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Big Bad's Little Sister Is My Friend

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Exactly What It Says on the Tin. This trope covers instances where The Chick of a Five-Man Band, or the Love Interest for The Hero turns out to be the little sister of the Big Bad, or at least of a major Antagonist.

This may lead to Conflicting Loyalty, wherein the little sister must decide which side she is on, or use of a Secret Identity to keep one side or the other in the dark about the truth. This may come as a surprise to not only The Hero but also to her, as a result of being a Long-Lost Relative, or she may have been Evil All Along, acting as a spy for the Big Bad the entire time. It is more common however, that she is aware of her situation (and relation) while her comrades are not, and she is reluctant to burst their bubble. High chance that she will decide that Good Feels Good, and stick with The Hero despite family ties.

Many examples may be spoilers! Needs More Examples


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