8th Apr 14 02:56:49Ultimate Evil
7th Apr 14 02:52:11Literature.Realm Of The Elderlings
7th Apr 14 02:50:14Creator.Robin Hobb
3rd Apr 14 02:07:31Gunman Chronicles
26th Mar 14 01:28:01Precursors
25th Mar 14 03:17:38Royal Inbreeding
25th Mar 14 01:46:13Trivia.The Stone Dance Of The Chameleon
25th Mar 14 01:44:37Literature.The Stone Dance Of The Chameleon
25th Mar 14 01:43:40Literature.The Stone Dance Of The Chameleon
25th Mar 14 01:31:41Whole Plot Reference
25th Mar 14 01:30:44Whole Plot Reference
20th Mar 14 04:06:15Literature.Second Apocalypse
20th Mar 14 04:04:43Literature.Neuropath
20th Mar 14 04:02:21YMMV.The Fourth Realm
20th Mar 14 02:52:53Literature.Godspeaker Trilogy
20th Mar 14 02:52:11Literature.Godspeaker Trilogy
20th Mar 14 02:50:11Scary Scorpions
20th Mar 14 02:20:54Dueling Shows.Western Animation
20th Mar 14 01:20:41Literature.Fafhrd And The Gray Mouser
20th Mar 14 01:19:22Trivia.Fafhrd And The Gray Mouser
14th Mar 14 03:41:50Trivia.Inheritance Trilogy
14th Mar 14 03:38:20Trivia.The Stone Dance Of The Chameleon
14th Mar 14 03:24:42Just For Fun.Surprisingly Similar Stories
13th Mar 14 03:22:58Just For Fun.Surprisingly Similar Stories
13th Mar 14 03:21:52Just For Fun.Surprisingly Similar Stories
11th Mar 14 01:24:54Literature.The Stone Dance Of The Chameleon
11th Mar 14 01:22:16Domesticated Dinosaurs
6th Mar 14 02:17:08Never Was This Universe
6th Mar 14 12:41:34Public Domain Artifact
5th Mar 14 01:11:59Literature.The Fourth Realm
5th Mar 14 01:10:40YMMV.The Fourth Realm
5th Mar 14 01:05:42Reclusive Artist
5th Mar 14 01:04:19Science Fiction Literature
5th Mar 14 01:02:33Superpowerful Genetics
5th Mar 14 01:01:07Public Secret Message
5th Mar 14 12:59:53Confusion Fu
5th Mar 14 12:59:27Confusion Fu
5th Mar 14 12:58:30Skyscraper City
5th Mar 14 12:57:50Literature.The Fourth Realm
2nd Mar 14 07:22:59Literature.The Stone Dance Of The Chameleon
2nd Mar 14 07:21:18Situational Sexuality
7th Feb 14 05:01:54Planetary Romance
15th Dec 13 03:04:10Recap.Doctor Who50th AS The Day Of The Doctor
15th Dec 13 03:02:35Literature.Northwest Smith
15th Dec 13 03:02:00Literature.Northwest Smith
15th Dec 13 03:01:39Literature.Jirel Of Joiry
15th Dec 13 03:00:36Literature.Thieves World
15th Dec 13 02:59:13Unusual Euphemism.Literature
22nd Sep 13 10:09:27Magazine.Weird Tales
22nd Sep 13 10:01:14Breaking The Fourth Wall.Fan Works
22nd Sep 13 10:00:50Blessed With Suck.Literature
22nd Sep 13 10:00:27Sdrawkcab Alias
22nd Sep 13 10:00:06Saving The Orphanage
22nd Sep 13 09:59:14Fantasy Literature
22nd Sep 13 09:58:07Castaways Of The Flying Dutchman
22nd Sep 13 09:57:47Literature.Castaways Of The Flying Dutchman
22nd Sep 13 09:56:25Castaways Of The Flying Dutchman
13th Sep 13 12:39:21Magazine.Weird Tales
3rd Sep 13 01:56:40Planetary Romance
3rd Sep 13 01:54:17Retro Rocket
23rd Aug 13 12:59:49Comicbook.Avatar The Last Airbender The Search
22nd Aug 13 04:48:38Literature.Northwest Smith
22nd Aug 13 04:45:54Pooled Funds
