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26th Nov 14 02:32:40Laconic.How I Met Your Mother
25th Nov 14 04:02:40So You Want To.Write An Adventure Game
25th Nov 14 03:08:55Stylistic Suck
21st Nov 14 01:48:52Just For Fun.Surprisingly Similar Stories
21st Nov 14 01:38:02Literature.Invasion Cycle
21st Nov 14 01:09:28YMMV.Imaro
21st Nov 14 01:09:11Literature.Imaro
21st Nov 14 01:08:37Literature.Imaro
18th Nov 14 04:55:24Dinosaurs Are Dragons
15th Nov 14 06:43:40Uniqueness Decay
14th Nov 14 01:13:54Title Confusion
10th Nov 14 02:46:41Aerith And Bob
29th Oct 14 09:23:41Literature.The Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant
29th Oct 14 09:21:31Loose Canon
27th Oct 14 06:30:50Characters.Magic The Gathering Planeswalkers
27th Oct 14 06:28:21Arabian Nights Days
27th Oct 14 06:13:25Literary Works By African American Authors
27th Oct 14 06:09:40Literature.Acacia
27th Oct 14 04:07:42Ideal Hero
27th Oct 14 01:38:59The Empire
20th Oct 14 01:52:04Title Confusion
20th Oct 14 01:46:00Literature.Acacia
19th Oct 14 05:47:52Comic Book.Magic The Gathering IDW
19th Oct 14 05:47:18Comic Book.Magic The Gathering IDW
19th Oct 14 05:34:49Literature.Inheritance Trilogy
19th Oct 14 05:33:45Kill The God
19th Oct 14 05:18:37Hidden In Plain Sight
19th Oct 14 05:06:45Trivia.Lands Of Lore
19th Oct 14 05:06:23Videogame.Lands Of Lore
19th Oct 14 05:05:17Dead Guy On Display
19th Oct 14 05:01:46Black Speech
16th Oct 14 02:19:01Early Installment Weirdness.Tabletop Games
6th Oct 14 04:52:09Hidden In Plain Sight
22nd Sep 14 05:01:06Queer Romance
22nd Sep 14 04:58:47Slave Race
22nd Sep 14 04:58:07Slave Race
22nd Sep 14 04:51:11Enslaved Elves
22nd Sep 14 04:47:03Literature.The Stone Dance Of The Chameleon
21st Sep 14 04:44:26Literature.The Stone Dance Of The Chameleon
21st Sep 14 04:43:26Enslaved Elves
19th Sep 14 03:18:31Trivia.Rath And Storm
19th Sep 14 03:07:11Trippy Finale Syndrome
13th Sep 14 10:32:36First Person Peripheral Narrator
11th Sep 14 03:06:01Fantasy Contraception
31st Aug 14 04:34:51Brother Sister Incest.Music
29th Aug 14 05:37:55YMMV.Evil Twin Cypriens Chronicles
29th Aug 14 05:32:33Video Game.Evil Twin Cypriens Chronicles
29th Aug 14 05:32:25Trivia.Evil Twin Cypriens Chronicles
29th Aug 14 05:22:33Conservation Of Ninjutsu.Tabletop Games
29th Aug 14 05:17:26Literature.A Land Fit For Heroes
24th Aug 14 06:15:18WMG.Realmofthe Elderlings
22nd Aug 14 07:06:24Offscreen Inertia
20th Aug 14 07:42:05Literature.Invasion Cycle
20th Aug 14 03:58:45Literature.Invasion Cycle
19th Aug 14 07:00:16Literature.Invasion Cycle
18th Aug 14 06:20:49YMMV.Invasion Cycle
18th Aug 14 06:20:34Literature.Invasion Cycle
18th Aug 14 06:20:02Literature.Invasion Cycle
18th Aug 14 06:08:01Trapped By Mountain Lions
18th Aug 14 06:03:52What Happened To The Mouse.Literature
18th Aug 14 06:01:58Comic Book.Magic The Gathering IDW
18th Aug 14 05:59:21YMMV.Invasion Cycle
18th Aug 14 05:57:39Literature.Invasion Cycle
17th Aug 14 08:03:43Fantasy Literature
