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Hypothetical Casting
"Casting" actors in a fictional project they're not actually involved in.
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When someone involved in a fictional project makes a list of actors who would best represent a cast of fictional characters.

The purpose of a hypothetical cast may be to give the reader of a fictional work a better picture of how a character looks and acts. This is common practice for online virtual series and sometimes used by authors of commercially published works. It can also be part of a hypothetical discussion by fans of a work.

Related to Comic Book Fantasy Casting, where a comic book character's appearance is based on a real actor. Compare Textual Celebrity Resemblance, where a character's resemblance to a celebrity is mentioned within the text.


Anime And Manga
  • Anime Insider had a regular column that listed who they'd like to see in a live-action adaptation of an anime.

  • Scud the Disposable Assassin always listed the voices of actors that the creator of the comic imagined would be voicing the characters.
  • Wizard Magazine had a regular column about what actors should play what roles in comic book movies.
  • Meta example: At one point in The Ultimates. they sit around while being transported via cargo plane talking about who would play them in the movie of their lives. Naturally Nick Fury says Samuel L. Jackson (on whom Ultimate Nick Fury was based).

Fan Fic/Web Original

  • In the back of Inkheart, Cornelia Funke mentioned that she always imagined Mo to be a bit like Brendan Fraser, and then the casting went like that for the movie.
  • In the back of Dark Fire, Cris D'Lacey made a list of all the actors he imagined playing each of his characters in response to a question.
  • This fan-made credit sequence for a hypothetical Good Omens movie.

New Media
  • The chromatic recasting meme on LiveJournal and Dream Width, in which posters recast parts in TV shows and films with actors of color to prompt conversations about race in the media.
  • On DeviantArt, this is known as a casting call.
  • In online RPG, players often use pictures of real people (actors or otherwise) to represent their characters. This is called a PB, or "played by."

Tabletop RPG
  • The Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tabletop RPG made a lot of hay out of the televised nature of its inspiration; the GM position is called 'The Director', and individual adventures are called 'Episodes' and meant to be part of a larger 'Season'. To top it all off, the rulebook encouraged players to identify the actor who would play their character if the game they were in was actually a TV show.

  • In a PBS documentary on the making of The Producers (stage musical) Cast Album, Nathan Lane jokes with Mel Brooks about who will star in The Movie. Lane says Danny DeVito will be playing Bialystock. Brooks assures Lane that he'll be in the movie.

Web Comics
  • Legostar Galactica (particularly its wiki) occasionally includes information on who is playing the various (Lego) characters. One of them is played by Scott Bakula, apparently.

Western Animation
  • In response to a remark about who should play Homer in a live action Simpsons movie, Homer exclaims, "Isn't it obvious?! It should be Gary Oldman!"

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