15th Aug 13 12:54:16YMMV.Neuropath
15th Aug 13 12:53:40Literature.Neuropath
14th Aug 13 05:30:38Stranger Behind The Mask
18th Jul 13 12:51:06Series.Highlander
17th Jul 13 11:14:40Creator.Howard Waldrop
17th Jul 13 11:13:29Dumb Dodo Bird
16th Jul 13 05:37:26Amazing Technicolor Wildlife
16th Jul 13 05:36:53Douwe Dabbert
16th Jul 13 05:34:36Dumb Dodo Bird
16th Jul 13 05:23:00Amazing Technicolor Wildlife
16th Jul 13 05:20:47Douwe Dabbert
16th Jul 13 05:16:21Twenty Minutes Into The Future
27th Jun 13 04:03:47Ask A Stupid Question
27th Jun 13 04:02:15Sarcasm Blind
22nd Jun 13 06:29:34Western Animation.Oban Star Racers
22nd Jun 13 06:28:43Pinball Protagonist
10th May 13 09:03:42Cessation Of Existence
21st Apr 13 04:00:37Literature.Tuf Voyaging
16th Apr 13 09:37:46WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Future Plots
16th Apr 13 09:32:22The Moral Substitute
16th Apr 13 08:02:09Literature.Realm Of The Elderlings
16th Apr 13 07:52:00Non English Literature
3rd Mar 13 06:23:47Western Animation.Rayman The Animated Series
2nd Mar 13 05:49:08WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Future Plots
21st Feb 13 02:03:22Literature.Jirel Of Joiry
12th Feb 13 04:53:43The Moral Substitute
24th Jan 13 12:08:16Author Filibuster
18th Jan 13 04:59:41YMMV.Leisure Suit Larry
10th Jan 13 12:48:33Flying Broomstick
4th Jan 13 05:59:58Old Shame.Literature
4th Jan 13 05:54:41Inspiration For The Work
28th Dec 12 06:53:25Nonhumans Lack Attributes
19th Dec 12 03:01:39Cessation Of Existence
19th Dec 12 03:00:02Cessation Of Existence
10th Dec 12 04:23:55Literature.The Soldier Son
10th Dec 12 04:22:24Death Of The Old Gods
9th Dec 12 07:18:30Dragon Keeper Trilogy
9th Dec 12 07:16:33Cold Iron
8th Dec 12 08:01:46Mithgar
4th Dec 12 01:56:13Cliche Storm
4th Dec 12 12:59:42Locked Pages
4th Dec 12 12:33:59Long Running Book Series
3rd Dec 12 05:58:22Genre Throwback
3rd Dec 12 05:55:09Standard Fantasy Setting
3rd Dec 12 05:51:08The Riyria Revelations
3rd Dec 12 05:31:42The Savage South
3rd Dec 12 05:30:17What Is This Thing You Call Love
2nd Dec 12 06:40:28Standard Fantasy Setting
2nd Dec 12 06:27:40Standard Fantasy Setting
2nd Dec 12 06:27:11Standard Fantasy Setting
2nd Dec 12 06:21:41Medieval Stasis
2nd Dec 12 06:15:05Muggles
2nd Dec 12 06:13:30The Sundering
30th Nov 12 03:36:31Hobbits
30th Nov 12 03:32:24Epigraph
30th Nov 12 03:30:21Encyclopedia Exposita
30th Nov 12 01:28:19Robin Hobb
30th Nov 12 01:24:03Long Running Book Series
28th Nov 12 07:08:04Mommy Issues
27th Nov 12 05:42:08Yoyo Plot Point
26th Nov 12 07:32:09Redemption Rejection
25th Nov 12 07:36:18Robin Hobb
22nd Nov 12 04:40:41Prophecy Twist
22nd Nov 12 01:07:15Useful Notes.Romani
22nd Nov 12 01:01:09Shared Universe
22nd Nov 12 12:59:59Print Long Runners
22nd Nov 12 12:55:17Shared Universe
22nd Nov 12 12:54:46Shared Universe
19th Nov 12 06:04:34Token Religious Teammate
19th Nov 12 05:40:00Mistaken For Afterlife