17th Aug 14 07:54:37Recap.Magic The Gathering
17th Aug 14 07:44:37Comic Book.Magic The Gathering IDW
17th Aug 14 07:43:30Fantasy Comic Books
17th Aug 14 07:41:47Nightmare Sequence
17th Aug 14 07:39:52Ambiguous Gender
17th Aug 14 07:38:24Arabian Nights Days
17th Aug 14 07:36:20Characters.Magic The Gathering Planeswalkers
17th Aug 14 07:34:22Roaring Rampage Of Revenge.Comic Books
17th Aug 14 07:32:59Comic Book.Magic The Gathering
17th Aug 14 07:15:49Comic Book.Magic The Gathering IDW
17th Aug 14 06:38:46Literature.Rath And Storm
17th Aug 14 06:37:18Headscratchers.Magic The Gathering
13th Aug 14 12:48:12WMG.Realmofthe Elderlings
13th Aug 14 07:56:30Dumb Dodo Bird
13th Aug 14 07:53:35Literature.Wizard Of The Pigeons
13th Aug 14 07:52:46Literature.Wizard Of The Pigeons
13th Aug 14 07:43:57WMG.Realmofthe Elderlings
13th Aug 14 07:38:51Creator.Robin Hobb
12th Aug 14 04:38:36Literature.Realmofthe Elderlings
12th Aug 14 12:51:21Words Can Break My Bones
12th Aug 14 12:50:58Wizards Live Longer
12th Aug 14 12:50:26Western Animation.Wander Over Yonder
12th Aug 14 12:49:59Walking The Earth
12th Aug 14 12:49:27Tipis And Totempoles
12th Aug 14 12:49:06Useful Notes.The Netherlands
12th Aug 14 12:48:42The Drifter
12th Aug 14 12:48:06Taken For Granite
12th Aug 14 12:47:45Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace
12th Aug 14 12:46:59Literal Genie
12th Aug 14 12:46:27Kissing Cousins
12th Aug 14 12:45:45Elemental Powers
12th Aug 14 12:45:25Dutch Media
12th Aug 14 12:45:07Dumb Dodo Bird
12th Aug 14 12:44:35Cool Old Guy
12th Aug 14 12:43:10Comic Book Time
12th Aug 14 12:42:44Carnivore Confusion.Comic Books
12th Aug 14 12:42:23Comic Books
12th Aug 14 12:41:58Childhood Marriage Promise
12th Aug 14 12:41:36Canon Fodder
12th Aug 14 12:41:09Breakout Character
12th Aug 14 12:40:36Bindle Stick
12th Aug 14 12:40:14Bag Of Holding
12th Aug 14 12:39:43Asspull
12th Aug 14 12:38:50Art Initiates Life
12th Aug 14 12:38:09Amazing Technicolor Wildlife
12th Aug 14 12:37:31Douwe Dabbert
12th Aug 14 12:37:00Comicbook.Douwe Dabbert
12th Aug 14 12:32:41Funny.Homeland
5th Aug 14 11:10:24Wacky Wayside Tribe
5th Aug 14 10:59:46Literature.Masquerade Cycle
28th Jul 14 01:59:13No Biological Sex
26th Jul 14 04:57:09Literature.Masquerade Cycle
24th Jul 14 10:48:41Literature.Masquerade Cycle
24th Jul 14 08:37:20Literature.Rath And Storm
24th Jul 14 08:36:05Literature.Planeswalker
24th Jul 14 08:33:19Literature.Masquerade Cycle
19th Jul 14 08:04:14Villain Episode
19th Jul 14 05:19:21Literature.Masquerade Cycle
19th Jul 14 05:18:13YMMV.Masquerade Cycle
19th Jul 14 05:17:33What Happened To The Mouse.Literature
19th Jul 14 05:17:15Shadow Dictator
19th Jul 14 05:06:54Slave Collar
19th Jul 14 05:02:16Trapped By Mountain Lions
19th Jul 14 04:55:51Rule Of Symbolism
19th Jul 14 04:52:08Evil Power Vacuum
19th Jul 14 04:50:46Pinball Protagonist
19th Jul 14 04:48:38YMMV.Masquerade Cycle
19th Jul 14 04:47:43Recap.Magic The Gathering
19th Jul 14 04:47:01Literature.Masquerade Cycle
