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23rd Jul 16 12:54:18Fridge.Guilty Gear
22nd Jul 16 07:11:28Just Hit Him
14th Jul 16 01:19:13Fridge.Overwatch
12th Jul 16 09:29:39Video Game.The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild
30th Jun 16 11:31:17Reality Ensues.Tabletop Games
23rd Jun 16 10:40:45Playing With.Affably Evil
20th May 16 11:37:31Fridge.Doom 2016
10th May 16 08:47:48Fridge.The Division
4th Apr 16 07:57:16Fridge.Dishonored
10th Mar 16 03:53:28Fridge.Life Is Strange
10th Mar 16 03:38:33Fridge.Life Is Strange
7th Mar 16 11:32:32Fridge.Far Cry Primal
18th Feb 16 12:42:56Summon Everyman Hero
27th Jan 16 11:23:14Fridge.Darkest Dungeon
19th Jan 16 01:00:56Fridge.The Force Awakens
17th Jan 16 01:00:27Fridge.The Force Awakens
30th Dec 15 08:12:39YMMV.Vampire The Requiem
29th Dec 15 04:05:19Fridge.Lisa
19th Dec 15 05:18:00Concepts Are Cheap
14th Dec 15 10:52:37Fridge.Fallout 4
10th Dec 15 08:01:36Video Game.XCOM 2
8th Dec 15 01:42:28Fridge.Undertale
24th Nov 15 11:22:46Characters.Fallout 4 Companions
19th Nov 15 08:15:25Fridge.Fallout 4
25th Oct 15 11:04:15YMMV.Tales From The Borderlands
29th Sep 15 04:17:56More Criminals Than Targets
26th Sep 15 12:50:59Fridge.Until Dawn
26th Aug 15 03:06:19YMMV.Until Dawn
26th Aug 15 02:39:41Video Game.Until Dawn
26th Aug 15 02:37:44Fridge.Until Dawn
24th Aug 15 10:27:30Characters.Until Dawn
16th Aug 15 04:53:09Fridge.Merlins Shop Of Mystical Wonders
30th Jul 15 07:00:36YMMV.Flashpoint
30th Jul 15 06:59:38YMMV.Flashpoint
25th Jul 15 08:38:40Fridge.Batman Arkham Knight
21st Jul 15 02:58:35Unbuilt Trope
30th Jun 15 08:34:19Fridge.Fallout 4
29th Jun 15 12:48:11Fridge.Batman Arkham Knight
24th Jun 15 12:55:53YMMV.Batman Arkham Knight
20th Jun 15 12:27:26Fridge.Batman Arkham Origins
16th Jun 15 07:06:08Undead Laborers
4th May 15 07:08:37Video Game.Enigma An Illusion Named Family
2nd May 15 06:06:53Fridge.Bloodborne
30th Apr 15 06:22:18YMMV.Darkest Dungeon
27th Apr 15 02:15:29Gorgeous Gorgon
17th Apr 15 01:31:33Fridge.Super Dangan Ronpa 2
14th Apr 15 02:23:16More Criminals Than Targets
9th Apr 15 08:07:14Fridge.Bloodborne
8th Mar 15 07:27:54Monster Protection Racket
9th Feb 15 11:15:08Fridge.Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare
24th Jan 15 02:26:41One Hit Kill.Tabletop Games
17th Jan 15 03:09:22Asteroid Thicket
1st Jan 15 02:54:46WMG.Story Of The Blanks
1st Jan 15 01:15:18Enlightened Antagonist
22nd Dec 14 11:06:24Fridge.Harry Potter And The Methods Of Rationality
10th Dec 14 09:07:52Video Game.Far Cry 4
24th Nov 14 12:57:17Video Game.Far Cry 4
22nd Nov 14 10:33:15YMMV.Far Cry 4
22nd Nov 14 10:25:35YMMV.Far Cry 4
20th Nov 14 05:28:25YMMV.Far Cry 4
12th Nov 14 07:32:45YMMV.Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare
