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There's two kinds of Space Pirates in science fiction. The normal version are violent criminals with a spaceship, who attack other spaceships. Simple as that.

The other version do a Recycled IN SPACE! on every eighteenth century pirate cliche. They have Cornish accents, beards, say "Arr!" a lot, have parrots (probably robot) and false limbs (probably cybernetic) and wear tricorn hats and eyepatches (or have cybernetic eyes).

  • The Captain of "The Pirate Planet" in the Doctor Who serial of the same name. Cybernetic eye and robot parrot (the Polyphase Aviatron).
  • The genetically-engineered badger pirates in the Doctor Who novel "The Pirate Loop", who wear gold earings and space-suits with a skull-and-crossbones.
  • Captain Kaliko and her oil-rig raiders in the Doctor Who (yes, again) animation "The Infinity Quest". Baltazar in the same story fits the trope to some extent, if only because he has a robot parrot.
  • A non Doctor Who example: Long John Silver the 23rd in the Duck Dodgers episode "Shiver Me Dodgers".

I've not seen Disney's "Treasure Planet", but I'd imagine it fits...
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