19th Jul 14 01:59:57What Happened To The Mouse.Literature
19th Jul 14 01:57:15Series Continuity Error
18th Jul 14 12:34:33Literature.Invasion Cycle
18th Jul 14 12:33:26Literature.Invasion Cycle
18th Jul 14 12:31:10Literature.Rath And Storm
18th Jul 14 10:42:44Year Inside Hour Outside
18th Jul 14 10:34:23Cessation Of Existence
18th Jul 14 08:12:39Literature.Invasion Cycle
18th Jul 14 08:11:08Recap.Magic The Gathering
18th Jul 14 08:09:56Literature.Invasion Cycle
18th Jul 14 01:22:22Exploring The Evil Lair
18th Jul 14 01:18:50Trivia.Rath And Storm
18th Jul 14 01:18:26Literature.Rath And Storm
18th Jul 14 01:01:23Save The World Climax
18th Jul 14 01:00:53Save The World Climax
17th Jul 14 10:31:19Characters.Magic The Gathering Other Characters
17th Jul 14 10:25:49Shadow Dictator
17th Jul 14 10:22:34Shadow Dictator
16th Jul 14 05:15:50Literature.The Brothers War
16th Jul 14 05:14:10Literature.Planeswalker
16th Jul 14 05:12:48Literature.Time Streams
16th Jul 14 05:07:12Evil Albino
16th Jul 14 05:05:31Literature.Rath And Storm
16th Jul 14 02:27:41Recap.Magic The Gathering
16th Jul 14 02:26:58Literature.Rath And Storm
16th Jul 14 02:17:51Literature.Rath And Storm
12th Jul 14 12:59:39Webcomic.UG Madness
12th Jul 14 12:56:46World Of Weirdness
11th Jul 14 07:05:16Doomed By Canon
11th Jul 14 07:00:18Literature.Bloodlines
11th Jul 14 06:57:55Magic The Gathering.Flavor And Story Tropes
11th Jul 14 06:55:13Aborted Arc
11th Jul 14 06:49:23What Happened To The Mouse.Literature
10th Jul 14 08:06:41Literature.Time Streams
10th Jul 14 08:05:58Recap.Magic The Gathering
10th Jul 14 08:04:46Literature.Time Streams
10th Jul 14 08:04:20Literature.Bloodlines Magic The Gathering
10th Jul 14 07:51:53Literature.Bloodlines Magic The Gathering
2nd Jul 14 02:40:19Time Is Dangerous
2nd Jul 14 02:39:00Adaptive Ability
2nd Jul 14 02:35:00Literature.Time Streams
2nd Jul 14 02:32:33Recap.Magic The Gathering
2nd Jul 14 02:31:30Literature.Time Streams
2nd Jul 14 01:48:42Douwe Dabbert
1st Jul 14 06:21:15Breakout Character
1st Jul 14 06:13:18Douwe Dabbert
1st Jul 14 01:28:22Evil Chancellor
27th Jun 14 10:30:31Recap.Magic The Gathering
27th Jun 14 02:57:19Literature.The Brothers War
27th Jun 14 02:52:49Literature.Planeswalker
27th Jun 14 02:48:22Literature.Planeswalker
26th Jun 14 11:27:26Douwe Dabbert
19th Jun 14 03:32:25Literature.Odyssey Cycle
16th Jun 14 02:29:22Covers Always Lie.Video Games
16th Jun 14 02:02:11Literature.The Brothers War
10th Jun 14 02:54:28WMG.Magic The Gathering
10th Jun 14 02:05:09Literature.The Brothers War
10th Jun 14 02:02:13Recap.Magic The Gathering
10th Jun 14 01:58:47Literature.The Brothers War
3rd Jun 14 07:36:14Douwe Dabbert
3rd Jun 14 07:35:21Tipis And Totem Poles
3rd Jun 14 07:26:25Magi Babble
3rd Jun 14 01:43:18Names The Same.Cross Media
3rd Jun 14 01:38:46Recap.Babylon Five S 02 E 17 Knives
3rd Jun 14 01:36:06Good Is Not Nice
3rd Jun 14 01:35:30Good Is Not Nice
2nd Jun 14 03:05:11Late Arrival Spoiler
2nd Jun 14 03:01:33Literature.The Brothers War
