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Ultimate power with no mind controlling it.
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"Giygas cannot think rationally anymore. He isn't even aware of what he's doing now. His own mind was destroyed by his incredible power. What an almighty idiot!"
--Porky, Earthbound

For some, the temptation of god-like power becomes too great. However, this type of power was not meant for mere mortals to wield. The prospect of cramming that much power into a mortal vessel destroys the recipient's mind, leaving them an empty shell of a man with unlimited power but the mental faculties of a half-wit child, or worse, a feral animal.

Conversely, some gods or other powerful entities may grow beyond their bounds, steadily losing their sense and reason as their power grows, in the end leaving them nothing more than a creature based solely on instinct, with untold powers behind them. This sort of tale is common in a Cosmic Horror Story: a monster can be even more frightening if there's no point behind their actions, just mindless aggression, rage, or even simple curiosity.

Compare With Great Power Comes Great Insanity and Mad God. May be a result of Touched by Vorlons or Phlebotinum Overload.


Comic Books:
  • In one Doctor Strange arc, he destroyed a primordial entity of Chaos by assuming it's power- and then killing himself. This led to him briefly becoming an all-powerful transcendent being with no ego or identity. Ironically, it was one of Strange's old enemies who dragged him back into the "illusion" of self.
  • In the Preacher comic series, Jesse Custer was the host for Genesis, a potentially all-powerful newborn spirit that had no sense of individual will.
  • Azathoth from H.P. Lovecraft's work is known among Lovecraft fans as the Blind Idiot God. He created reality by accident, and will be equally oblivious when he destroys it.
  • In Mercedes Lackey's 500 Kingdoms novels, the Tradition is the magical force that causes tropes to be continually reenacted, oblivious to the harm that does at the mortal level.
  • The Deathstalker books by Simon R. Green features an infant with the power to annihilate whole stars with a thought.
Video Games:
  • John DeFoe of the Chzo Mythos was formerly an abused child who became a vengeful, murderous revenant after Chzo infused him with power after his father beat him to death with a possessed wooden idol. He's nigh unkillable, completely mad, and can do nothing but lash out at everything he sees.
  • Giygas is literally described as this at the end of Earthbound - he achieved ultimate power, but went insane in the process, and what Ness and company ultimately confront is a babbling abomination in a constant-state of self-inflicted Mind Rape.
  • Deathevan, the Big Bad of Breath of Fire II, is strongly implied to be this. He's been propped up as the godhead of the Church of Eva for so long that he believes his own propaganda, appearing before the party as an old man in white robes before giving Ryu reason to attack him in a berserk rage; once wounded, his facade falls away, and his monstrous final form is a screaming lunatic that can't even comprehend why Ryu and his friends would fight so vehemently against him.
Web Comics:
  • In Stupid Snake, a textless webcomic, the titular character is a stupid... snake with omnipotent powers that randomly drives the plot that the poor main characters go through.
Web Original:

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