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Tutorial Failure
A video game tutorial that is either misleads or withholds vital information from the player.
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This trope is for those tutorials which do a completely inadequate job of what they're supposed to do--the kind that leave the player frustrated that they can't perform that seemingly-simple move, or wrap their heads around a gameplay system which seems straightforward. Either this tutorial contains outright false information or fails to mention some vital aspect of gameplay. Perhaps it's because of "Blind Idiot" Translation; perhaps it's because the game swamps the player with mounds of text right out of the gate and expects them to remember everything immediately; or, maybe, the tutorial tries to simplify a complex game mechanic into a "rule of thumb" which ends up being more of a hindrance than a help. Whatever the case, this tutorial just doesn't work. Think of this as a tutorial-induced Guide Dang It.


-An infamous example would have to be Sabin's Blitzes from Final Fantasy VI. You're supposed to input the command while an otherwise innocuous arrow is pointing at Sabin, but most new players will try instead to input while Sabin is flashing, which is already way too late. The game will never try to correct your timing even after dozens of failed attempts, so naturally, many players just think they haven't inputted the button combination fast enough.

-In The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, the game tells you to "draw little circles at the edge of a screen" to perform a roll. In reality, the technique is more like wiggling at the edge of the screen--drawing circles will just make Link flail around with his sword.

-Pokemon Red and Blue and all of its associated media insist that ghost types are the best choices against psychic types, when they're actually in many ways the worst. Not only are they weak to psychic attacks due to their secondary poison type, and not only are there no strong ghost attacks, but psychic-types are outright immune to ghost attacks.

I think this has potential.

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