15th May 14 02:23:07Douwe Dabbert
15th May 14 02:20:18Tipis And Totem Poles
15th May 14 02:06:28Fantasy Counterpart Culture
15th May 14 02:03:21Vehicle Title
6th May 14 03:02:33Loose Canon
6th May 14 03:01:58Loose Canon
8th Apr 14 02:56:49Ultimate Evil
7th Apr 14 02:52:11Literature.Realm Of The Elderlings
7th Apr 14 02:50:14Creator.Robin Hobb
3rd Apr 14 02:07:31Gunman Chronicles
26th Mar 14 01:28:01Precursors
25th Mar 14 03:17:38Royal Inbreeding
25th Mar 14 01:46:13Trivia.The Stone Dance Of The Chameleon
25th Mar 14 01:44:37Literature.The Stone Dance Of The Chameleon
25th Mar 14 01:43:40Literature.The Stone Dance Of The Chameleon
25th Mar 14 01:31:41Whole Plot Reference
25th Mar 14 01:30:44Whole Plot Reference
20th Mar 14 04:06:15Literature.Second Apocalypse
20th Mar 14 04:04:43Literature.Neuropath
20th Mar 14 04:02:21YMMV.The Fourth Realm
20th Mar 14 02:52:53Literature.Godspeaker Trilogy
20th Mar 14 02:52:11Literature.Godspeaker Trilogy
20th Mar 14 02:50:11Scary Scorpions
20th Mar 14 02:20:54Dueling Shows.Western Animation
20th Mar 14 01:20:41Literature.Fafhrd And The Gray Mouser
20th Mar 14 01:19:22Trivia.Fafhrd And The Gray Mouser
14th Mar 14 03:41:50Trivia.Inheritance Trilogy
14th Mar 14 03:38:20Trivia.The Stone Dance Of The Chameleon
14th Mar 14 03:24:42Just For Fun.Surprisingly Similar Stories
13th Mar 14 03:22:58Just For Fun.Surprisingly Similar Stories
13th Mar 14 03:21:52Just For Fun.Surprisingly Similar Stories
11th Mar 14 01:24:54Literature.The Stone Dance Of The Chameleon
11th Mar 14 01:22:16Domesticated Dinosaurs
6th Mar 14 02:17:08Never Was This Universe
6th Mar 14 12:41:34Public Domain Artifact
5th Mar 14 01:11:59Literature.The Fourth Realm
5th Mar 14 01:10:40YMMV.The Fourth Realm
5th Mar 14 01:05:42Reclusive Artist
5th Mar 14 01:04:19Science Fiction Literature
5th Mar 14 01:02:33Superpowerful Genetics
5th Mar 14 01:01:07Public Secret Message
5th Mar 14 12:59:53Confusion Fu
5th Mar 14 12:59:27Confusion Fu
5th Mar 14 12:58:30Skyscraper City
5th Mar 14 12:57:50Literature.The Fourth Realm
2nd Mar 14 07:22:59Literature.The Stone Dance Of The Chameleon
2nd Mar 14 07:21:18Situational Sexuality
7th Feb 14 05:01:54Planetary Romance
15th Dec 13 03:04:10Recap.Doctor Who50th AS The Day Of The Doctor
15th Dec 13 03:02:35Literature.Northwest Smith
15th Dec 13 03:02:00Literature.Northwest Smith
15th Dec 13 03:01:39Literature.Jirel Of Joiry
15th Dec 13 03:00:36Literature.Thieves World
15th Dec 13 02:59:13Unusual Euphemism.Literature
22nd Sep 13 10:09:27Magazine.Weird Tales
22nd Sep 13 10:01:14Breaking The Fourth Wall.Fan Works
22nd Sep 13 10:00:50Blessed With Suck.Literature
22nd Sep 13 10:00:27Sdrawkcab Alias
22nd Sep 13 10:00:06Saving The Orphanage
22nd Sep 13 09:59:14Fantasy Literature
22nd Sep 13 09:58:07Castaways Of The Flying Dutchman
22nd Sep 13 09:57:47Literature.Castaways Of The Flying Dutchman
22nd Sep 13 09:56:25Castaways Of The Flying Dutchman
13th Sep 13 12:39:21Magazine.Weird Tales
3rd Sep 13 01:56:40Planetary Romance
