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Everything's Even Worse with Sharks and then there's Piranhas. Piranhas are portrayed as vicious mindless eating machines that can tear through anything and leave nothing but bones. In other words, thinking of nothing except whatever "food" happens to fall in the water.

Piranhas provide an alternative to sharks for the Shark Pool, where the villain will always walk in with a bloody dripping leg of lamb or goat, dip it in the tank for two seconds, and then remove it to show a bare bone.

In real life, the piranha's viciousness is exaggerated. When they're not hungry or are asleep, they flee from anything that disturbs them. Of course, when they do become hungry they actually can leave nothing but bones when they are inclined to attack and eat.


Anime and Manga
  • Excel Saga: the title character was dropped at least once into a pit full of piranhas.
  • Rando hangs Yusuke over a pond of piranha-like fishes in YuYu Hakusho.
  • Speed Racer: one of the bad guys has a tank full of them in his office in a moving truck. It gets a hole shot in it, and he forces one of his Mooks to stick a finger in to keep the tank from draining. The fish all gather around with fascination.

Comic Books
  • Piranha don't smile.
  • The comic book explanation of Aquaman's hook hand. His real hand was eaten by pirahnas. Considering this is the guy who commands fish, that had to be retconned so that he didn't command, he just suggests.
  • In one Punisher story, Frank is being chased through the New York zoo by Mooks. He used the surrounding wildlife to his advantage, such as holding one upside down in the piranha tank (and pulling out his picked-to-the-bone skeleton a short while later).


Live-Action TV
  • One of the episodes of the TV show Cliffhanger had the Plucky Girl reporter dangling six inches over the Amazon river, which was teeming with piranha.

Newspaper Comics
  • As noted by Gary Larson, the standard unit of hungriness in piranhas is one cow: "They can devour an entire cow on ten minutes".

  • On Disneyland's Jungle Cruise ride, one stretch of the river is infested with animatronic piranha that leap out of the water toward the boat.
  • Death number four of Lucky the Cat.

Video Games

Western Animation
  • Brandy & Mr. Whiskers: Mr. Whiskers is always being attacked by piranhas anytime he gets near the water.
  • Fairly Oddparents: Timmy once placed a hungry piranha in the fishbowl with Wanda and Cosmo to get them back for something. He probably had to face man eating piranhas himself earlier in the same episode, IIRC.
  • All Dogs Go to Heaven: Carface threatens to lower Killer into a pit full of piranhas.
  • Naturally for a Trope Overdosed show, Dr. Drakken once threatened Kim Possible's Sidekick with a pool of piranhas.

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