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Suspend Save
Save game that is good for a single use
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Quite frequently, game developers do not want you to be able to save anywhere and everywhere, especially while in battle. It encourages Save Scumming, and can lead to a player getting stuck somewhere because their only save is in an area they can't proceed or escape from.

If a developer wants to avoid Checkpoint Starvation but still define where a player can save permanently, he can implement a Suspend Save system (sometimes called Quick Saves, instead, although that is also a term for something else entirely). Suspend saves are a type of Save Game that has the following features:

  • Only one can exist at a time.
  • Saving in such a way always exits the game.
  • Reloading a quick save deletes the save file - they are single use only.
  • Reloading from a standard save file or starting a new game usually deletes the quick save file.

These are especially popular with handheld games, since a player may have to quit playing at a moment's notice and can't take the time to search for a Save Point.

Subtrope of Save Game.



[[folder:Action-Adventure Games]]
  • This feature was added to the American release of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. If the player doesn't want to go through the entire three-day timeline in one sitting, they have the option of saving and exiting at an owl statue, to resume later. The only way to save one's progress in the game permanently is to go back in time to the beginning of the "Groundhog Day" Loop.

[[folder:Adventure Game]]
  • The iOS port of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney has this as a feature. If the app is closed during play, it will give you the option to resume from your suspend save the next time you open it.

[[folder:Eastern RPG]] [[/folder]]

[[folder:Misc Games]] [[/folder]]

[[folder:Platform Game]] [[/folder]]

[[folder:Roguelike]] [[/folder]]

[[folder:Strategy RPG]]
  • Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon allows you to quick-save during a battle.

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