A Carlssin's Recent Edits

4th Mar 14 10:43:26Awesome.Myth Busters
26th Feb 14 04:49:20Prolonged Prologue
21st Feb 14 02:40:29Cutaway Gag
19th Feb 14 01:58:50Music.The Dead Milkmen
19th Feb 14 01:54:41I Want Song
19th Feb 14 01:47:45Music.Mojo Nixon
19th Feb 14 12:41:52Music.ABBA
19th Feb 14 12:39:50Jailbait
13th Feb 14 09:55:21Wiki Sandbox
13th Feb 14 09:45:58Wiki Sandbox
13th Feb 14 09:12:05Darth Wiki.How Not To Write An Example
13th Feb 14 09:01:02Web Video.Fred
13th Feb 14 08:55:03Web Video.Fred
13th Feb 14 01:56:17Web Video.Fred
13th Feb 14 10:25:49Film.Eating Raoul
4th Feb 14 08:54:45Web Video.Fred
4th Feb 14 08:49:11Wiki Sandbox
31st Jan 14 07:44:23Film.The Truman Show
29th Jan 14 08:10:28Music.Jonathan Coulton
28th Jan 14 08:55:12Film.Killer Klowns From Outer Space
7th Jan 14 07:21:21Recap.Doctor Who50th Prequel The Night Of The Doctor
2nd Jan 14 12:11:40Overly Preprepared Gag
2nd Jan 14 11:23:51Even The Subtitler Is Stumped
2nd Jan 14 10:45:15Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales
26th Dec 13 11:38:36Lost Aesop
9th Dec 13 09:48:29Web Video.Chad Vader
3rd Dec 13 02:28:26Creator Thumbprint
2nd Dec 13 11:35:22Headscratchers.Doctor Who
2nd Dec 13 11:26:21Recap.Doctor Who S 33 E 13 The Name Of The Doctor
24th Nov 13 06:11:18Recap.Doctor Who50th AS The Day Of The Doctor
12th Nov 13 10:26:51Holding Hands
9th Nov 13 08:42:35Headscratchers.Upside Down
28th Oct 13 05:01:00Really Seventeen Years Old
28th Oct 13 04:59:46Really Seventeen Years Old
19th Oct 13 09:11:52Western Animation.Sitting Ducks
4th Oct 13 10:55:50Series.Svengoolie
4th Oct 13 10:52:43Series.Svengoolie
4th Oct 13 10:52:24Series.Svengoolie
4th Oct 13 10:44:49Series.Svengoolie
3rd Oct 13 12:00:22Just For Fun.Surprisingly Similar Stories
2nd Oct 13 09:48:48Just For Fun.Surprisingly Similar Stories
2nd Oct 13 09:48:27Just For Fun.Surprisingly Similar Stories
13th Sep 13 02:41:10Lost In Medias Res
9th Sep 13 10:29:29Landmark Sale
4th Sep 13 10:50:58Hilarious In Hindsight.Live Action TV
28th Aug 13 06:30:17OOC Is Serious Business
28th Aug 13 06:25:16OOC Is Serious Business
27th Aug 13 02:22:42Choose Your Own Adventure
22nd Aug 13 11:41:49Arent You Going To Ravish Me
17th Jul 13 01:57:10Radar.Other
15th Jul 13 09:31:43Shaped Like Itself
3rd Jul 13 10:02:25Fantastic Time Management
3rd Jul 13 05:31:19Dancing Bear
3rd Jul 13 05:30:44Dancing Bear
3rd Jul 13 05:28:06Dancing Bear
28th Jun 13 11:18:15Lost In Transmission
27th Jun 13 10:51:32Deus Exit Machina
13th Jun 13 01:06:54Recap.Doctor Who S 33 E 13 The Name Of The Doctor
5th Jun 13 07:13:35Archive Panic
4th Jun 13 09:08:11Fridge.Doctor Who S 33 E 12 Nightmare In Silver
4th Jun 13 09:07:39Fridge.Doctor Who S 33 E 12 Nightmare In Silver
4th Jun 13 08:55:51False Dichotomy
11th May 13 10:29:46No Except Yes
10th May 13 09:36:37Wiki Sandbox
10th May 13 09:36:22Wiki Sandbox
4th May 13 10:43:27Little Big League
25th Apr 13 09:47:50Just For Fun.Everybody Knows That
22nd Apr 13 04:24:35Shout Out
17th Apr 13 01:34:27Shaped Like Itself
16th Apr 13 04:15:27Car Fu
