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Cannot Tell Fiction From Reality
A character thinks some fictional work(s) is reality.

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"Jesus Christ, Joe. You've been playing way too much Skyrim, haven't you?"

A character starts to be unable to tell the difference between fiction and reality. Often it's thinking a TV show is real, or thinking one is actually in the show.

This trope can either be Played for Laughs or Played for Drama. The dramatic versions can often come with a moral about not watching too many shows or not thinking stuff in shows is safe to do.

A Super Trope to But I Play One on TV (can't tell an actor from the role played).

A Sister Trope to Daydream Believer (thinking the fiction is real but separate from our reality), Lost in Character.

Compare The Tetris Effect (but people can tell they aren't in a game; they just see things as a game), Longing for Fictionland (knowing it's not real, but really wanting it to be), Loony Fan.

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