16th Nov 12 02:11:23Generic Doomsday Villain
16th Nov 12 02:05:11Malazan Book Of The Fallen
16th Nov 12 02:03:59Malazan Book Of The Fallen
16th Nov 12 01:18:11Deverry
16th Nov 12 01:09:03Deverry
15th Nov 12 04:11:40Literature.Dreamblood Duology
15th Nov 12 04:10:26Literature.Dreamblood Duology
14th Nov 12 01:37:37Frozen In Time
13th Nov 12 05:14:35Deverry
12th Nov 12 04:25:51Humble Beginnings
12th Nov 12 04:04:24Ascended Fan Fic
12th Nov 12 03:57:08Hobbits
11th Nov 12 06:34:20Generic Doomsday Villain
11th Nov 12 12:27:26Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 3 E 2 The Crystal Empire Part 2
10th Nov 12 01:25:15This Is My Story
9th Nov 12 05:09:04Market Based Title
7th Nov 12 05:28:21Our Dragons Are Different.Literature
7th Nov 12 01:41:36Western Animation.Rayman The Animated Series
7th Nov 12 01:20:27Visual Novel.Plumbers Dont Wear Ties
6th Nov 12 04:29:25Shared Universe
4th Nov 12 02:16:15Surprise Incest
2nd Nov 12 06:27:24Crystal Dragon Jesus
31st Oct 12 10:03:45Comic Book.Tom Poes
31st Oct 12 09:55:01Douwe Dabbert
31st Oct 12 09:52:25Western Animation.Rayman The Animated Series
31st Oct 12 03:58:50Webcomic.UG Madness
31st Oct 12 03:57:43Fake Longevity
31st Oct 12 03:53:20Visual Novel.Plumbers Dont Wear Ties
29th Oct 12 07:42:14Not Even Human
29th Oct 12 01:35:24Genre Adultery
29th Oct 12 01:28:05Literary Necrophilia
28th Oct 12 07:04:31Go Mad From The Isolation
27th Oct 12 06:54:03YMMV.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 2 E 1 The Return Of Harmony Part 1
26th Oct 12 07:00:50Radar.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
26th Oct 12 02:28:39Tough Act To Follow
26th Oct 12 02:24:48Nobody Can Die
26th Oct 12 01:54:07Cessation Of Existence
25th Oct 12 05:29:49Cessation Of Existence
25th Oct 12 05:25:22Hikikomori
24th Oct 12 10:16:24Webcomic.UG Madness
24th Oct 12 05:54:01Radar.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
24th Oct 12 05:52:27Radar.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
24th Oct 12 05:43:08Cessation Of Existence
23rd Oct 12 07:35:25Useful Notes.Ancient Egyptian History
22nd Oct 12 11:40:13Literature.Dreamblood Duology
22nd Oct 12 11:34:58Cessation Of Existence
22nd Oct 12 11:28:30Child By Rape
22nd Oct 12 11:24:53Parental Incest
22nd Oct 12 11:14:18Whatevermancy
22nd Oct 12 05:49:21Live Action Adaptation
22nd Oct 12 04:45:41Similarly Named Works
22nd Oct 12 12:48:00Fake Longevity
21st Oct 12 11:07:13Early Installment Weirdness.Literature
21st Oct 12 07:09:23Early Installment Weirdness.Literature
21st Oct 12 07:05:32Dragon Jousters
21st Oct 12 06:19:59Creator.Mercedes Lackey
20th Oct 12 05:18:24Video Game.Rayman 1995
19th Oct 12 07:34:01Radar.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
19th Oct 12 07:32:59Series.Heroes
17th Oct 12 05:10:21Video Game.Beyond Good And Evil
17th Oct 12 05:09:08Video Game.Beyond Good And Evil
17th Oct 12 04:56:41Lands Of Lore
17th Oct 12 04:55:11Previous Player Character Cameo
