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7th Jan 15 06:45:24Music.Black Crown Initiate
22nd Jun 14 08:14:15Spot Monkey
18th Jun 14 09:21:34Artist Disillusionment
7th Jun 14 08:02:50Southern Gothic
26th Feb 14 04:48:20Film.Midnight In Paris
26th Feb 14 04:14:19Jerry Springer
18th Feb 14 06:02:59Heartwarming.SCP Foundation
13th Sep 13 06:18:38Tropers.Alloflifedecays
13th Sep 13 06:14:50Tropers.Alloflifedecays
13th Sep 13 06:14:22Tropers.Alloflifedecays
13th Sep 13 06:12:05Tropers.Alloflifedecays
13th Sep 13 05:40:11Tropers.Alloflifedecays
19th Aug 13 07:23:43Awesome.Kendrick Lamar
31st Jul 13 03:43:22Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Music
31st Jul 13 03:35:01Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Music
21st Jul 13 10:04:10Radar.Adventure Time
20th Apr 13 04:30:18Western Animation.The Legend Of Korra
8th Apr 13 08:28:17Wiki Sandbox
23rd Mar 13 11:16:03Nightmare Fuel.The Bible
19th Mar 13 04:27:05Music.Carcass
19th Mar 13 04:23:27Music.Carcass
19th Mar 13 04:15:22Music.Carcass
14th Mar 13 04:25:49Awesome.CM Punk
23rd Jan 13 07:15:12Unbuilt Trope
23rd Jan 13 07:13:17Unbuilt Trope
11th Jan 13 05:36:38Always Chaotic Evil
17th Dec 12 02:45:47YMMV.Welcome To The NHK
30th Nov 12 02:30:10Visual Novel.Tsukihime
30th Nov 12 02:29:35Visual Novel.Tsukihime
24th Nov 12 04:18:19X Meets Y.Live Action TV
20th Nov 12 12:07:37Creator.Steven Moffat
20th Nov 12 12:07:10Creator.Steven Moffat
16th Nov 12 04:53:16Literature.House Of Leaves
26th Sep 12 08:20:23Funny.Big Fat Quiz Of The Year
19th Sep 12 09:43:53Music.Trivium
19th Sep 12 09:40:14Viewers Are Geniuses
19th Sep 12 08:27:02Music.Converge
12th Sep 12 03:08:22Tear Jerker.That Mitchell And Webb Look
8th Sep 12 01:45:27YMMV.Eden Lake
7th Sep 12 05:41:23I Am The Band
1st Sep 12 06:11:08Music.Periphery
26th Aug 12 01:57:50Men Are Uncultured
26th Aug 12 01:39:53British Unis
24th Aug 12 06:42:57Tropers.Alloflifedecays
20th Aug 12 01:35:03Music.Paramore
20th Aug 12 01:34:07Music.Paramore
12th Aug 12 09:34:40YMMV.The Newsroom
6th Aug 12 05:53:20Franchise.The Slender Man Mythos
6th Aug 12 05:48:23Franchise.The Slender Man Mythos
4th Aug 12 10:28:49Music.Rolo Tomassi
15th Jul 12 04:00:32Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today
30th Jun 12 05:35:59Misaimed Fandom.Film
30th Jun 12 05:26:57Misaimed Fandom.Comedian Characters
28th Jun 12 07:09:18YMMV.Countdown To Final Crisis
19th Jun 12 09:05:23Author Appeal
27th May 12 05:35:51Adult Fear
25th May 12 06:33:45Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Live Action TV
25th May 12 06:29:38Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Live Action TV
13th May 12 08:52:20Novelty Decay
10th May 12 04:48:25Religious Horror
29th Mar 12 05:27:44Music.Killswitch Engage
29th Mar 12 05:26:08Music.Killswitch Engage
22nd Mar 12 07:14:26Revolving Door Band
22nd Mar 12 06:49:55Lousy Alternate Titles
22nd Mar 12 06:49:21Lousy Alternate Titles
2nd Mar 12 02:00:49Seinfeld Is Unfunny
2nd Mar 12 02:00:12YMMV.Meshuggah
4th Feb 12 03:33:26Music.Red Hot Chili Peppers
9th Dec 11 10:27:38My Girl Is Not A Slut
31st Oct 11 06:07:27Hellblazer
28th Oct 11 03:38:18PAL Bonus
7th Oct 11 09:55:03Values Dissonance.Real Life
7th Oct 11 09:51:56High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Psychopathology And Brain Disorders
7th Oct 11 08:41:02High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Animals
5th Oct 11 04:51:53Hollywood Atheist
5th Oct 11 03:36:49Mad Doctor
26th Sep 11 05:24:28Textless Album Cover