16th Apr 13 04:13:40Car Fu
16th Apr 13 10:54:51Ambiguous Syntax
16th Apr 13 10:48:34Ambiguous Syntax
16th Apr 13 10:15:17Marvelous Bob
29th Mar 13 01:15:55Slept Through The Apocalypse
29th Mar 13 01:13:23Slept Through The Apocalypse
13th Mar 13 09:06:58Magic Countdown
13th Mar 13 11:20:04True Companions.Comic Books
13th Mar 13 10:59:19I Choose To Stay
9th Mar 13 11:16:35The Chase
9th Mar 13 11:13:26The Chase
9th Mar 13 11:13:00The Chase
9th Mar 13 10:31:18Characters.Kim Possible
8th Mar 13 01:13:11Adventure Time.Tropes A To C
8th Mar 13 11:40:46Wiki Sandbox
8th Mar 13 11:37:27Bizarro Episode
8th Mar 13 07:56:08Family Unfriendly Aesop
8th Mar 13 07:09:52I Have This Friend
8th Mar 13 06:53:06I Have This Friend
7th Mar 13 10:14:50Selfish Good Selfish Evil
5th Mar 13 06:55:16John Bellairs
4th Mar 13 06:46:08Rule Of Three
4th Feb 13 10:33:17Wiki Sandbox
3rd Jan 13 04:31:29Literature.The Tripods
21st Dec 12 09:28:54Wiki Sandbox
17th Dec 12 02:36:15Crazy Cultural Comparison
17th Dec 12 02:20:56Humans Through Alien Eyes
12th Dec 12 12:30:00Awesomeness By Analysis
10th Dec 12 11:12:51And Then What
6th Dec 12 12:50:50Web Video.Chad Vader
6th Dec 12 12:47:50Unusually Uninteresting Sight
30th Nov 12 10:36:16Artistic License
30th Nov 12 10:31:43Artistic License
28th Nov 12 06:50:47Stock Episode Titles
28th Nov 12 06:48:59Stock Episode Titles
27th Nov 12 02:59:28Stock Episode Titles
27th Nov 12 07:00:18The Joy Of X
27th Nov 12 06:53:27Stock Episode Titles
26th Nov 12 10:05:49Stock Episode Titles
25th Nov 12 10:15:27Video Game.Super Mario Kart
25th Nov 12 09:49:17Lucky Charms Title
21st Nov 12 12:17:12Inventional Wisdom
21st Nov 12 11:10:54Just Here For Godzilla
20th Nov 12 04:23:26Break The Motivational Speaker
15th Nov 12 03:26:01Quote Mine
14th Nov 12 08:58:47It Is Dehumanizing
14th Nov 12 08:45:05Do Not Do This Cool Thing
14th Nov 12 08:43:49Do Not Do This Cool Thing
13th Nov 12 12:08:05Exactly What It Says On The Tin
9th Nov 12 08:05:53The Commandments
7th Nov 12 10:34:06Ignorant Of Their Own Ignorance
7th Nov 12 09:03:53Useful Book
2nd Nov 12 02:48:03I Am Not Weasel
1st Nov 12 02:52:30The Knights Who Say Squee
31st Oct 12 03:15:17Emergency Impersonation
31st Oct 12 03:09:35Emergency Impersonation
31st Oct 12 08:14:47Vague Age
26th Oct 12 04:02:17Series.The Addams Family
26th Oct 12 03:53:17Literature.Madeline
23rd Oct 12 11:09:12Conversation Cut
19th Oct 12 02:10:05Stalker With A Crush.Music
19th Oct 12 01:23:01Funny Background Event
18th Oct 12 03:03:34Western Animation.Galaxy High
18th Oct 12 03:02:06Western Animation.Galaxy High
15th Oct 12 09:07:24Shocking Swerve
13th Oct 12 11:01:09Matryoshka Object
13th Oct 12 11:00:25Matryoshka Object
12th Oct 12 09:54:31Future Slang
12th Oct 12 09:51:16Unusual Euphemism
7th Oct 12 09:07:19Code Name
6th Oct 12 10:02:19Switch To English
3rd Oct 12 07:39:19Music.Steam Powered Giraffe
26th Sep 12 02:13:20Music.Steam Powered Giraffe
26th Sep 12 10:21:18Music.Steam Powered Giraffe
26th Sep 12 10:17:17Music.Steam Powered Giraffe
20th Sep 12 11:52:57Once More With Clarity
