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Shooter Hero Packing Powers
An otherwise standard first-person shooter where the hero has superpowers that play a key role in gameplay.
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In the beginning, their was Doom, and it was good. You had your Standard FPS Guns, and that was all you needed to deal with your enemies. Sometimes you'd have some weird-ass weapons like Blood's flail, or Hexen's magic staff, but on the whole shooters rarely deviated from the use of your standard point-the-right-end-and-pull-the-trigger-to-make-bang weaponry.

However, at some point in the past 10 or so years, this began to change, and it became increasingly common for shooters to grant their protagonist some kind of Stock Superpower (or powers) to use in addition to traditional gunplay. The reasons for this are, rather prosiacally, that you can only progress along the same algorithim of melee weapon, pistol, shotgun, machine gun, sniper rifle, rocket launcher etc before it become tedious. As such, various games have attempted to augment this by giving their hero additional powers outside of "has a lot of guns" for the player to enjoy (see The Joys of Torturing Mooks).

Note, that such powers must have a real impact on gameplay. Master Chief from Halo has superpowers, but these don't affect gameplay in anyway other than providing an in-story explanation for his standard-issue shooter hero abilities- hence they are not this trope. Jack from BioShock meanwhile has the standard issue FPS abilities, but his Plasmid based superpowers have a major impact on gameplay and provide alternate solutions for the player aside from traditional gunplay.

  • As mentioned above, Jack from Bioshock, as well as Subject Delta from the sequel fall under this.
  • The original Deus Ex is probably the earliest example of this sub-genre. Both it and it's sequels ally standard FPS/Stealth gameplay with various "Augments" the Hollywood Cyborg player is able to buy, ranging from built-in grenade launchers to cloaking devices.
  • Far Cry:Instincts for consoles gives it's hero a superpowered "Predator" mode allowing for enhanced sense and a lethal lunging attack. Particularly notable considering that the's abilities where lacking in the PC version that played more like a conventional shooter.
  • Crysis and it's sequel (made by Cry Tek, who also made the above) also grant the player super strength, speed, nigh invulenerability and a cloaking device based on the hero's powered armour.
  • Time Shift gives it's hero time slowing/rewinding abilities from the unique "chrono-suit" he wears.
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