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Seen It a Million Times. Do We Have This? Should We Have This??

So, wait. You're telling me you managed to find out where the biggest crime boss in the city is having a meeting with the rest of the criminal underworld? A meeting so secret that no one besides him knows where it's going to be before they actually get there? How the hell could you possibly know that?

This is a Stock Phrase uttered when someone is questioned on how they know something or how they are going to get something done. Generally used in one of three cases:

1) The person being asked doesn't want to tell how they did it so they utter this phrase

2) The answer is so disturbing that the person asking REALLY doesn't want to know.

3) The person being asked is just going to make it up as they go along.



Live-Action TV
Amanda: How did you find me?
Lee: We have our ways.

  • The old SF/Spy show Probe. The Big Bad had Our Hero isolated from his friends, taunting him through his radio implant (long story). Suddenly, the friends break in on the frequency.
Big Bad: "Who is this?
Friends: "Probe Control"
Big Bad: "How did you find me?"
Friends: "We have our ways."

Western Animation
  • Family Guy- Lois hints at her wily, secretive ways of obtaining a map of her neighbor's house. Cut to a scene of her walking into City Hall and asking for a map.
  • In the Avatar episode "The Blind Bandit" Katara is asked how she got information from two uncooperative boys and replies suggestively "a women has her ways". Cut to the two boys covered up to the neck in ice.

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