17th Sep 12 12:51:50Early Installment Weirdness.Comic Books
17th Sep 12 12:50:47Doing In The Wizard
17th Sep 12 12:49:44Doing In The Wizard
15th Sep 12 11:28:05Series.Parker Lewis Cant Lose
15th Sep 12 11:22:36Disabled Character Disabled Actor
6th Sep 12 10:24:51Gordon Korman
1st Sep 12 01:44:47How We Got Here
1st Sep 12 01:42:53Heart In The Wrong Place
28th Aug 12 12:21:03Western Animation.TUFF Puppy
28th Aug 12 12:18:42Western Animation.TUFF Puppy
27th Aug 12 11:50:33Maintain The Lie
27th Aug 12 10:33:07Somebody Elses Problem
17th Aug 12 01:11:22The Punishment Is The Crime
16th Aug 12 09:50:58The Punishment Is The Crime
14th Aug 12 09:03:58Fairplay Whodunnit
14th Aug 12 08:47:50Shaggy Search Technique
13th Aug 12 12:43:36Western Animation.Monsters Inc
30th Jul 12 12:42:52Deggans Rule
27th Jul 12 10:45:30Logic Bomb
19th Jul 12 02:00:20Cast From Lifespan
18th Jul 12 10:57:15No Man Should Have This Power
17th Jul 12 10:32:25No Man Should Have This Power
13th Jul 12 02:03:29Never Accepted In His Hometown
9th Jul 12 09:35:47The Dog Was The Mastermind
6th Jul 12 01:27:52Protagonist Title Fallacy
6th Jul 12 11:39:20Series.Monk
6th Jul 12 10:15:44Webcomic.Freefall
6th Jul 12 10:11:22When Is Purple
3rd Jul 12 08:54:16Funny.Doctor Who
3rd Jul 12 12:03:37Muppet Cameo
3rd Jul 12 12:02:46Muppet Cameo
2nd Jul 12 01:06:01Tinman Typist
2nd Jul 12 01:05:38Tinman Typist
2nd Jul 12 12:55:58Shoot The Hostage
1st Jul 12 11:07:07Funny.Star Trek The Next Generation
1st Jul 12 11:06:24Funny.Star Trek The Next Generation
1st Jul 12 11:04:42Funny.Star Trek The Next Generation
1st Jul 12 10:37:40Arson Murder And Jaywalking.Western Animation
1st Jul 12 10:01:42Two Decades Behind
1st Jul 12 09:44:23Unintentional Period Piece
1st Jul 12 09:40:55Unintentional Period Piece
1st Jul 12 09:34:49Whiz Kids
1st Jul 12 09:32:47Whiz Kids
1st Jul 12 09:29:50Whiz Kids
27th Jun 12 04:13:03Space Whale Aesop
18th Jun 12 09:36:23Recycled Script
9th Jun 12 09:32:49Never Live It Down.Real Life
8th Jun 12 09:51:39Trigger Phrase
8th Jun 12 09:50:25Trigger Phrase
6th Jun 12 03:18:33Destination Defenestration
5th Jun 12 10:06:27Exactly What It Says On The Tin
31st May 12 01:17:17Ability Over Appearance
30th May 12 12:49:25Pinball Projectile
1st May 12 08:41:17Shaped Like Itself
30th Apr 12 11:13:08Accidental Pervert
30th Apr 12 11:11:58Accidental Pervert
26th Apr 12 02:30:48Unfortunate Names
26th Apr 12 02:28:23Fail O Suckyname
23rd Apr 12 02:25:26In With The In Crowd
18th Apr 12 01:31:39Film.Whats Up Doc
18th Apr 12 12:05:30The Magazine Rule
17th Apr 12 12:00:34No Matter How Much I Beg
17th Apr 12 10:40:23High Octane Nightmare Fuel.I Carly
11th Apr 12 04:40:14Hand Wave
11th Apr 12 04:39:45Hand Wave
9th Apr 12 12:25:24Epunymous Title
25th Mar 12 10:02:58Temporal Theme Naming
20th Mar 12 01:23:06Quote Mine
20th Mar 12 01:18:33Quote Mine
10th Mar 12 10:20:44El Nino Is Spanish For The Nino
2nd Mar 12 09:32:26No Such Thing As Wizard Jesus
2nd Mar 12 09:27:14No Such Thing As Wizard Jesus
29th Feb 12 11:15:18Literature.Singularity
