22:49Manga.Black Bird
29th Mar 12 10:20:21Manga.Black Bird
29th Mar 12 09:28:35Symbolic Rape
29th Mar 12 09:16:10Literature.The Twelfth Enchantment
28th Mar 12 01:34:25And The Fandom Rejoiced.Kingdom Hearts 3 D
28th Mar 12 06:21:42Literature.The Twelfth Enchantment
28th Mar 12 06:21:31The Twelfth Enchantment