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Character's thought process injected into narrative to further emotional depth
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An author wants to convey the thoughts of a character to the audience by making a sentence look like said character's thought processes. Thought processes continue in long trains and there are barely any pauses and much less any punctuation and the only thing linking them together is an and so that the end result looks something like this sentence and...

Used for emotionally climaxing scenes (Alice and Bob finally admit their love for each other after 6 seasons of UST and CoitusEnsues, the girl being chased by the EldritchAbomination cannot form coherent thoughts; the narrative is effected too).

Quite a favourite among fanfiction writers, especially in Shipping Fics when characters finally get together in one life-changing, earth-shattering kiss/sex scene.

Though intended to be emotional, it can be very unoriginal and tiring to read if not written well. In romance, this trope should be applied carefully, or narm will be born.

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  • {[Fanfiction.net}}
  • StephenKing has a style of writing were he injects the thoughts of a character in his narrative in order to enhance the story's depth and heighten the atmosphere.
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