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Takes one to criticise one
This when a character who is a member of an oppressed group is used to voice views that might offend that group

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Suppose say youíre a TV writer and you want to sayÖ.. put forward a viewpoint that might offend women and you donít want to be accused of misogyny? Well some writers seem to be of the view that a good way to avoid that would be to put the views in the mouth of a female character because they apparently believe that people canít be Prejudiced against a group they belong to, and the viewer will be to dumb to realize the women is an actress saying lines for money and that they can find out you gender by reading your name on the credits

This is also often done to make the actual characters not look racist, sexist or what everist which makes a little more sense


  • the Law & Order franchise has a tendency to put views that might offend women in the mouths of either one of the female detectives or more commonly the female AD As
    • Law&Order Special Victims Unit: ADA Alex is the one who argues the most for executing women two (out of the court room aswell)
    • Law&Order LA: DDA Lauren Stanton criticises a women who took a job on an oil rig for expecting the men who worked on it to respect her right of the bat instead of fighting for it
  • House: Dr Foreman dislikes adults from poor backgrounds who didnít get out and make something of their lives like him

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