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How to reconcile logic and emotions? Ever since humanity has become able to think and reason, we've wondered about that, hence tropes like The Spock, The McCoy, Straw Vulcan, and Emotions vs. Stoicism. This trope is the exact opposite of Straw Vulcan, in that it makes a strawman of the more emotional character. The tactics often used include:

This trope is different from Emotions vs. Stoicism, in that Emotions vs. Stoicism portrays logic and emotions as both having strengths and weaknesses, whereas this trope strawmans emotion much the same way Straw Vulcan strawmans logic. This trope is less often played straight than Straw Vulcan, because, well, straw manning emotion isn't very logical. In fact, an author who plays this trope straight is likely to be a Straw Vulcan themself.

Proposed alternate titles: Truthiness, Straw Doctor. other suggestions welcome...


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