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When you need something done right, turn to the local specialist
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Usually the main characters are remarkable individuals who have a great deal of experience and prestige in their field, the Omnidisciplinary Scientist tends to be exactly that in every field.

But realistically not everyone can be experts in everything and when the circumstances are outside their expertise, resources or area of influence they call in someone who can help them out.

It provides a good set-up for a Recurring Character, someone who is used when the plot really needs them.

  • Burn Notice starts with Michael making friends with the local money launderer Barry, and as the series progressed he has taken on clients with special skills that he puts to good use, such as a drug dealer named Sugar (who he shot in the leg in the pilot episode), a gun runner named Seymour for special ammo and has even called upon the two FBI agents assigned to watch him to get some support.
    • Sam has a large collection of friends in various government departments that he can call upon for information.
  • Mythbusters have a stable of experts to turn to with very specific myth requirements such as retired FBI explosives expert Frank Doyle.
  • In Pawn Stars Rich will call in various friends in the area to come and examine certain items that he is a little uncertain about. It ranges from antique firearms to toy collectors.
  • The first two games in the Mass Effect series was largely about establishing the universe and the people within it. You even have options on whether or not you want to kill certain people. In Mass Effect 3 everyone comes full circle as you need to recruit everyone you can for their help and resources in dealing with a large galactic threat (or eliminate potential problematic individuals).
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