15th Oct 12 05:59:25Space Pirates
15th Oct 12 05:24:08Captured Super Entity
15th Oct 12 04:23:11Age Of Reptiles
13th Oct 12 05:04:12More Criminals Than Targets
11th Oct 12 12:29:38Recap.Tintin Land Of Black Gold
11th Oct 12 12:29:08Recap.Tintin Cigars Of The Pharoah
10th Oct 12 01:07:28Recap.Avatar The Last Airbender The Great Divide
10th Oct 12 01:05:50YMMV.Avatar The Last Airbender The Great Divide
10th Oct 12 01:05:44Recap.Avatar The Last Airbender The Great Divide
10th Oct 12 01:00:21Wacky Wayside Tribe
10th Oct 12 12:53:39Literature.The Hour Of The Dragon
10th Oct 12 12:05:05Sliding Scale Of Free Will Vs Fate
9th Oct 12 11:54:31Radar.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
9th Oct 12 05:30:01Recap.Tintin The Blue Lotus
9th Oct 12 04:57:18Literature.The Phoenix On The Sword
9th Oct 12 12:27:21YMMV.Tigana
8th Oct 12 02:55:34Demoted To Extra.Western Animation
8th Oct 12 02:51:54Video Game.Rayman 2
8th Oct 12 02:03:26Literary Works By African American Authors
7th Oct 12 06:45:33Alternate Continuity
7th Oct 12 06:40:59YMMV.Rayman The Animated Series
7th Oct 12 06:40:34Western Animation.Rayman The Animated Series
7th Oct 12 06:37:00Scooby Dooby Doors
7th Oct 12 06:29:33Video Game.Kings Quest Mask Of Eternity
7th Oct 12 06:13:15Radar.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
7th Oct 12 05:42:02Shared Universe
6th Oct 12 06:19:58Literature.Xuthal Of The Dusk
6th Oct 12 05:53:50Dark World
6th Oct 12 05:32:25All CGI Cartoon
6th Oct 12 05:24:34Fantasy Counterpart Culture
6th Oct 12 05:19:42Literature.The Servants Of Bit Yakin
6th Oct 12 05:18:33Literature.The Servants Of Bit Yakin
6th Oct 12 05:01:01Divorced Installment
6th Oct 12 04:55:28Kull
6th Oct 12 04:53:32Weird Tales
6th Oct 12 04:52:24Pulp Magazine
6th Oct 12 04:44:22Atlantis
4th Oct 12 10:13:49Solomon Kane
4th Oct 12 10:12:56Creator.Robert E Howard
4th Oct 12 10:12:13Conan The Barbarian
4th Oct 12 07:36:44Western Animation.Rayman The Animated Series
4th Oct 12 07:34:44Western Animation
4th Oct 12 07:33:32All CGI Cartoon
4th Oct 12 07:32:34Video Game.Rayman
4th Oct 12 07:30:29Rayman The Animated Series
4th Oct 12 07:29:38Western Animation.Rayman The Animated Series
4th Oct 12 02:27:42Headscratchers.Rayman
3rd Oct 12 07:18:02Videogame.Rayman M
3rd Oct 12 07:17:33Videogame.Rayman M
3rd Oct 12 07:06:04YMMV.Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc
3rd Oct 12 05:12:19Rayman M
3rd Oct 12 05:09:28Canon Foreigner
3rd Oct 12 05:05:26Video Game.Rayman
3rd Oct 12 05:01:49Video Game.Rayman M
3rd Oct 12 05:01:21Video Game.Rayman M
3rd Oct 12 04:52:04Video Game.Rayman
3rd Oct 12 04:45:50Video Game.Rayman 1995
3rd Oct 12 04:38:22Video Game.Tonic Trouble
3rd Oct 12 04:35:17Baantjer
3rd Oct 12 02:53:53Literature.Man Eaters Of Zamboula
3rd Oct 12 02:43:15Literature.Dreamblood Duology
3rd Oct 12 02:41:27So You Want To.Write A Heroic Fantasy
3rd Oct 12 02:41:09Samus Is A Girl
3rd Oct 12 02:40:45Like A Badass Out Of Hell