3rd Sep 13 01:54:17Retro Rocket
23rd Aug 13 12:59:49Comicbook.Avatar The Last Airbender The Search
22nd Aug 13 04:48:38Literature.Northwest Smith
22nd Aug 13 04:45:54Pooled Funds
15th Aug 13 12:54:16YMMV.Neuropath
15th Aug 13 12:53:40Literature.Neuropath
14th Aug 13 05:30:38Stranger Behind The Mask
18th Jul 13 12:51:06Series.Highlander
17th Jul 13 11:14:40Creator.Howard Waldrop
17th Jul 13 11:13:29Dumb Dodo Bird
16th Jul 13 05:37:26Amazing Technicolor Wildlife
16th Jul 13 05:36:53Douwe Dabbert
16th Jul 13 05:34:36Dumb Dodo Bird
16th Jul 13 05:23:00Amazing Technicolor Wildlife
16th Jul 13 05:20:47Douwe Dabbert
16th Jul 13 05:16:21Twenty Minutes Into The Future
27th Jun 13 04:03:47Ask A Stupid Question
27th Jun 13 04:02:15Sarcasm Blind
22nd Jun 13 06:29:34Western Animation.Oban Star Racers
22nd Jun 13 06:28:43Pinball Protagonist
10th May 13 09:03:42Cessation Of Existence
21st Apr 13 04:00:37Literature.Tuf Voyaging
16th Apr 13 09:37:46WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Future Plots
16th Apr 13 09:32:22The Moral Substitute
16th Apr 13 08:02:09Literature.Realm Of The Elderlings
16th Apr 13 07:52:00Non English Literature
3rd Mar 13 06:23:47Western Animation.Rayman The Animated Series
2nd Mar 13 05:49:08WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Future Plots
21st Feb 13 02:03:22Literature.Jirel Of Joiry
12th Feb 13 04:53:43The Moral Substitute
24th Jan 13 12:08:16Author Filibuster
18th Jan 13 04:59:41YMMV.Leisure Suit Larry
10th Jan 13 12:48:33Flying Broomstick
4th Jan 13 05:59:58Old Shame.Literature
4th Jan 13 05:54:41Inspiration For The Work
28th Dec 12 06:53:25Nonhumans Lack Attributes
19th Dec 12 03:01:39Cessation Of Existence
19th Dec 12 03:00:02Cessation Of Existence
10th Dec 12 04:23:55Literature.The Soldier Son
10th Dec 12 04:22:24Death Of The Old Gods
9th Dec 12 07:18:30Dragon Keeper Trilogy
9th Dec 12 07:16:33Cold Iron
8th Dec 12 08:01:46Mithgar
4th Dec 12 01:56:13Cliche Storm
4th Dec 12 12:59:42Locked Pages
4th Dec 12 12:33:59Long Running Book Series
3rd Dec 12 05:58:22Genre Throwback
3rd Dec 12 05:55:09Standard Fantasy Setting
3rd Dec 12 05:51:08The Riyria Revelations
3rd Dec 12 05:31:42The Savage South
3rd Dec 12 05:30:17What Is This Thing You Call Love
2nd Dec 12 06:40:28Standard Fantasy Setting
2nd Dec 12 06:27:40Standard Fantasy Setting
2nd Dec 12 06:27:11Standard Fantasy Setting
2nd Dec 12 06:21:41Medieval Stasis
2nd Dec 12 06:15:05Muggles
2nd Dec 12 06:13:30The Sundering
30th Nov 12 03:36:31Hobbits
30th Nov 12 03:32:24Epigraph
30th Nov 12 03:30:21Encyclopedia Exposita
30th Nov 12 01:28:19Robin Hobb
30th Nov 12 01:24:03Long Running Book Series
28th Nov 12 07:08:04Mommy Issues
27th Nov 12 05:42:08Yoyo Plot Point
26th Nov 12 07:32:09Redemption Rejection
25th Nov 12 07:36:18Robin Hobb
22nd Nov 12 04:40:41Prophecy Twist
22nd Nov 12 01:07:15Useful Notes.Romani
22nd Nov 12 01:01:09Shared Universe
22nd Nov 12 12:59:59Print Long Runners
22nd Nov 12 12:55:17Shared Universe