16th Feb 12 12:01:11Eskimos Arent Real
14th Feb 12 09:31:03Newer Than They Think
24th Jan 12 09:52:14The Stateroom Sketch
24th Jan 12 09:12:51The Trickster
18th Jan 12 11:51:58Suddenly Ethnicity
18th Jan 12 11:25:11Indecisive Medium
12th Jan 12 01:24:40Self Made Orphan
12th Jan 12 01:18:58Unusual Chapter Numbers
12th Jan 12 01:07:25Shout Out Theme Naming
10th Jan 12 11:17:24Retronym
9th Jan 12 10:35:58Accidental Nightmare Fuel.Western Animation Film
9th Jan 12 10:21:07Stranded With Edison
9th Jan 12 10:15:55The Time Machine
7th Jan 12 11:28:10They Live
7th Jan 12 11:27:48They Live
7th Jan 12 10:53:00Removing The Earpiece
7th Jan 12 09:33:56Eigen Plot
5th Jan 12 09:03:36Begone Bribe
5th Jan 12 02:29:33Sidetracked By The Analogy
5th Jan 12 11:29:47Persona Non Grata
5th Jan 12 11:22:01Noodle Incident.Western Animation
4th Jan 12 12:43:50Omniglot
4th Jan 12 12:12:32The Good Times Are Killing Me
4th Jan 12 12:11:27The Good Times Are Killing Me
29th Dec 11 12:12:26Throw Momma From The Train
22nd Dec 11 09:17:16Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego
20th Dec 11 12:25:49Perception Filter
20th Dec 11 12:23:15Perception Filter
14th Dec 11 10:49:15Wacky Americans Have Wacky Names
14th Dec 11 11:23:05Carmen Sandiego
14th Dec 11 11:22:01Carmen Sandiego
14th Dec 11 10:30:52Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego
14th Dec 11 10:29:40Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego
14th Dec 11 10:28:23Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego
13th Dec 11 12:12:27Dub Induced Plot Hole
13th Dec 11 10:14:03Stock Shoutouts
8th Dec 11 08:26:56Made From Real Girl Scouts
8th Dec 11 07:42:04Made From Real Girl Scouts
7th Dec 11 08:46:18Instant Cosplay Surprise
6th Dec 11 09:17:57Laurel And Hardy
6th Dec 11 09:06:55Ghostbusters
1st Dec 11 03:08:41Tear Jerker.Doctor Who
24th Nov 11 08:00:28Tropers.Andrew Carlssin
24th Nov 11 07:59:49Tropers.A Carlssin
3rd Nov 11 08:45:09Idiot Ball
3rd Nov 11 08:44:30Idiot Ball
3rd Nov 11 08:29:15Gingerbread House
27th Oct 11 08:45:38Social Engineering
24th Oct 11 01:42:23Metaphor Is My Middle Name
24th Oct 11 01:39:12Metaphor Is My Middle Name
24th Oct 11 12:03:05Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant
24th Oct 11 11:58:56What Is One Mans Life In Comparison
21st Oct 11 11:20:55Plot-Based Photograph Obfuscation
21st Oct 11 10:30:22Last Name Basis
21st Oct 11 10:29:38Last Name Basis
18th Oct 11 10:19:57They Killed Kenny
13th Oct 11 10:33:51Behind The Black
13th Oct 11 10:31:58Behind The Black
13th Oct 11 10:30:55Behind The Black
12th Oct 11 12:52:40Viewers Are Morons
11th Oct 11 10:53:44Even The Wombats Want Him
10th Oct 11 09:55:18Guile Hero
2nd Oct 11 09:00:17Crazy Awesome.Live Action TV
1st Oct 11 10:10:24Recap.Doctor Who S 32 E 13 The Wedding Of River Song
30th Sep 11 11:43:51Handy Manny
22nd Sep 11 03:26:29Headscratchers.Doctor Who
21st Sep 11 12:58:23Headscratchers.Doctor Who 2010 Series
16th Sep 11 10:07:46Accidental Nightmare Fuel.Web Comics
15th Sep 11 01:41:29A Wind In The Door
15th Sep 11 08:13:28