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A work of fiction with a very immersive setting cause appears so idealistic and 'perfect' in comparison to boring, everyday life it causes fans of a certain disposition to feel the need to emotionally invest themselves on it

Mild effects may be seen.Particulary a sense of removal from real life and depression. Fantasy may feel in some ways superior to Real Life.Fictional character may seems more 'likeable" and "real" than actual people.

A fan not only wishes there was No Fourth Wall, they would also like to become a part of the world, or meet the character they love. FanFics and SelfInsertFics can be a way to fulfill this desire.

Unlike a Daydream Believer, this type of fan knows that what they want can never happen and are tortured by it. They are realistic, not delusional, but that won't stop them wishing for it to be true.


  • Bridge to Terabithia.In this movie the main two characters created a fictional word called terabithia.To deal with their school troubles.They are aware it is a fanatsy and wish it was real.Altough this doesn't stop them for having fun.
  • In TheMatrix there is a character that is so tired of Real Life.That he willingly asks the agents to be re-improsioned in the matrix, as a rich celebrity.Despite the fact he is aware that the matrix is unreal , he prefers it than real life

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Meta examples:


  • Twilight: Edward Cullen is the ultimate heart-throb for Teenage girls. Levels of devotion to Edward are so high, they have spawned a huge range of "I <3 Edward" and "Mr. and Mrs. Cullen" merchandise

  • This also happened with the original Lord of the Rings novels. As Peter S. Beagle put it in his introduction to the Ballantine edition:
Lovers of Middle-Earth want to go there. I would myself, like a shot.
Web Original
  • People on FandomSecrets are often known to submit secrets that they have always wanted to join the members of XYZ continuity in whatever they're doing, knowing full well that a) they're fictional and b) the anonymous people in question are "too old to believe in such things".

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