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Narrow Escape Rape As Comedy
Rape is funny if it doesn't actually happen.
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Needs a Better Title. Linked to Black Comedy Rape, except that the rape doesn't actually happen to the characters. Either it's just a comment made by them, or something else is mistaken for rape, or someone is nearly raped but gets out of it (possibly via Groin Attack, which is a comedy trope in itself).

  • In Axis Powers Hetalia, Italy makes an Innocent Innuendo-filled phone call which leads Germany to believe Italy's brother is raping him, while actually they just got their hair tangled together.
  • Something*Positive; the Redneck Trees originally show up as an entirely fictional concept within the characters' RPG. The humour comes mostly from Mike's expression as Peejee describes the scene to the group. Later, Mike is actually attacked by a guy in a tree suit who gets carried away and nearly actually does rape him, but Mike is saved by Peejee.
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