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Beard of Barbarism
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Barbarians usually do not have access to good shaving blades or mirrors. So it is not unusual to see a barbarian with a huge Badass Beard that puts all other beards to shame. Not only do they dwarf the beards of civilized men, but they also have really awesome braids and dreadlocks. He may even have bodyparts from his slain enemies stuck in there. Anyone with a beard like that is immediately flagged as a Berserker, a Blood Knight or both.

The more barbaric the man is, the more of these traits (largeness, dreadlockedness, braidedness, number of enemy parts) his beard has. As such, the Beard of Barbarism is used to contrast barbarians with civilized soldiers, who are either clean shaven or have tamed facial hair. These beards can also help determine seniority among the barbarians, as the older men have longer beards.

Usually paired with Wild Hair.

Compare Seadog Beard, contrast Wizard Beard. Subtrope of Badass Beard and sometimes Beard of Evil


The Barbarian King from God of War

The Barbarian From Diablo III



Most of the Viking Pantheon, in fact.

This guy

And this guy

and this guy too
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