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Female crotch grapple
Using a testicle-less crotch as weapon, not a liability.
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Obviously, women do not have testicles. A woman who exposes her crotch while fighting is at significantly lower risk than a man in the same position. However, many video game designers take this knowledge to the extreme, creating impractical fighting moves for female characters that feature their crotch not as a liability, but instead as a sort of weapon. These female characters will go to extreme measures to force their crotch toward their opponent, which they will then use to grapple their opponents into submission.

This is possibly a form of fanservice, reminding the player of the character's female gender by having her perform moves that would be impossible or extremely painful for a man to do.


  • In one of the opening cutscenes of Bayonetta, she flies crotch-first into a Mook, grappling and incapacitating it with her unusually long legs.

  • Sophitia of Soul Calibur features a grapple in which she forces an opponent's face into her crotch, jumps up, and drives the opponent into the ground with her pelvis.

  • In a clear instance of fanservice, Taki of Soul Calibur features a grapple in which she grabs and pulls down an opponent's head with one leg (causing him/her to face her crotch, with corresponding camera focus), then slashes him/her with her sword.

  • The Assassin of Super Monday Night Combat has a grapple in which she flips forward, grabs an opponent's face with her crotch, then stabs him/her with her knife.
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