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Visionary Villain

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Where other villains focus on petty crime, the Visionary Villain wants to take over the corporate world. When some villains brood about their Freudian Excuse and take it out on the hero's girlfriend, the Visionary Villain will seek to remake the world so that their Dark and Troubled Past never happens to someone else. In a nutshell: any villain can want to take over the world for a lark, but the Visionary Villain does it for the "big picture", they either have an idealistic or hugely ambitious goal, and he or she has well thought out plans and motivation to get that goal.

They may be a Card-Carrying Villain (with a big dose of pragmatism) or an Anti-Villain, they may be motivated by pure ego or even "lofty" altruism. Their style of leadership can be a near divine Dark Messiah, an Evil Overlord, or a paternal/maternal Mad Scientist with a cadre of faithful clone-bots. In terms of superpowers, he or she usually has the same powers than the standard Super Villain, though strictly speaking the only "power" they need is a big brain. What every the Visionary Villain has is a clear head about what they want to accomplish and how to do it without juggling a Villain Ball.

Contrast Cut Lex Luthor a Check. Frequently sneer at minor or petty villains who yell "Screw the Rules, I Have Supernatural Powers!!"
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  • October 22, 2009
    The Villain often gives a New Era Speech at some point.
  • October 22, 2009
    Ranger Six
    A variant on this trope: In The Protomen's album The Father of Death, Drs. Light and Wily work together on a massive automaton network, ostensibly so that everyone would be safe, secure, and not have to worry about dying on the job. Of course, Wily's the one who ultimately gains control of the network, ruining Light's reputation in the process. Not to mention the fact that Light realizes that creating the network was a mistake...
    "They've waited so long for this day / Someone to take the death away / No son would ever have to say / My father worked into his grave..." - Dr. Light, The Good Doctor
  • October 22, 2009
    Iron Salticus
    Done properly, The Ubermensch will always be this trope.
  • October 23, 2009
    Unknown Troper
    Seymour in Final Fantasy X wants to end the cycle of life and death on Spira... by killing everyone on the planet.
  • October 23, 2009
    Dr. Horrible from Dr Horribles Sing Along Blog had a vague plan to improve the world by taking it over. He even claimed "Murder is beneath me."
  • October 23, 2009
    Often double up with Well Intentioned Extremist.

    In Code Geass, both the motivation of Charles and Marianne Assimilation Plot and the motivation of Lelouch (whether or not he counts as a villain).