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Tentacles always get cut
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Whether naughty tentacles or Combat Tentacles, these snake-like appendages have several features that make them highly cuttable: 1 They tend to belong to the bad guys, and highly inhuman ones. Finally a chance for the hero to show that his sword can cut something besides inanimate props. 2 They (usually) have no skeleton to stop the blow 3 There is usually more where that came from, especially if the owner has a Healing Factor. That makes them much less dramatic than other limbs but on the other hand you can cut off many in a single scene. In video games the trope is often enforced through Typical Tentacle Tactics.
  • Name any hentai series that features naughty tentacles and ninja/samurai... on second thought, don't.
  • In Naruto 8-tails loses several tentacles when fighting Sasuke. Even his host doesn't seem very concerned.
  • In Lord of the Rings movie, cut tentacles are pretty much the only damage the heroes cause to the Watcher in the Deep.
  • Done to the Kraken in One Piece. It is worth noting that the series also features Hatchi, an octopus-fishman. However, his tentacles end with hands, making them important enough to save them from the trope
  • In Dungeons & Dragons cephalopods are the only creatures in the bestiary that have explicit game mechanics for people trying to cut their limbs off.
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