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Default Setting Syndrome
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Raise your hand if: a. you've been playing DDR since 1998 and b. have never heard of this song.
A number of arcade games will provide a variety of stages, characters, and other settings to select. For most newcomers, none of this matters, because they'll just go for the default settings.

A form of Complacent Gaming Syndrome, though in this case players aren't motivated by what's the best settings so much as not knowing much about the game or being too lazy to change settings.

May apply to non-arcade platforms, but since games on those platforms are usually played in the comfort of one's home, their defaults are less likely to suffer from this, unless the defaults ARE the best settings.

Rhythm Games are a pretty special case. This trope can make the default song into a scorned Ear Worm, with some people developing the urge to brutally murder any more players who play that song.


Driving Games
  • The Beginner tracks of Daytona USA and Daytona USA 2. Justified in that the other courses tend to be Nintendo Sega Hard.
  • Mario Kart Arcade GP has the Mario Highway course. Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 has Yoshi Park 1 take up this honor instead.
  • In a peculiar example, the Need for Speed: Underground games actually gave benefit to players who stayed default... well, sort of. The second game in particular encouraged you to find and buy new cars often, because the new cars' base stats were higher than the base stats of the starter cars. The newer unlocked cars also looked a lot nicer than the mundane, boxy starter cars. Players smart enough to experiment, however, would realize to NOT switch cars as the game wanted you to- the two best cars in the game (when fully upgraded) were both starter cars, of which, the BEST car in the game was also the ugliest and had the worst starter stats. In this way, if you did the default (that is to say, change cars) of what the GAME wanted you to do, you'd end up with a worse car than if you stuck with the default you started with.

Rhythm Games
  • In Dance Dance Revolution, most new players tend to not stray very far from the first song on the song select; as a result, when the game first came out, "Have You Never Been Mellow" (pictured above, from the first US console release of DDR) and "Butterfly" were the most commonly picked songs. In fact, this lead to a "Death to Butterfly" group on a particular forum.
  • "First Kiss" in DJMAX Technika. Partially justified in that it's also the easiest song in Lite and Popular modes.
  • "Love So Sweet" in pop'n music 16. It's not the default in Challenge mode (the de facto main mode of the game), though it is in Enjoy mode.
  • Para Para mode in Para Para Paradise.
  • DJMAX Portable's 4 Button mode. It doesn't help that players who use 4B get used to it, and thus have much trouble progressing to any of the more difficult button modes.

Shoot Em Ups

  • Most players in GHOST Squad never use any weapon other than the XM-2119, and always have their mission difficulty levels at 1. If an arcade with GS upgrades to GHOST Squad Evolution, most people will not notice the extra weapons, costumes, or mission levels due to, again, playing with the defaults.
  • Tetris: The Grand Master 3's World Rule, which is Arika's implementation of Super Rotation System, the rotation system used in all Tetris games compliant with the Tetris Guideline. Due to players becoming used to World Rule,
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