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Inaccurate Character Description
When the author just Did Not Do The Research before describing a character
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Halfway through reading that new hit best-seller novel a new character is added into the cast. Meet Alice, a beautiful Statuesque Stunner standing at 5ft 10in and weighing 130lbs complete with Hartman Hips and a Most Common Superpower. But wait... did he say ONLY 130lbs?!

Inaccurate Character Description happens when an author describes physical traits that would be unrealistic or implausible in real life. It commonly happens when the character has an unusual appearance, taller or stronger than average, is a different race or different gender than the author.

It may be a case of Author Appeal in some cases but more often than not the author simply Did Not Do The Research.

It occurs often concerning the use of tropes like, Amazonian Beauty, in which the girl in question will often weigh the same as the average woman with little consideration of the fact that high muscle mass should make her weigh significantly more; Heroic Build, for the exact same reasons; Statuesque Stunner, for the lack of regard that a tall woman will not only weigh more, but may also have bigger feet and hands and larger measurements than average; Gag Boobs, Buxom Is Better and Most Common Superpower, almost always ignore that a good percentage of women in real life with huge breasts are also BB Ws or at least Hollywood Pudgy.

The trope needs examples!
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