4th Nov 14 09:05:07Characters.Sunset Overdrive
19th Oct 14 05:53:00YMMV.Alien Isolation
17th Oct 14 05:54:34Fridge.The Purge
4th Oct 14 03:04:14YMMV.Persona 4 Arena
22nd Sep 14 01:12:41Enlightenment Superpowers
21st Sep 14 06:54:41YMMV.Two Best Friends Play
15th Sep 14 10:37:29A Tankard Of Moose Urine
21st Aug 14 07:52:48Dystopia Justifies The Means
9th Aug 14 11:34:36Generic Doomsday Villain
13th Jul 14 06:08:36YMMV.Watch Dogs
7th Jul 14 10:39:27Weapons Kitchen Sink
2nd Jul 14 05:15:15Fridge.Super Danganronpa 2
18th May 14 04:14:44Nintendo Hard.Tabletop Games
4th Apr 14 12:10:24Fridge.South Park The Stick Of Truth
24th Mar 14 02:18:42Fridge.Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
11th Mar 14 10:30:30WMG.Fallout New Vegas
29th Oct 13 02:48:31Springtime For Hitler
1st Oct 13 07:59:35Healing Magic Is The Hardest
27th Sep 13 09:30:57Video Game.Bioshock Infinite
13th Jun 13 09:24:44Video Game.Gunpoint
9th Jun 13 01:34:25Violence Is The Only Option
21st May 13 10:01:03Fridge.Poker Night 2
22nd Apr 13 01:29:02Fridge.Resident Evil Code Veronica
31st Mar 13 07:42:38Fridge.Bioshock Infinite
26th Jan 13 12:25:18Video Game.The Cave
8th Jan 13 05:59:34YMMV.Little Inferno
8th Jan 13 02:48:50Even Evil Has Loved Ones
20th Dec 12 10:06:17Shout Out.Retro City Rampage
20th Dec 12 05:22:08Reality Ensues
18th Dec 12 05:53:26Fridge.Far Cry 3
18th Dec 12 05:40:45Fridge.Scribblenauts
14th Dec 12 06:17:37Fighter Mage Thief
14th Dec 12 05:10:12Fridge.Far Cry 3
13th Dec 12 07:06:36Fridge.Durarara
6th Dec 12 02:41:56Women Drivers
4th Nov 12 07:49:51Fridge.Deadly Premonition
30th Oct 12 08:24:31YMMV.Resident Evil 6
30th Oct 12 08:23:30YMMV.Resident Evil 6
28th Oct 12 09:12:28Automaton Horses
21st Oct 12 12:09:35Magic Is Mental
28th Sep 12 09:39:14Fridge.Catherine
21st Sep 12 05:59:48Fridge.The Order Of The Stick
29th Aug 12 01:39:52Video Game.Spec Ops The Line
18th Aug 12 02:28:00Fridge.Catherine
16th Aug 12 10:17:47YMMV.Mafia II
30th Jul 12 03:11:44The Dev Team Thinks Of Everything.Grand Theft Auto
29th Jul 12 04:17:32Treacherous Quest Giver
28th Jul 12 07:24:27Tear Jerker.Grand Theft Auto IV
25th Jul 12 05:26:54Conditioned To Accept Horror
22nd Jul 12 09:10:08Fridge.Spec Ops The Line
21st Jul 12 05:33:02Fridge.Spec Ops The Line
20th Jul 12 11:14:36Shout Out.Mortal Kombat
25th Mar 12 12:25:16Genre Deconstruction
12th Mar 12 04:04:55Deliberate Values Dissonance
5th Feb 12 11:06:10Funny.Northernlion
14th Dec 11 01:19:58Fridge.Catherine
2nd Dec 11 09:26:28First Episode Resurrection
27th Nov 11 10:55:25Shout Out.Dead Rising 2
23rd Nov 11 08:59:27Angels Devils And Squid
20th Nov 11 11:48:06Doomy Dooms Of Doom
17th Nov 11 12:56:33YMMV.Dark Seed
14th Nov 11 07:23:47Friend Or Foe
11th Nov 11 05:14:52I Resemble That Remark
27th Sep 11 09:19:33Press X To Die