3rd Oct 12 02:40:19Heroic Fantasy
3rd Oct 12 02:40:00Fiery Redhead
3rd Oct 12 02:39:40Feminist Fantasy
3rd Oct 12 02:38:01Literature.Northwest Smith
3rd Oct 12 02:37:12Fanfic Recs.Transformers
3rd Oct 12 02:36:50Sliding Scale Of Anti Heroes
3rd Oct 12 02:36:28Sesquipedalian Smith
3rd Oct 12 02:36:05Sensitive Guy And Manly Man
3rd Oct 12 02:35:44Ray Gun
3rd Oct 12 02:35:15Nominal Hero
3rd Oct 12 02:34:48Decoy Damsel
3rd Oct 12 02:34:02Byronic Hero
3rd Oct 12 02:33:41Ancient Astronauts
3rd Oct 12 02:33:18Literature.Jirel Of Joiry
3rd Oct 12 01:24:22Neutral Evil
2nd Oct 12 01:56:16Radar.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
29th Sep 12 06:13:55Fantasy Literature
29th Sep 12 06:13:16Soldier Son
29th Sep 12 06:12:31The Soldier Son
29th Sep 12 06:11:38Literature.The Soldier Son
29th Sep 12 06:05:48Fantasy Literature
29th Sep 12 06:05:14Science Fiction Literature
29th Sep 12 06:04:02Northwest Smith
29th Sep 12 06:02:59Literature.Northwest Smith
29th Sep 12 06:01:00Jirel Of Joiry
29th Sep 12 05:59:27Literature.Jirel Of Joiry
27th Sep 12 06:29:30Stone Dance Of The Chameleon
27th Sep 12 06:27:19Sandbox.Lost Reviews 2
27th Sep 12 06:25:50Literature.The Stone Dance Of The Chameleon
27th Sep 12 06:25:10The Master
27th Sep 12 06:24:35The Chosen
27th Sep 12 06:24:14Tangled Family Tree
27th Sep 12 06:23:42Surprise Incest
27th Sep 12 06:22:52Slave Collar
27th Sep 12 06:22:15Saved From Development Hell
27th Sep 12 06:20:55Religion Of Evil
27th Sep 12 06:19:50Parental Incest
27th Sep 12 06:19:22Master Race
27th Sep 12 06:19:04Low Fantasy
27th Sep 12 06:18:14Better Than It Sounds.Literature K-Z
27th Sep 12 06:17:26Monster.Literature
27th Sep 12 06:16:27Eye Scream.Literature
27th Sep 12 06:16:02Brother Sister Incest.Literature
27th Sep 12 06:15:35Body Horror.Literature
27th Sep 12 06:14:50Half Breed Discrimination
27th Sep 12 06:10:45Similarly Named Works
27th Sep 12 05:53:57Names The Same.Literature
27th Sep 12 05:52:32God Emperor
27th Sep 12 05:52:10Gay And Lesbian Fiction
27th Sep 12 05:51:51Fantasy Literature
27th Sep 12 05:51:32Fantasy
27th Sep 12 05:50:24Everyone Is Bi
27th Sep 12 05:49:15Doorstopper
27th Sep 12 05:48:36Dinosaurs Are Dragons
27th Sep 12 05:48:10Death By Childbirth
27th Sep 12 05:47:48Culture Chop Suey
27th Sep 12 05:47:11Con Lang
27th Sep 12 05:46:33Conjoined Twins
27th Sep 12 05:45:23Child By Rape
27th Sep 12 05:43:34Literature.The Stone Dance Of The Chameleon
27th Sep 12 05:42:14Gush.Literature
27th Sep 12 05:41:26The Stone Dance Of The Chameleon
27th Sep 12 05:39:47Literature.The Stone Dance Of The Chameleon
27th Sep 12 01:01:16The Stone Dance Of The Chameleon
27th Sep 12 01:00:44The Stone Dance Of The Chameleon
23rd Sep 12 08:07:47Literature.The Space Trilogy
23rd Sep 12 08:06:57Literature.The Space Trilogy
21st Sep 12 11:02:32Literature.Dreamblood Duology
21st Sep 12 10:53:56Dreamblood Duology
21st Sep 12 10:51:59Literature.Dreamblood Duology