22nd Nov 12 12:54:46Shared Universe
19th Nov 12 06:04:34Token Religious Teammate
19th Nov 12 05:40:00Mistaken For Afterlife
16th Nov 12 02:11:23Generic Doomsday Villain
16th Nov 12 02:05:11Malazan Book Of The Fallen
16th Nov 12 02:03:59Malazan Book Of The Fallen
16th Nov 12 01:18:11Deverry
16th Nov 12 01:09:03Deverry
15th Nov 12 04:11:40Literature.Dreamblood Duology
15th Nov 12 04:10:26Literature.Dreamblood Duology
14th Nov 12 01:37:37Frozen In Time
13th Nov 12 05:14:35Deverry
12th Nov 12 04:25:51Humble Beginnings
12th Nov 12 04:04:24Ascended Fan Fic
12th Nov 12 03:57:08Hobbits
11th Nov 12 06:34:20Generic Doomsday Villain
11th Nov 12 12:27:26Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 3 E 2 The Crystal Empire Part 2
10th Nov 12 01:25:15This Is My Story
9th Nov 12 05:09:04Market Based Title
7th Nov 12 05:28:21Our Dragons Are Different.Literature
7th Nov 12 01:41:36Western Animation.Rayman The Animated Series
7th Nov 12 01:20:27Visual Novel.Plumbers Dont Wear Ties
6th Nov 12 04:29:25Shared Universe
4th Nov 12 02:16:15Surprise Incest
2nd Nov 12 06:27:24Crystal Dragon Jesus
31st Oct 12 10:03:45Comic Book.Tom Poes
31st Oct 12 09:55:01Douwe Dabbert
31st Oct 12 09:52:25Western Animation.Rayman The Animated Series
31st Oct 12 03:58:50Webcomic.UG Madness
31st Oct 12 03:57:43Fake Longevity
31st Oct 12 03:53:20Visual Novel.Plumbers Dont Wear Ties
29th Oct 12 07:42:14Not Even Human
29th Oct 12 01:35:24Genre Adultery
29th Oct 12 01:28:05Literary Necrophilia
28th Oct 12 07:04:31Go Mad From The Isolation
27th Oct 12 06:54:03YMMV.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 2 E 1 The Return Of Harmony Part 1
26th Oct 12 07:00:50Radar.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
26th Oct 12 02:28:39Tough Act To Follow
26th Oct 12 02:24:48Nobody Can Die
26th Oct 12 01:54:07Cessation Of Existence
25th Oct 12 05:29:49Cessation Of Existence
25th Oct 12 05:25:22Hikikomori
24th Oct 12 10:16:24Webcomic.UG Madness
24th Oct 12 05:54:01Radar.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
24th Oct 12 05:52:27Radar.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
24th Oct 12 05:43:08Cessation Of Existence
23rd Oct 12 07:35:25Useful Notes.Ancient Egyptian History
22nd Oct 12 11:40:13Literature.Dreamblood Duology
22nd Oct 12 11:34:58Cessation Of Existence
22nd Oct 12 11:28:30Child By Rape
22nd Oct 12 11:24:53Parental Incest
22nd Oct 12 11:14:18Whatevermancy
22nd Oct 12 05:49:21Live Action Adaptation
22nd Oct 12 04:45:41Similarly Named Works
22nd Oct 12 12:48:00Fake Longevity
21st Oct 12 11:07:13Early Installment Weirdness.Literature
21st Oct 12 07:09:23Early Installment Weirdness.Literature
21st Oct 12 07:05:32Dragon Jousters
21st Oct 12 06:19:59Creator.Mercedes Lackey
20th Oct 12 05:18:24Video Game.Rayman 1995
19th Oct 12 07:34:01Radar.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
19th Oct 12 07:32:59Series.Heroes
17th Oct 12 05:10:21Video Game.Beyond Good And Evil

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