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Forced Friendly Fire
A character gains control of their opponent's firearm and forces them to shoot it without bothering to disarm first.
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In the action genre, some characters go beyond a mere Gun Struggle. They will intercept an opponent's gun arm, aim it where they please and force their victim to shoot by squeezing the trigger finger.

Usually the objective here is to wipe out the adversary's fellow mooks. There's no time to disarm them conventionally and risking exposure to shots. Another possibility (contrary to the title of the trope) is eliminating the threat of a weapon by firing all its ammunition. Sometimes in pieces, to be absolutely sure. Then the battle can turn into a hand to hand fight.

There are several interesting permutations:
  • A villain will culminate the murder of his enemy's friends by finally turning the gun on the opponent himself, therefore framing a multiple murder-suicide (or just a suicide, if it's a one on one confrontation). Technically, the victim's hand never left his pistol, so there's no evidence to suggest foul play (so long as the villain wears gloves or wipes his prints off before leaving). Or perhaps he doesn't even care about the frame aspect, but just wants to throw salt in the wounds after making the guy watch his friends die effectively by his own hand. Heroic characters are less likely to do this unless they're outright anti heroes.

  • A martial arts enthusiast perform joint locks on the adversary while simultaneously aiming and shooting. He might even break their wrist, shoulder, or trigger finger to allow for a tricky shot. He might then take the gun off them when the peripheral threats have been eliminated. Occasionally the gun fires because of pain compliance, so the joint locks both force the mook's arm to both aim and shoot.

  • A sufficiently badass character takes Human Shield to its logical conclusion. Not only is he using the person's body to defend himself against their friends, he's using their arm to attack them as well! Usually this is from the standard "stand behind shielding person's back" but a character who's talented enough will contort themselves and their shield so it can work from practically any position.

Requires Improbable Aiming Skills to correctly land shots on moving targets while forcing a struggling mook to aim their arm. Usually characters are able to kill with a bare minimum of shots using this trope. Popular with The Ace, a Cowboy Cop and/or a Crazy Awesome character. Sister Trope to Gun Struggle, which might occur before during and/or after the shots are fired.

Don't Try This at Home, as it's a very bad idea in terms of gun safety (unless in mortal danger).

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Live-Action TV
  • Happens in Leverage during "The Lost Heir Job". Elliot disarms somebody, who then pulls a taser on him. Elliot uses his taser against another mook sneaking up behind him.

Video Games
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