21st Sep 12 12:48:10Market Based Title
20th Sep 12 12:34:41Talking Is A Free Action
20th Sep 12 12:32:10Western Animation.Huntik Secrets And Seekers
11th Sep 12 02:05:22Literature.Inheritance Trilogy
11th Sep 12 01:58:28Market Based Title
11th Sep 12 01:47:03Mon
10th Sep 12 08:06:16TV Tropes As A Gateway Drug.Tropers A To C
10th Sep 12 07:51:53Fantasy Literature
10th Sep 12 07:38:04Western Animation.Huntik Secrets And Seekers
10th Sep 12 07:33:35Horror Western Animation
9th Sep 12 10:34:26Comic Book.Marsupilami
9th Sep 12 10:25:18Fantasy Western Animation
2nd Sep 12 11:58:35Nay Theist
20th Aug 12 02:15:27Video Game.Evil Twin Cypriens Chronicles
20th Aug 12 02:05:46YMMV.The Soldier Son
14th Aug 12 06:00:40WMG.Inheritance Cycle
14th Aug 12 05:54:55Tropers.Albertosaurus
14th Aug 12 03:22:26Spanish Literature
12th Aug 12 03:02:39All Planets Are Earth Like
12th Aug 12 02:59:55Our Dwarves Are All The Same
12th Aug 12 02:55:32Northwest Smith
12th Aug 12 02:53:38Inheritance Trilogy
12th Aug 12 02:49:56Ancient Astronauts
12th Aug 12 02:46:31The Soldier Son
12th Aug 12 02:45:27Sentient Cosmic Force
9th Aug 12 08:16:12Northwest Smith
9th Aug 12 08:15:50Northwest Smith
9th Aug 12 08:07:24Literal Genie
9th Aug 12 08:04:00Trope Name Injokes
9th Aug 12 08:02:44Zero Percent Approval Rating
9th Aug 12 08:02:20Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters
9th Aug 12 08:01:59The High Queen
9th Aug 12 08:01:36The Game Of The Book
9th Aug 12 08:01:03Shiny Midnight Black
9th Aug 12 08:00:06Sacrificial Lamb
9th Aug 12 07:59:30Rival Turned Evil
9th Aug 12 07:59:00Orcus On His Throne
9th Aug 12 07:58:33Mayfly December Romance
9th Aug 12 07:57:02Lord Of Dragons
9th Aug 12 07:56:16Our Dragons Are Different.Literature
9th Aug 12 07:55:42Awesome.Literature
9th Aug 12 07:54:26Parental Abandonment.Literature
9th Aug 12 07:53:38Left Field Description
9th Aug 12 07:52:46Law Of Alien Names
9th Aug 12 07:51:39Klingon Promotion
9th Aug 12 07:51:12Food Porn
9th Aug 12 07:50:17Fainting
9th Aug 12 07:49:43Enemy Civil War
9th Aug 12 07:48:57Eccentric Mentor
9th Aug 12 07:48:21Critical Backlash
9th Aug 12 07:47:41Creator Thumbprint
9th Aug 12 07:47:04Con Lang
9th Aug 12 07:46:08Calling Your Attacks
9th Aug 12 07:44:36Horse Of A Different Color
9th Aug 12 07:42:44Psychic Static
9th Aug 12 07:42:07Groin Attack.Literature
9th Aug 12 07:40:31Bald Of Evil
9th Aug 12 07:39:40Muscles Are Meaningless
7th Aug 12 05:25:46Unexplained Recovery
7th Aug 12 05:08:24Fiery Redhead
7th Aug 12 05:07:45So You Want To.Write A Heroic Fantasy
7th Aug 12 05:05:37Sliding Scale Of Anti Heroes
7th Aug 12 05:05:13Fanfic Recs.Transformers
7th Aug 12 05:04:52Nominal Hero
7th Aug 12 05:04:22Sensitive Guy And Manly Man
7th Aug 12 05:03:21Decoy Damsel
7th Aug 12 05:02:55Byronic Hero
7th Aug 12 05:02:23Ray Gun
7th Aug 12 02:46:51YMMV.The Soldier Son
7th Aug 12 02:45:38Artifact Of Doom

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